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         Singer Peter:     more books (100)
  1. How Are We to Live?: Ethics in an Age of Self-Interest by Peter Singer, 1995-05
  2. The Life You Can Save: Acting Now to End World Poverty by Peter Singer, 2009-03-03
  3. Animal Liberation: The Definitive Classic of the Animal Movement (P.S.) by Peter Singer, 2009-03-01
  4. In Defense of Animals: The Second Wave
  5. Writings on an Ethical Life by Peter Singer, 2001-09-01
  6. The Ethics of What We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter by Peter Singer, Jim Mason, 2007-03-06
  7. Practical Ethics by Peter Singer, 1999-01-30
  8. Peter Singer Under Fire (Under Fire Series)
  9. Ethics Into Action: Henry Spira and the Animal Rights Movement by Peter Singer, 1999-11-23
  10. Practical Ethics by Peter Singer, 2011-01-31
  11. The Moral of the Story: An Anthology of Ethics Through Literature
  12. Rethinking Life and Death: The Collapse of Our Traditional Ethics by Peter Singer, 1996-04-15
  13. The Life You Can Save: How to Play Your Part in Ending World Poverty. Peter Singer by Peter Singer, 2010-03
  14. Ethics (Oxford Readers)

1. Peter Singer - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Douglas Aiton Ten Things You Didn t Know about Professor Peter Singer; The Weekend Australian magazine, February 2727, 2005; ^ Democracy and Disobedience,
Peter Singer
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Contemporary philosophy
Singer lecturing at Oxford University Name Peter Singer Birth July 6 School/tradition Analytic Utilitarianism Main interests Ethics Influenced by John Stuart Mill Henry Sidgwick
R.M. Hare
Jeremy Bentham Influenced Peter Unger Colin McGinn
Roger Crisp
Iain King ... Gregory Pence Peter Albert David Singer (born July 6 in Melbourne Victoria Australia ) is an Australian philosopher . He is the Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University , and laureate professor at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics (CAPPE) University of Melbourne . He specializes in practical ethics, approaching ethical issues from a preference utilitarian and atheistic perspective.

2. Reason Magazine - The Pursuit Of Happiness, Peter Singer Interviewed By Ronald B
Peter Singer, the De Camp Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University s Center for Human Values, is most widely and controversially known for his view
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The Pursuit of Happiness, Peter Singer interviewed by Ronald Bailey
Ronald Bailey Print Edition The New Yorker calls him "the most influential living philosopher." His critics call him "the most dangerous man in the world." Peter Singer, the De Camp Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University's Center for Human Values, is most widely and controversially known for his view that animals have the same moral status as humans. He is the author of many books, including Practical Ethics Rethinking Life and Death (1995), and Animal Liberation (1975), which has sold more than 450,000 copies. This year he published Writings on an Ethical Life (Ecco Press) and A Darwinian Left: Politics, Evolution, and Cooperation

3. Peter Singer
Peter Singer has been professor of bioethics at Princeton University since 1999. Previously, he was professor of ethics at Monash University in Melbourne,


About Us
Peter Singer
"Peter Singer may be the most controversial philosopher alive; he is certainly among the most influential." The New Yorker Peter Singer has been professor of bioethics at Princeton University since 1999. Previously, he was professor of ethics at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. He was a founding member of the Green Party in Victoria, Australia and was a Green Party senate candidate. He has taught at Oxford University and New York University, among others. His work in ethics is part of academic syllabuses around the world and his 1975 book Animal Liberation is the seminal work of that movement. His books include: Comments Catalog

4. Peter Singer --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Britannica online encyclopedia article on Peter Singer Australian ethical and political philosopher, best known for his work in bioethics and his role as
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Peter Singer
Page 1 of 1 born July 6, 1946, Melbourne, Austl.
Australian ethical and political philosopher, best known for his work in bioethics and his role as one of the intellectual founders of the modern animal rights movement. Singer's Jewish parents emigrated to Australia from Vienna in 1938 to escape Nazi persecution following the Anschluss Singer, Peter... (75 of 998 words) To read the full article, activate your FREE Trial Commonly Asked Questions About Peter Singer Close Enable free complete viewings of Britannica premium articles when linked from your website or blog-post.

5. Philosophy: Peter Singer
Peter Singer s approach to animal liberation does not presume that animals have inherent rights, but rather that the interests of animals should be given
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Peter Singer: Equal Consideration For All
Peter Singer's approach to animal liberation does not presume that animals have inherent rights, but rather that the interests of animals should be given their due consideration. Although there are similarities between humans and other animals, there are also many differences in abilities and interests. It is not expected that humans and nonhumans should be treated in exactly the same way; the nature of the being must be taken into account. Singer argues that, even among humans, the concept of equality is not that of an actual equality of attributes. In fact, intellect, physical strength, moral capacity, and a host of other attributes vary enormously within our species. Equality must refer to an equal consideration of human interests rather than to some absolute equality, which clearly does not exist. The interests of two given human beings might be quite similar or very different, but in fairness their interests should be given equal consideration. This is not to say that one interest may not be reasonably evaluated as more important than another, but rather that no interests should be discounted unfairly. Now there is no moral or rational reason for not extending such a consideration of interests to nonhumans as well. This fact forms a foundation for Singer's arguments for animal liberation.

6. Peter W. Singer - SourceWatch
Peter Singer is a Brookings Institution Scholar offering evolving expertise in Private Military Corporations.

7. Peter Singer
Peter Singer helped to found the modern animal rights (AR) movement with his 1975 book Animal Liberation, in which he argued that our willful ignorance of
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8. Home
Professor peter singer s home page at Princeton University.

9. Peter Singer
Formerly peter singer Links , this resource site includes book excerpts, links to articles and interviews. Available in six languages.
Peter Singer My work is based on the assumption that clarity and consistency in our moral thinking is likely, in the long run, to lead us to hold better views on ethical issues. Heilpädagogik Online , 01/03, p. 53 Latest Updates new additions underlined Upcoming events January 18, 2008 Putting Practice into Ethics The Sun , January 16, 2008. Worshiping at the Temple of Diana Free Inquiry , December, 2007/January, 2008. Treating (or Not) the Tiniest Babies Free Inquiry , June/July, 2007. Abortion, the Dividing Lines Herald Sun , August 25, 2007. A Step in the Right Direction . (with Jenny Palmer) The Daily Princetonian , September 28, 2007. December 25, 2007 Why Vote? Project Syndicate , December, 2007. December 18, 2007 Eat Right: Save The Earth LaGuardia Community College , December 17, 2007. December 7, 2007 Global Poverty: How Demanding Are Our Obligations? MIT , September 21, 2007. November 12, 2007 Should We Talk About Race and Intelligence? Project Syndicate , November, 2007. The High Cost of Feeling Low Project Syndicate , October, 2007.

10. WORLD Magazine | Weekly News, Christian Views
Don t expect peter singer to be quoted heavily on the issue that roiled the Nov. 2 election, samesex marriage. That for him is intellectual child s play,

11. Statement On The Hiring Of Peter Singer
Princeton University has hired a Professor of Bioethics who advocates killing disabled infants. Dr. singer states that Killing a disabled infant is not
Statement on the Hiring of Peter Singer
the Statement on the Hiring of Peter Singer.
The Petition Against the Hiring of Peter Singer!

the hiring of Peter Singer at Princeton University!
Princeton Students Against Infanticide (PSAI)
  • Who is Peter Singer?
    Dr. Peter Singer has been appointed to the Ira. W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics in the University Center for Human Values. He has special interests in animal rights and social philosophy.
    Dr. Singer's appointment begins July 1, 1999

    Dr. Singer is a 1967 graduate of the University of Melbourne, he recieved his BPhil at Oxford in 1971 and remained there as lecturer for two years. He was a visiting assistant professor at New York University in 1975-76 and spent a year as senior lecturer as La Trobe University in Australia before becoming professor at Monash University, where he was the first director of the Center for Human Bioethics for eight years and now is deputy director. A DeCamp Lecturer at Princeton in 1992, Singer has been a visiting professor at the universities of British Columbia; Colorado; Californa, Irvine; Rome; and Canterbury. In 1992 he was elected Foundation President of the International Association of Bioethics.
    Coeditor of Bioethics since 1985, Singer has published many articles and more than two dozen books, including
  • 12. International Vegetarian Union - Professor Peter Singer (1946- )
    Various extracts from singer s works regarding animal rights, from the International Vegetarian Union website.
    International Vegetarian Union (IVU) Famous Vegetarians Professor Peter Singer (1946- )
    Peter Singer is now a Professor at Princeton University, USA. He was formerly Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Centre for Human Bioethics at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. He is the author of Animal Liberation , which can be considered the Bible of the animal rights movement. Recently, he has been instrumental in the formation of the The Great Ape Project , which seeks to extend personhood and legal rights to the Geat Apes. extracts from 'In Defence of Animals': Why do we lock up chimpanzees in appalling primate research centres and use them in experiments that range from the uncomfortable to the agonising and lethal, yet would never think of doing the same to a retarded human being at a much lower mental level? The only possible answer is that the chimpanzee, no matter how bright, is not human, while the retarded human, no matter how dull, is. This is speciesism, pure and simple, and it is as indefensible as the most blatant racism. There is no ethical basis for elevating membership of one particular species into a morally crucial characteristic. From an ethical point of view, we all stand on an equal footing whether we stand on two feet, or four, or none at all.

    13. "Peter Singer's Solution To World Poverty," New York Times Sunday Magazine
    The Australian philosopher peter singer, who later this month begins teaching at Princeton University, is perhaps the world s most controversial ethicist.
    September 5, 1999
    The Singer Solution to World Poverty
    By PETER SINGER Illustrations by ROSS MacDONALD Is it possible to quantify our charitable burden? In the following essay, Singer offers some unconventional thoughts about the ordinary American's obligations to the world's poor and suggests that even his own one-fifth standard may not be enough.
    Suppose Dora had told her neighbor that it is a tough world, other people have nice new TV's too, and if selling the kid is the only way she can get one, well, he was only a street kid. She would then have become, in the eyes of the audience, a monster. She redeems herself only by being prepared to bear considerable risks to save the boy.
    Related Article
    Princeton's New Philosopher Draws a Stir
    (April 10, 1999)
    n his 1996 book, "Living High and Letting Die," the New York University philosopher Peter Unger presented an ingenious series of imaginary examples designed to probe our intuitions about whether it is wrong to live well without giving substantial amounts of money to help people who are hungry, malnourished or dying from easily treatable illnesses like diarrhea. Here's my paraphrase of one of these examples:
    You shouldn't take that cruise, redecorate the house or get that pricey new suit. After all, a $1,000 suit could save five children's lives.

    14. Peter Singer: Architect Of The Culture Of Death
    The new tradition that peter singer welcomes is founded on a qualityof-life ethic. It allegedly replaces the outgoing morality that is based on the

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    Peter Singer: Architect of the Culture of Death DONALD DEMARCO The new tradition that Peter Singer welcomes is founded on a "quality-of-life" ethic. It allegedly replaces the outgoing morality that is based on the "sanctity-of-life."
    Peter Singer
    "After ruling our thoughts and our decisions about life and death for nearly two thousand years, the traditional Western ethic has collapsed." On this triumphant note, Professor Peter Singer begins his milestone book, Rethinking Life and Death . It conveys an attitude of revolutionary confidence that brings to mind another atheistic iconoclast, Derek Humphry, who has said, "We are trying to overturn 2,000 years of Christian tradition." The new tradition that Singer welcomes is founded on a "quality-of-life" ethic. It allegedly replaces the outgoing morality that is based on the "sanctity-of-life." Wesley J. Smith states that Rethinking Life and Death can fairly be called the Mein Kampf of the euthanasia movement, in that it drops many of the euphemisms common to pro-euthanasia writing and acknowledges euthanasia for what it is: killing." A disability advocacy group that calls itself "Not Dead Yet" has fiercely objected to Singer's views on euthanasia. Some refer to him as "Professor Death." Others have gone as far as to liken him to Josef Mengele. Troy McClure, an advocate for the disabled, calls him "the most dangerous man in the world today." There is indeed a bluntness to Singer's pronouncements that gives his thought a certain transparency. This makes his philosophy, comparatively speaking, easy to understand and to evaluate.

    15. Project Syndicate
    peter singer is Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University. In 2005 Time magazine named peter singer one of the 100 most influential people in the

    16. Peter W. Singer - Brookings Institution
    peter singer directs the 21st Century Defense Initiative at Brookings. His research focuses on changes in national security, especially the rise of new
    Experts Quality. Independence. Impact. Home Contact Us Media Resources Saturday January 26, 2008 Welcome Register Log in Topics Text Size a a a Director
    Peter W. Singer
    Director 21st Century Defense Initiative
    Senior Fellow Foreign Policy Peter Singer directs the 21st Century Defense Initiative at Brookings. His research focuses on changes in national security, especially the rise of new conflicts and conflict groups, as well as U.S.-Islamic world relations. He lectures frequently to U.S. military audiences and is the author of Corporate Warriors and Children at War
    Contemporary warfare; foreign policy; national security; peacekeeping; terrorism; U.S. relations with the Islamic world
    Current Positions
    Senior Fellow and Director, Brookings 21st Century Defense Initiative
    Past Positions
    Senior Fellow and Director, Brookings Project on U.S. Relations with the Islamic World; Doctoral Fellow, Harvard University; Action Officer, Balkans Task Force, Office of the Secretary of Defense; Special Assistant, International Peace Academy; Instructor, Teaching Assistant, Duke University Talent Identification Program
    Ph.D., Harvard University, 2001; A.B., Princeton University, 1997

    17. Canadian Program On Genomics & Global Health
    Professor peter A. singer is Senior Scientist and Professor of Medicine at the McLaughlinRotman Centre for Global Health, University Health Network and
    HOME PEOPLE MANAGEMENT RESEARCH TEAM ... PUBLIC OUTREACH Program Directors Professor Peter A. Singer
    MD, MPH, FRCPC Telephone: (416) 673-6567
    Assistant: Ms. Munira Tayabali
    Assistant Telephone: (416) 673-6572 Professor Peter A. Singer is Senior Scientist and Professor of Medicine at the McLaughlin-Rotman Centre for Global Health, University Health Network and University of Toronto. Professor Singer's research is at the nexus of life sciences, entrepreneurship, and the developing world. The core ideas are: How can life sciences technologies move from 'lab to village' in the developing world? How can Canada grow economically by tapping into the 'demand pull' for its life sciences technologies from emerging economies? How can developing countries, particularly in Africa, accelerate commercialization of life sciences for health and economic development? His earlier contributions have included improvements in quality end-of-life care, fair priority setting in healthcare organizations, pandemic influenza planning and teaching bioethics.

    18. Books | The Practical Ethicist
    The Way We Eat author peter singer explains the advantage of wingless chickens, May 8, 2006 peter singer is a professional ethicist.
    Salon Member log in Help Benefits of membership Watch a brief ad and read all Salon articles now: Search: Salon The Web
    The practical ethicist
    "The Way We Eat" author Peter Singer explains the advantage of wingless chickens, how humans discriminate against animals, and the downside of buying locally grown food. By Oliver Broudy Print Email Font: S S+ S++
    Illustration by Bob Watts/ Peter Singer is a professional ethicist. Best known for his 1975 book "Animal Liberation" a canonical text of the animal rights movement and the inspiration for untold thousands to take up vegetarianism Singer, in the last quarter-plus century, has published a string of books on everything from test tube babies to the ethics of George W. Bush. Considered fearless by some, and dangerous by others, virtually all agree that he is among the most influential philosophers alive today. Singer's ethics are strictly utilitarian. In his view, all actions are judged by the objective measure of suffering they cause; there's little place here for subjectivity. In his essay "Famine, Affluence, and Morality," for instance, he argues against the injustice of some people living in comfort while others starve. We have a moral obligation, he says, to do all we can to alleviate the suffering of others up to that point where the suffering of our sacrifice is equal to the suffering of those we are trying to help. (Singer himself donates 20 percent of his salary to Oxfam and UNICEF.) When confronted with the question of whether it's justifiable to save the life of one's daughter at the expense of the lives of two strangers, Singer's response is even more matter of fact. The choice, he would say, is a foregone conclusion: Two lives are better than one.

    19. Unspeakable Conversations - New York Times
    peter singer, often called and not just by his book publicist the most influential philosopher of our time. He is the man who wants me dead.

    20. Nat Hentoff
    Dr. peter Gott Consumer Reports to a debate on the appointment of Princeton s very first fulltime tenured professor of bioethics, peter singer.
    Clicking on banner ads keeps JWR alive Jewish World Review Sept. 13, 1999 /3 Tishrei, 5760 Nat Hentoff JWR's Pundits World Editorial
    Cartoon Showcase

    Mallard Fillmore

    Suzanne Fields
    Weekly Standard
    A professor of infanticide at Princeton
    LAST YEAR, while I was teaching at Princeton University on the politics of journalism, a lot of class time was devoted to a debate on the appointment of Princeton's very first full-time tenured professor of bioethics, Peter Singer. An Australian, Singer was a principal founder of the animal-liberation movement and is a former president of the International Association of Bioethics. What led to our discussion in class and to various protests outside the university against his appointment, which starts this month is that he is also an advocate of infanticide. Not of any infant, but of severely disabled infants. In class, nearly all of us agreed that in a university, a credentialed scholar should not be banned, no matter how controversial his views. But some of us wondered why Princeton chose this renowned apostle of infanticide and certain forms of euthanasia for so influential an endowed seat at, of all places, the university's Center for Human Values.

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