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         Zizek Slavoj:     more books (100)
  1. Five Lessons on Wagner by Alain Badiou, 2010-10-17
  2. The Parallax View by Slavoj Zizek, 2006-02-17
  3. On Belief (Thinking in Action) by Slavoj Zizek, 2001-06-26
  4. The Fright of Real Tears
  5. Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Lacan: But Were Afraid to Ask Hitchcock
  6. The Abyss of Freedom/Ages of the World (The Body, In Theory: Histories of Cultural Materialism) by Slavoj Zizek, F.W.J. von Schelling, 1997-08-01
  7. Enjoy Your Symptom!: Jacques Lacan in Hollywood and Out (Routledge Classics) by Slavoj Zizek, 2007-10-30
  8. La Revolucion Blanda (Spanish Edition) by Slavoj Zizek, 2004-12
  9. The Indivisible Remainder: On Schelling and Related Matters (Radical Thinkers) by Slavoj Zizek, 2007-01-17
  10. The Sublime Object of Ideology (Phronesis) by Slavoj Zizek, 1989-12
  11. Did Somebody Say Totalitarianism: Five Interventions in the (Mis)Use of a Notion by Slavoj Zizek, 2002-10-27
  12. Christ in Postmodern Philosophy: Gianni Vattimo, Rene Girard, and Slavoj Zizek by Frederiek Depoortere, 2008-10-01
  13. Contingency, Hegemony, Universality: Contemporary Dialogues on the Left by Judith Butler, Ernesto Laclau, et all 2000-07
  14. Iraq: The Borrowed Kettle (Wo Es War Series) by Slavoj Zizek, 2005-11-28

41. / News / Boston Globe / Ideas / The Raw And The Flushed
This month in the London Review of Books, the Slovenian philosopher and psychoanalyst slavoj zizek, in the course of evaluating Free World Why a Crisis of

42. Slavoj Zizek - The MIT Press
slavoj zizek is a Senior Researcher in the Department of Philosophy, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and Codirector of the Center for Humanities,

43. 'The Pervert's Guide To Cinema' - Slavoj Zizek Interview - News - Film - Time Ou
The Pervert s Guide to Cinema slavoj zizek interview. slavoj zizek is a flamboyant philosopher with a passion for cinema – and now he wants to remake
What's on at the cinema plus reviews of the latest movie and DVD releases
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'The Pervert's Guide to Cinema' - Slavoj Zizek interview
Slavoj Zizek is a flamboyant philosopher with a passion for cinema – and now he wants to remake 'Psycho'.
Oct 6 2006
‘In order to understand today’s world, we need cinema; literally. It’s only in cinema that we get that crucial dimension which we are not yet ready to confront in our reality. If you are looking for what is, in reality, more real than reality itself, look into cinematic fiction.’
Fighting words indeed, care of Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek, whose latest intellectual Molotov cocktail, 'The Pervert's Guide to Cinema' , a three-part documentary made by Sophie Fiennes ( 'Hoover Street Revival' ), opens at the ICA this Friday after going out on More4 earlier in the year. A high-octane close reading of some of the most familiar scenes in cinema, it’s a provocative and wide-ranging declaration of the undoubted ability film has to move, arouse, enlighten and unsettle us.

44. Slavoj Zizek | Cornel West | Alain Badiou @ Princeton University
Bozovic, Miran and slavoj zizek. An Utterly Dark Spot Gaze and Body in Early Modern Philosophy. University of Michigan Press, 2000.
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For information on the film + trailers, see Zeitgeist Films , and the Documentary Campaign slavoj zizek is a philosopher hailing from ljubljana, slovenia. he holds degrees in psychoanalysis, philosophy and sociology and, as well as being a towering public intellectual, zizek is also a political figure a candidate for the presidential committee in the first democratic elections in slovenia (1990) and a constant critic of world events from the september 11 attacks to the war in iraq to hurricane katrina responses full of references to jokes, films, and obscure theology, zizek's gigantic body of work traverses academic disciplinary boundaries. he employs figures such as marx, hegel, lacan and schelling to deftly analyze objects of culture like elevator buttons diet coke and toilet bowls . these commentaries are not, however, diversions but rather constitute some of the most incisive social and economic criticism today. zizek has written 50+ books translated into 20+ languages in addition to hundreds of articles.

J E P Number 18 - 2004 / 1. Burned by the Thing slavoj zizek. Keywords Lacanian Thing - Alejandra Pizarnik - Sergej Prokofjev - Wordsworth

46. BUniverse - A Lecture By Slavoj Zizek
Looking more tradesman than philosopher in Tshirt and jeans and with a thick salt-and-pepper beard, Slovenian-born slavoj Žižek takes the audience on an

47. MySpaceTV Videos: Slavoj Zizek On Love By James
slavoj zizek on love by James Watch it on MySpace Videos.

48. Slavoj Sez...
This is the edited version of an interview with the Slovenian philiosopher and cultural theorist slavoj zizek originally broadcast on Doug Henwood s radio
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An interview with Slavoj Zizek
This is the edited version of an interview with the Slovenian philiosopher and cultural theorist Slavoj Zizek originally broadcast on Doug Henwood's radio show, April 17, 2003. Zizek combines Lacanian psychoanalysis and Marxist political economy to analyze politics and culture. To hear the original interview, which is much longer than this, visit here What did you think as Saddam's statue was falling in Baghdad? Strangely, my first association was the bombing of Buddha statues in Afghanistan. I'm not implying that the U.S. is a new Taliban, the game where both are fundamentalists is a little too easy. Nonetheless, if we take statues as such, representing some kind of traditional culture, not so much American bombs as the American capitalist model is a much more effective destructive force than those poor Taliban bombs. My second reaction was, you know, if there is a lesson to be learned from history, from the fall of Communism ten years ago, is a deep distrust of this enthusiastic moment. Yes, probably a majority of Iraqis was, to put it modestly, relatively enthusiastic. Life was difficult under Saddam. Probably for an ordinary Iraqi, it may get a little bit better. But these enthusiastic explosions are just a moment; what matters to me is the day after. And there I'm a little bit less enthusiastic than it may appear. The first problem: the idea was, "Let's bring democracy to Iraq." A couple of simple facts have to be mentioned here. First, for simple geopolitical strategic interests, the U.S. cannot afford democracy in the Middle East now. And I'm not playing any Marxist games about the illusions of bourgeois democracy. I simply mean usual Western liberal democracy - multiparty elections. This would assure that sooner or later, some kind of, if not

49. Slavoj Zizek - Research And Read Books, Journals, Articles At
Research slavoj zizek at the online library.

50. : Essays
In The Fright of Real Tears Krzysztof Kieslowski between Theory and Post Theory (London BFI, 2001), slavoj Žižek makes some criticisms of my arguments
Film Art: An Introduction The Way Hollywood Tells It Figures Traced In Light Ozu and the Poetics of Cinema pdf online The Hook: Scene Transitions in Classical Cinema
NEW Anatomy of the Action Picture Hearing Voices Preface, Croatian edition, On the History of Film Style ... Studying Cinema April 2005 In Figures Traced in Light FRT , and this online essay supplements my remarks in Figures The Book and the Background Most of FRT FRT Why invoke at all, then? The Preface to FRT Screen Screen Screen Screen Screen Screen published almost no such work, and for decades afterward, many historians feared being attacked for their lack of Grand Theory acumen. Efforts to study early cinema history, the history of the U.S. film industry, and the like emerged in quite different venues from the BFI publications.
  • What fashion dictates a retreat from Marx and Freud? One would think that Screen theory was reiterated uncritically for decades?
at all. psychoanalytic film theory and psychoanalytically inclined FRT Screen et cie contra Here is Carroll: Screen not so the tenuous thread of association fails even as a literary conceit. On its first page

51. Zizek, Slavoj (Harper's Magazine)
zizek, slavoj. WRITER OF, 1 Article from 2008. Resistance is surrender. by slavoj zizek Readings/Article, February 2008, 3 pp.
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Zizek, Slavoj
WRITER OF 1 Article from 2008
Resistance is surrender
by Slavoj Zizek
Readings/Article, February 2008 , 3 pp. Harper's Magazine is an American journal of literature, politics, culture, and the arts published from 1850. Subscriptions start at $16.97 a year.
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52. Faith And Theology Blog // Recent Blog Entries // Slavoj Zizek // BlogCatalog
Posted on Sunday November 25th, 2007 at 2244 in alain badiou, conferences, douglas harink, giorgio agamben, slavoj zizek, st paul zizek/
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53. BFI | Sight & Sound | Top Ten Poll 2002 - How The Directors And Critics Voted
How the directors and critics voted. slavoj zizek Slovenia. Top Ten. Vertigo (Hitchcock) Psycho (Hitchcock) Dune (Lynch) Ivan the Terrible

54. Atheism Is A Legacy Worth Fighting For - International Herald Tribune
slavoj zizek. Published TUESDAY, MARCH 14, 2006. LONDON For centuries, we have been told that without religion we are no more than egotistic animals

55. Behind The Lines: Poetry, War, & Peacemaking: Slavoj Zizek On American Resistanc
slavoj zizek, my favorite Slovenian Lacanian theorist (yes, there are more than one), is up to his old Hegelian reversals in this piece about resistance.
Further thoughts on the cultural labor of poetry and art. Not "is it good poetry," but "what has it accomplished?"...
Wednesday, December 19, 2007
Slavoj Zizek on American Resistance
Slavoj Zizek, my favorite Slovenian Lacanian theorist (yes, there are more than one), is up to his old Hegelian reversals in this piece about resistance . Somehow, I can't help but resist his notion of resistance, which feels more than a little smugly self-satisfied:
And further:
I.e., "The key is not to ask for too much, but just for something very specific." I don't know, Slavoj, really? I'm not sure there is any key to making resistance more pragmatic and goal-specific. Just because we have progressive and peace-related think tanks doesn't mean we've gotten any closer to ending this war. As usual, resistance needs to be both more quixotic and absolutist AND more specific and pragmatic. For the sake of resistanceto spur on dissent, to hearten the disheartened, to speak for those with no voiceas much as for any notion of political address. Posted by Philip Metres at 5:27 PM
bigbadbull said...

56. Related: Slavoj Žižek: "The Spectator´s Malevolent Neutrality" - Neutra
slavoj zizek is philosopher and Psychoanalyst from Ljubljana. His lecture on the specific roles of viewers and doers is entitled The Spectator´s Malevolent
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Related: Slavoj Žižek: "The Spectator´s Malevolent Neutrality" - Neutrality, Spectator, Video
Slavoj Zizek is philosopher and Psychoanalyst from Ljubljana. His lecture on the specific roles of viewers and doers is entitled "The Spectator´s Malevolent Neutrality" and was held on June 8, 2004 during the Theaterformen festival in Brunswick (DE). KEIN.TV

57. Robert Boynton
The spell is abruptly broken, however, by the sudden, agitated entrance of the Slovenian philosopher slavoj zizek, who is in town to deliver a series of

58. Slavoj ®i¾ek
One of the most popular, thought provoking and challenging public intellectuals in the world, slavoj Žižek needs little introduction.
" A season of contemporary art of Slovenia in the United Kingdom - June to November 2005 " Programme
Slavoj ®i¾ek
24 September Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) Address The Mall London SW1Y 5AH Phone: 020 7930 3647 Opening times Midday to 9.30 pm One of the most popular, thought provoking and challenging public intellectuals in the world, Slavoj ®i¾ek needs little introduction. A prolific author of books and articles and a global audience waiting to learn and hear from his lectures. In September, ®i¾ek talks on "The Future of Men". In November, with Birkbeck College where he is the International Director of the School for the Humanities he presents "Who's afraid of the Lacanian real" with his colleagues from the University of Ljubljana. More information About Slovenia About the Project Project initiators Sponsors ... Partners

59. Eurozine - Slavoj Zizek
In the ”postpolitical era” the choice between Left and Right has lost its meaning, says slavoj zizek. The return of the extreme Right is the price that the
@import "";
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Poverty in Europe Impoverished German children dream of the USA; one Greek person in four is in arrears with their most basic bills; 60 per cent of the poor in Romania have outside toilets. Cracks are appearing in Europe's beloved image of itself as the egalitarian alternative to the United States. [ more ] Claus Leggewie
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Slavoj Zizek
(b.1949 in Ljubljana, Slovenia) is a senior researcher at the Institute for Social Studies in Ljubljana. His books include

60. Rebecca Mead Dot Com --The Marx Brother
This state of affairs is due to the work of slavoj zizek, a fiftyfour-year-old Lacanian-Marxist philosopher from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.
Life and Letters The Marx Brother How a philosopher from Slovenia became an international star. May 5, 2003 Slovenia has, however, a reputation disproportionately large for its size when it comes to the world of ideas. This state of affairs is due to the work of Slavoj Zizek, a fifty-four-year-old Lacanian-Marxist philosopher from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Zizek, who has been translated into more than twenty languages, has written books on subjects as wide-ranging as Hitchcock, Lenin, opera, and the terrorist attacks of September 11th. In the fifteen years since he started publishing in English, Zizek has established himself as a thinker whose views are worth paying attention toif not always taking seriously, since always to take Slavoj Zizek seriously would be to make a category mistake. Zizek's lecture was entitled "The Perverse Core of Christianity." Lately, he has taken to writing a great deal about Christianity, his enthusiasm for which is matched only by his commitment to atheism. Among his recent publications, he is most proud of having been asked to contribute to a German newsletter for priests that offers material for sermons. "This is, like, if you want to educate small girls, you ask a pervert," he says. It was an extremely entertaining performance, though one contrived to leave the audience perplexed about what, exactly, Zizek stood for. One man, from the back of the room, accused Zizek of "weak-mindedness" for adhering to atheism after making such a spirited case for Christianity. Zizek replied, "When I discuss Christianity with superficial Catholics, their usual line of defense is to say, 'You atheists, you cannot really understand what is a religious experience.' But how do they know what is an atheist experience? I am almost tempted to claim that it is more natural for us to believe. To be an atheist, my God, is a very difficult thing."

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