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         Davidson Donald:     more books (100)
  1. Essays on Actions and Events (Philosophical Essays of Donald Davidson) by Donald Davidson, 2001-12-06
  2. Truth, Language, and History (Philosophical Essays) (v. 5) by Donald Davidson, 2005-04-21
  3. Subjective, Intersubjective, Objective (Philosophical Essays of Donald Davidson) by Donald Davidson, 2001-12-13
  4. The Essential Davidson by Donald Davidson, 2006-02-23
  5. Inquiries into Truth and Interpretation (Philosophical Essays of Donald Davidson) by Donald Davidson, 2001-11-22
  6. Truth & Predication by Donald Davidson, 2005-05-31
  7. Donald Davidson (Contemporary Philosophy in Focus)
  8. Donald Davidson: Meaning, Truth, Language, and Reality by Ernest Lepore, Kirk Ludwig, 2007-03-29
  9. 2 Volumes : Rivers of America Series : The Tennessee : Vol I : The Old River: Frontier to Secession & Vol II : The New River : Civil War to TVA by Donald Davidson, 1946
  10. Truth and Predication by Donald Davidson, 2008-12-15
  11. Semantics of Natural Language (Synthese Library)
  12. Donald Davidson (Philosophy Now) by Marc A. Joseph, 2004-04-05
  13. Truth and Interpretation: Perspectives on the Philosophy of Donald Davidson
  14. Problems of Rationality (v. 4) by Donald Davidson, 2004-08-26

1. Donald Davidson (American Author) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Britannica online encyclopedia article on Donald Davidson American poet, essayist, and teacher who warned against technology and idealized the agrarian,
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Donald Davidson American author in full Donald Grady Davidson
born Aug. 8, 1893, Campbellsville, Tenn., U.S. died April 25, 1968, Nashville, Tenn. American poet, essayist, and teacher who warned against technology and idealized the agrarian, pre-Civil War American South. While attending Vanderbilt University, Nashville (B.A., 1917; M.A., 1922), Davidson became one of the Fugitives The Fugitive Robert Penn Warren Allen Tate , and John Crowe Ransom The Tall Men Lee in the Mountains, and Other Poems (1938), and (1966), and in his prose, including The Attack on Leviathan: Regionalism and Nationalism in the United States Why the Modern South Has a Great Literature (1951), and Still Rebels, Still Yankees, and Other Essays The Tennessee The Big Ballad Jamboree Donald Davidson Link to this article and share the full text with the readers of your Web site or blog-post.
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2. Donald Davidson
Donald Herbert Davidson. (1917–2003). Donald Davidson. Davidson studied at Harvard, under Alfred North Whitehead, among others, and wrote a dissertation on
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Donald Herbert Davidson
Davidson studied at Harvard, under Alfred North Whitehead , among others, and wrote a dissertation on Plato 's Philebus. His interests at this time were mainly in the "history of ideas," broadly construed, but under the influence of W. V. Quine , whom he often credits as his mentor, he began to gradually turn toward the more rigorous methods and precise problems characteristic of analytic philosophy. During the 1950s Davidson worked with Patrick Suppes on developing an experimental approach to Decision Theory. They concluded that it was not possible to isolate a subject's beliefs and preferences independently of one another, meaning there would always be multiple ways to analyze a person's actions in terms of what they wanted, or were trying to do, or valued. This result is comparable to Quine 's thesis on the indeterminacy of translation, and figures significantly in much of Davidson's later work on philosophy of mind.

3. Donald Davidson
Donald Herbert Davidson (b. 1917) is one of the most important .. davidson donald, Inquiries into Truth and Interpretation (Oxford Clarendon Press,
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Donald Davidson
Biographical Sketch
Born 6 March, 1917, Springfield, Massachusetts, USA, Donald Herbert Davidson completed his undergraduate study at Harvard, graduating in 1939. His doctoral studies were interrupted by service with the US Navy in the Mediterranean from 1942-45. He graduated from Harvard in 1949 with a doctoral dissertation on Plato's `Philebus'. His first academic position was at Queen's College in New York and he has since held positions at Stanford, Princeton, and Rockefeller Universities, as well as at the University of Chicago and, since 1981, at the University of California at Berkeley.
Action and Mind
One of Davidson's earliest published papers is `Actions, Reasons and Causes' (1963). There Davidson argues, against the reigning Wittgensteinian orthodoxy of the time, that rational and causal explanation are compatible, and that only if reasons are the causes of the actions they rationalise can they be said to explain those actions. Crucial to Davidson's account of action explanation are the ideas of a `primary reason' - a belief-desire pair in the light of which an action is explained - and of action `under a description' (a phrase originally appearing in G. E. M. Anscombe's Intention [1959]). The latter idea provides a means by which the same item of behaviour can be understood as intentional under some decriptions but not under others.

4. Bingham McCutchen | Donald S. Davidson Download vCard. T 415.393.2360; F 415.262.9230; San Francisco. Don Davidson is an experienced securities lawyer who handles a

5. Ebook IT - Ebook Share » Blog Archive » Donald Davidson
Donald Davidson has been one of the most influential figures in modern analytic philosophy and has made significant contributions to a wide range of

6. Donald Davidson
Donald Davidson. Born 8Aug-1893 Birthplace Campbellsville, TN Died 25-Apr-1968 Location of death Nashville, TN Cause of death unspecified
This is a beta version of NNDB Search: All Names Living people Dead people Band Names Book Titles Movie Titles Full Text for Donald Davidson Born: 8-Aug
Birthplace: Campbellsville, TN
Died: 25-Apr
Location of death: Nashville, TN
Cause of death: unspecified
Gender: Male
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Poet , Author Nationality: United States
Executive summary: Agrarian, Southern American poet Military service: US Army (Lt, WWI) University: BA, Vanderbilt University (1917)
University: MA, Vanderbilt University (1922) Professor: Vanderbilt University The Nashville Tennessean Book critic, 1923-30 Author of books: An Outlawed Piper , poetry) The Tall Men , poetry) Lee in the Mountains, and Other Poems , poetry) The Attack on Leviathan: Regionalism and Nationalism in the United States , nonfiction) LThe Tennessee , history, 2 vols.) Why the Modern South Has a Great Literature , nonfiction) Still Rebels, Still Yankees, and Other Essays , essays) The Long Street , poetry) Collected Poems: 1922-1961 , poetry) The Big Ballad Jamboree , novel, posthumous) Do you know something we don't?

7. Donald
Davidson s work has touched on a number of areas central to the core of analytic philosophy. Some, like Richard Rorty have claimed that he has helped to Davidson

8. IngentaConnect Donald Davidson
Donald Davidson. Authors ERNEST LEPORE; KIRK LUDWIG. Source Midwest Studies In Philosophy, Volume 28, Number 1, September 2004 , pp. 309333(25)
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9. BiblioVault - Donald Davidson
Donald Davidson Simon Evnine Publisher Stanford University Press, 1991 ISBN10 0-8047-1853-9 (Paper) ISBN-13 978-0-8047-1853-0 (Paper) Subject headings

10. Donald Davidson
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11. Donald Davidson S Anomalous Monism Tom Chance S Website
Donald Davidson wanted to resolve what he saw as a conflict in all materialist philosophies of mind, and in particular with identity theory,

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13. Donald Davidson - Trailer - Showtimes - Cast - Movies - New York Times
A biography and related information about Donald Davidson.
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Donald Davidson
Alternate Names: Donald D Davidson, Donny Dean Davidson, Don Davidson, Donald Dean Davidson, Don D Davidson
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    Donald Davidson
    Filmography: Has Worked With:
  • 14. Davidson Video Series
    Donald davidson donald Davidson, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at University of California, Berkeley, is one of the world s most important and
    Fara Interview; Davidson, Quine and Strawson Panel; Carwright Discussion; Crane Discussion; ... Stroud Discussion. Fara Interview This in-depth personal interview is in two parts. The first covers Davidson's early childhood, school, university years at Harvard and
    graduate study at Harvard Business School, ending with his war service. The second part begins with his return to philosophy after the war, provides
    an overview of his philosophy and traces the development and influences on his views. 122 minutes Davidson, Quine and Strawson Panel In this historic session, Davidson is joined by W. V. Quine and Sir Peter Strawson - the first time the three have shared the same podium - for a general discussion about their attitudes towards scepticism; their views about the relationship between metaphysics and philosophy of language, and between formal and natural languages; and their thoughts about reducing meaning to intention. 70 minutes
    Cartwright Discussion Nancy Cartwright considers Davidson's views about causation and laws; questioning how these views are invoked in

    15. Donald Davidson
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    Donald Davidson

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    16. Drwn News: Donald Davidson
    Donald Davidson, the philosopher of mind and language at Berkeley, died yesterday. This makes the second giant of philosophy especially of my particular
    Donald Davidson
    September 04, 2003
    Donald Davidson
    Donald Davidson, the philosopher of mind and language at Berkeley, died yesterday. This makes the second giant of philosophy especially of my particular philosophical experience to die in the last 12 months. Rawls passed away earlier this year while I was in France. As a major figure of the canon of political philosophy, he was on the front page of the Times and many papers. Donald Davidson, though, was a philosopher's philosopher at the heart of the tumultuous "linguistic turn" of 20th century philosophy. The big advances in this century were not in ethics or political thinking, they were in understanding the role of talking and thinking themselves. It's up to you to decide what the big advances of the last century were, not me, but I'll continue giving you my humble opinion. Meanwhile, a European line of inquiry from the late 19th century sought to formalize with the precision of mathematics that most essential discipline: reason itself. If we can organize and precisely study the structure of mathematics, why can't we do the same for arguments and reasoning itself? We should know the truth of an argument from its pure and unsullied structure. Formal logic's father was Frege and its famous pioneers for anglophone philosophy were Whitehead and Russell . While philosophy was typically conducted in ordinary sentences (as hard as they sometimes were to understand) the dream of people inspired by Russell and Frege was to create a philosophy that was perfectly formal: If P and P>Q, then Q. Stuff a computer could check.

    17. Donald Davidson (Stanford Encyclopedia Of Philosophy)
    donald davidson was one of the most important philosophers of the latter half of the twentieth century. His ideas, presented in a series of essays from the
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    Donald Davidson
    First published Wed May 29, 1996; substantive revision Mon May 23, 2005
    1. Biographical Sketch
    Donald Herbert Davidson was born on March 6th, 1917, in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. He died suddenly, as a consequence of cardiac arrest following knee surgery, on Aug. 30, 2003, in Berkeley, California. Remaining both physically and philosophically active up until his death, Davidson left behind behind a number of important and unfinished projects including a major book on the nature of predication. The latter volume was published posthumously (see Davidson, 2005b), together with two additional volumes of collected essays (Davidson 2004, 2005a), under the guidance of Marcia Cavell. While his first position was at Queen's College in New York, Davidson spent much of the early part of his career (1951-1967) at Stanford University. He subsequently held positions at Princeton (1967-1970), Rockefeller (1970-1976), and the University of Chicago (1976-1981). From 1981 until his death he worked at the University of California, Berkeley. Davidson was the recipient of a number of award and fellowships and was a visitor at many universities around the world. Davidson was twice married, with his second marriage, in 1984, being to Marcia Cavell.
    2. Action and Mind

    18. Donald Davidson (philosopher) - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    Semantics of Natural Languages, davidson, donald and Gilbert Harman (eds. The Philosophy of donald davidson, Library of Living Philosophers XXVII.
    Donald Davidson (philosopher)
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jump to: navigation search Western Philosophy
    20th-century philosophy
    Name Donald Herbert Davidson Birth 6 March
    Massachusetts Death 30 September
    California School/tradition Analytic Main interests Philosophy of language
    Philosophy of action

    Epistemology ... Events Notable ideas Radical interpretation
    Anomalous monism

    Truth-conditional semantics

    Reasons as causes
    Understanding as translation Influenced by Quine Tarski Grice Ramsey ...
    Influenced Richard Rorty Robert Brandom John McDowell Gareth Evans ... Kirk Ludwig Donald Herbert Davidson March 6 August 30 ) was an American philosopher , who served as Slusser Professor of Philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley , from 1981 to 2003, after having also held substantive teaching appointments at Stanford University Rockefeller University Princeton University and the University of Chicago . His work has exerted considerable influence in nearly all areas of philosophy from the 1960s onward, but particularly in the philosophy of mind and philosophy of language . Although published mostly in the form of short essays which do not explicitly rely on any overriding theory, his work is nonetheless noted for a strongly unified character—the same methods and ideas are brought to bear on a host of apparently unrelated problems—and for synthesizing the work of a great number of other philosophers, including

    19. Donald Davidson [Internet Encyclopedia Of Philosophy]
    Entry from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
    Donald Davidson (1917-2003)
    Table of Contents (Clicking on the links below will take you to those parts of this article) 1. Life and Influences Donald Davidson was born on March 6, 1917 in Springfield, Massachusetts. He studied English, Comparative Literature and Classics in his undergraduate years at Harvard, and in his sophomore year he attended two classes that made a lasting impression on him. These were two philosophy classes taught by Alfred North Whitehead in the last year of his career. Afterwards, Davidson was accepted to graduate studies in philosophy at Harvard, where he studied under Willard Van Orman Quine. Quine set Davidson on a course in philosophy quite different from that of Whitehead. Subsequently, Davidson did his dissertation on Plato's Philebus. According to Davidson, "The central thesis that emerged was that when Plato had reworked the theory of ideas as a consequence of the explorations and criticisms of the Parmenides, Sophist, Theaetetus

    20. Philosophy Now
    donald Herbert davidson ranks as one of the greatest American philosophers. donald davidson remained philosophically active until the end of his life.
    Current Issue Contents Editorial News Dear Socrates ... Moral Moments Resources Archive Bookstore Calendar Links ... Search Information About Us Shop Back Issues Subscriptions ... Contact Us Back Issues CD Volume 3 is now in the shop. Obituary
    Donald Davidson (1917-2003)
    by Anna Sherratt Donald Herbert Davidson ranks as one of the greatest American philosophers. Born in Massachusetts in 1917, he grew up in the Philippines and on Staten Island, New York. In 1935, he won a scholarship to Harvard where he studied English and Comparative Literature. Here Davidson met Willard Van Orman Quine, and formed the interests in philosophy of mind, action and language that would shape the rest of his career. Although Davidson described himself as besotted with philosophy, by no means was it his only interest. He enjoyed surfing, skiing, mountaineering and travel. He also worked for the US Navy, and once spent a summer in Hollywood writing radio scripts. Having taught in New York, Stanford, Princeton and Chicago, Donald Davidson spent the last twenty-two years of his life at the University of Berkeley, California. He died from a heart attack on the 31st of August. Davidson wrote a book on decision theory and over one hundred and twenty philosophical articles. Some of the best of these are collected in the volume

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