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  1. Proceedings of the 8th Panafrican Congress of Prehistory and Quaternary Studies: Nairobi, September 1977
  2. Holocene alluvial stratigraphy and landscape development in Soap Creek Watershed, Appanoose, Davis, Monroe, and Wapello counties, Iowa (Iowa Quaternary Studies Group contribution) by Elmer A Bettis, 1987
  3. Actes de IV Congres Panafricain de Prehistoire et de L'Etude de Quaternaire Section III. Pre- et Protohistoire (Pan-African Congress on Prehistory and Quaternary Studies) by Georges and Jacques Nenquin Mortelmans, 1962
  4. An outline on the present stage of study on late Quaternary marine molluscs in the Nordic realm (DGU reprint) by Kaj Strand Petersen, 1987
  5. Quaternary studies in the Paradox Basin, Southeastern Utah: Technical report (BMI/ONWI) by Norma Biggar, 1987
  6. Preliminary results of studies on the Quaternary geology of Argentine (Suomalaisen Tiedeakatemian Toimituksia annales Academiae Fennicae. Series A. III. Geologica-geographica) by Väinö Auer, 1951
  7. British Quaternary Studies, Recent Advances by F.W., Edited by Shotton, 1977-01-01
  8. Phase I survey for Ron Hoenes Wetland Project, Bluff Springs Township, Cass County, Illinois (Archaeological survey report / Illinois State Museum, Quaternary Studies Program) by Lisa K Ruppert, 1996
  9. A "pilot" study of Quaternary surface deformation, Saddle Mountains anticline, northern Pasco basin, Washington by Michael W West, 1994
  10. Palynological study of quaternary deposits at the summit area of Hakusan Volcano: The palynological study of Cenozois strata in Hokuriku Region, central Japan by Norio Fuji, 1960
  11. Field guide: Irish Association for Quaternary Studies
  12. Collection of papers on Antarctic scientific research. Vol. 1: studies of Late Quaternary geology and geomorphology in the Vestfold Hills, east Antarctica by Chʻing-sung Chang, 1985
  13. The Fribourg area, Switzerland: A study in Quaternary geology and soil development (Publicatie / Fysisch Geografisch en Bodemkundig Laboratorium) by J. J. M Van der Meer, 1982
  14. Souvenir by Indian Society for Prehistoric and Quaternary Studies, 1981

101. Fazowo
of Geology Geophysics, UWMadison. studies of basic and applied problems inglacial geology, quaternary geology, engineering geology,and hydrogeology.

102. Quaternary Research Center
The quaternary Research Center was established in 1967 to foster such The primary research foci are weathering, elemental cycling, and studies of
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Quaternary Research Center
19 Johnson Quaternary studies focus on the processes that presently shape the natural environment and have operated over approximately the past two and a half million years (Quaternary period). A knowledge of Quaternary events facilitates an understanding of earth history in relation to the modern environment and has predictive value with regard to present-day and future environmental changes. Quaternary research is typically interdisciplinary, and thus it commonly involves related interests of two or more academic units. The Quaternary Research Center was established in 1967 to foster such interdisciplinary studies on a cooperative basis. The center has the following goals:
  • To understand environments and climate changes of the past two and a half million years in the context of modern surface processes, which include historical changes, prehistoric postglacial environments, and Ice Age events. To serve as a catalyst in fostering interdisciplinary studies in the fields of atmospheric sciences, archaeology/anthropology, botany, engineering, fisheries, forestry, geology, geophysics, oceanography, pedology, and zoology. To provide a scientific perspective on the scale of modern and man-made environmental changes, including climate changes, in the context of recent earth history.
  • 103. Quaternary Sciences Program
    Information about education, research and data dissemination activities regardingthe quaternary period of the arid western North America.
    The Quaternary Sciences Program at Northern Arizona University provides academic and field experience for master's degree graduate students in the context of developing state-of-the-art quality research and data dissemination regarding the Quaternary period of the arid western North America. Click any bar for information Send questions or comments to Dr. Jim I. Mead , Director, Quaternary Sciences Program.
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    104. ScienceDaily -- Browse Topics: Science/Earth_Sciences/Quaternary_Studies/Quatern
    Karl Kreutz of the University of Maine Institute for quaternary and ClimateStudies is a member of a group that collected an 1100foot deep core last summer
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    105. Iceage
    Barry Saltzman Climate Analysis Laboratory.
    Barry Saltzman
    Climate Analysis

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