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         Environmental Management Systems:     more books (101)
  2. Report of the three committees of the President's Council on a national environmental management system by South Africa, 1991
  3. A survey of the implementation status of environmental management systems in U.S. colleges and universities [An article from: Journal of Cleaner Production] by S.M. Savely, A.I. Carson, et all 2007-01
  4. ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems : A Complete Implementation Guide by Anthony Saponara, Randy Roig, 1998-11-01
  5. Environmental Management Systems and ISO 14001: Federal Facilities Council Report No. 138 (Compass Series) by Federal Facilities Council, National Research Council, 1999-04-06
  6. Integrated Environmental Management Systems: Company Manual Template for Small Business by David Galbraith, Owen Davis, et all 2000-05
  7. ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems a Complete Guide Volume 1 & 2 + Cd ROM by Randy A. Roig, 2008
  8. Waste sources assessment to enhance environmental management systems: Characterization of solid and liquid waste sources and options for environmental enhancements in Bais City, Philippines by Johannes Paul, 2010-08-08
  9. Environmental Management Systems and Cultural Differences: An Explorative Study of Germany, Great Britain, and Sweden (Berichte Aus Der Betriebswirtschaft)
  10. The contribution of environmental management systems to the management of construction and demolition waste: The case of the Autonomous Community of Madrid ... from: Resources, Conservation & Recycling] by G. Rodriguez, F.J. Alegre, et all 2007-05-01
  11. Environmental management systems and the smaller enterprise [An article from: Journal of Cleaner Production] by R. Hillary, 2004-08-01
  12. Integrated environmental management systems implementation guide (SuDoc EP 5.8:IN 8) by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2000
  13. ISO14001 EMS Environmental Management System Documentation Toolkit by ITGP, 2010-03-09

61. BSI Management Systems - Management System Training And Publications
Effective EMS Auditing; environmental management systems for SMEs The backgroundto environmental management systems; Review; Policy; Planning.
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  • ISO 9000:2000 The Route to Registration
  • Effective EMS Auditing
  • Environmental Management Systems for SMEs Environmental Management System training videos
    Effective EMS Auditing
    72 pp., 2001

    A well-scoped auditing program will provide you with a complete, up-to-date picture of your EMS as it evolves and matures, and let you demonstrate to clients, regulators and others that you know what you're doing and why. Effective EMS Auditing contains a host of practical tips on how to design a simple and effective EMS auditing system for your business. Each chapter looks at the background to an aspect of the system, sets out what it means in practice, and provides a troubleshooting guide.
    Contents include:
    • Audit programs
    • Preparing for an audit
    • Conducting effective audits
    • Following up
    • Integrating your audits
    Price: $37.50 + shipping and handling Order Online Now
    Environmental Management Systems for SMEs
    A Short Guide to Environmental Management for the Smaller Company
    80 pp., 2001
  • 62. Environmental
    Offers upto-date, comprehensive selections of high quality software applications currently available, organised by categories Air Pollution, environmental management systems, Risk Assessment, Groundwater Resources, Waste Management, Wastewater Treatment.

    63. Brand Consulting Group, Inc.
    Providing training, auditing and consulting for quality management systems and environmental management systems including ISO 9000, ISO 14000, CMM, CMMI, and AS 9100.

    rand Consulting Group recognizes that a commitment to quality is a key element of our success. We are committed to providing our clients with quality consulting and training services, so that they may enjoy the benefits of a formal quality assurance, environmental management, or social accountability system. To accomplish this goal, we will as a company:
    • Provide our clients with services which meet or exceed agreed to specifications;
    • Allow only certified Lead Auditors and Auditors to provide services to our clients;
    • Continually improve our own services through client feedback;
    • Consistently provide our clients with cost-effective, on-time services.

    Brand Consulting Group is committed to the principles of quality assurance, environmental management, and social accountability. We recognize the benefits which registered companies have enjoyed world-wide. Our commitment to quality is fully endorsed by top management, and our success will be measured by the satisfaction of our clients.

    64. CACC Strategic Areas: Environmental Management
    Implementation of environmental management systems by industry participants willimprove the industry’s environmental performance and assist in the
    Environmental Management
    Strategic Areas Construction Agency Coordination Committee - NSW Government
    Last updated - Monday 5 July 2004
    Site Map
    Training Resources Capital Project Procurement Manual Contract Forms ... Publications Strategic Areas: Aboriginal Participation Business Ethics and Practices Continuous Improvement Environmental Management ... Training and Development
    Page Contents
    Ecologically Sustainable Development requires a commitment by industry participants to ensuring that business priorities and developments meet the needs of the present without compromising the abilities of future generations to meet their own needs. Implementation of Environmental Management Systems by industry participants will improve the industry’s environmental performance and assist in the achievement of Ecologically Sustainable Development.
    Some of the documents on this page are published as an Adobe Acrobat PDF File - For help or more information on PDF files and how to read them click on the symbol which links to a help page.

    65. Environmental Management Toolbox
    An Overview of environmental management systems and the EMAS 761/2001 Regulation environmental management systems An Implementation Guide for Small and
    Your Environmental Management Tool Box
    Free Downloads
    INEM has developed and collected for dissemination a variety of tools to help especially smaller organisations to improve their environmental performance. The tools are organised into three categories: The downloads are in the PDF format which requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for reading/printing.
    Web Tools
    INEM has developed several online tools to assist organisations in implementing environmental management. The EMAS Toolkit has been ranked the second best small business website worldwide by the Canadian Institute for Business and the Environment.
    • EMAS Tool Kit for Small Organisations
      Provides step-by-step guidance and tools for implementing an environmental management system (according to ISO 14001) and obtaining registration to EMAS.
    • Environmental Weather Map
      Take two minutes to gauge the environmental "weather" in your organisation. A very effective way of gaining employee involvement.

    66. The QSS Group Ltd.
    Engineering consultancy specialising in safety, quality, engineering and environmental management systems. Profile, capabilities and contact details.

    67. Emsinfo
    environmental management systems and Pollution Prevention An EnvironmentalManagement System (EMS) is a continual cycle of planning, implementing,
    Agency Links Public Participation Small Business Assistance Office Links P2 Publications Help for Business P2 Topics Index What's New ... About OPP
    Environmental Management Systems and Pollution Prevention
    An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a continual cycle of planning, implementing, reviewing and improving the actions that an organization takes to meet its environmental obligations. An EMS is used to improve an organization’s environmental performance and should be able to be objectively verified. Although an organizations management does not have to be certified in order for it to be considered an EMS, some organizations seek to obtain certification for their EMS. Some industries, such as the automotive industry, are encouraging certification of their suppliers. This may be done by using ISO 14000 as a guide to form the EMS and then working through a registrar to gain the certification. According to ISO 14001, the EMS must contain an environmental policy which states that the organization will implement the prevention of pollution, continual improvement and environmental compliance. The organization must identify environmental aspects of its operations and determine the impact they have on the environment. Ohio EPA's Office of Pollution Prevention has taken a significant interest in encouraging companies to development an EMS since they focus around environmental compliance and the prevention of pollution. The Office of Pollution Prevention is committed to assisting organizations with reducing the waste at its source. As such, we offer our aid to organizations in their continual improvement to find ways to reduce their waste and prevent the pollution at its source. OPP can assist by providing technical information and conducting on-site assessments. For more information see

    68. Environmental Management Systems Incentives Program
    environmental management systems (EMS) provide credible mechanisms for establishingand maintaining sustainable production systems.

    69. Environmental Management Systems
    An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a set of management processes andprocedures designed to aid public and private agencies in establishing
    Saturday, September 17 Home About Us Advocacy Members Only ...
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    EMS outreach is a project that's been made possible by the US Environmental Protection Agency through Cooperative Agreement # 83191201
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    Environmental Management Systems
    An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a set of management processes and procedures designed to aid public and private agencies in establishing policies and practices for identifying, analyzing and solving problems. Through this process local agencies can control and reduce the environmental impact of their activities while operating with greater efficiency and control. EMSs are designed so that environmental issues are integrated into the everyday business operations and decision-making structure of an organization. The framework for EMS, which was first implemented in the private sector, is based on a plan, do, check, act model that reinforces continual improvement in operations. An EMS can be implemented in any agency or organizations regardless of its size or structure. The following highlights the reasons that local governments site for implementing EMSs.

    70. Integration Branch - Environmental Management Systems
    An environmental management system (EMS) is part of the overall installation The US Army environmental management systems Commander s Guide is a guide
    Integration Branch
    E.O. 13148, "Greening the Government Through Leadership in Environmental Management,"
    requires implementation of EMS at all appropriate federal facilities by December 31, 2005. The Army took the EO a step further with the issuance of Army EMS policy in the July 13, 2001 Army EMS Action Memorandum signed by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Environment, Safety and Occupational Health). That memorandum requires all appropriate Army facilities to implement an ISO 14001-conforming EMS that is mission-focused by Fiscal Year 2009. Army installations already have mature environmental programs with many elements of an EMS. The next step is to leverage existing capabilities into a systematic approach aligned with mission priorities. In support of E.O. 13148, the USAEC is working with the Office of the Director of Environmental Programs; Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Environment, Safety and Occupational Health; the Army Engineer School and the Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine to develop and implement EMS tools that will actively promote mission readiness and environmental stewardship. The U.S. Army is committed to reducing risk and pollution, sustaining compliance, and enhancing mission readiness across the Service, and USAEC's support in the development of EMS systems is a key factor in this effort. The USAEC EMS program directly assists in the development and review of Army EMS policy and guidance, and in identifying and leveraging resources, best practices, and lessons learned from other federal and non-federal EMS programs. The USAEC also provides a forum for reviewing Army EMS implementation lessons learned, and develops materials needed to assure compliance with E.O.13148, reduce implementation costs, and assure support for mission priorities. The following documents are valuable tools to aid the implementation process:

    71. Chemical Safety Software
    environmental management systems (EMS) is a comprehensive management and reporting Our software supports your Environmental Management System audits,
    Chemical Safety Software
    Chemical Safety Software
    Toll Free +1 (888) 594 1100 Chemical Safety develops, integrates and supports industry-leading information systems for environmental management. We are a leading technology provider and one of the original organizations addressing all aspects of compliance, safety and chemical management. Our extensive domain experience is focused on environmental compliance, reporting and management.
    FOR MORE INFORMATION Request Further Product Information Visit our Website Send us an Email Read Selected Articles
    PRODUCT LINE Environmental Management System (EMS) Inventory Management Waste Management ... Management Barcode Scanner Software for Container Tracking
    View our On-Line Application
    Request an online Demonstration of EMS

    72. Environmental Management Systems
    environmental management systems Strategic Environmental Management System AuditReport The Commissioner s first Strategic Environmental Management System

    73. Unisys: Environmental Stewardship, ISO 14001, Environmental Management Systems
    Environmental Stewardship ISO 14001 environmental management systems ISO 14001Environmental Management System (EMS) certification in July 1999.
    Industries Services Products About Unisys ... Careers Program Details Back to Environmental Stewardship
    Environmental Stewardship ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems
    Unisys manufacturing sites received ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) certification in July 1999.  Through on-going EMS implementation, the company continues to formulate and implement policy and objectives that take into account legislative requirements, environment-friendly technological approaches and information about significant environmental impacts.  Unisys EMS is a managerial commitment to environmental wellness and sustainability. The EMS program applies to those environmental matters that Unisys can control and over those that it can be expected to have influence.  Unisys has established and maintains an EMS that...
    • Establishes a corporate-wide environmental policy Identifies any environmental aspects arising from Unisys past, existing or planned activities, products or services to determine any environmental impacts of significance

    74. Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Partnerships
    environmental management systems (EMS) Partnerships. Greenhouse Gas
    EMS in Russia ...
    An 'Environmental Management System' (EMS) is a set of management procedures which can be used by any enterprise - large or small - to integrate environmental considerations into its day-to-day operations. An EMS plan is designed to reduce wasteful use of resources and energy, which decreases pollution and often increases the enterprise's profitability. ECOLOGIA and its partners are working with enterprises in transition economies as they start to use Environmental Management Systems to improve their efficiency and reduce their pollution. ECOLOGIA also participates in the development of international EMS standards, such as ISO 14000, and maintains a website that serves as a clearing house for information about EMS standards development.
    When Boring is Beautiful : The March/April 2004 issue of Orion magazine features an article by Bill McKibben about ECOLOGIA's work with ISO on climate change, titled "When Boring is Beautiful: How Do You Measure Progress on Climate Change?" Participation of Non-Governmental Organizations in International Environmental Governance , a report produced by Eco-logic Institute for International and European Environmental Policy and FIELD (Foundation for Environmental Law and Development). The

    75. CEMSA
    Certified environmental management systems for Agriculture (CEMSA) is a threeyearproject to implement an environmental management system or EMS,
    About CEMSA

    Commonly Asked Questions About CEMSA

    Reasons For Farmer Participation in CEMSA

    CEMSA Workshops

    76. The AASHTO Center For Environmental Excellence Has Been Developed
    environmental management systems Recent Developments A new analysis ofenvironmental management system software has been completed by GETF as part of
    Search : Recent Developments CTE Web Broadcast on Environmental Information Management and Decisions Support Systems Now Available The Center for Transportation and the Environment’s June 24 web broadcast on the results of National Cooperative Highway Research Program, Environmental Information Management and Decisions Support Systems for Transportation (Project 25-23), is now available on DVD or video cassette, and it can be replayed from the CTE website at the following link: CTE Webcast Archive A new analysis of environmental management system software has been completed by GETF as part of the Ports Environmental Management System (EMS) Assistance Project supported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA). GETF conducted a neutral analysis of “off the shelf” software products specifically designed to support an organization's development, implementation, and subsequent management of its EMS. While the assessment was conducted specifically with Ports in mind, the assessment may be useful to other public sector businesses and organizations considering the use of software to support their EMS. For text of the analysis, link here:

    77. Services - Environmental Management Systems Incentives Program
    Services environmental management systems Incentives Program.
    Skip Navigation Department of Human Services home ... Retirement
    Environmental Management Systems Incentives Program:
    What is the Environmental Management Systems Incentives Program?
    The Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Incentives Program is an Australian Government funded program delivered by Centrelink on behalf of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry to encourage the adoption of sustainable management practices by primary producers who implement an Environmental Management System (EMS). The EMS Incentives Program provides primary producers with a cash reimbursement of up to 50% of the costs associated with developing and implementing an EMS for the primary production enterprise. The maximum amount payable per enterprise is $3 000, that is, $6 000 must have been spent in order to reimburse the maximum $3 000. The EMS Incentives Program has been introduced to achieve the following objectives:
    • to support the assessment and adoption of improved natural resource management activities to enhance links between the enterprise based actions and the regional/catchment objectives to encourage additional investment in sustainable farming practices to enable primary producers to adapt to meet changing market demands for sustainable production to assist primary producers to contribute towards achieving natural resource management outcomes.

    78. NATO CCMS: Topical Workshop: Environmental Management Systems
    If you have or know of any interesting environmental management systems in the The Environmental Management System is an important management tool for
    Updated: 16-Aug-2005 CCMS CCMS Homepage Environmental Management Systems Topical workshop Content Pilot studies on Environmental Management Studies in the military services The elements of an Environmental Management System Photo gallery External links ... Contacts Participating countries Albania Austria Belgium Canada Czech Republic Denmark Georgia Germany Italy Kyrgyzstan Latvia Lithuania The Netherlands Norway Poland Romania Spain Sweden Switzerland Ukraine United Kingdom United States Contact persons Director: Michael Dawson If you have or know of any interesting Environmental Management Systems in the Military Sector information that you would like to share on this website, please contact J. Rottink Summary Principles:
    • NATO/EAPC countries working together can help guide and improve environmental practices to foster sustainability, thereby promoting broader peace and security objectives. Ministries of Defence would thus be seen to be supporting national interests by encouraging environmental stewardship. While fulfilling their military mission, NATO Forces should be committed to taking all reasonably achievable measures to protect the environment. To achieve this, commanders must know how their activities affect and are affected by the environment. Environmental planning is an essential process for ensuring appropriate environmental protection. (Based on STANAG 7141)

    79. Environmental Management Systems
    By introducing an Environmental Management System (EMS) across the Scottish An Environmental Management System will help the Executive address the

    80. Environmental Management Systems
    environmental management systems. The Bush Administration is working to use of environmental management systems as a planning and implementation tool to

    Department/Agency EMS Directives and Policies
    EMS Templates and Modules Tools and Fact Sheets Linking Environment, Security, and Safety with the EMS Model
    The Bush Administration is working to significantly increase the federal government's use of environmental management systems as a planning and implementation tool to help Federal agencies better carry out their mission and be better environmental stewards. EMSs will help to better equip agencies with the information, resources, strategy, and feedback they need to ensure they are continuously improving their performance and reducing their environmental impact. On April 1, 2002, James L. Connaughton, Chairman of CEQ, and Mitchell Daniels, Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), sent a letter to the heads of all federal agencies emphasizing the importance of developing environmental management systems as key tools to meeting the President's management and stewardship agendas. Federal agencies are required by Executive Order 13148 to implement EMSs by the end of 2005 at all applicable facilities. The Office of the Federal Environmental Executive will be working closely with CEQ, OMB, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Defense, and other agencies to develop resources and training for agencies to be able to adopt and implement this management tool. Department/Agency EMS Directives and Policies EMS Templates and Modules Tools and Fact Sheets Linking Environment, Security, and Safety with the EMS Model ... Training Powerpoints

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