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         Water Resources:     more books (98)
  1. Water Resources Engineering by Larry W. Mays, 2010-06-08
  2. Principles of Water Resources: History, Development, Management, and Policy by Thomas V. Cech, 2004-06-28
  3. Water-Resources Engineering (2nd Edition) by David A. Chin, 2006-04-13
  4. Water Resource Economics: The Analysis of Scarcity, Policies, and Projects by Ronald C. Griffin, 2006-01-01
  5. Water: The Fate of Our Most Precious Resource by Marq de Villiers, 2001-07-12
  6. Written in Water: Messages of Hope for Earth's Most Precious Resource
  7. Geographic Information Systems in Water Resources Engineering by Lynn E. Johnson, 2008-12-17
  8. The Evolution of Water Resource Planning and Decision Making by Clifford S. Russell, Duane D. Baumann, 2010-02-28
  9. Six-Minute Solutions for Civil PE Exam Problems: Water Resources by R. Wane Schneiter, 2003-07
  10. Water (True Books: Natural Resources) by Christin Ditchfield, 2003-03
  11. Planet Water: Investing in the World's Most Valuable Resource by Steve Hoffmann, 2009-04-06
  12. Economics of Water Resources Planning by L. Douglas James, Robert R. Lee, 1971-02
  13. Introduction to Water Resources and Environmental Issues by Karrie Lynn Pennington, Thomas V. Cech, 2010-01-18
  14. Exploring Water Resources: GIS Investigations for the Earth Sciences, ArcGIS? Edition by Michelle K. Hall, C. Scott Walker, et all 2006-09-07

161. Environment Canada's Green Lane: Topics - Water
Provides links to Environment Canada resources on water.

Acts and Regulations

Media Room

The Minister

Proactive Disclosure
Expenditure Review

Audits and Evaluations

Related Resources

Quick Links Acid Rain Air Climate Change Emergencies Hinterland Who's Who Nature and Wildlife Ozone Pollution Prevention Site Map Water Others You are here: Home Topics Water
Bulk Water Removal Drinking water Efficiency/Conservation Floods ... Wastewater Technology Centre
See also:
Climate Change Ecosystems Energy Nature and Wildlife ...
Water Glossary
To see news releases or statements and speeches on this and other issues and topics, consult the News Releases and Statements and Speeches Pages What's New About Us Topics Publications ... Canada Site The Green Lane TM , Environment Canada's World Wide Web site Important Notices

162. HOME
Designing lowimpact development alternatives(LIDA)for new or retrofit developments to preserve environmental resources, i.e., groundwater and surface water supplies.
Green Development Consultants, L.L.C. GDC, L.L.C., specializes in designing and monitoring low-impact development alternatives for new or retrofit developments. We also provide consultation to local, state, and federal commissions and agencies on land development activities and preservation of existing water resources. Additionally, GDC provides a suite of environmental related services. We have comprehensive experience in working with commercial and residential developers, engineers, and town agencies in selecting low-impact development practices that address water quality and quantity issues. Uses of low-impact development alternatives (LIDAs) are economical and environmentally friendly. Bio-retention gardens treat surface water runoff from parking lots, sidewalks, roofs, etc at a fraction of the cost of traditional practices. Recharging groundwater supplies, maintaining municipal water supplies and base flows in streams, minimizing land disturbance, and working with existing drainage patterns all help to preserve valuable resources that might otherwise be lost. FACT: Using LIDAs can save an estimated $6,000.00 per acre of land developed. (Source: Pierce County, WA, March 2001)

163. Environmental Resources Trust, Inc.
Consult with commercial, industrial, and institutional consumers to help them understand the benefits and costs of meeting the electric power needs with green power (EcoPower). ERT also focuses on the development of markets for wateruse rights (EcoLands) and greenhouse gas emission allowances (EcoAir).
About ERT ERT in the News ERT Publications
Board and Staff
... Home ERT Programs
What is ERT?
ERT (The Environmental Resources Trust, Inc.) is a Washington, DC-based, non-profit organization that pioneers the use of market forces to protect and improve the global environment. Founded in 1996, ERT is harnessing the power of markets to address the challenges of tempering climate change, securing clean and reliable power, and encouraging environmentally beneficial land use. ERT has developed three focused programs to accomplish its mission. ERT's GHG Registry SM records validated greenhouse gas ("GHG") emissions profiles with the aim of creating a market that will enable efficient emissions reductions. The EcoPower SM Program catalyzes the market for clean energy by substantiating and marketing blocks of power that include new renewable sources of energy and have significantly reduced environmental impacts. ERT's EcoLands SM Program facilitates deals that enable and encourage landowners to make environmentally beneficial land use decisions. ERT's funding is derived both from philanthropic contributions and fee-for-service revenues. ERT is

164. Minnesota Board Of Water And Soil Resources
State agency dedicated to helping local governments manage natural resources. News, contact information for all field offices, information on programs and


Water Management
Conservation Practices
The Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources Helping Minnesota's local governments manage and conserve our irreplaceable water and soil resources.
Your choices are below CREP II Info 2004 SWCD Financial Docs eLINK Info Page SWCD 2003 Financial Info State Cost-Share Manual CLWP Guidance Docs SWCD Technical Report 2003 Session Info (Archive) Outcomes: CREP easements Outcomes: Easements Wetland Restoration Spreadsheets PWP/WCA Permit Forms WCA Manual Forms Staff Contact Information Map to Central/Metro Office Photo Gallery WHAT'S HOT?
New wetland report published

see news release

2005 Legislative Session Info
Water Management Challenge Grants Announced ... North Star Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources
520 Lafayette Road North Saint Paul, MN 55155 (651) 296-3767; Fax (651) 297-5615; TTY (800) 627-3529 An Equal Opportunity Employer Send your feedback or technical questions to

165. Poseidon Resources Group || Carlsbad Desalination Project
Carlsbad Desalination Project is an effort to provide a reliable potable water supply for San Diego County
This 50-million-gallon-per-day seawater desalination project will provide a new, local and reliable source of high quality water that meets or exceeds all state and federal drinking water standards.
Featured News Carlsbad Desalination Plant: Business-labor partnership... more Click Here Desalination plant process moves ahead... more
Desalination deal enters the pipeline... more
Deal worked out on desalination plant... more
  • The project is slated to be operational as early as 2008. It would use state-of-the-art reverse osmosis water treatment technology manufactured in the San Diego region. It would be located adjacent to the Encina Power Station It would provide up to 56,000 acre-feet per year - enough for 300,000 residents - of desalinated water for Carlsbad, Oceanside and nearby communities.

The Project Desalination 101 FAQs ... Site Map
© 2004 Carlsbad Desalination Project

166. Water Cycle - Water In Schools - Resources For Education
Education about the water cycle, water treatment and sewage. Offers curriculum resources for geography, science, math, and history.
Water Cycle (
National Curriculum Educational Resources and Materials
Welcome to our water resource web site! Here you will find the background to many of the issues surrounding our most vital resource, with links to some of the leading web sites. If you are looking for online education resources for the water cycle, water pumps, pollution, water shed, weather, safety and environment follow this link Water In Schools Here you will find an excellent range of resources for schools, pupils, adults, teachers and parents to support the teaching and learning about water. These educational materials can be used within school, with many suitable for homework help, including topics such as maths, science, geography, water conservation, water in London, and the Network Challenge game. You can also find over 200 worksheets dealing with water and sewage treatment, find out about site visits or make orders through the online catalogue. With online games, printable activities and links to other websites there is something to help all ages with their school work. more info Water Catalogue This is an online catalogue for educational resources. National Curriculum subjects covered include citizenship, drama, environment, geography, history, ICT, literacy, maths, music, science and technology. The database lists education resources and education materials for key stages 1-5. You can find worksheets, activities, online games, online resources, online education materials, free downloads, downloadables and site visits, and order educational resources such as the James Pond CD ROM.

167. Watershed Atlas Of The Allegheny River
Rich source of information about the environmental resources of the Allegheny River watershed and how human activities affect water quality and the environment.

168. American Land Conservancy
Dedicated to the preservation of land and water as enduring public resources, to protect and enhance our nation's natural, ecological, historical, recreational and scenic heritage.

169. Water, Air And Climate Change Branch Home Page
Information on major air quality issues, from local to global, including vehicle emissions, stratospheric ozone depletion, industrial emissions, and particulates. Site hosted by the Air resources Branch of the Government of British Columbia, Canada.
Water, Air and Climate Change Branch Home Who We Are What's New Air Air Quality Codes, Criteria and More Air Quality Online Air Quality Legislation Air Protection ... Stratospheric Ozone Depletion Water Aquifers Flood Hazard Management Ground Water Non-Point Source Water Pollution ... Water Resource Information Climate Change Climate Change Home Weather, Climate and the Future: BC's Plan Indicators of Climate Change for BC State of Environment Reporting Water and Air Monitoring and Reporting Water and Air Monitoring and Reporting Laboratory Services Sampling, Methods and Quality Assurance Environmental Databases ... Related Links
Environment Canada
Clean Air
Water BC Weather Freshwater ...

Other Governments
Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD)
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Alberta Government: Air Alberta Government: Water ... Water, Air and Climate Change Branch Ministry of Environment;
Government of
British Columbia PO Box 9341
Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC
Canada V8W 9M1 phone: (250) 387-3205 fax: (250) 356-7197 e-MaiL

170. Ohio Soil And Water Conservation Districts On The Web
Provides links to districts, organizations and projects in the state.
OHIO On the NACD server! Ohio Association of Soil and Water Conservation Distict Employees On the NACD server!
Ohio Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society

On the NACD server!
Ashland Soil and Water Conservation District

Ashtabula Soil and Water Conservation District

Athens Soil and Water Conservation District

Auglaize Soil and Water Conservation District
Brown County Soil and Water Conservation District
On the NACD server!
Butler Soil and Water Conservation District

Carroll County Soil and Water Conservation District
On the NACD server!
On the NACD server! Clermont Soil and Water Conservation District Columbiana Soil and Water Conservation District On the NACD server! Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District Delaware Soil and Water Conservation District On the NACD server! Defiance Soil and Water Conservation District Fairfield Soil and Water Conservation District Fulton County Soil and Water Conservation District Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District On the NACD server! Geauga Soil and Water Conservation District Harrison Soil and Water Conservation District Hancock Soil and Water Conservation District Hocking Soil and Water Conservation District On the NACD server!

171. Mendocino Midwife - Your Resource For Midwifery Information And Family And Home
resources and information about homebirths, water birthing, family products, birth stories and book reviews. Carla Stange is a Certified Nurse Midwife in practice on the Northern California coast for 15 years.
Mendocino Midwife.Com offers birth stories, book reviews and home birth products from Carla Stange, a certified nurse-midwife and family nurse practitioner who has been attending home births on the northern California coast for 18 years.
Mendocino Family HealthCare

Book Reviews

Web Resources

Birth Tales

Complete Belly Cast Kits..

Mendocino Family HealthCare
Mendocino Birth Tales Web Resources
Mendocino Family HealthCare™
940 Ukiah Street, PO Box 1129, Mendocino, CA 95460

172. MyOAN! - Your Next Generation Outdoors!
Offers articles, advice, forums, and links to other resources. Covers biking, camping, climbing, fishing, hunting, and water sports.
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Customer Service Key Word Search: INTERACTIVE MyOAN! Welcome Tour MyOAN! Experts Outdoor Forums Invite-A-Friend Tip-Of-The-Day Games Online All About MyOAN! MyOAN! OnLine Store DEPARTMENTS Outdoor Fun Facts Outdoor Woman Young Outdoorsman Organizations Outdoor NewsStand Books and Videos Photography Resources Events ISP Channels Press Room Partner With MyOAN! Web Site Services Site Map
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OAN! Headquarters March 30, 2004 Our Territories Are Really Off The Beaten Path BTN Outdoors Outdoor Journeys With A Theme BTN Outdoors Buck Fever 2004 Some practical ways to take trophy bucks this season. Saltwater - Catching Red's and Speckled Trout this summer can be full of fun and adventure America's Camping Roots Run Deep! - Camping is the oldest way of living. Outdoor Fun Facts - Every wondered why something works, hy animals do what they do? Find out here!

173. Iowa State University Extension To Agriculture And Natural Resources
Includes information on field specialists, farm business management,gardens, food safety, water quality, valueadded agriculture.
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Agriculture and Natural Resources
ISU Extension to Agriculture and Natural Resources
Please contact Jean McGuire with any questions.
Latest News
USDA September Crop Forecast Surprises Grain Trade
Robert Wisner
, Iowa State University Extension economist. - October 26 and 27, 2005 Drought Information
Parts of eastern Iowa are facing moderate to severe drought conditions this summer. Iowa State University Extension has pulled together a list of resources to help Iowans care for crops, livestock and gardens.
Web Sites in the News

174. Ontario Ministry Of Natural Resources
Ministry of Natural resources water management activities are focused on four key objectives View the full Ministry of Natural resources Objectives article
central site feedback search site map Search MNR Sites
MNR Sites
select a link Aviation and Fire Fish and Wildlife Lands and Waters Ontario Parks Ontario's Forests Science, Info and Tech Youth Programs Bears Camping Crown Land Fire Fighting Fishing Forests Rabies Rare Species Water Resources MNR Offices MNR Store Renew Outdoors Card Reserve a Campsite Location: MNR Home Water Resources
Water Resources
What is Our Role?
The Ministry of Natural Resources plays a significant role in ensuring that Ontario's precious water resources and their hydrologic functions are sustained in order to support the needs of the public and a healthy natural environment now and into the future.
Ministry of Natural Resources Objectives
Ministry of Natural Resources water management activities are focused on four key objectives:
View the full Ministry of Natural Resources Objectives article
Relevant Legislation
To do this, the Ministry of Natural Resources works with many partners to develop and implement sustainable water management programs through legislation. Find out more about legislation.

175. Improvement Of The Drinking Water Supply For The Poor Population Of The Paraguay
Article by The Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural resources.
Sectoral Task Water Improvement of the drinking water supply for the poor population of the Paraguayan Chaco Sources of drinking water are scarce in the thinly populated Paraguayan Chaco. Most of the groundwater is saline, there are no permanent streams or lakes. Drinking water is traditionally obtained by collecting rain water from roofs and storage in cisterns, collecting surface runoff in artificial basins (tajamars) (Fig. 1), and abstraction from small, local fresh water occurrences. In the Technical Cooperation project "Exploration and Development of Groundwater Resources in the Western Part of Paraguay", the results of hydrogeological exploration are used to improve the supply of drinking water to the Indian and Campesino communities. Simple methods adapted to the local conditions are used for the water supply systems. The water is pumped using windmills (Fig. 2). The village communities are fully integrated into the planning and construction activities of the project. Much of the work is done by the local people (Fig. 3). For this reason, the population identify with the project and learn the skills and techniques needed to operate and maintain the system.
Fig. 1: Tajamar

176. Untitled
water, conflict and cooperation in the Middle East politics and international law resources.
has found a new location. Please update your bookmarks.
You will proceed automatically ...

177. The Santa Clara Valley Koi & Water Garden Club
Club in California tells about its meetings, pond tours, and koi show, presents resources and articles, and offers membership information.
Welcome to The Santa Clara Valley Koi Club Web Site! Please Enter and Enjoy... Members Business Koi Show Pond Tour ... Contact Us, established 2002. Speaker For The September Meeting Stephen Davis , whose pond was on our club tour this year, has grown carnivorous plants for over 10 years and incorporated a bog garden in his pond design featuring these exotic and beautiful plants. Currently President of the Bay Area Carnivorous Plants Society, Stephen has presented to several garden clubs, and the Master Gardeners Water Garden special interest Group. Expect to be surprised by the diversity and ease of growing these plants outside in the Bay Area
Our next meeting will be September 16th at the American Legion Hall, starting at 7:30pm. Remember, all meetings are open to the public. Check us out and join our club today! If you have any ideas for upcoming meeting topics or speakers, please let us know Return to top
You aren't a member , you say? Call for Articles
If you have any interesting articles you'd like to share, please

178. Tri-Basin Natural Resources District
Nebraska government department protecting soil and water quality. Offers organization description, maps of streams and region groudwaters and descriptions of regulations and recommended management practices.

179. Home Page | North Dakota NRCS
Federal agency office working with local soil conservation districts to achieve conservation of soil and other resources on private land. Information about wind and water erosion and NRCS programs in the state.
United States Department of Agriculture
North Dakota Home
About Us News Programs ... Contact Us Search North Dakota All NRCS Sites for
Quick Access
Welcome to the NRCS North Dakota State Web Site.
Two North Dakota Watersheds Included in the National Conservation Security Program
Two North Dakota watersheds were among 110 across the Nation invited to participate in the 2006 Conservation Security Program (CSP), a program designed to reward farmers for long-term stewardship on working agricultural lands. ...More Info
Farm Bill Forum Held in Minot, ND
US Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns spoke to producers July 26, 2005, at a public Farm Bill forum, held at the North Dakota State Fair, Minot. ...More Info
North Dakota Receives Approximately $173,000 for Sage Grouse Habitat Enhancement
WHIP and EQIP provide financial and technical assistance for sage grouse habitat projects that provide the maximum benefits from partners' contributions, encourage and reward advance planning, and help implement the NRCS Sage Grouse Habitat Conservation Action Plan. ...More Info
The Natural Resources Conservation Service provides leadership in a partnership effort to help people conserve, maintain, and improve our natural resources and environment.

180. Bottled Water Web - The Definitive Bottled Water Site
Includes forum, FAQs, glossary, resources, articles, regulations, new products and statistics.
Sat Sep 17 02:47
"The Noblest of the elements is water."
Pindar, 476 B.C.
Welcome to the portal for the bottled water industry. The BottledWaterWeb® has been the leading information center on the Internet since it was launched in 1995. We provide extensive information about the industry to the public and privileged reports to our members. Traffic exceeds over 4 million hits per year from across the globe. To join the BotledWaterWeb now click here . To get your bottled water or supplier information listed click here . For Classified Advertising, click here

The Latest on the Water Industry. Industry Articles
Read about current water related issues. Calendar of Events
Find out about upcoming water seminars.

Leading bottled water companies from around the globe. Suppliers Leaders in bottled water equipment. New Products Discover the latest. MEMBER LOGIN Email: Password:

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