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         Environmental Monitoring:     more books (100)
  1. Specimen Banking: Environmental Monitoring and Modern Analytical Approaches by M. Rossbach, J. D. Schladot, 1992-06
  2. Environmental Specimen Banking and Monitoring as Related to Banking
  3. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program methods format guidance (SuDoc EP 1.23/5:620/R-95/001) by Gary Collins, 1995
  4. The Economics of Environmental Monitoring and Enforcement (International Library of Environmental Economics and Policy)
  5. Sensor Systems for Environmental Monitoring
  6. Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring, Gis Applications, and Geology VI (Proceedings of Spie)
  7. Inorganic Contaminants of Surface Water: Research and Monitoring Priorities (Springer Series on Environmental Management) by J.W. Moore, 1991-12-31
  8. Biological Monitoring of Toxic Metals (Rochester Series on Environmental Toxicity)
  9. Optical Remote Sensing for Industry and Environmental Monitoring: 15-17 September, 1998, Beijing, China (Proceedings of Spie--the International Society for Optical Engineering, V. 3504.)
  10. Advanced Technologies for Environmental Monitoring and Remediation: 6-8 August 1996, Denver, Colorado (SPIE Proceedings)
  11. Lidar Remote Sensing For Industry And Environmental Monitoring V (Proceedings of Spie)
  12. Evaluating and Monitoring the Health of Large-Scale Ecosystems (NATO ASI Series / Global Environmental Change)
  13. Monitoring Environmental Assessment and Planning (Planning Research Programme) by Dept.of Environment, 1991-12
  14. Environmental Monitoring: Meeting the Technical Challenge (Iop Short Meetings, No. 29)

101. ActiveXperts Network Monitor - Environmental Monitoring
ActiveXperts Network Monitor Monitor Temperature, Humidity and Wetness.
Network Monitor

Product Overview

Product Features

Built-in checks:
[ select a check ] Active Directory CPU Usage Directory Size Disk Drives Disk Spaces DNS Event Logs File FTP sites HTTP/HTTPS Humidity ICMP/Ping IMAP Mail LDAP Memory Usage MS Exchange NNTP Novell NDS NTDS (NT4 DS) NTP ODBC Db Oracle Db POP3 Mail Printer Process Services SMTP Mail SNMP TCP ports Temperature UDP UNIX Scripts VBScript Wetness WMI Support

Brochure (.pdf)
Whitepaper (.pdf) ... Download (.exe)
Licensing Scheme

Order now Some quotes "Small, smart and very very handy" Review: "Extremely easy to use, great value for money!" Windows Management Introduction Scripts Collection (1) Scripts Collection (2) WMI ... Miscellaneous Download ActiveXperts Network Monitor 6.0 (7948 KB - .exe file) Download Manual (625 KB - .pdf file) ActiveXperts Network Monitor Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring using ActiveXperts Network Monitor
Introduction How to setup temperature, humidity and wetness monitoring Viewing environmental probe data Configuring temperature, humidity and wetness checks ... Network Monitor + Sensatronics bundle
Environmental monitoring equipment is not something new. Manufacturers, distributors, hospitals and hotels have been using the basic technology for decades to monitor industrial processes, freezer temperatures and other factors relevant to their operations. When there was a problem, a light on a control panel would switch from green to red and the engineer on duty would go take a look at what was going on.

102. McGraw-Hill
environmental monitoring Handbook helps you with the most pervasive activity environmental monitoring Handbook shows you how to get professional answers

103. Home Page
Timber decay and damp consultants, environmental monitoring and scientific research. Includes descriptions of services, articles, news and publications. Also offers for sale deathwatch beetle light traps.
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104. The Danube: Environmental Monitoring Of An International River
The Danube environmental monitoring of an International River By Libor Jansky, Masahiro Murakami, and Nevelina I. Pachova
UNU Home UNUP Home Publications Staff ... Contacts The Danube: Environmental Monitoring of an International River
By: Libor Jansky, Masahiro Murakami, and Nevelina I. Pachova ISBN: 92-808-1061-8
May 2004 260 pages
Contents Authors/Editors BUY NOW

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United Nations Publications
... Read Sample Chapter [PDF filesize = 87 KB] Description
Authors/Editors Libor Jansky is Senior Academic Programme Officer, Environment and Sustainable Development, at United Nations University. Masahiro Murakami is Professor of International Development at the Department of Infrastructure Systems Engineering, Kochi University of Technology, Japan. Nevelina I. Pachova is a Research Assistant in the United Nations University Environment and Sustainable Development Programme. Contents
  • Chronology of Events
  • Introduction
  • Transboundary river problems
  • Environmental monitoring of an international river
  • Joint environmental monitoring - Evaluation and concluding remarks
  • References UNU home
  • 105. Broward County - Environmental Monitoring Division
    Directions to environmental monitoring Division are as follows From I95 take Mission The environmental monitoring Division (EMD) is responsible for
    Assessment Team
    Specialist Team
    ... Environmental Protection Dept. Home Welcome to the
    Environmental Monitoring Division Mailing Address:
    3211 College Avenue, Davie , Florida 33314
    Phone: 954-519-1240
    Fax: 954-519-1492
    E-mail Us
    Directions to Environmental Monitoring Division are as follows: From I-95 take I-595 west to Davie Rd. Go South to Nova Drive. Go West on Nova to the College Ave. Go South on College Ave. to the blue sign for the University of Florida (3205 College Ave.) Turn Right into the campus and proceed to the yellow trailers on the Right (3211 College Ave) Mission: The Environmental Monitoring Division (EMD) is responsible for designing and conducting scientific surveys and investigations; supporting agency efforts in resource protection and environmental compliance; serving as a County-wide environmental laboratory resource; and providing technical and scientific support for other governmental and private sector entities. The EMD is NELAC-certified which ensures that the highest standards of environmental sample analyses are met.
    Environmental Benchmarks Report

    Local authority planning departments in the UK carry out environmental monitoring to assess the impact of planning decisions and to collect information on
    T.D. Wilson and I.M. Masser
    University of Sheffield,
    Sheffield S10 2TN, UK
    ABSTRACT Local authority planning departments in the UK carry out environmental monitoring to assess the impact of planning decisions and to collect information on factors likely to affect future plans. Attitudes towards monitoring vary: in some departments it is the function of a separate section, in others the functions are distributed over several sections. It was hypothesized that information management practices will also vary and a questionnaire study of all planning departments in England and Wales was carried out to test a set of hypotheses. This paper reports the results of the study.
    This paper reports on the results of a census of County Planning Authorities (CPAs) in England and Wales using a mailed, self-completed questionnaire, intended to obtain information on the state of information management in these authorities and the relationship of information management to aspects of environmental monitoring. In the study reported here the focus of the investigation was 'monitoring' - that is, those activities of CPAs which relate to the impact of plans or the discovery of environmental information related to plan making. In the planning literature considerable attention has been given to the monitoring function and models exist which relate organizational learning to data collection, information dissemination, and information handling (see, for example, Faludi's (1973) cybernetic model of the planning process).

    107. EPA: EMPACT
    U.S. EPA program that provides support and funding to communities to provide residents with current, accurate, local environmental information. About the program and past/ongoing projects.
    EMPACT: Environmental Monitoring for Public Access and Community Tracking Contact Us Print Version Search: EPA Home EMPACT: Environmental Monitoring for Public Access and Community Tracking How did EMPACT work? Search for Projects by Media Air Soil ... Related Sites
    EMPACT has met its intended goals. Having met the program's goals, the Environmental Monitoring for Public Access and Community Tracking (EMPACT) Program ended in 2001. EMPACT grants are no longer available. EMPACT has met its goal of helping communities bring people up-to-date local environmental information they can understand and use in making daily decisions about protecting their health and environment. People in over 160 communities in 39 States now have current and accurate information about environmental conditions in their communities. Many of the valuable lessons learned from EMPACT are accessible on this Website through the EMPACT Technology Transfer Handbooks and resource documents, as well as from the EMPACT projects that are continuing to provide their communities with valuable local environmental information. Many of the EMPACT projects are working with other communities with similar local environmental monitoring needs.
    Mystic River Project Select a State

    108. Environ
    Airport environmental monitoring. Airports cover large areas, Satellite imagery can be used to monitor environmental conditions of all areas of the
    Global GeoScience
    High Resolution Satellite Imagery Environmental Monitoring
    Tailings ponds - Caribbean Mine High resolution imagery can be used in the long term monitoring of tailing and other waste sites. Temporal changes can be documented through the use of regular imagery collections. The use of infrared imagery can show environmental damage before it is visible in colour imagery. Cananea Mine -Mexico Environmental conditions surrounding operating mines such as the in Northern Mexico can be monitored. False color infrared images highlight chlorophyll content and vegetation health allowing early detection of environmental damage. Airport Environmental Monitoring Airports cover large areas, with zones of limited or difficult access. Satellite imagery can be used to monitor environmental conditions of all areas of the airport on a regular basis. False Color Infrared Imagery for Environmental Studies.
    To Global GeoScience Home page
    To IKONOS page Contact Global GeoScience

    109. Environment And Heritage Service - Environmental Monitoring
    environmental monitoring The Environment Agency (EA) is responsible under the Radioactive environmental monitoring Programme (including Sellafield)

    110. Enviro-Directory: Environmental Monitoring Group
    The environmental monitoring Group (EMG) is an independent environmental NGO established in June 1991. Located in Cape Town, South Africa, their aims are
    Submitter of resources on land degradation
    The Environmental Monitoring Group (EMG) is an independent environmental NGO established in June 1991. Located in Cape Town, South Africa, their aims are:
    • To undertake research on environmental problems and sustainable development opportunities in South Africa generally and in the Western Cape in particular; To publish this and other research in an accessible format so that citizen groups, trades unions and other non-governmental organizations can act on environmental issues; To promote environmental awareness through educational programmes, seminars, workshops and conferences; To formulate appropriate policy options around environment and development issues and to actively lobby for their implementation; To build the capacity of community-based organizations to manage their own environmental resources.
    Project Example
    Convention To Combat Desertification
    The tendency for poorly managed agricultural land to become degraded and 'desertified' was recognized as a matter needing urgent action by governments worldwide at the Rio Summit in 1992 . A Convention was subsequently negotiated, followed by South Africa's commitment to develop a wide-ranging programme to halt desertification, primarily by helping those tending the land to understand the process of land degradation and adopt more sustainable land-use practices. The Convention stresses the importance of partnerships between government and civil society, rather than problem solving 'from above'. In this context, EMG accepted the role of lead South African NGO in the process of linking the Convention negotiation and ratification process to impacted communities in South Africa. This initially involves extensive negotiations with government officials, other NGOs and regional and international bodies. A series of provincial awareness-raising and action-planning workshops are planned for next year.

    111. Coastal Institute | Projects | Monitoring
    Rhode Island environmental monitoring Collaborative. The Comprehensive Watershed and Marine Monitoring Act of 2004. The general assembly finds and declares


    ... HOME Rhode Island
    Environmental Monitoring Collaborative

    The Comprehensive Watershed and Marine Monitoring Act of 2004
    The general assembly finds and declares that there is a need for a marine monitoring system in the state that is capable of:
    (a) measuring the changing conditions in the functionality and health of the waters of the state, including, but not limited to, Narragansett Bay and its watersheds, with one purpose being identifying and predicting potential problems in the marine habitat;
    (b) providing a central database via the internet to store monitoring data and disseminate the analysis of this data to decision-makers and the public;
    (c) establishing a mechanism to coordinate and make consistent, monitoring efforts between government agencies, municipalities, nonprofit organizations and universities; and
    (d) providing the comprehensive data needed to assess a sudden perturbation in the marine environment and to contribute to efforts of disaster prevention, preparedness, response and recovery as defined in chapter 30-15 of the general laws entitled "The Rhode Island 18 Emergency Management Act."

    112. Environmental Monitoring Of Nuclear Power Plants For Radiological Emissions
    State of Wisconsin s environmental monitoring of nuclear power plants for radiological emissions.
    Topics A-Z Reference Center Search Radiation Links: Environmental Monitoring Radon Mammography Tanning ... Radiation Protection Publications: Notice to Employees Occupational Exposure Record
    Environmental Monitoring of nuclear power plants for radiological emissions
    Section 254.41 of the Wisconsin Statutes requires the Department of Health and Family Services (DHFS) to collect and test environmental samples for radiation emission in any area of the state within 20 miles of a nuclear power plant. Environmental Monitoring programs cover the following nuclear power plants:
    Kewaunee facts website
    La Crosse Boiling Water Reactor facts
    Point Beach facts website
    Prairie Island facts website and
    Zion facts articles
    Link to map of plants.
    The activities involved in the monitoring the nuclear power plants consist of the collection of various types of environmental samples from the air, water and terrestrial exposure pathways, analysis of the samples for radioactivity and the publication and public distribution of Environmental Monitoring reports.
    Environmental Monitoring Links:

    113. Environmental Monitoring
    The environmental monitoring program includes the collection of groundwater,......environmental monitoring. environmental monitoring 6860D82.
    Warning: Privacy and Security Policy Environmental Monitoring
    The Environmental Monitoring program includes the collection of groundwater, surface water, sediment, and air samples to assess the impact of FernaldÂ’s remediation activities on the surrounding environment. The data are used to evaluate changes in environmental conditions and to document that any contaminant releases attributable to Fernald's remedial activities remain below established health protective thresholds. Groundwater
    The Environmental Monitoring program involves routine groundwater sampling and analysis to evaluate the performance of the groundwater extraction system for the Great Miami Aquifer. The purpose of this program is to ensure that the extraction system continues to be effective in removing contaminants from the aquifer, and to ensure that no further off-site migration of contaminants occurs. Sampling and analysis of groundwater is also conducted in the vicinity of the On-Site Disposal Facility for ongoing assessment of its performance Surface Water and Sediment
    The Environmental Monitoring program includes s urface water and sediment in the major drainage

    114. Home Of The Oak Ridge Reservation Annual Site Environmental Report (ASER)
    Data for the report are gathered by effluent monitoring (collection and and is an inclusive treatise on that year s environmental monitoring activities,
    The Oak Ridge Reservation is situated in East Tennessee, in and adjacent to the city of Oak Ridge. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) operates three sites on the reservation: the East Tennessee Technology Park (formerly the K-25 Site) Oak Ridge National Laboratory , and the Y-12 National Security Complex . The three sites are government-owned, contractor-operated facilities; under DOE guidance, private companies manage the day-to-day operations of the sites according to federal laws, DOE orders, and state laws and regulations. Government-sponsored activities on the reservation date back to the Manhattan Project and continue to the current day. Both past and current activities involve hazardous chemicals and radioactive materials. The DOE requires that an annual report be published to describe the effect that these activities have on the reservation and its surroundings. Data for the report are gathered by effluent monitoring (collection and analysis of samples of various media prior to contaminant release) and environmental surveillance (sampling of various media to obtain direct measurements subsequent to contaminant release). The Oak Ridge Reservation Annual Site Environmental Report (ASER) is published annually in three volumes.

    115. B.L. Myers Bros., Inc. Water Well Drilling & Water Well Pump Home Page
    Full service well drilling and water system company serving the eastern United States from offices located in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia. Installs environmental monitoring and recovery wells, and municipal supply and residential wells.
    B.L. Myers Bros., Inc. " " Well Drilling Services Water Conditioning Links Welcome to our Web Site! B.L. Myers Bros., Inc. is a full service family owned water well drilling company serving the eastern United States from our offices located in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia. We install Environmental monitoring wells and recovery wells, Municipal supply water well systems and Residential water well systems. We also install and service all types of water well pumps, water treatment systems and Geothermal water well systems. We now also provide vacuum excavation services . We are a member of the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association GeoExchange and the National Ground Water Association . Click on the Drilling Services , and Water Conditioning hyperlinks to check out our services in more detail. See our Company Information page for our addresses, hours of operation, etc. Click on History to review our family's drilling history per the November 1998 Water Well Journal article "America's Oldest Well Drilling Firms" and some old family rig photos . There are hyperlinks to various Environmental Agencies, the National Well Owners Association, Drill Rig and Water Pump Manufacturers and other Reference web sites on our

    116. Enviromental Monitoring - Agriculture, Watershed, Forestry
    environmental monitoring hardware for agriculture, watershed and forestry.
    W a t e r s h e d M o n i t o r A g r i c u l t u r a l M o n i t o r F o r e s t r y M o n i t o r T r e e G i r t h M o n i t o r Technology Transfer Available Now Intellectual Property available for registered institutions. Neptune Monitoring/Galaxie Loggers has the opportunity to transfer their intellectual property in Agriculture, Watersheds and Forestry Monitoring to universities and non-profit research organizations in exchange for a tax receipt. Contact US about this opportunity now using the return E-mail on the web using Contact Us
    S t r e a m S e d i m e n t M o n i t o r
    C r o p M o i s t u r e M o n i t o r
    (Carrots, Potatoes, Cabbage,
    Lettuce, Corn, Apple, Peach) L o g g e r s N e w S o f t w a r e C o n t a c t U s
    Designed by Dot Com Media Inc.

    A consulting/ microbiology laboratory service located in Bethlehem PA, primarily dedicated to the design, implementation and conduct of environmental monitoring Programs and compendial microbiological testing.
    MICROBIOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENTS is a consulting/ laboratory service located in Bethlehem PA, primarily dedicated to the design, implementation and conduct of Production Environmental Monitoring Programs and compendial microbiological testing in support of cGMP's. More Information With over 30 years experience serving the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Biotechnology, Cosmetic and allied industries, we boast true expertise in method development, validation and conduct of microbiological programs. Such programs include: Finished product and raw material testing (MLT), Bacterial and mold identification, Antimicrobial preservative testing (APE, AET), Medical Device Bioburden testing, Bacterial endotoxin detection (LAL test), Cleaning Validations, Antibiotic residue detection and MIC/MLC. More Information MICROBIOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENTS offers the necessary microbiological services and the flexibility to support almost any manufacturing and control situation. Whether your company is a startup, an expansion or an established operation needing new or updated programs, you will find us an invaluable adjunct service.

    118. NJDEP Bureau Of Air Monitoring
    Current air quality and forecasts for New Jersey.
    Bureau of Air Monitoring
    Air toxics

    Forecasts via e-mail

    Ozone this year

    Ozone Action Days
    Contacts and feedback

    Welcome! For more about us and the preliminary nature of the current data we show here, check below Current air quality: As of 5 a.m., September 17 moderate air quality is being reported in several regions of the state. The highest readings are being reported in the Northern Metropolitan region due to particulates. Good air quality is being reported in the rest of New Jersey. Check the map below for more details. Today's air quality forecast: Data not available Tomorrow's air quality forecast: Data not available Current air quality details as of 5:00, September 17, 2005: Pick an area on the map or one of the regions from the list below:
    1. Northern Metropolitan region:

    Bergen and Passaic counties
    2. Southern Metropolitan region:

    Essex, Hudson, and Union counties 3. Suburban region: Middlesex, Morris, and Somerset counties 4. Northern Delaware Valley region: Hunterdon, Sussex, and Warren counties 5. Central Delaware Valley region:

    119. Perchards- Government And Legislative Affairs Consultants
    Specialist government and public affairs consultancy in environmental compliance, packaging waste management, and related areas. Offers lobbying, monitoring and assessment of legislative developments in the United Kingdom, European Union, and other jurisdictions.



    120. Kirkpatrick Environmental Consultants
    Offer service for the purpose of monitoring National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System regulations. Company overview, services and contact details.
    Welcome to Kirkpatrick Environmental Consultants We offer qualified service for the purpose of monitoring N.P.D.E.S regulations. On August 1, 2000, the new N.P.D.E.S. laws (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) became effective in the State of Georgia. This new set of regulations is based on the Georgia Water Quality Control Act and the Federal Clean Water Act and will be enforced by the State of Georgia, Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division. In mid 2004, with the addition of 80 new enforcement personnel, the E.P.D. will be in a stronger position than ever to enforce these regulations.
    We are your first defense in keeping your project citation free. Our job is working with you to keep your site up and running. All photos and all written content property of Kirkpatrick Environmental Consultants unless otherwise stated. Any copy or use of material on this site must be granted in writing Web site information contact Tylene Mackay

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