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         Llull Ramon:     more books (100)
  1. Doctor Illuminatus by Ramon Llull, 1994-02-18
  2. Ramon Llull and the Secret of Life by Amador Vega, 2003-07-25
  3. Selected Works of Ramon Llull (1232-1316) by Ramon D. Llull, 1985-05
  4. 14th-Century Philosophers: William of Ockham, Gersonides, Catherine of Siena, Ramon Llull, Pietro D'abano, Thomas Bradwardine, Jean Buridan
  5. Ramon Llull's New Rhetoric: Text and Translation of Llull's rethorica Nova
  6. The book of the Lover and the Beloved (The Spiritual masters) by Ramon Llull, 1978
  7. The Evangelical Rhetoric of Ramon Llull: Lay Learning and Piety in the Christian West Around 1300 by Mark D. Johnston, 1996-02-29
  8. Ramon Llull: A Contemporary Life (Textos B) by Ramon Llull, 2010-02-20
  9. Per quan vingui un altre juny (Col·leccio Ramon Llull. Serie Novel·la) (Catalan Edition) by Jaume Fuster, 1987
  10. L'opera quotidiana (Col·leccio Ramon Llull. Serie Novel·la) (Catalan Edition) by Montserrat Roig, 1982
  11. Les Seduccions de Julia (Ramon Llull) by Marius Carol, 2002-01
  12. I tu, qui ets? (Col·leccio Ramon Llull. Serie Novel·la) (Catalan Edition) by Xavier Benguerel, 1989
  13. La forja de l'exili (Col·leccio Ramon Llull. Serie novel·la) (Catalan Edition) by Luis Racionero, 1985
  14. Quatre lectures de poesia medieval: Ramon Llull, Jordi deSant Jordi, Ausias March, Joan Rois de Corella (L'Esparver llegir) (Catalan Edition) by Josep Romeu i Figueras, 1991

1. Ramon Llull - Wikipedia, La Enciclopedia Libre
Translate this page Ramon Llull (1232? - 29 de junio de 1315), también conocido como Raimundo Lulio en castellano, como Raimundus o Raymundus Lullus por autores extranjeros y
Ramon Llull
De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Saltar a navegaci³n bºsqueda Ramon Llull 29 de junio de ), tambi©n conocido como Raimundo Lulio en castellano, como Raimundus o Raymundus Lullus por autores extranjeros y como Raymond Lully por los anglosajones. Fue un laico pr³ximo a los franciscanos (pudo haber pertenecido a la Orden Tercera de los frailes Menores), fil³sofo , poeta, m­stico te³logo y misionero mallorqu­n del siglo XIII . Fue declarado beato , se conmemora el 29 de marzo Adem¡s de ser el primer autor que utiliz³ una lengua neolatina para expresar conocimientos filos³ficos, cient­ficos y t©cnicos y de destacar por una aguda percepci³n que le permiti³ anticipar muchos conceptos y descubrimientos, pose­a un soberbio dominio de la lengua y fue tambi©n novelista. Estatua de Ramon Llull en la Universitat de Barcelona.
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2. Ramon Llull - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
In the Vita coaetanea Contemporary Life, an autobiography of Ramon Llull which he dictated circa 1311, there is a description of his conversion.
Ramon Llull
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For the university go to Ramon Llull University
Ramon Llull. Ramon Llull June 29 ) (sometimes Raymond Lully Raymond Lull , in Latin Raimundus or Raymundus Lullus , or in Spanish Raimundo Lulio ) was a Majorcan writer and philosopher born into a wealthy family in Palma Majorca , in the Balearic Islands , then part of the Crown of Aragon , now part of Spain . He wrote the first major work of Catalan language literature. Recently surfaced manuscripts show him to have anticipated by several centuries prominent work on elections theory . He is sometimes considered a pioneer of computation theory, especially given his influence on Leibniz

3. Ramon Llull --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Britannica online encyclopedia article on Ramon Llull Catalan mystic and poet whose writings helped to develop the Romance Catalan language and widely
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Ramon Llull
Page 1 of 1 born 1232/33, Ciutat de Majorca [now Palma]?, Majorca [now in Spain]
died 1315/16, Tunis or near Majorca also called Raymond Lully ars inveniendi veritatis Llull, Ramon... (75 of 593 words) To read the full article, activate your FREE Trial Commonly Asked Questions About Ramon Llull Close Enable free complete viewings of Britannica premium articles when linked from your website or blog-post. Now readers of your website, blog-post, or any other web content can enjoy full access to this article on Ramon Llull , or any Britannica premium article for free, even those readers without a premium membership. Just copy the HTML code fragment provided below to create the link and then paste it within your web content. For more details about this feature, visit our Webmaster and Blogger Tools page Copy and paste this code into your page var dc_UnitID = 14; var dc_PublisherID = 15588; var dc_AdLinkColor = '009900'; var dc_adprod='ADL'; var dc_open_new_win = 'yes'; var dc_isBoldActive= 'no';

4. Ramon Llull - Britannica Concise
Ramon Llull Spanish (Catalan) mystic, poet, and missionary.
Llull, Ramon
Britannica Concise
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Ramon Llull
English Raymond Lully
born 1232/33, Ciutat de Majorca, Majorca
died 1315/16, Tunis or near Majorca
Spanish (Catalan) mystic, poet, and missionary. Ars magna Blanquerna c. 1284) and Felix c. 1288) enjoy wide popularity; he is also known for his treatise on chivalry, his animal fables, and an encyclopaedia of medieval thought. document.writeln(AAMB2); More on "Ramon Llull" from the 32 Volume Llull, Ramon - Catalan mystic and poet whose writings helped to develop the Romance Catalan language and widely influenced Neoplatonic mysticism throughout medieval and 17th-century Europe. He is best known in the history of ideas as the inventor of an "art of finding truth" (ars inveniendi veritatis) that was primarily intended to support the Roman Catholic faith in missionary work but was also designed to ... Eymeric, Nicholas - Roman Catholic theologian, grand inquisitor at Aragon, and supporter of the Avignon papacy. Spain - Culture flourished in the Crown of Aragon in the late Middle Ages. After James II founded the University of Lledia (Lerida) in 1300-the first in Aragon-other universities were established at Huesca, Barcelona, and Zaragoza. Two Dominicans-St. Raymond of Penyafort (died 1275), a great canonist, and St. Vincent Ferrer (died 1419), a preacher of exceptional eloquence-were outstanding representatives ...

5. Ramon Llull - Trovit Casas
Translate this page ramon llull, Apartamento situado en la Urb. reidencial Begur , cerca del centro de Begur. Soleado. Bonitas vistas a la mon , ramon llull.
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ramon llull
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6. Ramon Llull
Ramon Llull is a Catalan philosopher, born in Mallorca, who lived in the 13th century (approximately from 1232 to 1316). Click here to see some of his
Who is Ramon Llull?
Ramon Llull is a Catalan philosopher, born in Mallorca, who lived in the 13th century (approximately from 1232 to 1316). Click here to see some of his poetry as well as poetry by other Catalan writers. Find a webpage in Catalan with information on the life and work of Ramon Llull , a biography of Ramon Llull explaining his literary periods and his central religious motivation, and an exhaustive database on Ramon Llull
If you cannot read Catalan, this last database is also available in English . Here is another biography in English I have written my own translation of `` Book of the Lover and the Beloved''. The book contains 366 prayers, each one being a profound revelation to inspire every one of your days throughout the year. You can also read a Portuguese translation of the same book, by Esteve Jaulent. Here is another page containing a lot of links to Ramon Llull.

7. Llull, Ramon - Librería Santa Fe - Sucursal Virtual - Todos Los Libros
Translate this page LLULL, RAMON,Librería Santa Fe. 84-206-0593-X. llull ramon. precio y stock a confirmar . 84-37-06015-X. BATALLER SIFRE RAMON. $200.00 Convertir, RAMON

Inventor LORENZ HERMANN PETER (US); llull ramon (ES); (+5), Applicant UNIV CALIFORNIA (US) (BR) Inventor llull ramon (ES); BENHAIM PROSPER (US); (+5)

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9. Ferrater Mora: Diccionario De Filosofía: Filósofos: Llull, Ramon
Translate this page Artículo biobibliográfico en el Diccionario de Filosofía por Josep Ferrater Mora.
The Encyclopedist
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LLULL, RAMON Ars magna o Ars generalis ars inveniendi mathesis universalis proseguida por Descartes y Leibniz. La mathesis universalis Ars Magna ars magna arte general Pharus Scientiarum Dialogus contra Llullistas Arbre de Sciencia o Arbor Scientiae (Liber Principiorum Medicinae, Tractat d'Astronomia) (Art abreujada d'atrobar veritat o Ars compendiosa inveniendi veritatem seu Ars magna et maior , llamada asimismo Art major, Art general Obres essencials , cf. infra primer Art major Art general Ars inveniendi particularia in universalibus , el Liber propositionum secundum artem demonstrationum Libre de amic e amat, Libre de Evast e Blaquerna Libre de amic y Libre de Meravelles o , el , el Libre dels mil proverbis , el , el Libre del gentil e los tres savis , etc. Beati Raimundi Lulli Opera Omnia Clavis Lulliana Raimundi Lulli Opera Latina Corpus christianorum. Continuatio mediaevalis . Estas Opera empezaron bajo los auspicios de la Maioricensis Schola Lullistica, y han pasado a ser editadas por el Raimundus-Lullus-Institut de la Universidad de Freiburg i. B. (La revista Estudios Lulianos , publicada desde 1957 por la misma Maioricensis Schola Lullistica Studia Lulliana Obres essencials Libre d'Evast e d'Aloma e de Blaquerna; Libre de Meravelles; Libre qui es de l'Ordre de Cavalleria, Arbre de Ciencia; Libre del Gentil e los tres savis; Libre de Sancta Maria; Libre dels mil proverbis, Poesies

10. Ramon Llull (1232-1316)
Illustrated biographical essay. Includes short bibliography.
Ramon Llull (1232-1316)
Johnston, Mark D.
The spiritual logic of Ramon Llull. - Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1987.
Ramon Llull was born on the island of Majorca, probably in 1232. He was the only child of a wealthy French-descended merchant from Barcelona who settled on Majorca with James I of Aragon after the king conquered the island from the Moors in 1229. Llull was raised and educated at Court during the latter part of his early years, about which little is known. He was eventually appointed seneschal to the young James II of Majorca, who received the island from his father in 1253. Traditional accounts have left colourful stories about Llull's gay life at court, especially his amorous exploits and cultivation of the troubadour lyric. He married one Blanca Picany in 1257, and had two children. Sometime in 1263 or 1264, however, Llull underwent a profound religious conversion, induced by repeated visions of Christ crucified. At this time Llull is said to have conceived the three great goals of his life's work as a missionary and procelyte; these form the indispensable context for any understanding of his doctrines and activities. They were: (1) the founding of schools to teach missionaries the oriental languages, (2) the writing of a book to prove Christian doctrine, and (3) the propagation of the Faith among the infidels. Inspired by a Franciscan sermon, Llull renounced his life at court, sold all his goods, and went on pilgrimages to Rocamadour, Compostela, and other shrines.

11. Biblioteca Virtual Joan Lluís Vives - Llull, Ramon (1235-1315)
Translate this page Libre apellat Felix de les marauelles del mon / lo qual llibre feu mestre ramon llull ; y ha fet estampar per primera vegada en llengua catalana en

12. Biografia De Ramon Llull
Translate this page ramon llull. (Palma de Mallorca, 1235-id., 1315) Filósofo y escritor catalán. Hijo de un barcelonés emigrado a Mallorca poco antes de que él naciera,
Inicio Buscador Las figuras clave de la historia Reportajes Los protagonistas de la actualidad Ramon Llull (Palma de Mallorca, 1235-id., 1315) Filósofo y escritor catalán. Hijo de un barcelonés emigrado a Mallorca poco antes de que él naciera, Llull estuvo desde muy joven relacionado con los ambientes cortesanos. Durante su juventud fue senescal del heredero del reino, el infante don Jaime, y hasta cumplir la treintena llevó una vida disoluta y exenta de preocupaciones, a pesar de su matrimonio con Blanca Picany, con quien tuvo dos hijos; en esta época se dedicó a escribir poesía de corte trovadoresco. A los treinta y dos años, y según cuenta en Vida coetánea , se le apareció el propio Jesucristo. Su interpretación de los hechos fue decisiva para su carrera posterior: Cristo le pedía que abandonara la mundanidad y se pusiera a su servicio. Abandonó, pues, corte, esposa e hijos y emprendió una peregrinación a Santiago de Compostela, desde donde se trasladó a Barcelona y posteriormente a su isla natal, en la cual se entregó durante los nueve años siguientes al estudio y a la contemplación. Luego, y con la intención de proseguir allí su acercamiento a Dios, se retiró al monte, donde, según relata en

L?Institut ramon llull (IRL) és un consorci creat pels governs de Catalunya i de les Illes Balears, amb la col·laboració del Ministeri d?

Translate this page Presentación de su vida i resumen de algunas de sus obras. Con una bibliografía. Es un trabajo de alumnos de un instituto.
Europa Ludens
Europa Ludens
... English

15. Ramon Llull Database - Llull DB
The ramon llull Database (llull DB) is an electronic bibliography aimed at systematizing and facilitating a search for all information regarding the Lullian
@import url( css/page.css ); @import url( css/tabsexamples.css ); @import url( css/SyntaxHighlighter.css ); @import url( css/dropdown.css ); Ramon Llull Database - Llull DB
Centre de Documentació Ramon Llull
Home Works Manuscripts ... Presentation Digitalized texts Works of Ramon Llull Lullian Bibliography Manuscripts digitalized by the Raimundus-Lullus-Institut of Freiburg Other digitalized manuscripts Works of Ramon Llull. Electronic versions
  • I.1b - LogGat (Catalan) - Lògica del Gatzell
  • II.A.5 - OrdCav (Catalan) - Llibre de l'orde de cavalleria
  • II.A.6 - DoctPu (Catalan) - Doctrina pueril
  • II.A.10 - PrinMed (Latin) - Liber principiorum medicinae
  • II.A.10 - PrinMed (Catalan) - Començaments de medicina
  • II.A.15 - ArtElPer (Latin) - Artificium electionis personarum
  • 16. Internet Archive: Details: Ramon Llull - Ramon Llull [nt069]
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    17. Llull, Ramon - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About Llull, Ramon
    Hutchinson encyclopedia article about llull, ramon. llull, ramon. Information about llull, ramon in the Hutchinson encyclopedia. ramon llull., Ramon
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    Llull, Ramon
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    Llull, Ramon ( c.
    Ars magna was a mechanical device, a kind of prototype computer, by which all problems could be solved by manipulating fundamental Aristotelian categories. He also wrote the prose romance Blanquerna in his native Catalan, the first novel written in a Romance language. In later life he became a Franciscan, and died a martyr at Bugia, Algeria. hut(2)
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    18. Llull, Ramon - MP3 Music Downloads At EMusic
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    19. Patron Saints Index: Blessed Raymond Lull
    Also known as Doctor Illuminatus; ramon llull; ramon Lull; ramon Lullus; Raymond Lullus; The spiritual logic of ramon llull, by Mark D Johnston
    Also known as
    Doctor Illuminatus; Ramon Llull; Ramon Lull; Ramon Lullus; Raymond Lullus; Raymond Lully
    30 June
    Seneschal, courtier and troubador at the court of King James of Aragon from about . Married Blanca Picany in . In he received a vision of Christ crucified, and was converted on the spot.
    tertiary . Friend of Raymond of Penyafort Worked to convert Muslims in the Iberian peninsula, and then in north Africa. He tried to interest the Vatican and assorted European royal courts in this work, travelling throughout Italy France England and Germany in search of support, but received little help. Learned Arabic, founded a school for Arabic study in on Majorca , and encouraged the study of Arab language and culture. Travelled three times to Tunis to preach to the Muslims, but was forcibly deported.
    Wrote over 300 works in Latin, Arabic and Catalan on theology, logic, philosophy; wrote fiction and poetry. Known as a alchemist, but had no training in occult arts, and invented his own Christian-based concepts to try to explain the alchemical mysteries. Reputed to have solved the "lead-into-gold" mystery; legend says he worked on it to finance missionary work. Had a small but devoted band of followers known as

    20. The Evangelical Rhetoric Of Ramon Llull Lay Learning And Piety In
    The Evangelical Rhetoric of ramon llull Lay Learning and Piety in the Christian West around 1300.

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