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         Environmental Management Systems:     more books (101)
  1. ISO 14001 Certification - Environmental Management Systems: A Practical Guide for Preparing Effective Environmental Management Systems by W. Lee Kuhre, 1995-08-10
  2. Environmental Management Systems: A Step-by-Step Guide to Implementation and Maintenance by Christopher Sheldon, Mark Yoxon, 2006-04
  3. Iso 14020s: Efficient and Accurate Environmental Marketing Procedures (International Series in the Iso 14000 Environmental Management System Standards) (Book 3) by W. Lee Kuhre, 1996-07
  4. Environmental Management Systems Handbook for Refineries:Pollution Prevention Through ISO 14001 by Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff, 2006-03
  5. ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Handbook by Ken Whitelaw, 1998-01-27
  6. Environmental Management Systems by Institution of Chemical Engineers (Great Britain), 1995-07
  7. Environmental Management Systems: A Guide for Planning, Development, and Implementation by Jay G. Martin, Gerald J. Edgley, 1998-05-28
  8. Strategic Sustainability: The State of the Art in Corporate Environmental Management Systems by Robert Sroufe and Joseph Sarkis; editors, 2007-05-01
  9. Environmental Management Systems and Cleaner Production
  10. Environmental Management Systems: Understanding Organizational Drivers and Barriers by Stephen Tinsley, Ilona Pillai, 2006-04
  11. Environmental Management Systems for SMEs: A Short Guide to Environmental Management for the Smaller Company (Practical Environmental Management) by Brian Cleaver, 2001-05-31
  12. ISO 14001:2004, Environmental management systems - Requirements with guidance for use by ISO/TC 207/SC 1, 2007-08-23
  13. Advanced Agent-Based Environmental Management Systems (Whitestein Series in Software Agent Technologies and Autonomic Computing)
  14. Environmental Management Systems by David Hunt, Catherine Johnson, 1995-09

1. Nat'l Academies Press: Environmental Management Systems And ISO 14001 Federal Fa
1999 report by Federal Facilities Council of the National Research Council (U.S.) discusses the ISO 14001 standard and its application to government activities.
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Environmental Management Systems and ISO 14001 Federal Facilities Council Report No. 138 Federal Facilities Council, National Research Council 48 pages, 6 x 9, 1999
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2. US EPA: Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Division.
Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Contact Us Print Version Search: EPA Home Environmental Management EMS Home Basic Information ... Site Map
Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a set of processes and practices that enable an organization to reduce its environmental impacts and increase its operating efficiency. This Web site provides information and resources related to EMS for businesses, associations, the public, and state and federal agencies. Basic Information
Learn why and how to develop an EMS. Where You Live
This section includes information on EMS initiatives in EPA's ten regions.
A collection of guides case studies , and other tools to help organizations understand and adopt EMSs for their operations. EPA's Position on EMS
EMS Initiatives Supported by EPA

EPA is carrying out a number of programs and activities involving EMSs, including voluntary initiatives with the public and private sectors EMS at EPA Facilities
Learn how EPA is developing and implementing EMS at its facilities.

3. Environmental Management Systems Introduction
environmental management systems INTRODUCTION

4. ISO 14000 Information Center
to be a useful information resource for those seeking to implement and maintain effective environmental management systems, the ISO 14001 Info

5. Environmental Management Systems Introduction
This page provides an introduction to environmental management systems, environmental management systems can assist an organisation to meet its
Environmental Management Systems
from the
This page provides an introduction to Environmental Management Systems, and provides links to many other environmentally oriented pages We welcome your comments and suggestions to:
Environmental Information
The environment has arrived! It is no longer just the air we breath, or the world we live in, it has become a requirement for businesses to address the environment in order to maintain customers, and exist [thrive] in an ever more critical global economy. There is an ever-upward spiral of new environmentally related legislation. All of which aids global environment for our fellow citizens. Environmental management systems can assist an organisation to meet its increasingly heavy burden of responsibility for the future condition of our world environment. In many cases, the introduction of an environmental management system can also aid cost savings, and reduction of environmental liability. There are a number of standards available, around which we can model our Environmental Management System, or EMS. On the international scene we will shortly have . This standard is expected to be issued during 1996, and forms part of the ISO14000 series of standards providing not only a specification but guidance and advice on a wide range of environmental issues including auditing, labeling, life-cycle assessment etc.

6. Environmental Management Systems
EPA Guidance on the Use of EMS in Enforcement. NCDENR Environmental Stewardship Initiative Archives. LINKS AZ INDEX CONTACT SEARCH

7. Environmental Security International : Defining Environmental Security
Consultant for design and assistance in the implementation of customized environmental management systems for specific customer needs.
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Phone: 703.330.3752 Cellular Phone: 703.244.0414 Fax: 703.330.8907 In New York One Hudson Square 75 Varick Street New York, New York Phone: 1.571.435.7962 In Rome Esri Italia Spa Via Tiburtina 750 00159 Roma Phone: 1.571.435.7962 You Can Also E-mail Us: Environmental Security International (ESI) specializes in investigations, vulnerability assessments, and Environmental Security Systems. ESI assists organizations in achieving performance goals with measurable results, by implementing systems tailored to operations and security requirements. ESI can help design or enhance your system by incorporating advances in environmental and information technologies that provide a new generation of risk reduction, environmental security, and cost savings. Environmental Security focused management approaches have demonstrated savings in natural resources, energy, and labor costs. They are designed to minimize risks and liabilities while qualifying for reduced insurance rates.

8. ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Workbook
ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Workbook

9. ISO 14000 And ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems
ISO 14000 and environmental management systems benefits, keys to success, casestudies, and bookstore. ISO 14000 books. ISO 14001 consulting.
Where to Download ISO 14001, Etc Getting Started With ISO 14000 A good starting point when considering the adoption of ISO 14000 is to acquire a copy of the standard itself. Downloading a PDF version, which of course can be printed from the PC, is usually the preferred option. We have identified two such sources: SNV and BSI. Their respective download shops are as follows: Standards Online (ISO 14001) Standards Direct (ISO 14001 and ISO 14004) Understanding and implementing ISO 14000 is not a trivial matter. Fortunately, tools have emerged to simplify this. The most well of these is the ISO 14000 Toolkit. This provides templates, policies, a presentation, and various other resources to assist. It is documented on its own website: The ISO 14000 and ISO 14001 Toolkit About.. Articles Benefits ... Misc
Environmental Management ISO 14000 Environmental Management ISO 14001 Environmental Management ISO 14004 Environmental Management

10. ISOft14000 Software And Services
Information and software for use in assessing, implement, and audit environmental management systems for ISO 14000 certification. Includes a list of companies that have been certified.
Home About News Contact Us ... Request Info. ISO Software Integrum SERVICES Training

Planning Stage

Implementation Stage

Corrective Action Stage
LINKS ISO 14000 Certified Companies
ISO 14001 Registrars

TCEQ Compliance History Classifications for Companies

EPA Enforcement and Compliance History
Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI)
INTEGRUM is recognized as leading edge world class software assisting organizations to easily implement management systems for quality, safety and health and environment management in accordance with international standards. This can now be achieved without the need to invest significant resources through fully internet/intranet tools. The ability to save time and therefore money in the development and maintenance of effective quality, safety and health and environmental management systems in accordance with ISO standards has an immediate positive impact on our clients' bottom line. We will be happy to provide you with free access to our online demo of our software.

11. INEM - International Network For Environmental Management
PDF). In November 2004, INEM carried out a seminar for Capacity Building on environmental management systems in Caribbean enterprises in Port

12. Environmental Management Systems
DPPEA provides free, confidential, nonregulatory pollution prevention and wastereduction information (6000 full text technical documents/articles and

13. Index Patrick Yarnell And Assocites Environmental Planning And Management
An independent consulting practice providing services in environmental planning and management, including park planning and environmental management systems based in Vancouver, BC.

Environmental Planning and Management
Home and Services What's Interesting, Exciting or New?
- EA Report on Small Hydro
- Launch of EC's Boatyards Website Volunteer Work in Wabakimi Park
Yarnell and Associates is a sole-proprietor business offering consulting services in the field of environmental planning and management. Patrick Yarnell has 12 years of experience in various aspects of environmental consulting, including a mix of field work, report writing and team leadership in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Since 1999 Patrick has been based in Vancouver as an independent consultant.
Operating independently or in partnership with others, including other independents as well as large planning or engineering firms, Patrick Yarnell offers services related to:
  • strategic environmental planning, land-use planning, protected area management, environmental and socioeconomic assessment

14. Guardian Unlimited Special Reports Poles Fear The Yoke Of
Its US operations are certified under international environmental management systems, and these are being used in Poland "to address

What is the definition of an Environmental Management System? What is the EMS Model? The ISO 14000 Family of Standards environmental management systems

  • What is the definition of an Environmental Management System? What is the EMS Model? What are some key elements of an EMS? Can existing environmental management activities be integrated into the EMS? ... Can EMS be used to assist with maintaining compliance?
  • ISO 14000 FAQ
  • What are ISO, ISO 14000, and ISO 14001? How are these standards developed? What are the 17 elements of the ISO 14001 standard? How can I purchase the standard? ... How can I find help tools relating to the ISO 14001?
  • What is the definition of an Environmental Management System?
    • Serves as a tool to improve environmental performance Provides a systematic way of managing an organization¬ís environmental affairs Is the aspect of the organization¬ís overall management structure that addresses immediate and long-term impacts of its products, services and processes on the environment Gives order and consistency for organizations to address environmental concerns through the allocation of resources, assignment of responsibility and ongoing evaluation of practices, procedures and processes

    16. OETD - EMS
    Find the latest information about environmental management systems, including ISO 14001, in Pennsylvania.

    17. ISO 14000 Information Center
    Although it is intended to be a useful information resource for those seekingto implement and maintain effective environmental management systems,
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    18. IEMA - Institute Of Environmental Management And Assessment
    UK membership organisation for individuals involved in environmental management and assessment, whether they be in business, government, consultancy

    19. National Database On Environmental Management Systems
    NDEMS is The National Database on environmental management systems.

    20. ISO 14000 And ISO 14001 - The ISO14000 Toolkit
    ISO 14001 Based EMS Policy Manual. Establishes the basic Environmental Management System functions and policies. ISO 14001 Procedures

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