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         Bataille Georges:     more books (99)
  1. A Tale of Satisfied Desire by Georges Bataille, 2010-07-01
  2. Georges Bataille: An Intellectual Biography by Michel Surya, 2010-03-15
  3. My Mother, Madame Edwarda and The Dead Man by Georges Bataille, 1969
  4. Erotism: Death and Sensuality by Georges Bataille, 1986-01-01
  5. The Impossible by Georges Bataille, 2001-01-01
  6. The Tears of Eros by Georges Bataille, 2001-01-01
  7. Accursed Share, Vol. 1: Consumption by Georges Bataille, 1991-03-26
  8. Inner Experience (SUNY Series Intersections: Philosophy and Critical Theory) by Georges Bataille, 1988-03
  9. Guilty by Georges Bataille, 1988-10
  10. The Collected Poems of Georges Bataille by Georges Bataille, 1998-12-21
  11. On Nietzsche (Continuum Impacts) by Georges Bataille, 2004-11-01
  12. Georges Bataille and the Mysticism of Sin by Peter Tracey Connor, 2003-09-24
  13. The Accursed Share, Vols. 2 and 3: The History of Eroticism and Sovereignty by Georges Bataille, 1993-10-04
  14. Literature and Evil by Georges Bataille, 2001-04-01

1. Georges Bataille - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Georges Bataille, Nietzsche and Fascists , in the January 1937 issue of Connor, Peter, Georges Bataille and the Mysticism of Sin (Johns Hopkins
Georges Bataille
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20th-century philosophy
Name Georges Bataille Birth September 10
France Death July 9 School/tradition Continental philosophy Influenced by Hegel Marx Nietzsche
... Alexandre Koj¨ve Influenced Michel Foucault Jacques Derrida Maurice Blanchot This article needs additional citations for verification
Please help improve this article by adding reliable references . Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (November 2007) Georges Bataille pronounced [ʒɔʀʒ baˈtaj] September 10 July 8 ) was a French writer . Although subsequent philosophers have been significantly influenced by his thought, Bataille tended not to refer to himself as a philosopher

2. Georges Bataille
Georges Bataille was born in Billon, Puyde-Dôme, in central France. Bataille had a terrible childhood. His mother attempted suicide several times,
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by Bamber Gascoigne
Georges Bataille (1897-1962) French essayist, philosophical theorist and novelist, often called the "metaphysician of evil." Bataille was interested in sex, death, degradation, and the power and potential of the obscene. He rejected traditional literature and considered that the ultimate aim of all intellectual, artistic, or religious activity should be the annihilation of the rational individual in a violent, transcendental act of communion. Roland Barthes , Julia Kristeva, and Philippe Sollers have all written enthusiastically about his work. "Blameless, shameless. The more desperate the eroticism, the more hopelessly women show off their heavy breasts, opening their mouths and screaming out, the greater the attraction. In contrast, a promise of light awaits at the limits of the mystical outlook. I find this unbearable and soon returned to insolence and erotic vomit - which doesn't respect anybody or anything. How sweet to enter filthy night and proudly wrap myself in it. The whore I went with was as uncomplicated as a child and she hardly talked. There was another one, who came crashing down from a tabletop - sweet, shy, heartbreakingly tender, as I watched her with drunken, unfeeling eyes." (from Guilty In the 1920 Bataille was involved with the Surrealist movement, but he called himself the "enemy from within." He was officially excommunicated from its inner circles by André Breton, who accused him of splintering the movement. In the same decade Bataille started to write after a liberating period of psychoanalysis. He founded and edited many journals that revealed his interests in sociology, religion, and literature. Bataille was the first to publish such thinkers as Barthes, Foucault and Derrida. He edited

3. - Georges Bataille
Georges Bataille, Bataille is often called the metaphysician of evil because he was interested in sex, death, degradation, and the power and potentialities
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Georges Bataille
French essayist, philosophical theorist, novelist (1897-1962)
Bataille is often called the metaphysician of evil because he was interested in sex, death, degradation, and the power and potentialities of obscene. with: He rejected traditional literature and considered that the ultimate aim of all intellectual, artistic, or religious activity should be the annihilation of the rational individual in a violent, transcendental act of communion. Roland Barthes, Julia Kristeva, and Philippe Sollers have all written enthusiastically about his work. Georges Bataille was born in Billon, Puy-de-D´me, in central France. On the eve of World War I, Bataille converted to Catholicism. In 1916-17 he served in the army, but was discharged because of tuberculosis. Ill health troubled Bataille all his life, and he suffered from periods of depression. He joined the seminary at Saint-Fleur with the intention of becoming a priest. He spent a period with the Benedictine congregation at Quarr, on the Isle of Wright. A few years later Bataille experienced a loss of faith. From 1918 to 1922 he studied at the ‰cole des Chartres in Paris. His thesis dealt with thirteenth century verse. In 1922 he received a fellowship at the School of Advanced Hispanic Studies in Madrid. Documents The Tears of Eros (1961) was Bataille's final book, an excursion in the history of eroticism and violence.

4. Georges Bataille --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Britannica online encyclopedia article on Georges Bataille French librarian and writer whose essays, novels, and poetry expressed his fascination with
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Georges Bataille
Page 1 of 1 born Sept. 10, 1897, Billom, France
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5. Georges Bataille
Georges Bataille and the notion of gift D.Kosalka ( Non- fiction. Fiction and secondary reading. Bibliography. Theory of religion
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Georges Bataille (1897- 1962)
pseudonyms; Lord Auch, Pierre Angelique
Aphorism: Major work: Keywords: Figures: Associations: "But it is human to search, from lure to lure, for a life that is at last autonomous and authentic" The Accursed Share, The Story of the eye Eroticism, general economy, surplus/ excess, transgression and violence, heterogenus, surrealism , paradoxical philosophy, unknowing, sacred, sovereignty Nietsche, Hegel , Sade, Kojeve, Roger Caillois Monnerot , Andre Breton, Artaud, Louis Aragon, Robert Desnos, Michel Leiris, Foucault , Baudrillard, Lyotard Derrida Surrealist in 20s, anti-fascism in 30’s. Editor of Documents (late 20's), Acephale (30's). College de Sociology (20's), return to Surrealism post/war. editor of Critique (late 40's) Bataille is usually known as the writer of dark, sometimes bizarre, always extraordinary and erotic prose in a surrealist exploration of taboos and transgression. Yet his ouvre extends to other works of his that offer profound insights into the nature of religion, anthropology and economics. As a thinker of of totality, Bataille is quite unique in combining the history of religion, eroticism and production based upon non-individualist conceptions of man, his society and the economy.

6. Georges Bataille - Wikipédia
Translate this page Georges Bataille, né le 10 septembre 1897 à Billom (Puy-de-Dôme), mort le 8 juillet 1962, est un écrivain français. Multiforme, son œuvre s aventure à la
Georges Bataille
Un article de Wikip©dia, l'encyclop©die libre.
Aller   : Navigation Rechercher Pour les articles homonymes , voir Bataille (homonymie) D©tail de L'Enfer (volet de droite du triptyque du Jardin des D©lices Georges Bataille , n© le 10 septembre Billom Puy-de-D´me ), mort le 8 juillet , est un ©crivain fran§ais . Multiforme, son œuvre s'aventure   la fois dans les champs de la litt©rature, l'anthropologie, la philosophie, la sociologie et l'histoire de l'art. ‰rotisme et transgression sont les deux termes les plus commun©ment attach©s   son nom.
modifier Biographie
En , il obtient son dipl´me de l' ‰cole des Chartes et entame une longue carri¨re de biblioth©caire , d'abord   la Biblioth¨que nationale o¹ il restera vingt ans, avant d'ªtre nomm©   la biblioth¨que Inguimbertine en , puis enfin   Orl©ans
modifier L'engagement politique et antifasciste
Au d©but des ann©es 1930 , Bataille est membre du Cercle communiste d©mocratique fond© et dirig© par Boris Souvarine , il ©crit dans sa revue La Critique sociale Dans le contexte des ann©es 1930, en marge des Ligues et du

7. Georges Bataille - Culture
Georges Bataille (September 10, 1897 – July 9, 1962) was a French writer, anthropologist, archivist and philosopher best known for his novella Story of the
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Georges Bataille
From Culture
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Georges Bataille traces
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in The Tears of Eros Areas of interest
Georges Bataille September 10 July 9 ) was a French writer anthropologist archivist and philosopher best known for his novella Story of the Eye . Philosophically, he traced the intimate connections between sex and death and is sometimes known as the metaphysician of evil . Bataille's works influenced 1960s French theorists and mid-1980s American art critics . His macabre interests can be deduced from his reportedly daily gazing at the Death by a Thousand Cuts photographs later published in his Tears of Eros thematic art compendium. Recently his novel My Mother was adapted for film by Christophe Honor© and in 2006 his visionary work was celebrated at the ' Undercover Surrealism ' exhibition. Along with

8. Georges Bataille
Georges Bataille Born 10Sep-1897 Birthplace Billon, Puy-de-Dôme, France Died 8-Jul-1962 Location of death Paris, France Cause of death Tuberculosis
This is a beta version of NNDB Search: All Names Living people Dead people Band Names Book Titles Movie Titles Full Text for Georges Bataille Born: 10-Sep
Location of death: Paris, France
Cause of death: Tuberculosis
Gender: Male
Religion: Roman Catholic
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Philosopher , Author Nationality: France
Executive summary: Histoire de l'oeil Father: (d. 1915 syphilis) Mother: (several suicide attempts, all unsuccessful) Wife: Jacques Lacan Wife: Diane de Beauharnais (m. 1946, one daughter) Scholar: School of Advanced Hispanic Studies, Madrid, Spain (scholarship) Risk Factors: Depression Author of books: Histoire de l'Oeil Madame Edwarda Le Coupable Lascaux; ou, la Naissance de l'Art The Tears of Eros Do you know something we don't? Submit a correction or make a comment about this profile

9. Wiki Georges Bataille
Georges Bataille (pronounced ba taj) (September 10, 1897 July 9, 1962) was a French writer. Although subsequent philosophers have been
Wiki: Georges Bataille Contents:
1. Life and work

2. Posthumous reputation

3. Key concepts

3. 1. Base materialism
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10. Georges Bataille: Biography, Bibliography, Links: The Biography Project: An Inde
georges bataille biography, bibliography, links The Biography Project, an ongoing effort to catalog and document the influences on
Georges Bataille: Biography, Bibliography and links IN TERNAL LINKS The Surrealist Movement Georges Bataille photos amazon uk books biography project home ... site map
Georges Bataille
Slow Death by Leng-Tch'e (cutting into pieces):
There is true ecstasy in this expression.
Biographical Notes
Georges Bataille was born on 10 September 1897 in Billon, Puy-de-Dome, in central France. His father suffered from general paralysis, brought on by syphilis. He was, according to Bataille , already blind when Georges was conceived. His mother was also of dubious sanity. Family moves to Rheims in 1900. Bataille converts to Catholicism around the time of his baccaulaureate, just before the outbreak of the War in 1914. He and his mother evacuate the city, which was under the German advance, abandoning his father, who was too far gone to be easily transported. His father dies raving, ranting and refusing to see a priest, on 6 November 1915. These events have a powerful effect on Bataille.
But the weirdest thing was certainly the way he looked while pissing. Since he could not see anything, his pupils very frequently pointed up into space, shifting under the lids, and this happened particularly when he pissed. Furthermore, he had huge, ever gaping eyes that flanked an eagle nose, and those huge eyes went almost entirely blank when he pissed, with a completely stupefying expression of abandon and aberration in a world that he alone could see and that aroused his vaguely sardonic and absent laugh.... In any case, the image of those white

11. - Georges Bataille - 101 - Male - -
MySpace profile for georges bataille with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more.

12. Georges Bataille -- Philosophy Books And Online Resources
georges bataille . Resources include new and used books by and about bataille, commentaries, reviews, annotated links and more.

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Georges Bataille
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Story of the Eye
by Georges Bataille , Joachim Neugroschel (Translator). Only Georges Bataille could write, of an eyeball removed from a corpse, that "the caress of the eye over the skin is so utterly, so extraordinarily gentle, and the sensation is so bizarre that it has something of a rooster's horrible crowing." Bataille has been called a "metaphysician of evil," specializing in blasphemy, profanation, and horror. Story of the Eye , written in 1928, is his best-known work; it is unashamedly surrealistic, both disgusting and fascinating, and packed with seemingly endless violations. It's something of an underground classic, rediscovered by each new generation. Most recently, the Icelandic pop singer Björk Guðdmundsdóttir cites Story of the Eye as a major inspiration: she made a music video that alludes to Bataille's erotic uses of eggs, and she plans to read an excerpt for an album. Warning:

13. Encounter - 22/4/2001: Georges Bataille
Hes been described as a morbid obsessive a blasphemer a sexual lunatic and a pornographer His Surrealist colleagues denounced him as the excremental

The Ark


For The God Who Sings

The Philosopher's Zone
The Religion Report

Sunday at 7.10am, repeated Wednesday at 7.10pm
on Sunday 22/4/2001
Georges Bataille

He's been described as a morbid obsessive, a blasphemer, a "sexual lunatic" and a pornographer. His Surrealist colleagues denounced him as "the excremental philosopher". And yet he was a deeply religious thinker, and his books have become essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the home truths of what religion is and how it works. He's Georges Bataille, the great "anti-philosopher", born into the ferment of early 20th century France, whose ideas are now enjoying a controversial upsurge in popularity a hundred years later. Details or Transcript: MUSIC: KYRIE Mark Taylor: I always tend to look for the religious in what is not manifestly religious, in other words I'm not interested in looking for the religious in what passes explicitly for religion, whether it's church architecture or so-called religious painting, or whatever - where I find the religious most interesting is where it's least obvious. And certainly the erotic is one of those places. GASP Daniel Smith: Bataille I started reading because he kind of flipped that way of thinking about the sacred on its head - I thought - because instead of seeing the sacred as some kind of organising principle, instead he saw the sacred as this violent, transgressive, excessive, cruel domain, that at all points had to be repressed or at least controlled, in what he calls 'the world of work' where we keep all that stuff at bay.

14. Georges Bataille: A Critical
It is no wonder that surrealist writer André Breton called french philosopher georges bataille an excrement philosopher. In Benjamin Noys book,

15. A Playful Museum | | Guardian Unlimited Arts
With essays on art, abattoirs and body parts, the controversial periodical Documents was conceived by georges bataille as an alternative to surrealism.,,1768599,00.html
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A playful museum
With essays on art, abattoirs and body parts, the controversial periodical Documents was conceived by Georges Bataille as an alternative to surrealism. Dawn Ades and Fiona Bradley explain what it was all about
Saturday May 6, 2006

16. Publications Et écrit - CULTURESFRANCE
Translate this page Il a publié plusieurs articles sur l œuvre de georges bataille et collaboré à l édition des Romans et récits dans la Pléiade.
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Des auteurs SOMMAIRE La folie Bataille (1p) Vers une impossible histoire universelle (1p)
Commissaire scientifique :
Emmanuel Tibloux
A. Parian
P. Desnoyer
30x23 cm, 36 fiches + 1 affiche 2 couleurs 60 x 92 cm
ISBN 2-9 111 27-38-2 ou le texte du livret
(rtf - 98ko)
Emmanuel Tibloux
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Contact Conception-Réalisation : dealCOM

17. EpistemeLinks: Website Results For Philosopher Georges Bataille
General website search results for georges bataille including brief biographies, link resources, and more. Provided by EpistemeLinks.

18. Bataille, Georges (1897-1962) — Az: +
bataille was initially tempted by priesthood and went to a Catholic seminary but lost his faith in 1922. He is often quoted as regarding the brothels of
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    Bataille was initially tempted by priesthood and went to a Catholic seminary but lost his faith in 1922. He is often quoted as regarding the brothels of Paris as his true churches, a sentiment which reflects the concepts in his work. He then worked as a librarian, thus keeping some relative freedom in not having to treat his thinking as work. Founder of several journals and groups of writers, Bataille is the author of an oeuvre both abundant and diverse: readings, poems, essays on innumerable subjects (on the mysticism of economy, in passing of poetry, philosophy, the arts, eroticism). He sometimes published under pseudonyms, and some publications were banned. He was relatively ignored in his lifetime and scorned by contemporaries such as Jean-Paul Sartre as an advocate of mysticism, but has had considerable influence after his death on authors such as Michel Foucault, Philippe Sollers and Jacques Derrida, all of whom were affiliated with the Tel Quel journal. Jean Baudrillard also counts him as an influence.

“Andrew Repasky McElhinney s new feature georges bataille s Story of the Eye is a new landmark in underground cinema. The film is an artistic assault on
Georges Bataille’s
Story of the Eye

“A punk-pornocopia equivalent to Last Year at Marienbad Dennis Harvey, Variety
Georges Bataille's Story of the Eye
is a provocation that hypnotizes, a hallucinatory narcotic.” Johnny Ray Huston, The San Francisco Bay Guardian
“This is not a movie for passive consumption, but a film that bites back.” Dave Kehr, The New York Times
“Andrew Repasky McElhinney's new feature Georges Bataille's Story of the Eye is a new landmark in underground cinema. The film is an artistic assault on both the senses and sensibility. Mixing equal parts of surrealism, eroticism and silliness into a vibrant package rich with lush cinematography and a challenging soundtrack, [ Georges Bataille's Story of the Eye ] is a brilliant achievement that demands attention and challenges the audience in a way that few films today can even dare to achieve.” Phil Hall, Film Threat / The Encyclopedia of Underground Movies
“It’s quite an “Eye”-ful . . . brave and shocking” V.A.Musetto, The New York Post
“ambiguous… hypnotic… confrontational…” Matt Prigge

20. Georges Bataille
1 The reception of georges bataille, as Julian Pefanis observes, has been belated in the Englishspeaking world and not only because it has been so slow

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