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  1. Scotus Vs. Ockham: A Medieval Dispute over Universals : Texts (Studies in the History of Philosophy) by John Duns Scotus, William, et all 1999-04
  2. On the Power of Emperors and Popes (Thoemmes Press - Primary Sources in Political Thought) by William of Ockham, 1998-01-08
  3. Predestination, God's Foreknowledge, and Future Contingents by William Ockham, 1983-09
  4. Demonstration and Scientific Knowledge in William of Ockham: A Translation of Summa Logicae III-II: De Syllogismo Demonstrativo, and Selections from the Prologue to the Ordinatio by John Lee Longeway, 2007-01-15
  5. The Psychology of Habit According to William Ockham (Philosophy Series) by Fuchs Oswald, 1952-06
  6. William of Ockham and the Divine Freedom (Marquette Studies in Philosophy) by Harry Klocker, 1992-02
  7. Latin Commentators on Aristotle: William of Ockham, Albertus Magnus, Jean Buridan, Robert Balfour, Thomas Aquinas, Cesare Cremonini, Boethius
  8. The Concept of Univocity Regarding to the Predication of God & Creature According to William Ockham (Philosophy Series) by Matthew C. Menges, 1952-06
  9. The De imperatorum et pontificum potestate of William of Ockham,: Hitherto unpublished, by William, 1927
  10. 13th-Century Philosophers: Roger Bacon, William of Ockham, Francis of Assisi, Rumi, Alexander of Hales, Ramon Llull, Bonaventure
  11. Selections from Medieval Philosophers: Volume I - Augustine to Albert the Great & Volume II - Roger Bacon to William of Ockham
  12. Selections From Medieval Philosophers Vol. II Roger, Bacon To William of Ockham by Richard McKeon (Editor), 1958
  13. William Ockham: An entry from Gale's <i>Science and Its Times</i> by J. William Moncrief, 2001
  14. WILLIAM OF OCKHAM: An entry from Gale's <i>Arts and Humanities Through the Eras</i>

41. William Of Ockham
william of ockham Resources. william of ockham short biography. Biography (longer) william of ockham and the Death Of Universals a paper by Neal Magee.
William of Ockham Resources:
William of Ockham short biography Biography (longer)
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy on Logical Constructions William Of Ockham and the Death Of Universals a paper by Neal Magee

42. William Of Ockham: On The Powers Of Emperors And Popes. | Church History | Find
william of ockham On the Powers of Emperors and Popes. from Church History in Reference provided by Find Articles.
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William of Ockham: On the Powers of Emperors and Popes.
Church History March, 2000 by Blastic, Michael W. Content provided
in partnership with William of Ockham: On the Powers of Emperors and Popes. Translated and edited by Annabel S. Brett. Primary Sources in Political Thought. Bristol: Thoemmes Press, 1998. 177 pp. $68.00 cloth. Brett presents a translation and introduction to the text as edited by the late H. S. Offler, and published in volume 4 of William Ockham, Opera politica (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1977). The text includes a helpful bibliography and index.

43. William Of Ockham (Stanford Encyclopedia Of Philosophy/Winter 2004 Edition)
william of ockham (c. 12871347) is, along with Thomas Aquinas and John Duns Scotus, among the three most prominent figures in the history of philosophy
This is a file in the archives of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
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Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
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William of Ockham
  • 1. Life
    1. Life
    Ockham led an unusually eventful life for a philosopher. As with so many medieval figures who were not prominent when they were born, we know next to nothing about the circumstances of Ockham's birth and early years, and have to estimate dates by extrapolating from known dates of events later in his life. Ockham's life may be divided into three main periods.
    1.1 England (c. 1287
    Ockham was born, probably in late 1287 or early 1288, in the village of Ockham (= Oak Hamlet) in Surrey, a little to the southwest of London. He probably learned basic Latin at a village school in Ockham or nearby, but this is not certain. Around 1310, when he was about 23, Ockham began his theological training. It is not certain where this training occurred. It could well have been at the London Convent, or it could have been at Oxford, where there was another Franciscan convent associated with the university. In any event, Ockham was at Oxford studying theology by at least the year 1318-19, and probably the previous year as well, when (in 1317) he began a required two-year cycle of lectures commenting on Peter Lombard's

44. Welcome
The name Ockham Development Group reflects the principle known today as Ockham s Razor. Associated with 14th Century scholar william of ockham,
Home Contact us Clinical Services Global Reach ... Consulting Services About Us Company History Executive Leadership Corporate News
Services Ockham Development Group is a clinical development company offering the following services globally Mission
  • For itself and its customers, Ockham Development Group shall endeavor to: Render value to our customers by executing their projects as if they were our own Energize our customers by delivering meaningful results that add value at each stage of the clinical trial process Follow-through at every step of the customer’s project – completing it on time and within budget Seek out customers who, like us, place a premium on expertise and on the core values of:
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    Enrich our employees by fostering growth and engaging them in meaningful and interesting work.
William of Ockham (c. 1287-1347)

45. Solution Focused Change│ Doing What Works: William Of Ockham - Solution Fo
That is when I learned about william of ockham, famous for his Ockham s razor. Later I learned about the solutionfocused approach and I found out Steve de
Blog by Coert Visser, Solution-Focused Trainer, Coach, Blogger
May 24, 2007
William of Ockham - solution focused philosopher?
Many years before I ever heard about the solution-focused approach I was interested in skepticism (and I still am). That is when I learned about William of Ockham, famous for his Ockham's razor . Later I learned about the solution-focused approach and I found out Steve de Shazer and others have frequently mentioned how the simplicity of solution-focused change resembles Ockham's razor. William of Ockham was a fourteenth century English philosopher who objected against his colleagues who used ever more complex assumptions and theories to understand the world. Back then, it was not uncommon for people to think that whoever came up with the most complicated explanation of a phenomenon must be the cleverest and therefore be right. Ockham argued the opposite: he who came up with the simplest theory that covered the facts must be right. Every unnecessary assumption must be cut away like if you were using a razor. That is key to solution-focused change: keep things simple. What is useful is done, what is not necessary is left out. op 4:43 PM
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46. William Of Ockham
william of ockham. born between 1290 and 1300 (Thomas Aquinas b. 1224, d. 1274). -entered Franciscan order (and was later assaulted by the pope for his
WILLIAM OF OCKHAM -born between 1290 and 1300 (Thomas Aquinas: b. 1224, d. 1274). -entered Franciscan order (and was later assaulted by the pope for his defense of evangelical poverty.) -began studying theology at Oxford in 1310. -lectured on the bible 1315-1317; on Peter Lombard's Sentences -1319-1324: studied, wrote, and engaged in Scholastic disputations, one result of which was his philosophizing around the problem of universals. -died in Munich, of the Black Death, in 1349. Ockham knew Aristotle thoroughly (like Aquinas), but wanted to "correct" Aristotle wherever A's phil. limited in any way the freedom and power of God. To this end he attacked A's "realism" w.r.t. universals. Recall: -the theory of divine ideas looms large in Christian thought from Augustine to Aquinas. -Plato had spoken of eternal Forms or Ideas, distinct from God, that were the patterns or models of the created order, especially w.r.t. its intelligible structure -later Greek philosophers (e.g., Plotinus) located these Ideas in the divine mind. -then are these Ideas a "given" for God

47. William Of Ockham's Logical Transformations
william of ockham (also known as William of Occam) was born in 1285 in Surrey, England, and lived until sometime around 1349. Ockham (who entered the
1285 AD to 1349 AD
William of Ockham's Logical Transformations
William of Ockham (also known as William of Occam) was born in 1285 in Surrey, England, and lived until sometime around 1349. Ockham (who entered the Franciscan order and studied and taught at the University of Oxford from 1309 to 1319) was known as Doctor Invincibilis (from the Latin, meaning "unconquerable doctor") and Venerabilis Inceptor (meaning "worthy initiator"). a Ockham was a philosopher and Scholastic theologian, and also won fame as a logician. During the course of his logical investigations, Ockham discovered the foundations for what were to become known as DeMorgan Transformations , which were described by Augustus DeMorgan some 500 years later. To celebrate Ockham's position in history, the OCCAM computer programming language was named in his honor. (OCCAM is the native programming language for the British-developed INMOS transputer.) a These notes are abstracted from the book Bebop BYTES Back
(An Unconventional Guide to Computers)

48. William Of Ockham: Blogs, Photos, Videos And More On Technorati
Mentions by Day. Posts tagged william of ockham per day for the past 30 days. Chart of results for william of ockham of Ockham
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  • 49. William Of Ockham
    Ockham William. Philosophical Writings Selections Edited and translated by Philothens Intuitive Cognition, Certainly and Scepticism in William Ockham.
    William of Ockham
    6. Ockham William. Philosophical Writings Selections Edited and translated by Philothens Boehner. New York, 1957.
    7. William of Ockham, Quodlibetal Questions, tr. A.J. Freddoso and F.E. Kelley
    8. William of Ockham, Theory of Terms, tr. M.J. Loux
    9. P. Boehner, Collected Articles on Ockham
    10. Adams M. Mc Cord. Intuitive Cognition, Certainly and Scepticism in William Ockham. Traditio, 1970, vol.26, p. 389-398.
    11. Adams M.M. William Ockham, Notre Dame,1987.
    12. Aicher Otl. Wilhelm von Ockham: Das Risico mod zudenken. Munchen, 1986.
    13. Baudry. Guillaume d’Occam. Sa vie, ses oeuvres, ses idees sociales et politiques. Paris, 1950.
    14. Daudry Leon. Guillaume d'Occam. Sa vie ses oeuvres, ses idees sociales et politiques. Paris, 1949.
    15. Fuchs. The Phychology of Habit According to William Ockham, St Bonaventure. New York, 1952. 16. Giacom. Guglielmo di Occam. Milano, 1941.

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    51. William Of Ockham: 31 May 07 On Odeo
    His name was William and he became known as william of ockham. In the following 63 years william of ockham managed to offend the Chancellor of Oxford
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    William of Ockham: 31 May 07
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    52. A Study Of William Of Ockham S Logic - From Suppositio To Truth
    This Masters thesis presents a reconstruction of william of ockham s logic based on the idea that truth conditions for all complex propositions may be

    53. Biography Of William Of Ockham Or Occam
    name, william of ockham or Occam. known as the Venerable Inceptor so frequently and to such effect that it came to be known as Ockham s razor.
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    English Dictionary math for students travel deals hotel rooms biography classifications major works cross references biography name: William of Ockham or Occam known as the Venerable Inceptor pronunciation: ok am] sex: male lived: biography: browse by name A B C D ... Z browse by year 2700 - 691 BC 690 - 531 BC 530 - 481 BC 480 - 391 BC ... Allsites LLC

    54. IV.—WILLIAM OF OCKHAM ON CONT1N THE Work Of William Of Ockham On
    Your browser may not have a PDF reader available. Google recommends visiting our text version of this document.

    55. Famous Quotes By William Of Ockham
    Famous Quotes by william of ockham. william of ockham. Born ? Died ? No information available yet. Edit Further Reading

    56. Guggenheim Collection - Artist - Flavin - The Nominal Three (to William Of Ockha
    The additive composition of the nominal three (to william of ockham), dedicated to the 14thcentury English philosopher, exemplifies Flavin’s use of the
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    the nominal three (to William of Ockham),
    Employing only commercial fluorescent lights in his work, Dan Flavin devised a radical new art form that circumvented the limits imposed by frames, pedestals, or other conventional means of display. His embrace of the unadorned fluorescent fixture as an aesthetic object placed him at the forefront of a generation of artists whose use of industrial materials, emphasis on elementary forms, and nonhierarchical relationships among component parts became the salient characteristics of Minimalism more The additive composition of the nominal three (to William of Ockham), greens crossing greens (to Piet Mondrian who lacked green), untitled (to Ward Jackson, an old friend and colleague who, during the Fall of 1957 when I finally returned to New York from Washington and joined him to work together in this museum, kindly communicated). untitled (to Ward Jackson . . . ) into a new work dedicated to his fiancée, untitled (to Tracy, to celebrate the love of a lifetime), J. Fiona Ragheb

    57. Philosophy Now
    This maxim is sometimes identified with a principle attributed to william of ockham (12851349), and called Ockham s Razor .
    Current Issue Contents Editorial News Dear Socrates ... Moral Moments Resources Archive Bookstore Calendar Links ... Search Information About Us Shop Back Issues Subscriptions ... Contact Us Back Issues CD Volume 3 is now in the shop. Articles
    William Grey launches an all-out attack on the paranormal armed with a couple of razors honed with the whetstone of scepticism. 'Philosophy' is a word taken from Greek, and literally means 'love of wisdom'. But what is wisdom? I suggest that it is the capacity to make the most appropriate choices, or at least avoid the most serious pitfalls, from among the bewildering alternatives which confront us in the course of our lives. This can be clarified with the help of an analogy. Imagine that you are lost in a maze. It would be of immense benefit to gain an overview of your predicament because that would help you to understand your position and thereby assist you to reach your destination. Wisdom is the capacity to articulate our situation constructively from a point of view which enables us to see consequences and identify irrelevancies more clearly, thereby empowering us to make better choices. A wise person is one who is able to provide such a perspective. Striving for wisdom is important because by widening our horizons we are able to see more clearly what the alternatives for living are. This sort of wisdom is practical wisdom; that is, it attempts to provide an answer to the problem, raised long ago by Socrates (469-399 BC) about how one should live (Plato

    58. William Of Ockham ::
    Online Biography with Family Details. Create an Online Representation of Yourself or Someone You Know That Will Last Forever.
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    Germany Birth Location: Ockham,
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    59. Doctoral Research Pr William Of Ockham And Some Contemporaries On Metaphysics
    The aim of this dissertation is to give a comprehensive analysis of Ockham s position on the possibility of doing metaphysics as a discipline of philosophy.
    Home Research activities Research groups Key domains ... Nederlands
    Doctoral research project Person in charge of the project: FRIEDMAN RUSSELL , member of research team De Wulf-Mansion Centre for Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy Title: William of Ockham and some contemporaries on metaphysics
    Project summary: ph.D student : PELLETIER JENNY
    Institute of Philosophy
    Doctoral Programme in Philosophy
    Project number:
    Duration of the project:
    Onderzoek met eigen middelen Nederlands
    Christelle Maeyaert

    Most recent update:

    60. Ockham,
    (Cf. Bayley, Pivotal Concepts in the Political Philosophy of william of ockham , Journal of the History of Ideas, 10 (1949), pp. 199218. B1.J75.)
    Eight Questions Dialogue Macquarie University
    POL167: Introduction to Political Theory
    William of Ockham, Eight Questions Dialogue : Reading Guide
    R.J. Kilcullen (The Readings book contains extracts.) In Eight Questions Ockham states and compares various answers to a set of questions someone active in politics had sent to him and to others (one other set of answers survives). It is one of Ockham's 'recitative' works, in which he does not indicate which of the various opinions is his. Read iii.1 (i.e. question 3, ch. 1) This states several theories which imply an affirmative answer to the question. Theory (a), 'fullness of power': This is the theory criticised in Short Discourse , book ii. Theory (b): There ought to be one world ruler (though without 'fullness of power' in the objectionable sense), who should be the pope. The argument for this theory ('It is also proved by reason...') is constructed from materials taken from Marsilius of Padua (p. 80, in Readings ), but (b) is not Marsilius' theory: he does not hold that the pope should be the supreme ruler. Perhaps Ockham thought that Christians would have to hold that any ruler as strong as the one Marsilius advocated would have to be the head of the Church. Read iii.2

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