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         Biodiversity:     more books (102)
  1. Environment and Biodiversity by V.K. Prabhakar, 2004-12-01
  2. Biodiversity and Environment by Kumar Arvind, 2004-12-01
  3. High-Level Pan-European Conference on Agriculture and Biodiversity, Paris, June 2002: Compendium of Background Reports (Nature and Environment) by Pan-European Conference on Agriculture and Biodiversity, 2005-01
  4. Environment and Biodiversity: Environmental Pollution and Risk to Biodiversity by Anil K Dwivedi, Satish C Tripathi, 2010-08-18
  5. Australia: State of the Environment 2001: Biodiversity by CSIRO, 2002-03
  6. Effects of an agri-environment scheme on farmland biodiversity in Ireland [An article from: Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment] by J. Feehan, D.A. Gillmor, et all 2005-05-20
  7. Biodiversity and Environment
  8. Biodiversity and Conservation, Vol. 4 (Critical Concepts in the Environment) by Richard Ladle, 2009-01-06
  9. Polar Microbiology: The Ecology, Biodiversity and Bioremediation Potential of Microorganisms in Extremely Cold Environments
  10. Role of Plant Tissues Culture in Biodiversity Conservation and Economic Development (Himavikas occasional publication) by V. Khaire, 2002-01-01
  11. Biodiversity in the Balance: Mitigation and Adaptation Conflicts and Synergies
  12. Biodiversity of West African Forests: (Cabi Publishing)
  13. The Atlantic Forest of South America: Biodiversity Status, Threats, and Outlook (State of the Hotspots)

61. The National Vegetation Survey Databank (NVS)
National Vegetation Surveys,Zealand,national,vegetation,survey,databank,biodiversity,environment,flora,plants,ecology,Landcare Research,Manaaki Whenua
What is the NVS databank? Guided search for data NVS protocol Search metadata databank ... Useful links * Although interactive data downloads are not yet possible,
you can search the metadata interactively in order to request data. NVS plot location maps needs JavaScript enabled in your browser.

62. -
Plant an oak with a click to improve the environment and increase biodiversity.
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63. Centre For Environment And Society
Interdisciplinary research centre within the biology department. Areas of study include sustainable agriculture, farming policies, costs, soil health, social capital, biodiversity and conservation, and healthy living. Page includes list of graduate programs and white papers.
Centre for Environment and Society
Research Programmes

Masters and PhD Programmes

Community Participation

Visitors, Conferences and Events
... International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability
Wivenhoe Park, Colchester CO4 3SQ, United Kingdom
How to request a University of Essex prospectus

Site maintained by
CES Occasional Papers
Books IJAS: New Journal

64. Research Foundation For Science,Technology And Ecology, India
Site provides information on the Foundation's work on agricultural biodiversity conservation and protection of people's rights, livelihoods and environment from centralised systems of monoculture in forestry, agriculture and fisheries. Links to many national and global movements.

65. Environmental Issues In Kyrgyzstan
Covers a wide range of issues related to the environment in Kyrgyzstan biodiversity, air and water pollution, wastes. Included, fulltexts of new environmental Kyrgyz legislation (in Russian).
Search EcoPage
Nurlan's Ecopage
covers a wide spectrum of issues associated with environmental protection in Kyrgyzstan including air and water pollution , waste management biodiversity environmental law environmental education , etc. Also presented information on recent "green" books and reports related to Kyrgyzstan and provided links to other appropriate resources. New! (27/10/02) - Added English (unofficial translation) version of the Law on Ecological Expertise (Environmental Review). New! (18/10/02) - Join new Eco-Chat New! (07/10/02) - Addition in Books section. New! (26/05/02) - Added a new page " Animals in stamps Further >> Site map Nurlan Djenchuraev . All rights reserved.
Created: September 1999 / Last Revised: October 12, 2004

66. Ministry For The Environment New Zealand
Ministry for the environment Manatu Mo Te Taiao logo The latest recipientsof the biodiversity Condition and Advice Funds, to help protect nature
Contact us Related links Site map Working ...
Site search
Ministry for the Environment New Zealand
We work to achieve good environmental leadership and decision making at all levels so that we can deliver the environment that New Zealanders expect and deserve. On this website you can find out about issues that affect the environment , environmental laws and treaties and the state of the environment . There's also information on what you can do for the environment, copies of our publications and information about our organisation , including job opportunities
Latest news from the Ministry
Sustainable office paper products: guideline for procurement now online
Efficient use of sustainable office paper products helps to reduce the negative impacts of global paper production and use. Paper consumers can choose to make a difference in their procurement policies. Some practical actions are now published on this website. These actions are initiated by the Govt3 project, a programme encouraging government agency leadership in sustainable practice. [16 September 2005]
GEMS/AMIS Air Quality Monitoring Programme Annual Report 2004
This report presents the annual data set for 2004 for ambient air quality monitoring in Auckland and Christchurch, New Zealand. The monitoring is conducted by Watercare Services Ltd, on behalf of the Ministry for the Environment.

67. Eden Foundation
Working for the preservation of biodiversity, against monoculture agriculture, and for better ways for humans to live in harmony with their environment.
Eden Foundation
Founded 1985 in Sweden
Active in Tanout, Niger, since 1987 auf deutsch nederlands Friends of Eden
Eden's philosophy
There are 250,000 known plant species in the world, but only 20 of them provide 90% of our food. We believe that the key to prosperity for the poor lie in underexploited, edible trees and bushes
- the lost treasures of Eden.
Our mission is to find those treasures and bring them to people who really need them. Welcome to Eden.
Welcome to us!

Site map
Philosophy Project ... Friends School Think Tank Contact

68. Biodiversity Publications [Ministry For The Environment]
New Zealand biodiversity Strategy Summary of Achievements During 2001 Environmental Performance Indicators Summary of Proposed Indicators for
Home Contact us Related links Site map ...
Site search
About the Ministry Air quality Biodiversity Climate change and ozone layer Energy General Hazardous substances ... Water You are here: Publications
Biodiversity publications
Strategies General publications Technical reports
Name Date Reference Implementing the Fiordland Marine Conservation Strategy: Report of the Fiordland Marine Conservation Strategy Investigative Group June 2004 Fiordland Marine Conservation Strategy June 2003 New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy: Summary of Achievements During 2001 February 2002 The New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy February 2000 back to top
General publications
Name Date Reference A Snapshot of Council Effort to Address Indigenous Biodiversity on Private Land: A Report Back to Councils June 2004 Indigenous Biodiversity and the National Policy Statement October 2003 INFO 39 Action for the Ground June 2002 Protecting our Native Plants and Animals: Communities in Action May 2002 Biodiversity Outside Public Conservation Lands: An Update on Government Progress October 2001 INFO 23 Towards an NPS for Biodiversity: the Next Steps July 2001 Towards a National Policy Statement on Biodiversity May 2001 January 2001 INFO 16 December 2000 Final report of the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Biodiversity and Private Land August 2000

69. Index_english
Monitors and evaluates the natural environment and its present level of biodiversity, and to assemble and maintain a public library of objective information.

70. Biodiversity - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
high biodiversity may have a greater chance of adapting to environmental change . of Biological Sciences that examines biodiversity, environment,
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Biodiversity or biological diversity is the diversity of and in living nature . There are a number of definitions and measures of biodiversity.
Biodiversity is a neologism and a portmanteau word , from bio and diversity . The term biological diversity was coined by Thomas Lovejoy in 1980, while the word biodiversity itself was coined by the entomologist E. O. Wilson in 1986, in a report for the first American Forum on biological diversity organized by the National Research Council (NRC). The word biodiversity was suggested to him by the staff of NRC, to replace biological diversity , considered to be less effective in terms of communication. Since 1986 the terms and the concept have achieved widespread use among biologists, environmentalists, political leaders, and concerned citizens worldwide. This use has coincided with the expansion of concern over extinction observed in the last decades of the 20th century.

71. LIFE: Australia's FIRST Official WWW Service
Collection of biological information and links, especially the environment and biodiversity, from Charles Sturt University. Includes resources on biodiversity, complexity, natural heritage, and Australian biological resources.

About This Service
Australia Biological Information Complexity ... Frames
About This Service
Further information about the service:

72. Biodiversity-Environment
Listserv Links biodiversity. biodiversity-General; The environment; Plants Animals General Endangered Species Invertebrates Birds
Listserv Links - Biodiversity
  • Biodiversity-General The Environment Plants Animals ... The Ocean
  • The Environment
    Save What's Left!

    If you want something done right, give it to a child. This is the philosophy of Save What's Left, an organization dedicated to empowering children by deeding them the care of the planet. The site's projects focus on inner cities, offering step-by-step action plans for urban youth to tackle issues ranging from overdevelopment to polluted water. Enjoy the liberal photos and cool graphics, or shop guilt-free in the General Store (sales of original 'wildlife' clothing underwrite the group's costs).(M) The Illinois Natural Resources Information Network (INRIN)

    Formed to provide natural resource-related information to the citizens of Illinois so that individuals and groups can make informed decisions about natural resource management and policy.
    The Natural Resources Education Materials are extensive and include:

    73. IELRC.ORG - International Environmental Law Research Centre
    Nonprofit research centre based in Geneva conducting research and policy studies related to connections between law, the environment, and human needs (including biodiversity, climate change, intellectual property, and human rights), with specific regional expertise in India and East Africa. Includes online reports.
    International Environmental Law Research Centre (IELRC), International Environment House, 1219 Geneva, Switzerland
    about staff contact ... tchiwas

    74. Rainforests Biodiversity Scale Of Destruction By Mark Elsis
    In this, the richest environment for life, we are destroying a land area which is Part I Rainforests biodiversity Part II Scale of Destruction
    EcoHumane Health People Phenomena ... Dictionary
    The Number One Issue Facing Humanity by Mark Elsis
    and the staff of LOVEARTH .net At Our Current Rate
    Of Mass Species Extinctions
    Due To Rainforests Destruction
    Omega Point For Homo Sapiens
    Will Occur Between 2012 - 2016

    This we know:
    The earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself. Chief Seattle
    Dear Citizen of Earth November 1, 1999
    The most important piece of Rainforests Destruction information to understand is this: If no action is taken, between 2012 and 2016 the land area of virgin Rainforests will go below the critical built-in natural safeguard threshold providence of 10% virgin Rainforests area with its 50% species remaining.

    75. EUROPA - Environment
    Extensive information on policies, action programmes, and issues in areas such as sustainable development, climate change, biodiversity, environmental law, chemicals, and radiation protection.
    es da de el en fr it nl pt ...
    Internet consultation on a proposal for a Floods Directive "Reducing the risks of floods in Europe"

    Standard reply on MVA-Zella-Mehlis-complaints
    New ETAP website

    Number 2 issue of the Newsletter of the EU Environmental Technologies Action Plan (ETAP): Clean, Clever, Competitive

    Proposal from the Commission for a Council Directive on passenger car related taxes

    LIFE 2005- 2006 Call for proposals
    Welcome to this environmental portal!
    This website is designed to inform visitors about all relevant issues pertaining to the environment. It provides up-to-date information on the state of our environment, policy initiatives and legislative issues. Environmental legislation and European-wide policies have contributed significantly to progress made in cleaning up the air and rivers and acting to combat climate change among other things.
    Needless to say that there is still a lot to be done in an enlarged Europe of 25. As Commissioner for the Environment, I look forward to working together with the Directorate General for the Environment in order to address the challenges ahead.

    76. IUCN - Regional Biodiversity Programme, Asia
    World environment Day World biodiversity Day. Note from HeadRBP is tomainstream biodiversity and environmental considerations into WTO debates.
    SACNET List
    BIOPLAN List

    CBD Focal Points List
    (Restricted use) World Environment Day
    World Biodiversity Day

    Note from Head-RBP

    IUCN - RBP Staff
    IUCN Regional Biodiversity Programme, Asia had the honour of working with a range of stakeholders and an inter-ministerial committee in Maldives to help Republic of Maldives finalise the national biosafety policy and the biosafety framework. During the final stakeholder workshop held in Male on 11th Spetember 2005 the policy and framework was presented to the inter-ministerial group for finalisation. Speaking on the occassion the Director General of Environment Research Center, Dr. Mohamed Ali welcomed ....
    More Info..

    77. EPBC Act Home Page
    Information on all aspects of the environment Protection and biodiversity Act, 1999
    Skip navigation links About us Contact us Publications ... What's new Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act You are here: DEH Home EPBC Skip Navigation EPBC Act web pages Quick links Public Notices Search for referral What's protected near you? Search by: Did you know? The EPBC Act is the principal Commonwealth legislation for establishing and managing protected areas. The Director of National Parks manages these areas. More about the Director of National Parks Other popular web pages
    Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999
    The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 EPBC Act) protects the environment, particularly matters of National Environmental Significance. It streamlines national environmental assessment and approvals process, protects Australian biodiversity and integrates management of important natural and cultural places.

    78. United Nations Environment Programme - Biodiversity
    Focus areas include biodiversity, environmental law, sustainable consumption,and information and outreach. Unidad de Recursos Naturales
    About UNEP UNEP Offices News Centre Publications ... UNEP Store United Nations Environment Programme
    environment for development Select an issue Biodiversity Chemicals Energy Environmental Assesment Freshwater Land Ozone Sustainable Consumption Urban Issues Search Resources for: Governments Scientists Journalists Business Persons ... Children and Youth UNEP Activities in Biodiversity
    Convention on Biological Diversity

    The global agreement on the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity. Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)
    CITES is an international agreement between governments that aims to ensure that international trade in wild animals and plants and their products does not threaten their survival. Convention on Migratory Species
    CMS (or the Bonn Convention) aims to conserve terrestrial, marine and avian migratory species throughout their range Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds - AEWA
    The agreement covers 172 species of birds ecologically dependent on wetlands for at least part of their annual cycle, including many species of pelicans, storks, flamingos, swans, geese, ducks, waders, gulls and terns.

    79. Farming Solutions
    Joint Oxfam, Greenpeace, ILEIA, Pesticide Action Network site packed with examples of successful, environmentally responsible farming systems that protect the environment and agricultural biodiversity and increase food security.
    If you can read this you need a new browser that can display frames. download one from

    80. Tropical Conservancy
    Canadianbased organization working to conserve world biodiversity and environment.


    The official site of the international journal:
    Biodiversit y

    The official site of the international journal:
    Biodiversit y ...
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