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  1. Goal programming for land management procedures and basics (Report / Regional Analysis and Management of Environmental Systems, Colorado State University) by Kenneth E Bottoms, 1975
  2. Upper Mississippi River System environmental management program (SuDoc D 103.2:Up 6/2) by U.S. Dept of Defense, 1991
  3. Conceptual basis for a hazardous waste component of the Army Environmental Data Management System (AEDMS) (SuDoc D 103.53:N-88/23) by U.S. Dept of Defense, 1988

141. AEMS - Agriculture Environmental Management System
The USU Extension Agriculture environmental management System (AEMS) projectaspires to develop a sustainable and restorative agriculture industry.
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What is an AEMS?


In Practice:
Specialist Consulting

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Newsletter Books Articles Fact Sheets Links: Federal State Educational Contact Us: Register for a Workshop Talk to an AEMS Representative Arrange for an AEMS ... Organization Join our Free eNewsletter mailing list and receive The Agricultural Improver quarterly! subscribe unsubscribe The USU Extension Agriculture Environmental Management System (AEMS) project aspires to develop a sustainable and restorative agriculture industry. The purpose of the AEMS project is to advance the individual, organizational and community excellence through learning, quality improvement and knowledge exchange about the opportunities within the agriculture industry to enhance the quality of our air, land and water resources. The theories, methods and tools of continuous quality improvement and performance excellence

142. Good Practices - Possible Solutions - Environmental Management System
Possible Solutions environmental management System. Introduction. An environmentalmanagement System (EMS) is a method of incorporating environmental care
Agri-Food Production
and Consumption
Issues Sectors Possible Solutions ...

Possible Solutions - Environmental Management System
An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a method of incorporating environmental care throughout the corporate structure. EMS includes strategic planning activities, the organisational structure and implementation of the environmental policy as an integral part of the manufacturing process. It is a useful tool to implement to comply with legislation, address stakeholder pressure and improve corporate image and raise awareness of environmental issues.
Key Elements
  • Undertake an initial environmental review; Define an environmental policy; Develop an environmental action plan and define environmental responsibilities; Develop internal information and training courses; Audit the environmental management system and conduct an environmental management review.

Further Information ISO Online ] - This is the official ISO 14000 website. It provides users with information on ISO, ISO technical work, the standards themselves as well as ISO member contacts and servers.

143. ESS: Environmental, Health, Safety And Crisis Management Software And Services
At ESS, we provide the finest offthe-shelf or customized software and consultingsolutions designed to fully meet your EH S and Crisis management needs in
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News September 14, 2005
New ESS Webinar Series Spotlights Urgent Operational Risk Issues

September 06, 2005
New Product Release And Investment Set Stage For Accelerated Growth At ESS

Case Studies Government
Columbus, GA Puts ESS Training Management Software to the Task


Compliance Manager

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144. ISO 14001/Environmental Management System - Maxim/Dallas
ISO 14001/environmental management System Frequently Asked Questions End ofLife (EOL) environmental management System Certificates

What's New

PRODUCTS SOLUTIONS ... Lookup Lead-Free/RoHS Products and Content Data (PDF) Generic Survey Lead-Free/RoHS Information Leaded Information Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Information ... Environmental Management System Certificates var name2 = "emmi"@; var domain = ""; document.write ("Contact an Environmental Management and Materials Specialist"); ALSO SEE: Quality Assurance and Reliability Maxim/Dallas EMMI ISO 14001/Environmental Management System ISO 14001 implementation commenced at the Dallas, Maxim facility in July 2003 and the site was registered on September 20, 2004. All other Maxim manufacturing sites will follow with the final site being certified by the end of December 2005. Environmental Policy Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. is committed to protecting the environment through excellence in environmental performance and continual improvements in our operations, products and services. It is Maxim's policy to:
  • Prevent or reduce pollution to air, land and water through programs that reduce environmental impacts and conserve natural resources

145. EcoSystem - City Of Scottsdale, Arizona
Ecosystem City of Scottsdale s environmental management System. managementSystem. A structured, measurable system for managing environmental impacts
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Scottsdale's Environmental Management System
EcoSystem ( pdf - 882KB 100 pages)
The name of the City of Scottsdale's Environmental Management System.
A structured, measurable system for managing environmental impacts Environmental Regulations Guide This guide is a summary of environmental laws, regulations and rules that impact municipal facilities and operations, and/or staff activities. The guide is one of the tools developed as part of the comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) for the City of Scottsdale organization. It was created to aid each city employee to manage the task of environmental regulatory compliance in her/his department. Acronyms (pdf / 23kb / 2 pgs) Land Use Planning (pdf / 40kb / 7 pgs) Clean Air (pdf /56kb / 10 pgs) Special Wastes (pdf / 53kb / 9 pgs) Clean Water (pdf / 78kb / 14 pgs) Solid Waste (pdf / 19kb / 3 pgs) UST/AST (pdf / 20kb / 3 pgs) Environmental Nuisances (pdf / 15kb / 2 pgs) Pollution Prevention pdf / 59kb / 11 pgs) Energy (pdf / 21kb / 3 pgs) Hazardous Materials (pdf / 33kb / 5 pgs) Worker Safety (pdf / 25kb / 4 pgs) Hazardous Waste (pdf / 34kb / 6 pgs) Environmental Assessments (pdf / 75kb / 14 pgs)
This Guide is prepared as only a general guide for City of Scottsdale employees. It is not intended to provide legal advice in identifying or resolving individual compliance problems. The City of Scottsdale disclaims any and all liability for the consequences of using these materials in any manner other than as a general guide to federal, state, county and local environmental requirements for informational and educational purposes only.

146. Cal/EPA Environmental Management And Sustainability Program: Environmental Manag
Cal/EPA Agency Wide environmental management System. The California environmentalProtection Agency including our constituent Boards, Departments,
California Home Contact Us Help Site Index ... Cal/EPA Home California Environmental Protection Agency
This Site My CA Cal/EPA Agency Wide Environmental Management System
The California Environmental Protection Agency including our constituent Boards, Departments, and Offices have adopted a general environmental policy statement that affirms our commitment to
  • reduce ecological impacts from our business operations, lead by example, and assist our sister state agencies in their efforts to become more environmentally sustainable.
In short, we are “Makin’ it easy to be Green!” Our current focus is to Implementation of this policy and supporting policies through our environmental management system will align the conduct of our business operations with our Cal/EPA's mission of environmental protection. This website will continually grow to share information with others who may be interested in implementing an Environmental Management System. Last updated: April 19, 2005
Environmental Management Systems

147. Environmental Management Standards
Introducing an environmental management System and Cleaner Production College and University environmental management System Implementation Guide

Environmental Management Standards
INEM has supported the development of internnational environmental management standards since the very beginning. INEM is a Liasian A to ISO/TC 207and serves on the EMAS Article 14 Committee which is responsible for overseeing and revising the regulation. ISO 14000 Series of International Environmental Standards ISO 14001 Environmental Auditor Courses Links to ISO 14000 resources on the Internet European Union's Eco-management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) ... Environmental Management Systems in SMEs
ISO 14000 Series
The ISO 14001 Speedometer
A tool to assess country ranking in ISO 14001 certifications worldwide. Updated with data from January 2002. Introduction to the ISO 14000 Familiy of Environmental Management Standards
Describes the ISO standardisation process and presents the entire familiy of ISO environmental management standards.
Une Brochure de la FED sur le Projet ISO 14000-EMAS Taiwan's Experiences in Promotion of ISO 14000 ISO/CASCO circulates Committee Draft on Fundamentals of Product Certification for comments The Beginning of the ISO 14001 Revision Process
The German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA) launches research project and website.

148. Corporate Mobile Recycling, Recycle Your Old Mobile Phones
Our environmental management System (EMS) calls for significant and The soundenvironmental management to which we are committed requires us to do
var menus = [ new ypSlideOutMenu("ServicesMenu", "down", 166, 146, 140, 130), new ypSlideOutMenu("StockMenu", "down", 166, 266, 140, 100), ] Corporates Retailers Act Smart Oxfam Partner ... UK Tested Home About Us Services Logistics Environmental Policy Mobile Phone Value Give Back Contact Us Stock Available News Employment Opportunities Oxfam Partner E nvironmental Policy The protection of the environment Underpinning our activity is a formal and comprehensive environmental management system (EMS), which was certified to ISO 14001 in October 2003. Our Environmental Statement Foreword Introduction Underpinning our activity is a formal and comprehensive environmental management system. It of course includes specific objectives and will include detailed assessments of our progress in terms of our ability to adhere to these targets. We will report our statement of environmental performance annually as part of our company reporting process and we would like to encourage other individuals or companies to participate. Hence, if any partners, customers or members of the public have any questions or would like to comment then these would be gratefully received.

149. SAIC: Environment And Infrastructure: Environmental Management Systems Success S
SAIC provides a comprehensive set of environmental services to meet the urgentneeds or our commercial and government customers.
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Success Stories
Environmental Management Systems Success Stories
Analysis of ISO 14001 Certification on Environmental Compliance and Performance
SAIC analyzed the environmental compliance and performance of 169 ISO-certified facilities in the United States. The analysis included a statistical comparison of compliance and environmental performance of ISO-certified facilities to facilities in the same industrial classification, as well as a characterization of ISO-certified facilities by industrial classification, geographical location, and registrar. Development of an EMS Standard for an EPA Voluntary Program
As part of its support to the development and implementation of a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) voluntary program, SAIC compared several environmental management system standards, including ISO 14001, NSF (National Science Foundation) 110, and CMA's (Chemical Manufacturers Association) Responsible Care Program. The purpose of the comparison was to assist EPA in developing a hybrid EMS implementation guide, which provided supplemental information on designing and implementing the program EMS. The guide was similar in scope to ISO 14004. SAIC also compared various auditor qualifications associated with EMS and other standards. Similar in scope to the EMS comparison, the purpose of the auditor comparison was to identify a hybrid qualification suitable for use in EPA's voluntary program.

150. Corporate Sustainability
eco efficiency and cleaner production strategies, environmental managementSystems (EMS), life cycle assessment techniques, environmental management
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Clean TexasCollege and University environmental management System Guide. Local GovernmentResource Center. The EPA selected the TCEQ as one of eight EMS Local Resource

152. Agriculture Environmental Management System Electronic Manure Handling Process M
The Journal of Extension is an all electronic journal available on the Internet.The Journal is the peer reviewed publication of the Cooperative Extension
April 2005
Volume 43 Number 2
Article Number 2TOT5
Agriculture Environmental Management System Electronic Manure Handling Process Map
John D. Harrison
USU Extension Specialist
Agriculture Waste Management
ASTE Department
Aditya H. Toney
Undergraduate Programmer
Dallen R. Smith
USU Extension Project Coordinator
Utah State University Logan, Utah Abstract: Utah State University Cooperative Extension Agriculture Environmental Management Systems participants developed an electronic process flow method for identifying aspects and assessing impacts from the manure handling systems on animal feeding operations. This method breaks the manure handling system into manageable portions by delineating every process and support activity on a process flow diagram. Then each process and activity is individually examined to identify associated aspects. This approach expedites the identification of aspects in relation to those processes and activities. It also fulfills the operational control condition to "identify those operations and activities that are associated with identified significant environmental aspects."
Implementation of an Agriculture Environmental Management System (AEMS) is intended to result in improved environmental performance (Block, 1999; Harrison, 2002). Agriculturalists are generally unfamiliar with the terms "aspects" and "impacts" (Jackson, Kirschner, Serber, Koelsch, Risse, & Bird, personal communication, December 17, 2001).

153. Multi-State Working Group On Environmental Performance - Welcome To Multi-State
environmentalists and scholars focused on studying environmental managementsystems (EMSs) and their potential to achieve environmental results.
2005 Annual MSWG Workshop - Presentations Available
MSWG Fact Sheet and Annual Report, May 2005

MSWG Fall '05 Meeting

2006 MSWG Workshop
External Value EMS - Use your EMS to bring more value

Welcome to Multi-State Working Group on Environmental Performance MSWG seeks to sustain long-term environmental improvement and integrate it into the nation’s culture.  MSWG was established in 1996 as a small, informal affiliation of regulators, businesses, environmentalists and scholars focused on studying environmental management systems (EMSs) and their potential to achieve environmental results. Today, MSWG is a network of more than 800 participants in the United States and 12 countries. It is a forum for determined change agents from all sectors who respect each other’s views and want to go environmentally further than we are today. MSWG also helps change agents leverage their combined knowledge and experiences to strengthen communities and build economies while improving the environment. MSWG believes that environment and economy need not be at odds. Often described as a place for environmental entrepreneurs, MSWG has been recognized for its innovative thinking and described as an “organization for the 21

154. Chemical Safety - Home
efficiently meeting your environmental responsibilities. environmental ManagementSystems supports your requirements
Home Contact Feedback Sitemap
Chemical Safety CEO runs Olympic Environmental Torch read more
Chemical Safety Software helps you save money, time and effort while
efficiently meeting your environmental responsibilities.
Environmental Management Systems supports your requirements
Manage Materials
Track, manage and report on chemicals from procurement through disposal Track hazardous waste "cradle to grave" and create manifests and LDR's
Environmental Operations
Unlimited online access to chemical, waste and MSDS information and management Manage environmental projects and tasks automatically Perform audits and inspections
Compliance and Reporting
Make MSDS's available 24/7, meeting Right-to-Know requirements Support environmental compliance and generate regulatory reports Update safety and environmental regulations and reports Track employee training requirements Track Safety data and create OSHA 300 Log Please click the EMS icon to find out more information on our
Environmental Management System (EMS)
Chemical Safety Goes Mobile
Use a wireless scanner or your PDA for super-convenient inventory and waste management and for audits and inspections.

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