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         History Of Physics:     more books (99)
  1. Advanced Level Syllabus Studies: History and Physics (Research studies / Schools Council) by B.J. Holley, Schools Council Research Studies, 1974-04-11
  2. History of Original Ideas and Basic Discoveries in Particle Physics (NATO Science Series B: Physics)
  3. Qu├ębec Studies in the Philosophy of Science: Part I: Logic, Mathematics, Physics and History of Science (Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science)
  4. Science since 1500;: A short history of mathematics, physics, chemistry [and] biology by Humphry Thomas Pledge, 1947
  5. Atomic Histories (Masters of Modern Physics) by Rudolf E. Peierls, 1996-12-23
  6. PhysicsLogicand History
  7. A Letter To Dr. ... In Answer To A Tract In The Bibliotheque Ancienne And Moderne: Relating To Some Passages In Dr. Freind's History Of Physic (1728) by John Baillie, 2010-09-10
  8. Basic Bethe: Seminal Articles on Nuclear Physics, 1936 - 1937 (History of Modern Physics and Astronomy, Volume 6) by Hans A. Bethe, Robert F. Bacher, et all 1986-01-01
  9. Elements of Physics Or Natural History by Neil Arnott, 2010-06-13
  10. To Quarks and Quasars: A History of Physics and Astronomy at Vanderbilt University by Robert T. Lagemann, Wendell G. Holladay, 2000-05
  11. The Art of Projecting: A Manual of Experimentation in Physics, Chemistry, and Natural History with the Porte Lumiere and Magic Lantern. Illustrated by Amos Emerson Dolbear, 2002-02-01
  12. The Pleasing Preceptor; Or Familiar Instructions in Natural History and Physics,: Adapted to the Capacities of Youth, and Calculated Equally to Inform ... of More Dry and Severe Study:, Volume 2 by Gerhard Ulrich Anton Vieth, 2010-01-10
  13. A History of Physics in Its Elementary Branches, Including the Evolution of Physical Laboratories by Florian Cajori, 2010-01-06
  14. Radar in World War II (The History of Modern Physics 1800-1950, Two volumes:Sect. A-C, and Sect. D-E w/ Appendices)

101. Physics Central
Explains how physics is part of the everyday world. Answer questions on how things work and describes the latest research.




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102. School Of Physics At Georgia Tech
Welcome to the web site of the School of physics at Georgia Tech! The School of physics, located in the city of Atlanta, offers a dynamic environment for research and education in many areas of physics.

Application to Graduate Program Research People ... International Journal of Theoretical Physics
Phone: Fax:
837 State Street, Atlanta,
GA 30332-0430 USA
If you have any questions or comments concerning this site, please contact The words Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Tech, Yellow Jackets, Ramblin' Wreck, Buzz and the graphics that represent each are all federally registered marks owned by the University System of Georgia. The word Tech is registered within the state of Georgia.
Notwithstanding any language to the contrary, nothing contained herein constitutes nor is intended to constitute an offer, inducement, promise, or contract of any kind. The data contained herein is for informational purposes only and is not represented to be error free. Any links to non-Georgia Tech information are provided as a courtesy. They are not intended to nor do they constitute an endorsement by the Georgia Institute of Technology of the linked materials.

103. PEERS - Physics Encyclopedia Of E-Mail Records
Searchable directory of physicists. From The Institute of physics Publishing, UK Contact us Online Services Submit Your Details ... Help PEERS is a FREE service from Institute of Physics Publishing. It provides a moderated global e-mail directory of people working in science; a place where you can search for peers, colleagues or any useful contacts in your chosen scientific field.
Advanced Search
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Our search engine allows you to perform a variety of searches across the PEERS directory, from simple keywords to complex Boolean expressions.
Submit Your Details
Everyone is invited and indeed encouraged to add their details to our fast-growing list. To include your details in the directory, all you need do is complete this form
Update Your Details
A form is available to update your details at any time.
The directory is moderated to make sure that only individuals working in appropriate positions and establishments are added to the directory. With the service growing all the time we are keen to receive any comments or suggestions that you may have. You may want enhancements to the search engine or a facility to sort the directory by specific fields. Whatever you want, we want to hear from you - please contact the moderator at

104. Cookies Required
Compilation of physics authors that have published in American Institute of physics journals.
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    105. Cardiff University - Department Of Physics And Astronomy
    Includes information about the department, admissions, teaching, research, and local resources.

    The School

    Staff List
    ... Site Directory
    Welcome to the School of Physics and Astronomy
    Physics is the most fundamental of the sciences. It is concerned with understanding the laws of nature and in applying this knowledge to unlock the secrets of the Universe, to understand the world around us and to spawn new technologies. The School of Physics and Astronomy has a large and internationally renowned staff; all members of academic staff have expertise in their own specialist fields. This provides a rich and dynamic environment for study and the School is considered in the top 10 UK universities for the quality of its research work. The school believes in pursuing research that is both intellectually challenging and of significance to the global scientific community. Its field of concentration ranges from fundamental work in astrophysics and mesoscopic systems to more conceptual work on foreseeable applications such as semiconductor lasers. If you have any comments on this page or the site in general please send them to a member of the Web Overview Committee Search Site Directory Cardiff University School of Physics and Astronomy, Cardiff University

    106. Intertheory Relations In Physics
    Discussion of theory reduction in science; by Robert Batterman from the Stanford Encyclopedia.
    version history

    Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    A ... Z
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    Intertheory Relations in Physics
    Many issues in the philosophy of science concern the nature of theories and certain relations that may obtain between them. Typically, one is interested in the degree to which a successor to a given theory "goes beyond" (both descriptively and explanatorily) the theory it succeeds. Most often these issues are framed in the context of reductive relations between theories. When does a theory T T ? How is one to understand the nature of this reduction relation? Interestingly, there are two distinct, yet, related ways of understanding the reductive relationship between T and T
    1. Philosopher's Sense of Reduction
    Most contemporary discussions of reductive relations between a pair of theories owe considerable debt to the work by Ernest Nagel. In

    107. Advanced Placement Digital Library In Biology, Phy
    An NSF funded Rice University Digital Library project that hosts free reviewed online resources, linked to the content outline, for AP and PreAP teachers and students of biology, physics and chemistry.
    Portal Home Home Search APDL English ... Research Assistant Service
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    Welcome to APDL Welcome to Rice University's Advanced Placement Digital Library . Funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation's National Science Digital Library Program , APDL is a collection of Internet resources that have been reviewed for their educational merit in an AP* or Pre-AP* classroom. Advanced Placement* (AP) teachers and students will find resources linked to the AP content outlines, published by the College Board , in biology, physics, and chemistry. APDL only hosts those resources that are reviewed and approved by the APDL review panel . Resources are selected based on their educational merit in an AP or Pre-AP classroom. APDL welcomes your input to make this site more usable for AP teachers and students. *AP and the Advanced Placement Program are registered trademarks of the College Entrance Examination Board and Pre-AP is a trademark of the College Board.
    News and Features Free Micron Research Assistant Service for high school science teachers
    Tell us what you want to teach in your classroom and we will send you a set of Internet resources for you to use.

    108. APS Forum On Physics And Society
    Division of the American Physical Society for discussion of science and society issues.


    questions? comments?
    contact aps
    Forum on Physics and Society
    The Forum on Physics and Society (FPS) is a division of the American Physical Society, organized in 1971 to address issues related to the interface of physics and society as a whole. The support of APS members is vital to the work of the Forum, both because Forum activities are coordinated by its active members and the financial support the Forum receives from the APS depends on its membership. All APS members may join two Forums free of charge. Join the FPS Now!

    Latest issue, July 2005

    April 2005

    January 2005
    October 2004


    Science and Technology Policy - Resources
    Physicists Contribute Insights to the Energy and Environment Debate FPS Sessions A listing and abstracts of Forum-sponsored talks and discussions at the 2001 APS meetings Text and/or overheads from some FPS sponsored talks at the April 2001 APS meeting PLEASE FILL OUT THE MEMBERSHIP SURVEY AND BE COUNTED NOW
    Burton-Forum and Szilard Awards and the Nicholson Medal
    The Forum sponsors two annual APS awards: the Burton-Forum award recognizes outstanding accomplishments in the endeavor to promote public understanding of issues involving the interface between physics and society, and the Leo Szilard Award for Physics in the Public Interest recognizes outstanding accomplishments by a physicist in promoting the use of physics for the benefit of society in such areas as the environment, arms control and science policy. Here are listings of

    109. Atomic Physics
    Codes from a course by Walter Johnson. Mod_pot.f determines the parameters in a model potential for an atom with one valence electron. Nrhf.f calculates nonrelativistic HartreeFock wave functions for closed-shell atoms.
    Course Material for Physics 607 Atomic Physics

    110. Women In Physics Group - Home Page
    Group for women physicists in industry, commerce, academia, teaching, and research. Includes news, resources, and event information. Contact us Groups Women in Physics Group Contacts Events Committee Links ... Join the Group
    Women in Physics Group Home Page
    Personal Development workshop 19th October 2005
    We are a Professional Group of the Institute of Physics
    • We encourage the participation of our members in all activities of the Institute.
    • We provide support to members in progressing their careers by encouraging their professional development.
    • Our committee aims to reflect the varied careers of women physicists in industry, commerce, academia, teaching and research.
    • The Group organises an annual meeting with discussions of topical interest.
    • A regularly produced newsletter keeps members informed.

    Our current concerns include:
    • education at primary, secondary and tertiary level
    • career breaks
    • career management workshops
    • networking in the UK and Europe
    Newsletter - April 2005 The Women in Physics Group welcomes new members as well as suggestions for future events
    Come and join us and help in our discussions

    If you are not a member of the Institute of Physics and would like to join, please go to online membership application page . If you are a member of the Institute of Physics and you wish to join this Group or Branch, please fill in the

    111. Windows To The Universe
    Aimed at portraying Earth and Space Sciences in a fun way. Includes information about space weather, global space physics and a real time movie of current solar activity.
    Text-only version Text-only version

    112. Physics And Astronomy Fun
    Fun with physics, science jokes, cartoons, anecdotes, and stories.
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    Ask the



    Physics and Astronomy Fun
    NEW: Einstein eCards Send a FREE electronic card to your friends and family. With Albert Einstein images and quotes. click here Physics Jokes A student recognizes Einstein in a train and asks: Excuse me, professor, but does New York stop by this train? Click here for more jokes ...

    113. Galileo And Einstein: Lecture Index
    An elementary review of these basic concepts in physics, placed here for the convenience of nonscience majors who may be a little rusty on these things,
    Galileo and Einstein Home Page G ALILEO AND E INSTEIN
    Overview and Lecture Index
  • Counting in Babylon Spanish Version
  • Babylon had in all probability the earliest written language. At the same time, an elegant system of weights and measures kept the peace in the marketplace. Their method of counting was in some ways better than our present one! We look at some ancient math tables, and ideas about Pythagoras' theorem 1,000 years before Pythagoras.
  • Early Greek Science: Thales to Plato Spanish Version
  • In the ancient port city of Miletus , there took place a "discovery of nature": philosophers tried to understand natural phenomena without invoking the supernatural. The Greeks imported basic geometric ideas from Egypt , and developed them further. Members of the Pythagorean cult announced the famous theorem, and the (to them) alarming discovery of irrational numbers! The Greeks had some ideas about elements and atoms. Hippocrates looked for non-supernatural causes of disease. Plato formulated a rationale for higher education, and thought about atoms.
  • Motion in the Heavens: Stars, Sun, Moon, Planets
  • 114. My Own Physics Humor
    May be the most linkedto physics humor site on the web because of its very large link collection.
    ADD Your Page ABOUT
    Doug Craigen's
    Physics Pages HOME
  • Web Directory
  • Web Search
  • Practice Problems ...
  • Humor Also see:
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    My Own Physics Humor
    NEW Physics Humor Start Page
    A randomly selected Physics humor page every time you visit or refresh.
    View an music which a priori is conceived only subjectively.
    MUSIC AND PHYSICS By the music passions enjoy themselves... Friedrich Nietzsche Visitors (Sep 2000) videopi [PARIS] [bird] [RER] [CV] ... [VERSION EN ESPANOL] The music is an art in which you combine the sounds to produce an esthetic impression. Physics is an exact science. It studies the general properties of the bodies and the laws which tend to modify their state or their movement without modifying their nature. [Audio and acoustics related web sites] Periodic phenomena Vibrating cords and sound pipes Physics of the acoustic guitar ... Physics and psychophysics of music Thanks to Mr. Gerard Cohen-Solal, professor of research at the university Montpellier 2 Sign Guestbook View Guestbook Pierre Klemas Acoustic engineer Special thanks for the Homepage hospitality to: Geocities

    116. CCP Centre For Chemical Physics
    Interests can be broadly classified into five general areas energy deposition, surface science, biological applications, properties of condensed matter and properties of isolated atoms and molecules.
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    117. Nobel Prize
    The story of the discovery of superfluid Helium3
    Bob Richardson Dave Lee , and Doug Osheroff
    Win the 1996 Nobel Prize in Physics! The Original Paper(s) The Science Behind the Prize Quicktime Movie by Bob Richardson, excerpted from A World Without Disorder: Absolute Zero Temperature Cornell News Service Release Low temperature science - what remains for the physicist?,'' Robert C. Richardson, Physics Today, August, 1981, p. 46. Cornell Low Temperature Group David Mermin's Diary of a Nobel Guest

    118. PhysNet - Physics Departments And Documents Worldwide
    Serves information from physics departments and institutes worldwide departmental information, locally stored documents, authoring tools, free access journals, jobs, conferences and education material.
    Welcome to Phys Net the worldwide
    Physics Departments and Documents Network
    Official Mirrors of PhysNet:

    119. The Swedish Association For New Physics
    A nonprofit association aiming to be a forum for research at the border of or outside established scientific paradigms.
    The Swedish Association for New Physics Fnysik
    Our virtual journal Fnysik, a forum for the discussion of phenomena at the border of or outside established paradigms. Research
    Our research activites, maps to unconventional research areas, the testbench, sites maintained by our members etc.
    General information about us, how to contact us, becoming a member, related organizations Library
    Books in our library and magazines in our circulation list. Resources for research in unconventional areas.
    ... the new look of the site
    The site has been reorganized, in order to make it easier to find what you are looking for. Take a look at the library , or some of the research sections
    ... at Fnysik
    The article Alternative technology by Ingvar Karlsson, gives a survey of some of the Free Energy Research performed up to 1995 (in Swedish at present) The archive to Fnysik has been made more structured. Hopefully it is now easier to find interesting articles. More articles will be put on the web in due time. Elektromagnum Directories for alternative (non mainstream) physics ideas. Removed.

    120. Fear Of Physics
    An interactive, highly visual, and nontechnical way to see the laws of physics in action.

    Why this site?
    Word Game Math help Need an opinion? What are you interested in? Speed and Acceleration
    The science behind how something moves. Why things fall Fall Video
    What is "the pull" in "the pull of gravity?" Collisions Light Heavy Same
    What happens when two things crash into each other? Why Satellites Don't Fall
    How is it that they stay up there? Roller Coasters Free Rides
    Sure they're fun...and loaded with Physics too! Make your Jump Shot Video Ball Ride
    The science behind making a shot in basketball. Cart Throws Ball
    If a cart throws a ball, where will the ball land? Seesaws
    Can you help two kids ride a seesaw? Sun, Earth, Moon Orbit Eclipses On Moon ... Moon Phases
    Stuff involving these three heavenly bodies. First one Down Throw one ball and drop another. Which one lands first? Things that Spin The race Wheel (still) Wheel (spinning) Strange things can happen when things spin. Swinging Pendulums Different starts Strange facts about things that swing back and forth. Sound How we hear Play sounds What is sound anyway? The Doppler Effect Why Hear it Sometimes we don't hear what we're supposed to. Einstein's Relativity The house What happens when you move very very fast?

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