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         Virtual Reality:     more books (99)
  1. Multimedia: From Wagner to Virtual Reality, Expanded Edition
  2. Virtual Reality: The Revolutionary Technology of Computer-Generated Artificial Worlds - and How It Promises to Transform Society by Howard Rheingold, 1992-08-15
  3. The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality by Michael Heim, 1994-10-27
  4. Spatial Augmented Reality: Merging Real and Virtual Worlds by Oliver Bimber, Ramesh Raskar, 2005-07-15
  5. Understanding Virtual Reality: Interface, Application, and Design (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics) by William R. Sherman, Alan Craig, 2002
  6. Exodus to the Virtual World: How Online Fun Is Changing Reality by Edward Castronova, 2008-11-11
  7. Narrative as Virtual Reality: Immersion and Interactivity in Literature and Electronic Media (Parallax: Re-visions of Culture and Society) by Marie-Laure Ryan, 2003-10-03
  8. The Virtual Reality Homebrewer's Handbook by Robin Hollands, 1996-08
  9. Developing Virtual Reality Applications: Foundations of Effective Design by Alan Craig, William R. Sherman, et all 2009-08-07
  10. Virtual Realities (Adventures in Odyssey)
  11. Digital Sensations: Space, Identity, and Embodiment in Virtual Reality by Ken Hillis, 1999-09-15
  12. Virtual Realities and Their Discontents
  13. Stepping into Virtual Reality by Mario Gutierrez, F. Vexo, et all 2008-04-04
  14. Maya: The World as Virtual Reality by Richard L. Thompson, 2003-05-23

1. Virtual Reality / VR And 3D Graphics Resource - VResources
virtual reality resources on the web. Many links to VR hardware, VR software, articles, events. Also feature discussion forums.
Subscribe to VResources mailing list and be notified of major modifications at our site. Your email address: Your name (optional) Your Email information will be used solely for the mailing list purpose and is going to be kept strictly confidential. You will be sent an email requesting confirmation.
Welcome to VResources, the Virtual Reality resource page
We welcome you at VResources, an affiliate web site of Virtual Simulations Inc. were you will find the latest information about virtual reality, 3D computer graphics, data visualisation (Viz-Sim) and related technologies. VResources goal is to provide the most complete information to professionals in all markets including people in the academic and military domains. If you are looking for professional and personalized support for your virtual reality, immersive visualisation and simulation needs or need to buy VR hardware or software, please see our corporate web site at: . There you will have access to a wide range of services ranging from product promotion and marketing to consulting and design of virtual reality systems. Our hope in providing our web visitors and clients these two entities is to encompass everything our clients need to successfully take the technological turn to Virtual Reality which is expected to gain significant momentum in the years to come.

2. Virtual Reality Laboratory
Involved in the modelling and animation of threedimensional inhabited virtual worlds.

3. Virtual Reality Polyhedra
Encyclopedia of Polyhedra, with virtual reality models.
    Virtual Polyhedra
    The Encyclopedia of Polyhedra
    By George W. Hart Space is not a passive vacuum, but has properties that impose powerful constraints on any structure that inhabits it. -Arthur Loeb
      Welcome to this collection of thousands of virtual reality polyhedra for you to explore. I hope you enjoy playing with them as much as I enjoyed making them. There are hundreds here which have never been illustrated in any previous publication. Polyhedra have an enormous aesthetic appeal and the subject is fun and easy to learn on one's own. One can appreciate the beauty of this image without knowing exactly what its name means - the compound of the snub disicosidodecahedron and its dual hexagonal hexecontahedron - but the more you know about polyhedra, the more beauty you will see. This site is a free self-contained easy-to-explore tutorial, reference work, and object library for people interested in polyhedra. You may choose to simply view the virtual objects for their timeless, serene aesthetics, or to read the related mathematical background material at various levels of depth. Of course, as an academic type, I feel obliged to include a few exercises. And as it says in the textbooks, you'll learn a lot more if you work on the exercises yourself before looking at the solutions. I believe the best way to learn about polyhedra is to make your own paper models or other models . The second best is to play with a set someone else has made. You can do that here because you can look at, move, and spin these models which I have made for you. And in one respect, virtual models have an advantage: you can travel inside them to gain a perspective not possible in paper models. After exploring my virtual models, I hope you choose to make some of your own paper models.

4. The MathWorks - Virtual Reality Toolbox - Animate And Visualize Simulink Systems
The virtual reality Toolbox lets you create and manipulate threedimensional, virtual worlds from within MATLAB and Simulink.
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U.S. Air Force Guided Weapons Evaluation Facility
The simulations ran three times faster using xPC Target. Based on the performance of our first endeavor, we've decided to replace our systems based on Fortran with xPC Target.
- Kenneth Anthony
Read this story
Virtual Reality Toolbox 4.2.1
Animate and visualize Simulink systems in three dimensions
The Virtual Reality Toolbox lets you view and interact with dynamic system simulations in a 3-D virtual reality environment. The toolbox links MATLAB and Simulink with virtual reality graphics, enabling MATLAB or Simulink to control the position, rotation, and dimensions of the 3-D images defined in the virtual reality environment. The result is a presentation-quality 3-D animation. Through visualization, the Virtual Reality Toolbox provides insight into the dynamic systems that you model in Simulink. You can use these viewing capabilities in automotive, aerospace, communication, biological, and mechanical applications.

5. Virtual Reality Centre For The Built Environment
virtual reality Centre navigation page

6. Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures
The United States Naval Observatory (USNO) Moon phase display for the years 1800 through 2199.
Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures
These "Virtual Reality Moon Phases" were created by R. Schmidt from ray-traced images of the Moon. A Clementine spacecraft mosaic of the lunar surface was mapped onto a sphere, and scenes were rendered as a virtual Sun "orbited" the Moon. The depiction of lunar surface features suffers geometric distortion but the terminator is correct with respect to the spherical Moon. Current Phase of the Moon:
Updates every 4 hours):
You can view the phase of the Moon for any date and time [1800-2199 A.D].
Century: 1800's 1900's 2000's 2100's Year : Month: January February March April May June July August September October November December Day: Hour: Zone: Universal Time Eastern Time Central Time Mountain Time Pacific Time
If you leave all fields blank, you get the phase of the Moon for hrs UT today. Click here for more information of Sun and Moon phenomena. Back to Time Service Home Page

7. Welkom Bij Virtual Vision
Gespecialiseerd in de Quicktime virtual reality techniek en de productie van PhotoVista en JavaVRML panorama's op internet.

Virtual Vision Webwinkel

dvd disc
Virtual Vision Webwinkel

dvd disc

virtual reality History Expo/Theater/Virtual Environments

9. Virtual Reality Laboratory

10. Home Of The 3D Internet, Virtual Reality And Community Chat
3D virtual reality chat plugin software and servers. Design worlds, chat with friends, play games.

11. Home Of The 3D Internet, Virtual Reality And Community Chat
3D virtual reality chat plugin software and servers. Design worlds, chat with friends, play games.
home about us products support community education company
Home of the 3D Chat,
Virtual Reality Building Platform
Active Worlds, the web's most powerful Virtual Reality experience, lets you visit and chat in incredible 3D worlds that are built by other users. Think you have what it takes to build your own world or Virtual Reality game? Active Worlds is the place for you, where in minutes you can create fascinating 3D worlds that others can visit and chat in. The Active Worlds Universe is a community of hundreds of thousands of users that chat and build 3D virtual reality environments in millions of square kilometers of virtual territory. Take a quick look at some of our satellite maps and see how our community has grown over the years. Launch the free software and come check us out for yourself. You'll be amazed at how vast our Virtual Reality universe is. Launch the Activeworlds Plug-in!
In Active Worlds you can:
  • Build your own 3D virtual reality home on the Internet Shop online in our own 3D virtual reality mall and chat with store clerks Explore over 1000 unique virtual worlds Make new friends and chat with people from all over the globe Play interactive 2D and 3D games Choose from a vast range of avatar identities and chat with other avatars.

12. Index
Free newsletter and information for the virtual reality and interactive 3D community with 7,000+ readers in 60 countries.
Independently promoting the successful commercial adoption of Virtual Reality (VR) and interactive three-dimensional (i3D) applications since 1998. Tuesday June 14, 2005 Contact Roger Frampton About Cyber-Wizard 64-Bit Version of RenderDrive Network System ART VPS has released a new 64-bit version of its RenderDrive network system that can accommodate up to 48 of the company's AR350 dedicated ray-tracing processors. The new RenderDrive RD6400 provides off-line, final-frame rendering for an unlimited number of users. It can address model sizes of 30-million polygons or more at resolutions that exceed the capabilities of current display devices and printers. Faster I/O speeds are provided by a new gigabit networking system. RenderDrive RD6400 is available in configurations of 16, 36 and 48 AR350 processors. Burrows, a design agency specializing in the automotive industry, uses RenderDrive for billboard-sized renderings and realistic animations of Ford and Mazda product s . Th ese images would be impossible to produce with software renderings, according to Derek Price, creative head at Burrows.

13. On The Net Resources In Virtual Reality
knowledge base sci.virtualworlds On The Net Resources in virtual reality

14. Gee!Design
Ontwikkeling van virtual reality applicaties. Gevestigd in Briltil.
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15. Information Resources In Virtual Reality - Contents
Information Resources in virtual reality (IRVR)

16. On The Net Resources In Virtual Reality
Medicine and virtual reality (MedVR) A Guide to the Literature Artistic Representations in virtual reality (VRArt) This guide contains citations and
knowledge base sci.virtual-worlds On The Net
Resources in Virtual Reality
The On the Net pages were maintained by the Knowledge Base Project. In Spring, 1999, the Knowledge Base Project completed its work. The publications and pages remain online for the benefit of the virtual reality community. Be aware, however, that the information is not current.
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VRML Authoring Tools

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Applications Architecture Augmented Reality Distributed VR Entertainment ... Wearable Guides Virtual Reality in Training and Education (EdVR) Resource guide to citations and online information. Distributed Virtual Environments Bibliography (DISTVR) This bibliography concentrates on networked, multi-user virtual environmentsthe literature and the online resources. Medicine and Virtual Reality (MedVR): A Guide to the Literature This is an updated version of "A Resource Guide to VR in Medicine"

17. Computer Graphics At Stanford University
Stanford University. Research areas include volume rendering, rendering algorithms and systems, 3D scanning, imagebased rendering, virtual reality, compression of graphics objects, user interfaces for visualization, high-performance graphics architectures, and visualization of complex systems and environments.
News flashes:
  • - Most speakers from our recent Symposium on Computational Photography and Video have put their slides online.
  • - All 1,186 fragments of the Forma Urbis Romae are now online , viewable by the public, and freely licensable to scholars.
  • - Two papers about the Forma Urbis Romae . One summarizes the project; the other describes fragment matches we have found.
    Available information:
    Press here for a text-only overview of our laboratory, here for some slides summarizing our current research projects and course offerings Each faculty member's home page also summarizes their research projects. Click here to learn how the banner image at the top of this page was created. If the images on this server look dark to you, see our note about gamma correction Press here for information, which also restricts use of the three-dimensional Stanford "S" in our lab logo.
    Other Stanford Pages:

    Restrict your search by specifying
  • 18. UM-VRL Virtual Reality Lab - University Of Michigan
    virtual reality A Short Introduction The VRL An Overview (about us) Collaborated Projects Hardware and Software

    19. On The Net Resources In Virtual Reality - Medical
    European Conference on Disability, virtual reality and Associated Technologies (ECDVRAT) IGD s Visualization and virtual reality VR in Medicine
    knowledge base on the net
    On The Net Resources - Medical
    Exhibits Persons Projects Research ... Other
    CHARM: Comprehensive Human Animation Resource Model
    ESPRIT 3-year Project completed in December, 1996. Modeling a 3D solid human body to obtain the physically-based simulation of movements and deformantions.
    European Conference on Disability, Virtual Reality and Associated Technologies (ECDVRAT)
    excellent site with links to other Disability sites
    First International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention, MICCAI '98
    First International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA, USA - October 11-13, 1998 A unified conference formed by the merger of CVRMed, MRCAS, and VBC , Computer Vision, Virtual Reality and Robotics in Medicine, Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery, Visualization in Biomedical Computing

    20. Virtual Reality Helps Calm 9/11 Anxiety
    virtual reality Helps Calm 9/11 Anxiety Using virtual reality to Relive 9/11 Helps New York Fire Captain Overcome Crippling Anxiety By SAM DOLNICK

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