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         Biodiversity:     more books (102)
  1. Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999
  2. Eco-Environment & Global Biodiversity by Reena Mohanka, M.P. Singh, 2008-12-31
  3. Biodiversity and Conservation in Europe (Topics in Biodiversity and Conservation) by David L. Hawksworth, 2008-02-06
  4. Forest Diversity and Management (Topics in Biodiversity and Conservation)

141. NAAEE: The Biodiversity Collection Resources For Educators
The biodiversity Collection is a part of a series of environmental educationresource guides designed to help educators find exemplary teaching materials.
The Biodiversity Collection Resources for Educators
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The Biodiversity Collection is designed to help educators find outstanding curricula, multimedia resources, and other educational materials that can enhance biodiversity teaching in a variety of settings. The Biodiversity Collection was produced by World Wildlife Fund in association with the North American Association for Environmental Education with support from Eastman Kodak Company and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. The Curriculum materials included in The Biodiversity Collection: Resources for Educators were reviewed and evaluated by teams of classrooms teachers, content experts, and environmental educators.? The materials were evaluated using the Environmental Education Materials: Guidelines for Excellence developed by the North American Association for Environmental Education. The resources reviewed in this guide provide dozens of ideas for developing lesson plans, units, and courses that focus on biodiversity. These are some of the best resources available today for developing exemplary environmental education programs.

142. Resources For Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, Systematics, And Conservation Biolo
systematics, biodiversity, and conservation for researchers, students, andteachers. category Environmental and conservation organizations (9)

143. CELB - The Center For Environmental Leadership In Business
The Center for Environmental Leadership in Business Engaging business as a force •CELB and Alcoa partner to integrate biodiversity and socioeconomic
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Conservation International

144. BlackRhinoceros: Environmental Action On Energy, Biodiversity, Habitat, Conserva
Searchable, annotated directory (updated daily) of over 600 sites on environmentalissues. Six categories biodiversity and animal rights/threatened species
document.write(quotes[rand(quotes.length)]); Use BlackRhinoceros to Act Use the hundreds of cross-referenced and regularly updated links gathered here on the BlackRhinoceros site to act on green issues: biodiversity conservation energy environmental justice ... habitat and pollution Make a difference Follow the links on BlackRhinoceros to write, fax, email and otherwise lobby lawmakers and antagonists; join boycotts of errant companies and harmful or wasteful products and practices; petition; spread the word to family, friends and the wider public; vote on green issues. You will make a difference. Stay informed Register from each Actions directory to receive automatic, free, short emails whenever Actions in an area you choose change or are added. Use BlackRhinoceros' briefings on environmental issues and our general guide to campaigning to maintain your active edge. As individuals and organizations we'll save the Earth only by exposing and preventing destruction by companies and governments acting for profit, out of ignorance or acquiescence, and often illegally. "… never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

145. Biodiversity - Global Issues
An overview of environmental issues threatening biodiversity, focussing onpolitical causes and climate change.
Section: Biodiversity
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    • by Anup Shah This Page Created Monday, July 20, 1998 This page: To print full details (expanded/alternative links, side notes, etc.) use the printer-friendly version: The variety of life on Earth, its biological diversity is commonly referred to as biodiversity. The number of species of plants, animals, micro organisms, the enormous diversity of genes in these species, the different ecosystems on the planet, such as deserts, rainforests and coral reefs are all part of a biologically diverse Earth. Appropriate conservation and sustainable development strategies attempt to recognize this as being integral to any approach. Almost all cultures have in some way or form recognized the importance that nature, and its biological diversity has had upon them and the need to maintain it. Yet, power, greed and politics have affected the precarious balance.
      Who Cares?

    146. Conservation Of Biodiversity
    The Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) is an international Strategic and Cooperative Action for the Conservation of biodiversity in North

    147. Directory Of Biodiversity Web Sites
    Directory of Environmental Science Web Sites. The following sites will give youan idea of the scope of biodiversity (including electronic databases)
    Directory of Environmental Science Web Sites
    The following sites will give you an idea of the scope of enviromental information that is available over the internet. For a more specific interest I recommend that you use the Google A marks specially interesting sites. Remember you can place your favourite sites in your list of 'bookmarks/favourites'.

    148. ACF Online - Article Expired
    But declining biodiversity is probably our most serious environmental problem.Australia has the worst record of mammal extinction in the world,

    149. CIEL Biodiversity Program
    The Economics of biodiversity. Integrating economic and environmental policy isessential to an effective strategy for biodiversity conservation.
    Through its Biodiversity and Wildlife Program, CIEL promotes the development and enforcement of an international framework of law and policy that supports conservation and sustainable use of living resources, including biodiversity, wildlife, forests and fisheries. One program strategy is to strengthen international legal mechanisms that reward local conservation efforts. Another is to reform international law in other fields in particular trade and intellectual property rules so they support rather than impede conservation. A third is to promote effective implementation of international conservation agreements. What is Biodiversity, and Why is it Important? Biodiversity makes up the structure of the ecosystems and habitats that support essential living resources, including wildlife, fisheries and forests. It helps provide for basic human needs such as food, shelter, and medicine. And it is increasingly threatened by destructive human activities.
    Press Releases
    Examine recent announcements regarding biodiversity.

    150. Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
    The 34page report connects the dots between environmental changes and the privatesector MA releases second report biodiversity and Human Well–being

    151. Strategic Environmental Assessment And Biodiversity: Guidance For Practitioners
    Strategic Environmental Assessment and biodiversity guidance for practitioners The guidance explains stepby-step how biodiversity implications can be
    Home Policy Planning and regional policy
    Nightjar - susceptible to development
    Strategic Environmental Assessment and biodiversity: guidance for practitioners
    The European Directive on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) came into force on 21 July 2004. It applies to a wide range of plans and programmes prepared by statutory agencies, regional planning bodies, local authorities and others. The RSPB, together with the Countryside Council for Wales, English Nature and the Environment Agency, has published guidance on Strategic Environmental Assessment and biodiversity, aiming to help ensure that biodiversity considerations are appropriately addressed in SEAs. Intended to complement more generic SEA guidance, it should assist practitioners in a wide range of sectors. The guidance explains step-by-step how biodiversity implications can be considered at each stage in SEA The guidance explains step-by-step how biodiversity implications can be considered at each stage in SEA. It examines links between SEA and other procedures, such as sustainability appraisal, 'appropriate assessment' under the Habitats Directive, and project Environmental Impact Assessment. It also provides a 'toolkit' of more specific techniques for promoting biodiversity through SEA.

    152. AMBIOS Home Page
    The objectives of this project are to determine the interrelationships betweenthe physical properties of ecosystems and the ecology of organisms in the
    AMBIOS Home Page
    Integrating Environmental and Population Variation: A Model for Biodiversity Studies (AMBIOS)
    Areas of study:
  • The relationships between breeding ecology, niche width and biogeographic range, and their bearing on the future dynamics of biodiversity at a time of accelerating environmental change and extinction will be studied.
  • The development of operational concepts for assessing and describing the very basis of biodiversity will be established This will involve evaluating and comparing phenotypic and genotypic features as measures of the buffering capacity of the components of biodiversity with respect to changing environmental factors, and will be achieved by focusing on genetic heterogeneity levels and phenotypic responses in relation to the environment, and on thermal tolerance.
  • The determination of the mechanisms involved in the transition from polymorphic, interbreeding populations to those of species status, and the elucidation of how such changes can be distinguished from phenotypic plasticity, will be addressed.
  • Techniques for the identification of species and 'lower' taxonomic units will be developed, and new molecular methods tested in those species in which the levels of polymorphism are high.
  • 153. Australian Alps National Parks Home
    Overview of the Alps national parks and the cooperative arrangements for theirmanagement. All you need to know about Australia s unique alpine country.
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    The parks Publications ... Sitemap
    Find out what is happening in the Australian Alps national parks and the Cooperative Management Program..
    Are you on the front line of enquiries about the Australian Alps? Do you or your visitors travel to or through the Australian Alps?
    If the answer is YES the Frontline is the workshop for you!
    Frontline of the Australian Alps Workshop
    The parks
    If you are planning to visit or want to know more about each park, this is a good place to start.
    The parks
    Australian Alps Walking Track
    A 650 kilometre track through the high country of Victoria, NSW and the ACT.
    More about the Australian alps walking track
    The Australian Alps National Parks
    Stretching from Canberra through the Brindabella Range to the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales and along the Great Divide through eastern Victoria, Australia's alpine and subalpine environments are unique and special. As a well-watered, snow-clad and mountainous area in a mostly dry and flat continent, the Australian Alps with 1.6 million hectares of protected areas are of great significance. The parks contain plants and animals found nowhere else, a rich and diverse Aboriginal and European cultural heritage, magnificent outdoor recreation and tourism opportunities and the headwaters of some of Australia's most important rivers.

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