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  1. Porphyry's Launching-Points to the Realm of Mind: An Introduction to the Neoplatonic Philosophy of Plotinus by Porphyry, Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie, 1988-11
  2. Porphyry's Against the Christians: The Literary Remains by Porphyry, R. Joseph Hoffmann, 1994-07
  3. Beneath a Sky of Porphyry by Aicha Lemsine, 1998-03
  4. Five Texts on the Mediaeval Problem of Universals: Porphyry, Boethius, Abelard, Duns Scotus, Ockham
  5. The Homeric Questions (Lang Classical Studies) by Porphyry, Robin R. Schlunk, 1994-02
  6. Advances in Geology of the Porphyry Copper Deposits by Spencer Titley, 1982-06
  7. Porphyry Introduction (Clarendon Later Ancient Philosophers)
  8. Porphyry Against the Christians (Ancient Mediterranean and Medieval Texts and Contexts, Studi) (Studies in Platonism, Neoplatonism, and the Platonic Tradition) by Robert Berchman, 2005-09
  9. Sententiae (Sententiae Ad Intelligibilia Ducentes / Aids to the Study of the intelligibles) by B. (ed.) Porphyry ('Porphyrii'); Momert, 1907
  10. Iamblichus On the Mysteries of the Egyptians, Chaldeans, and Assyrians by Iamblichus, Porphyry, 2010-01-12
  11. Select Works Of Porphyry: Containing His Four Books On Abstinence From Animal Food, His Treatise On The Homeric Cave Of The Nymphs (1823) by Porphyry, 2008-10-27
  12. Plato and Aristotle in Agreement?: Platonists on Aristotle from Antiochus to Porphyry (Oxford Philosophical Monographs) by George E. Karamanolis, 2006-06-08
  13. Porphyry, the Philosopher, to His Wife, Marcella: Tr. With Introduction, by Alice Zimmern. Preface by Richard Garnett (1896) by Porphyry, 2009-07-08
  14. Select Works of Porphyry; Containing His Four Books on Abstinence From Animal Food; His Treatise on the Homeric Care of the Nymphs; and His by Porphyrius, 2010-10-14

1. Porphyry (geology) - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
porphyry is a variety of igneous rock consisting of largegrained crystals, such as feldspar or quartz, dispersed in a fine-grained feldspathic matrix or
Porphyry (geology)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search A piece of porphyry Porphyry is a variety of igneous rock consisting of large-grained crystals , such as feldspar or quartz , dispersed in a fine-grained feldspathic matrix or groundmass. The larger crystals are called phenocrysts . In its non-geologic, traditional use, the term "porphyry" refers to the purple-red form of this stone, valued for its appearance. The term "porphyry" is from Greek and means " purple ". Purple was the color of royalty, and the "Imperial Porphyry" was a deep brownish purple igneous rock with large crystals of plagioclase . This rock was prized for various monuments and building projects in Imperial Rome and later. Pliny's Natural History affirmed that the "Imperial Porphyry" had been discovered at an isolated site in Egypt in AD 18, by a Roman legionnaire named Caius Cominius Leugas (Werner 1998). It came from a single quarry in the Eastern Desert of Egypt , from 600 million year old andesite of the Arabian-Nubian Shield . The road from the quarry westward to Qena (Roman Maximianopolis) on the Nile, which Ptolemy put on his second-century map, was described first by

2. Porphyry (Stanford Encyclopedia Of Philosophy)
porphyry (234?–305? C.E.) was a Neoplatonist philosopher born in Tyre in Phoenicia. He studied with Longinus in Athens and then with Plotinus in Rome from
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First published Fri 18 Feb, 2005
  • 1. Life 2. Works and Profile 3. Philosophical Views
    1. Life
    The Life of Plotinus . Before he came to study with Plotinus in Rome in 263 C.E. he studied with the Middle Platonist Longinus in Athens. In Rome he stayed for some five years and converted to Plotinus' version of Platonism. On Plotinus' advice he left Rome for Sicily in order to recover from a bout of depression in 268 C.E. He must have stayed there for some time, even beyond Plotinus' death in 270 C.E. There are some untrustworthy reports about a school of Porphyry in Rome after Plotinus' death. In reality we do not know anything with certainty about where he lived in the latter half of his life. He may have been Iamblichus' teacher. The evidence for this, however, is not beyond dispute. It is clear, though, that Iamblichus was strongly influenced by Porphyry, even if he turned vehemently against him. Towards the end of his life (301 C.E.), Porphyry edited Plotinus' writings, the Enneads , dividing them into six books of nine treatises each, which he prefaced with his Life of Plotinus . The latter is the most reliable and the most informative source about his life and attitudes. He married fairly late an older wife, for whom one of his extant writings, the

3. Porphyry
porphyry (c.232/4c.305) or Porphyrios was born in Tyre now Lebanon or Batanaea now Syria, and studied in Athens, before joining the Neoplatonic group


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image from Porphyry Malchus
MacTutor History of Mathematics archive

Porphyry (c.232/4-c.305) or Porphyrios was born in Tyre [now Lebanon] or Batanaea [now Syria], and studied in Athens, before joining the Neoplatonic group of Plotinus in Rome. In 263-268 or thereabouts, Porphyry studied philosophy in Rome under Plotinus, who rescued him from a suicidal depression In 301 Porphyry completed The Enneads , a systematized and edited collection of the works of Plotinus, including a short but very informative biography. The name Enneads means "Nines", so-called because they were sorted into chapters of nine sections each. (This arrangement of course was purely Porphyry's idea). The Enneads became a book of great significance and influence, not only in the Hellenistic-Roman world, but later in the Islamic and Renaissance Christian worlds as well. Although not an original thinker in the league of his teacher Plotinus, or his student Iamblichus , Porphyry nevertheless was possessed of great learning, an interest in and great talent for historical and philological criticism, and an ernest desire to uproot false teachings in order to ennoble people and turn them to the Good. He declared the salvation of the soul as the ultimate purpose of philosophy. Even more than Plotinus, Porphyry emphasised the mystic path of "flight from the body" (although never in teh context of the Gnostics who considered the material world as "evil"). He also played down the emanationist hierarchies of the Middle Platonists and Plotinus, and seemed sometimes to combine One and Intellect, a process of "telescoping the

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5. Medieval Sourcebook: Porphyry: Against The Christians
An excerpt from a porphyry tract against Christian irrationalism, as preserved by Eusebius.
Back to Medieval Source Book ORB Main Page Links to Other Medieval Sites
Medieval Sourcebook:
Porphyry: Against the Christians
As Christianity spread, there was an increasingly intellectual reaction to it among the classically oriented intellectuals who sought to defend "reason". Here is Porphyry, a leading "Neoplatonist" attacking Christian unreason as reported by Eusebius. "Some persons, desiring to find a solution to the baseness of the Jewish Scriptures rather than abandon them, have had recourse to explanations inconsistent and incongruous with the words written, which explanations, instead of supplying a defense of the foreigners, contain rather approval and praise of themselves. For they boast that the plain words of Moses are "enigmas", and regard them as oracles full of hidden mysteries; and having bewildered the mental judgment by folly, they make their explanations." These things are said by Porphyry in the third book of his work against the Christians. from Eusebius: Church History , in Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, 2nd Series, ed. P. Schaff and H. Wace, (repr. Grand Rapids MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans, 1955), Vo1 I, pp. 265-266

6. The Internet Classics Archive | Works By Porphyry
List of works by porphyry, part of the Internet Classics Archive.



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Works by Porphyry
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Translated by Edwin Hamilton Gifford
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7. Porphyry
porphyry is a widely varying type of igneous rock.
zGCID=" test0" zGCID=" test0 test14" zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') You are here: About Education Geology Geology ... Help Porphyry
Newfoundland Geological Survey ( fair use policy alkali feldspar . Geologists also may call this a rhyolite with porphyritic texture. That is, "porphyry" refers to a texture, not a composition, just as "satin" refers to a type of fabric rather than the fiber it's made from. See other examples of porphyritic texture in andesite basalt and in the extrusive volcanic rocks gallery Fossils
Geologic Features and Processes

Glaciers and Ice
Geology and Society
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8. Porphyry Summary
porphyry (233309) Click the picture above to see a larger version. porphyry Malchus wrote a commentary on Euclid s Elements and a Life of Pythagoras.
Porphyry Malchus
Click the picture above
to see a larger version Porphyry Malchus wrote a commentary on Euclid's Elements and a Life of Pythagoras Full MacTutor biography [Version for printing] List of References (9 books/articles) Mathematicians born in the same country Other Web sites
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  • 9. Porphyry --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
    Britannica online encyclopedia article on porphyry Neoplatonist Greek philosopher, important both as an editor and as a biographer of the philosopher
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    Page 1 of 1 born c. 234, Tyre [modern Sur, Lebanon] or Batanaea [in modern Syria] died c. 305, Rome? original name Malchus Neoplatonist Greek philosopher, important both as an editor and as a biographer of the philosopher Plotinus and for his commentary on Aristotle's Categories , which set the stage for medieval developments of logic and the problem of universals. Boethius' Latin translation of the introduction ( Isagoge Porphyry... (75 of 230 words) To read the full article, activate your FREE Trial

    10. Neoplatonism [Internet Encyclopedia Of Philosophy]
    The revival of Greek philosophy in 3rd century BCE, led by Plotinus and his disciple, porphyry. Influenced by both Pythagoras and Plato.
    Neoplatonism is a modern term used to designate the period of Platonic philosophy beginning with the work of Plotinus and ending with the closing of the Platonic Academy by the Emperor Justinian in 529 CE. This brand of Platonism, which is often described as 'mystical' or religious in nature, developed outside the mainstream of Academic Platonism. The origins of Neoplatonism can be traced back to the era of Hellenistic syncretism which spawned such movements and schools of thought as Gnosticism and the Hermetic tradition. A major factor in this syncretism, and one which had an immense influence on the development of Platonic thought, was the introduction of the Jewish Scriptures into Greek intellectual circles via the translation known as the Septuagint . The encounter between the creation narrative of Genesis and the cosmology of Plato's Timaeus set in motion a long tradition of cosmological theorizing that finally culminated in the grand schema of Plotinus' Enneads . Plotinus' two major successors, Porphyry and Iamblichus, each developed, in their own way, certain isolated aspects of Plotinus' thought, but neither of them developed a rigorous philosophy to match that of their master. It was Proclus who, shortly before the closing of the Academy, bequeathed a systematic Platonic philosophy upon the world that in certain ways approached the sophistication of Plotinus. Finally, in the work of the so-called Pseudo-Dionysius, we find a grand synthesis of Platonic philosophy and Christian theology that was to exercise an immense influence on mediaeval mysticism and Renaissance Humanism.

    11. Porphyry
    Collected fragments of this lost work by porphyry, as well as links to other resources. Drawn from various translations.
    Philosopher (232/3- c . 305 C.E.)
    Local Resources
    • Porphyry: Concerning Cult Images Provides an allegorical interpretation of the symbolism and names of the Greek divinities.
    Recommended Reading

    12. Porphyry - Definition From The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
    Definition of porphyry from the MerriamWebster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games.
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    Main Entry: Pronunciation:
    Inflected Form(s):
    Middle English porphiri, from Medieval Latin porphyrium, alteration of Latin porphyrites, from Greek lithos ), literally, stone like Tyrian purple, from porphyra purple
    15th century
     a rock consisting of feldspar crystals embedded in a compact dark red or purple groundmass  an igneous rock of porphyritic texture Learn more about "porphyry" and related topics at See a map of "porphyry" in the Visual Thesaurus Pronunciation Symbols

    13. Ancient Greek Online Library | Porphyry
    porphyry. Biography and plays by this great author.
    Ancient Drama - Tragedy Ancient Drama - Comedy Historiography Philosophy ... Other Authors Aeschines Aeschylus Aesop Alcidamas Aristophanes Aristotle Demosthenes Epictetus Epicurus Euripides Galen Herodotus Hippocrates Homer Lucretius Plato Plutarch Porphyry Quintus Sophocles Thucydides Texts Texts Aeschines Against Timarchus Aeschylus Agamemnon Eumenides Prometheus bound The Choephori The Persians The seven against thebes The Suppliants Aesop Aesop's Fables Alcidamas On the Sophists Aristophanes Acharnians Lysistrata Peace Plutus The Birds The Clouds The Ecclesiazusae The Frogs The Knights The Thesmophoriazusae The Wasps Aristotle Categories History of Animals Metaphysics Meteorology Nicomachean Ethics On Dreams On Generation and corruption On Interpratation On Longevity And Shortness Of Life On Memory And Reminiscense On Prophesying By Dreams On Sense And The Sensible On Sleep And Sleeplessness On Sophistical Refutations On The Gait Of Animals On The Generation Of Animals On The Heavens On The Motion Of Animals On The Parts Of Animals On The Soul On Youth And Old Age, On Life And Death, On Breathing Physics Poetics Politics Posterior Analytics Prior Analytics - Book I Prior Analytics - Book II Rhetoric The Athenian Constitution Topics Demosthenes For The Freedon Of The Rhodians For The Megapolitans On The Chersonese On The Crown On The Naval Boards On The Peace The First Olynthiac The First Philippic The Fourth Philippic The Second Olynthiac The Second Philippic The Third Olynthiac The Third Philippic Epictetus Discourses - Book I Discourses - Book II Discourses - Book III Discourses - Book IV

    14. Porphyry's People - A Christchurch, New Zealand, Group Promoting Veganism And Th
    The web page of porphyry s People, a vegan group based in Christchurch, New Zealand, promoting veganism to further ethical, health and ecological goals.
    A vegan group based in Christchurch, New Zealand, promoting veganism to further ethical, health and ecological goals. Editor: John Livesey PhD My way of joking is to tell the truth. It is the funniest joke in the world.
    George Bernard Shaw Vegan Monthly Healthy Eating Pyramid Nuts Soy ... Vegan Monthly
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    The Healthy Eating Pyramid

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    Optimal diet

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    The soy controversy: the hopes probably outweigh the fears. Obesity Veganism: a weapon to fight the obesity epidemic? Porphyry His life and work.

    In this lecture I will talk about Boethius other writings, and then I will comment on an extract from his commentary on porphyry. To follow this lecture
    Macquarie University
    PHIL252 Medieval Philosophy
    R.J. Kilcullen Before listening to this tape you should read V.E. Watt's introduction to his Penguin translation of The Consolation of Philosophy . In this lecture I will talk about Boethius' other writings, and then I will comment on an extract from his commentary on Porphyry. To follow this lecture you will need either the Readings book, or Richard McKeon (ed.), Selections from Medieval Philosophers (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons). From the introduction by Watts you will have gathered that Boethius was both a philosopher and a politician. This combination of roles was recommended by Plato and exemplified (imperfectly) in Roman history by Cicero. Cicero also preceded Boethius as a translator of Greek philosophy into Latin. E.K. Rand in his chapter on Boethius in his Founders of the Middle Ages quotes from Boethius' preface to his commentary on Aristotle's Categories , written in the year Boethius was consul. He says: Although the cares of my consular office prevent me from devoting my entire attention to these studies, yet it seems to me a sort of public service to instruct my fellow citizens in the products of reasoned investigation... I am glad to assume the... task of educating our present society in the spirit of Greek philosophy... this is truly a part of my consular duty...

    16. Porphyry's Against The Christians: The Literary Remains By R. Joseph Hoffman
    A Sunshine for Women s Book Summary Read excerpts from this attempted reconstruction of porphyry s _Against the Chrisitans_.
    Sunshine for Women
    Book Summaries
    Home Porphyry's Against the Christians:
    The Literary Remains
    R. Joseph Hoffman
    Oxford University Press 1994
      Fifteen volumes long, Against the Christians was written by the Roman pagan Porphyry circa 280 and was an educated man's studied attack on Christian theology. An exceedingly powerful and successful work, it and commentaries on it were condemned by the imperial church in 448 and burned. Only remnants which were contained in books that were primarily about other matters have survived until the present. As you will see, Porphyry used a literal interpretation of the Bible, a scathing wit, and an attack on Christian's intelligence, integrity, and morals (piety, loyalty to the state, and character) to undermine the new, up-start religion, Christianity. This book is divided into 2 parts: part one contains translations of Porphyry's writings while part two contains Hoffman's analysis of Porphyry's writings. 1) Referring to Mark 16:18, Porphyry writes: "In another passage Jesus says: "These signs shall witness to those who believe: they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. And if they drink any deadly drug, it will hurt them in no way." Well then: the proper thing to do would be to use this process as a test for those aspiring to be priests, bishops or church officers. A deadly drug should be put in front of them and [only] those who survive drinking it should be elevated in the ranks [of the church].

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    18. Porphyry Soap Company
    People shouting at the world over megaphones; Size=240 pixels wide. web site. under construction. porphyry Soap Company Butte, Montana

    19. Porphyry's Letter To His Wife Marcella
    At an elderly age porphyry the Neoplatonist married Marcella, a widow of a close friend who had seven children, but shortly thereafter he was called away,
    Porphyry's Letter to His Wife Marcella
    Concerning the Life of Philosophy and the Ascent to the Gods
    Translated by Alice Zimmern
    Introduction by David Fideler
    At an elderly age Porphyry the Neoplatonist married Marcella, a widow of a close friend who had seven children, but shortly thereafter he was called away, urged on by the gods, to attend to the affairs of the Greeks. Out of print for nearly a hundred years, Porphyry's Letter to Marcella is a personal and moving document. In addition to explaining why he chose Marcella as his partner in marriage, Porphyry consoles his wife and reminds Marcella not to neglect the life of philosophy, conceived of here as the care of the soul in its re-ascent to the One. Porphyry writes of how God is best honored and of the divine principles which must be upheld by the philosopher in daily life. He notes that "no things can be more entirely opposed to one another than a life of pleasure and ease, and the ascent to the gods." Porphyry here describes the preparatory stages of that ascent, and how the ascent is accomplished.
    Porphyry's Letter to His Wife Marcella
    Paper, 64 pages, ISBN 0-933999-27-5, $6.00

    20. Porphyry Island
    Black Bay Peninsula in Lake Superior. Lava flows, greygreen basalt. No facilities.
    Skip over main navigation to content. Welcome Park Locator News / Parks Blog ... Feedback Natural Features Porphyry Island is the last island in a chain stretching southwest from the Black Bay Peninsula. It is generally flat to rolling with little relief and the rugged shoreline offers little shelter. The rocks of the peninsula and the island are of Late Precambrian age and consist of more than 300 distinctive lava flows. These ancient volcanic flows are typically grey-green basalt intermixed with minor amounts of sedimentary rocks. Geologists call these rocks the Osler Group. The island and nature reserve take their name from the characteristic quartz and feldspar crystals, or porphyries found in the volcanic rocks. The nature reserve is on the southern margin of the boreal forest. Its interior supports a mixed forest dominated by white birch in the south and balsam fir in the north. Wetlands with concentrations of black spruce are also found here. Lichens are commonly seen draping mature trees and as barrens intermixed with hardy flowering plants along rocky shorelines. The rocky shores also support arctic species, like encrusted saxifrage, insectivorous butterwort and the sedge. Of greater interest is the presence of devil's club in the forest. Populations of this thorny shrub here, and on adjacent islands, are the only known occurrences east of the Rocky Mountains.

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