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         Paleontology:     more books (60)
  1. Urumaco and Venezuelan Paleontology: The Fossil Record of the Northern Neotropics (Life of the Past)
  2. Principles of Paleontology by Michael Foote, Arnold I. Miller, 2006-08-21
  3. Genetics, Paleontology and Macroevolution by Jeffrey S. Levinton, 2001-08-06
  4. Vertebrate Paleontology and Evolution by Robert L. Carroll, 1990-01-01
  5. The Paleontology of New Mexico by Barry S. Kues, 2008-12-16
  6. Principles of Paleontology: Second Edition by David Raup, Steven M. Stanley, 1978-03-15
  7. A History of Paleontology Illustration (Life of the Past) by Jane P. Davidson, 2008-06-23
  8. Paleontology: A Brief History of Life (Templeton Science and Religion Series) by Ian Tattersall, 2010-03-01
  9. Albertosaurus: Death of a Predator (Discoveries in Paleontology) by Monique Keiran, 2002-06-24
  10. The Paleobiological Revolution: Essays on the Growth of Modern Paleontology
  11. The dawnseekers: The first history of American paleontology by Robert West Howard, 1975
  12. Field Adventures in Paleontology by Lynne M. Clos, 2003-09
  13. Vertebrate Paleontology by Alfred Sherwood Romer, 1966-06
  14. The First Fossil Hunters: Paleontology in Greek and Roman Times. by Adrienne Mayor, 2001-10-01

1. UCMP Home Page
Physically located in Berkeley, California, site contains information about exhibits, outreach, and extensive educational resources and links.

What's new About UCMP History of life ... Other resources Berkeley Natural History Museums consortium member

2. USGS Paleontology Site Index
Site map for paleontology at the U.S. Geological Survey
Site Index for
USGS Paleontology
USGS Paleontology Home Page Fossil Groups
Brachiopods Calcareous Nannofossils
Laurel M. Bybell Jean M. Self-Trail
Conodonts Corals
Generalized Classification William A. Oliver, Jr.
Diatoms Dinoflagellates
Lucy E. Edwards
Benthic Foraminifera
Scott E. Ishman
Planktonic Foraminifera Mollusks
G. Lynn Brewster-Wingard David L. Govoni John Pojeta, Jr. ... Charles L. Powell
Ostracodes Radiolaria Spores and Pollen
Norman O. Frederiksen Lisa M. Weimer Debra A. Willard ... Site Index this page
USGS Paleontology Geologic Information USGS Home Search USGS ...
U.S. Geological Survey

926 National Center, Reston, VA 20192, USA
Maintainer: Laurel Bybell
Last modified: 09:51:04 Thu 28 Jan 1999

3. Paleontology In The 21st Century: Table Of Contents
Summary of a 1997 meeting which outlined the current state of paleontology, and the areas which the science will encompass in the future.

4. The Book - OOK
Late Cretaceous marine fossils from the Western Interior Seaway. More than 50 pages of information on mosasaurs, plesiosaurs and other fossils found in
Click on cover or here for a view of the back of the book jacket
A Natural History of the Western Interior Sea Michael J. Everhart Published June, 2005 Indiana University Press - ISBN: 0253345472 TALK AND BOOK SIGNING Bring your fossils for identification Saturday, October 8, 2005 - 1-5 PM Sternberg Museum of Natural History 3000 Sternberg Drive Hays, Kansas Book signing and fossil identification - Fick Fossil and History Museum , 700 W. Third, Oakley, Kansas, Saturday, October 29th, 2-4pm
Last updated 08/21/2005 GO TO OCEANS OF KANSAS - MAIN INDEX STORY IN THE WICHITA EAGLE MIKE FREDERICK'S REVIEW IN PREHISTORIC TIMES "But the reader inquires, What is the nature of these creatures thus left
stranded a thousand miles from either ocean? How came they in the limestones
of Kansas, and were they denizens of land or sea?" E. D. Cope, 1872 Almost as soon as I put the first Oceans of Kansas Paleontology web pages up on the Internet in 1996, visitors began asking me where they could buy the book. I had to tell them there was no book. As the web site grew, it became apparent that there was a lot of interest in the information that I was providing. One of the major reasons that I decided to write a book about the oceans of Kansas was that visitors to the web site kept asking where they could buy one. Fortunately, the editors at the Indiana University Press agreed that it was a good idea and offered me a contract for the book in late 2001.

5. Paleontology And Fossils Resources
Offers extensive list of links about paleontology and fossils, library guides, and lists of books.

CONTENTS Books Contact Links Webrings
Here is a selected list of Web pages dealing with Paleontology and Fossils. Enter on the name of the page to access it. Additions to this list are appreciated.
Classrooms, Courses and Teaching
General Information

6. The Society Of Vertebrate Paleontology
Professional, international organization for VPs, publishes the Journal of Vertebrate paleontology.
About the Society

Executive Officers

2005 (65th) Annual Meeting
Members Only
Log In

Retrieve Password
Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology
Order Publications
VRTPALEO Listserver

Policy Statements
Media Guide Press Releases The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Founded in 1940 by thirty-four paleontologists, the Society now has over 2,000 members representing professionals, students, artists, preparators, and others interested in VP. It is organized exclusively for educational and scientific purposes, with the object of advancing the science of vertebrate paleontology. More information... The Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology JVP is the leading journal of professional vertebrate paleontology and the flagship publication of the Society. It was founded in 1980 by Dr. Jiri Zidek and publishes contributions on all aspects of VP. Tables of contents and abstracts are available, as are guidelines for submission. More information...

7. NSS PaleoSection
National Speleological Society organization for cavers interested in the study of fossils featured.
Mar. 10 New web site online! Thanks for your patience as we build on our new design in the months ahead.
NSS Annual Convention
Old Timers' Reunion
(Info. to be posted here) Some of the most significant deposits of Pleistocene and Recent vertebrate fossils are found in caves. However, fossils of all types and ages are frequently found in caves. [Coming Soon] When we find time to do it, this section will exhibit some of the fossils found in caves by PaleoSection members. Fred Grady, Chairman
NSS# 19586
1201 South Scott Street, Apt. 123
Arlington, WV 22204
Email Fred
Ray Garton, Treasurer
NSS# 11295
Session Chairman
PO Box 200 Barrackville, WV 26559 Email Ray Donna Cobb, Editor NSS# 25029 PaleoScene 4666 Sandpiper Lane Birmingham, AL 35244 Email Donna Home About Membership PaleoScene Email Us The PaleoScene needs articles, notes and announcements for the next issue. Contact

8. UM Paleontology
University of Michigan repository for fossil specimens. Ranked fourth in terms of size of collection among U.S. university museums.

9. Glossary: Paleontology: Guide To Authors: Publishing In ESS
Singlepage parallel documents in English and French by Natural Resources Canada. Animal and plant taxonomy, archaeology, zoology, botany.
allotype A specimen of the opposite sex to the holotype, designated from among paratypes (not regulated by ICBN or ICZN) binomen or binomial name The combination of two names, the first the generic and the second the species or trivial, that constitute the scientific name of a species (pl. binomina) CAI Colour Alteration Index (conodonts); plural, Colour Alteration Index values (i.e. not indices) description A statement of the attributes of a specimen or taxon diagnosis A statement of those attributes of a specimen or taxon that separate it from others emendation
  • (ICZN) any intentional change in the original spelling of an available name
  • (ICBN) an alteration of the diagnostic characters or circumscription of a taxon, without the exclusion of the type
epitype (ICBN) a specimen selected as an interpretive type when the type material is demonstrably ambiguous extant Of a taxon: having living representatives extinct Of a taxon: having no living representatives figured specimen
  • (Zoological) an illustrated specimen that has been assigned with some degree of uncertainty to a formal species, e.g. Atrypa sp.

10. Welcome To PRI - Ithaca's Museum Of The Earth!
PRI's website includes a number of educational sections. The society publishes _QUOTATION_American Paleontologist_QUOTATION_ and is located in

11. Introduction To The Exhibits
Many people think paleontology is the study of fossils. In fact, paleontology is much more. paleontology incorporates many different kinds of data from
Many people think paleontology is the study of fossils. In fact, paleontology is much more . Paleontology incorporates many different kinds of data from different fields. We provide three different areas in which to start your exploration of paleontology:
  • Phylogeny
  • Geologic Time
  • Evolutionary Thought These exhibits are extensive, complex and packed with information. To aid you in your virtual investigations, we have developed a navigation guide to explain the organizational structures and navigation tools that can help you make the most of the exhibits. You may also wish to look through our list of Special Exhibits for in-depth and interesting pages of note.
  • 12. Paleontology Careers
    What is paleontology? paleontology is more than just dinosaurs!

    13. Home
    Store specializing in secondhand paleontology books. is your source for classic works in paleontology, geology, anthropology, and exploration. We offer, in CD format, high-resolution digital reprints of classic works that are in the public domain.
    Company Profile was started in 1998 by Douglas K. and Erica M. Dew, collectors of rare paleontology and geology books. As the collection grew, a way was sought to give greater access to the collection. Surpassing 40,000 works, the collection is being digitized so that it can be enjoyed by a large audience at an affordable price. Attention Florida Paleontological Society Members Follow this link for information on your free CD! We purchase paleontology/geology libraries! Please e-mail us for more information! We offer appraisal services on paleontology and geology collections! Attention Not-For-Profit Institutions! E-mail us for details on our program for donations of CD reprints for your library. 2,500 copies will be donated in 1999.

    14. University Of California Museum Of Paleontology
    Collections include fossil and modern organisms representing prokaryotes to vertebrates collected from all continents. Limited exhibits open to the

    15. Royal Tyrrell Museum - A Place Of Discoveries Come And See The World's Most Exte
    Features ten signature galleries devoted to paleontology, with 40 dinosaur skeletons and more than 110,000 fossil specimens. Includes hours of operation, admission and directions. Located in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada.
    Royal Tyrrell Museum Celebrating
    Alberta's Centennial Learn More... Badlands Science Camp Learn More... Free Subscription Learn More... Tyrrell
    Member of Alliance Learn More... Dinosaur
    Park Symposium Learn More...
    SNEAK A PEEK GET INVOLVED ... CONTACT US Supporting Museum Initiatives Room to Grow Thanks to ATCO

    16. JVP Content
    Society of Vertebrate paleontology 60 Revere Dr. Suite 500 Northbrook, IL 60062 USA Tel 847/4809095 Fax 847/480-9282 E-mail
    History and Coverage
    The Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology (or JVP) was founded in 1980 at the University of Oklahoma by Dr. Jiri Zidek, with financial support from the University of Oklahoma Presidential Associates Fund; continued in 1984 by the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. It publishes original contributions on all aspects of the subject, including vertebrate origins, evolution, functional morphology, taxonomy, biostratigraphy, paleoecology, paleobiogeography, and paleoanthropology. Journal Contents
    This site contains the tables of contents for all issues from Volume 1 (1981) to the present and the abstracts of individual papers from Volume 14 (1994) to the present. Go to contents... Guide for Authors
    The Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology publishes original contributions on all aspects of the subject, including vertebrate origins, evolution, functional morphology, taxonomy, biostratigraphy, paleoecology, paleobiogeography, and paleoanthropology. Go to Author's Guide...

    17. T-Shirts: Geographics - Science On T-Shirts - Eureka Springs Arkansas
    Purveyors of decadence in academia, Tshirts, bumper stickers, and other paleontology and science-themed materials.
    Design Categories
    An encyclopedic admixture of decadence in academia with effortless on-line ordering. Win a Free T-Shirt
    Sign up for your chance to win the Geographics t-shirt of your choice in our monthly giveaway. Today's News
    Special sales, great deals, deep thoughts and multifarious vital issues. Custom Design
    We'd really like to print the T-shirts for your school, club, organization or event. Geographics
    Seven Commerce Drive
    Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632
    Call to give us advice.
    Email us at Investigate Us
    Find out who we are, what we have, and how to get your hands on it.
    to the Home Read the Latest News to the Catalog Receive professional help Win a Free T-Shirt Custom Fantasies Check Us Out Send Us Money This site was designed by Positive Idea Marketing for Geographics . The contents of these pages are

    18. What Is Paleontology?
    paleontology is traditionally divided into various subdisciplines Vertebrate paleontology Study of vertebrate fossils, from primitive

    19. The Paleontology Portal: Home
    Explore paleontology in the US by state and time period. A collection of fossil images searchable by taxon and time. An exploration of famous fossil
    Visit these new links: Dinosaurs in the Digital Age: Facts, Fiction, and Forgeries Cambrian Explosion Fossils of Utah - America's Burgess Shale Fossils of Noble County, Oklahoma Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument Online Museum Explore paleontology in the US by state and time period A collection of fossil images searchable by taxon and time An exploration of famous fossil localities and assemblages Becoming a paleontologist, degree and certification programs, links to jobs Courses, field guides, maps, publications, methods and legalities Search museum paleontology collections Paleo meetings and special events Produced by: UCMP PaleoSociety SVP USGS ... Text only version

    20. OLogy
    Learn a lot about astronomy, paleontology, and the definitions of other ologies on this site by taking journeys through space and the Gobi Desert. Includes games and activities and is presented by the American Museum of Natural History.

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