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  1. The Airliner Cabin Environment: Air Quality and Safety by Committee on Airliner Cabin Air Quality, National Research Council, 1986-01-01
  2. Health Implications of Fungi in Indoor Environments (Air Quality Monographs , Vol 2) by Robert A. Samson, B. Flannigan, 1994-12
  3. Indoor Air Quality (Indoor Environment Technicians Library) by Leo A. Meyer, 1999-06-01
  4. The U.S.-Mexican Border Environment: Binational Air Quality Management (SCERP Monograph Series, no. 14)
  5. Wood fires harm air quality.(Environment)(Fine smoke particles are linked to serious health problems): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR) by Gale Reference Team, 2007-02-06
  6. Air Quality, Environment, and Energy (Transportation Research Record)
  7. Air products: committed to product quality/the environment. (Air Products and Chemicals Inc.) (10th Annual Show in Print of the International Nonwovens Industry): An article from: Nonwovens Industry
  8. The Airliner Cabin Environment Air Quality and Safety by Editor, 1986
  9. The U.S.-Mexican Border Environment: Air Quality Issues Along the U.S.-Mexican Border (SCERP Monograph Series, no. 6)
  10. Volunteers needed to serve on LRAPA.(Environment)(The air quality agency seeks a half-dozen members to join often contentious debate): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR) by Gale Reference Team, 2006-12-29
  11. Heavy smoke clouds valley, poses hazard.(Environment)(Air quality: Particulates from wildfires and field burning can harm babies, the elderly and the ailing.): ... from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)

1. The Air Quality Archive
UK Air Quality Archive

2. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) - Home Page
Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) refers to the quality of the air and environment inside buildings, based on pollutant concentrations

3. AIRNOW - Real Time Air Pollution Data
About AIRNow. Air Quality Basics Air Quality Index Ozone Particle Pollution UV. The AQI for National Park Service Air Resources Environment

4. National Society For Clean Air And Environmental Protection
UK association of environmental protection specialists. Works on environmental protection and management issues including air quality and noise.

5. Defra, UK - Environmental Protection - Air Quality
air quality environmental Protection Index. Air Quality. Business the Environment. Chemicals. Climate Change. Consumer Products. Economics

6. Emission Control Specialists
Indoor Air Quality Controlling indoor air quality will improve the workplace environment. Benefits associated with clean indoor air include

7. Air Quality - Environment - FHWA
Environment. FHWA HEP Environment Air Quality. Air Toxics. Air Quality Planning for Transportation Officials. Congestion Mitigation and Air

8. Scorecard Home
Air for Life. Air pollution harms health, damages forests and lakes, and lowers our quality of information and action for a cleaner

9. Air Quality Standards Don't Just Pertain To Outdoor Environment -
Air quality standards don't just pertain to outdoor environment. Davie Lloyd

10. Air Waste Management Association
Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) and the Clean Air The same great quality of materials you've come technology. The Urban Environment

11. Defra, UK - Environmental Protection - Air Quality
Environmental Protection Index Air Quality The site is also the nationalarchive of air quality information and reports, including detailed air
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Environmental protection
Home Contact Defra About Defra News ... Environmental Protection
Air quality
Environmental Protection Index Air Quality Chemicals Climate Change ... Other material This section has details of developments to control and manage ambient air quality across the UK, including European and international air quality issues. This index page is arranged under the following headings:
Air quality information
National Air Quality Information Archive - this site provides up-to-date, comprehensive, detailed information on air quality. Visit the site to find out what air pollution is like near you and for a forecast of what it will be like over the next 24 hours! The site is also the national archive of air quality information and reports, including detailed air quality monitoring data and statistics, plus major sections on local air quality management and air quality research. National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory Information on ozone monitoring and science issues is at

12. - Air Quality
Environment. Home Environment Air Quality Overview News The MetropolitanWashington Air Quality Committee (MWAQC) is developing a new air

Environment Air Quality
Air Quality
EPA Action on Region's Air Quality Plan May 13, 2005 - EPA approved the Virginia and District of Columbia 's one-hour ozone air quality plan (“Severe Area SIP”) to meet the Clean Air Act requirements for a severe ozone nonattainment area. EPA disapproved the Maryland plan with a protective finding for the mobile emissions budget, so the budget can be used for determining conformity for the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP). EPA plans to revoke the one-hour standard on June 15, 2005. The Metropolitan Washington Air Quality Committee (MWAQC) is developing a new air quality plan to meet the 8-hour ozone standard. The Metropolitan Washington region was designated as in moderate non-attainment of the 8-hour ozone standard and has a deadline of June 2010 to meet the new ozone standard. Visit the SIP page for more EPA rulings.

13. TVA: Air Quality
Environmental Policy and Principles Air Quality Land Management Water This July 2003 report provides a look at air quality in the eastcentral
Air Quality
Through the power distributors of the Tennessee Valley, TVA provides some 8.5 million consumers with reliable electric power at an affordable price. This massive public power system, the largest in the nation, provides a service that operates for the public good rather than the need to generate profits.
Plant modifications
TVA has one of the most aggressive emission control programs in the nation. By 2010, it will have spent about $5.6 billion on clean air modifications to its plants.
  • ), while only 16 percent of the coal-fired capacity of surrounding utilities has scrubbers.
These modifications have produced significant results. Emissions of SO and NOx in 2004 were the lowest on record even as TVA was supplying the sixth-highest amount of coal-fired generation in its 72-year history.
  • TVA has met its commitment to reduce ozone-season NOx emissions by 70-75 percent below 1995 levels by 2005. Ozone season (May - September) NOx emissions in 2004 were 49,000 tons, 78 percent below 1995 levels. It is also on track to fulfill its commitment to reduce SO emissions by 80-85 percent below 1977 levels by 2010. SO

14. Clean Air: Air Quality And Environmental Law In Canada
Up to date information on air quality issues in Canada. Including environmental law and policy, motor vehicle emissions and industrial sources of pollution. Maintained by students at the environment Law Centre, University of Victoria.
Law and Policy
Pollution Science

Motor Vehicles

Industrial Sources
... Now
CleanAir Update:
Enter your email address to get our monthly update. New - fill out our online questionnaire . We welcome your comments about Never before have Canadians been as concerned about clean air. Public health experts estimate that air pollution is responsible for 16,000 premature deaths in this country each year; at this rate, forty Canadians die from air pollution-related causes each and every day. We hope this site will provide a place for concerned Canadians to learn more about the air pollution, to share information and strategies, and coordinate efforts to protect our air. Much of the content for this site has been adapted from a new publication: authored by the Environmental Law Centre at UVic and published by the Sierra Legal Defence Fund. This site is managed by students at UVic ELC . To support the site, we have created the Clean Air Canada Society whose directors have a wealth of experience working on air pollution issues with NGO's from coast to coast. This site is a work-in-progress; an attempt to better harness the voices and energies of clean air activists (and would-be activists) nationwide. We welcome your ideas, suggestions, contributions and thoughts and will soon be launching a discussion board to facilitate interactions. We also welcome your feedback about our website; fill out our

15. City Of Chicago Webportal
Gives information on Chicago's air quality and regional pollution prevention programs.

16. Global Warming, Air Quality, Climate Change, Ozone, Weather
A onestop source of information, for younger and older users alike, on a range of atmospheric issues, including air quality, acid rain, global warming and ozone depletion. Provided by the UK Government Department of the environment, Transport and the Regions.



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From the
See also the Encyclopedia of Sustainable Development Best viewed with Internet Explorer at 1024 x 768 resolution.
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17. ADEQ: Air Quality
Arizona Department of environmental quality The mission of the air qualityDivision is to protect and enhance public health and the environment by
Keyword Search: Home Contact Us Help Site Map ... Subscribe BROWSE AIR QUALITY Air Quality Monitoring Compliance Permits Preventing Air Pollution ... Vehicle Emissions BROWSE BY CATEGORY About ADEQ ADEQ Newsroom Assistance Compliance ... Doing Business with ADEQ BROWSE BY PROGRAM Air Quality Tank Programs Waste Programs Water Quality AIR QUALITY Welcome to the ADEQ Air Quality Division The mission of the Air Quality Division is to protect and enhance public health and the environment by controlling present and future sources of air pollution.
  • Developing and implementing programs designed to ensure that Arizona meets national air quality standards Regulating the emission of air pollutants from industries and facilities by issuing and ensuring compliance with permits that ensure emissions are within healthful limits Developing state rules governing air quality standards
Air Quality Standards Other Jurisdictions

18. Global Warming, Air Quality, Climate Change, Ozone, Weather
Authoritative but accessible information on a wide range of atmosphererelated and environmental topics, including air quality, acid rain, global warming, ozone depletion, and weather.



: 10 to 15% online discount off 30 books at Earthscan
From the
See also the Encyclopedia of Sustainable Development Best viewed with Internet Explorer at 1024 x 768 resolution.
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19. Air Quality Home Page
The air quality Section of the Department of the environment and Heritage seeksto protect and improve urban air quality through national action to reduce
Skip navigation links About us Contact us Publications ... What's new Air Quality You are here: DEH Home Atmosphere Air quality In this theme Skip navigation links Quick links Skip navigation links New in Air quality
Air quality
Australians consistently rank air pollution as a major environmental concern. The state of our air is an important factor in the quality of life in Australian cities. It affects the health of the community and directly influences the sustainability of our lifestyles and production methods. The Air Quality Section of the Department of the Environment and Heritage seeks to protect and improve urban air quality through national action to reduce emissions of major air pollutants. The Department's focus is on those sectors that make the greatest contributions to adverse air quality as well as those pollutants that continue to pose threats to the environment and human health. National action can relate to the implementation of relevant national standards and strategies and a common approach to monitoring air quality, research to inform air quality policy and community education on air quality issues.

20. Almanac Of Policy Issues: Environment
Links and background information on U.S. and global environmental issues, including issues such as air quality, water quality, global warming, wildlife, and energy conservation.
Almanac of Policy Issues
Search Policy Archive
In many ways, America's environment has improved dramatically since the first Earth Day in 1970. The quality of the nation's air has improved substantially with respect to many pollutants, particularly lead after it was phased out as a gasoline additive several years ago. Water pollution from "point sources" like industrial facilities and wastewater treatment plants has seen similar improvement, though pollution from "nonpoint" sources principally urban, suburban and agriculture runoff has proved an intractable problem of ongoing concern. While these and other domestic environmental issues draw continued attention, however, many environmentalists are now placing international issues at the top of their list of priorities. Issues like global warming, population growth, deforestation, and the continued loss of many species of plants and animals have reached increasing prominence on the environmental agenda. These issues are not without controversy. While few people consider themselves anti-environment, many environmental policies draw considerable opposition from those who are adversely affected economically. Domestically, industries complain of a heavy regulatory burden and question the benefits of new environmental proposals. Property owners complain that their rights are being infringed. There is also significant conflict in the international arena, where poor, developing nations argue that they can not afford new environmental restrictions and that rich, industrialized nations, who have until recently been the world's primary polluters, should shoulder most of the burden.

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