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  1. Professional Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2008 with MDX (Wrox Programmer to Programmer) by Sivakumar Harinath, Robert Zare, et all 2009-03-16
  2. Beginning Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Programming (Wrox Programmer to Programmer) by Robert Vieira, 2009-01-09
  3. Oracle 10g: SQL by Joan Casteel, 2006-01-27
  4. Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2005: The Storage Engine (Solid Quality Learning) by Kalen Delaney, 2006-10-11
  5. Beginning T-SQL with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008 (Wrox Programmer to Programmer) by Paul Turley, Dan Wood, 2008-12-10
  6. Beginning T-SQL with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008 (Wrox Programmer to Programmer) by Paul Turley, Dan Wood, 2008-12-10
  7. Professional SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (Programmer to Programmer) by BrianKnight, AllanMitchell, et all 2006-01-31
  8. Pro T-SQL 2008 Programmer’s Guide by Michael Coles, 2008-08-11
  9. A Developer's Guide to Data Modeling for SQL Server: Covering SQL Server 2005 and 2008 by Eric Johnson, Joshua Jones, 2008-07-04
  10. Smart Business Intelligence Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (PRO-Developer) by Lynn Langit, Kevin S. Goff, et all 2009-02-04
  11. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Step by Step (Step by Step (Microsoft)) by Stacia Misner, Hitachi Consulting, 2006-04-26
  12. Sams Teach Yourself Transact-SQL in 21 Days (2nd Edition) by Lowell Mauer, 2001-03-18
  13. Beginning SQL Server 2005 Administration by Dan Wood, Chris Leiter, et all 2006-11-29
  14. Professional SQL Server 2005 Programming (Programmer to Programmer) by Robert Vieira, 2006-12-01

121. Database Programmer And Administrator Resources (SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, XML)
sql Server, Oracle and XML articles, reviews, tips, scripts, site library, and weblogs.
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Instant SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and XML Help
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Editorials List all Identity columns in a database, September CTP SQL Server 2005 Tools vs. Solutions, Saving an image as binary data into SQL Server Tools vs. Solutions, Webcast Tomorrow, SQL Server Table Optimization Hints Read current newsletter ... What's this? Featured Articles List all Identity columns in a database Saving an image as binary data into SQL Server SQL Server Table Optimization Hints Execute a SQL Script file from within SQL Server ... About use='REQUIRED' in Yukon (SQL Server 2005) Live Webcasts Register Proactive Database Performance Management
Understanding Backup and Recovery with SQL Server
9/28/2005 12:00 noon Register Using and Understanding SQL Server Full Text Indexing
10/5/2005 12:00 noon Register Getting Started with Analysis Services
SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tips ... List all Identity columns in a database (Eli Leiba) The following simple procedure is used to quickly identify all the identable tables in the database, the identity column names and their type.

122. SQL Exercises
Удаленное обучение написанию операторов манипуляции данными языка sql. Примеры. Рейтинговая система результатов тестирования и сертификаты. Справочник по sql.
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Site news 11.09.2005 We nominated our site for Internit 2005 contest. The winner is determined by number of given votes. Please vote for us (suggested grade is 3 The page of a comparative cost estimation of the query execution plan for solutions to the exercises of the testing's second stage is added. Now you can compare efficiency of Your solutions (the first and the last on each task) with the solutions of other participants and also to see whether the system adopts a solution under current database state. You can

123. CERT Advisory CA-2003-04 MS-SQL Server Worm
The worm targeting sql Server computers is selfpropagating malicious sql Server 2000 and MSDE 2000 both have the vulnerability documented in VU 484891.
US-CERT Vulnerability Notes Database Incident Notes Current Activity
Related Summaries Tech Tips AirCERT Employment Opportunities
more links CERT Statistics Vulnerability Disclosure Policy CERT Knowledgebase System Administrator courses ... Channels
Visit for wireless advisories.
Related Sites
CERT Advisory CA-2003-04 MS-SQL Server Worm
Original release date: January 25, 2003
Last revised: January 27, 2003
Source: CERT/CC
A complete revision history can be found at the end of this file.
Systems Affected
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000
  • Microsoft Desktop Engine (MSDE) 2000
The CERT/CC has received reports of self-propagating malicious code that exploits a vulnerability in the Resolution Service of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft Desktop Engine (MSDE) 2000. This worm is being referred to as the SQLSlammer, W32.Slammer, and Sapphire worm. The propagation of this malicious code has caused varied levels of network degradation across the Internet and the compromise of vulnerable machines.
I. Description

124. Fredy's Admintool For SQL
GUI admin tool for JDBC databases. Allows querying (guided or plain sql), metaquerying, Java code generation. Open Source, GPL
This is a framebased side Last modified: Wed Feb 27 18:20:21 MET 2002

125. PL/SQL Technology Center
PL/sql is Oracle s procedural extension to industrystandard sql. PL/sql naturally,efficiently, and safely extends sql. Its primary strength is in
SELECT COUNTRY China Japan Korea
Application Server

... Resources For PL/SQL
PL/SQL is Oracle's procedural extension to industry-standard SQL. PL/SQL naturally, efficiently, and safely extends SQL. Its primary strength is in providing a server-side, stored procedural language that is easy-to-use, seamless with SQL, robust, portable, and secure. Thus, it offers a platform for robust, high-performing enterprise applications, not only for our Fortune 500 customers, but also for Oracle Applications, which have over 4 million lines of code. (Server-side PL/SQL needs no explicit installation or licensing. It is an implicit part of the Oracle Database and is documented as such.)
Technical Information New PL/SQL Features in Oracle Database 10 g Release 1 (10.1.0) FAQ: PL/SQL Native Compilation (NCOMP) in Oracle Database 10 ... Release 1
Articles and Columns
Technical advice based on the real-world experiences of PL/SQL users Best Practice PL/SQL June 2004 Self-Managing PL/SQL May 2004 Build a PL/SQL Web Service Mar 2004 Inside Oracle Database 10 g : Writing Better SQL Using Regular Expressions Sep 2003 More PL/SQL Technical Articles...

126. New Frontiers International, Ltd. (NFI) - Atlanta Web Design And Internet Consul
New Frontiers International, Ltd. is a four year old contract software development firm specializing in custom client/server or standalone application development and staffing of IT professionals. Broad experience in MS Access, Sybase and Oracle; recently added VB, sql Server, Front Page and C++ and others.

127. Linux SQL Databases And Tools
A survey of free and commercial Linux sql databases. Many of these are fullfledgedDBMS with features like record locking, BLOB support, hot backups,
Promoting Linux Requires Advertising. That's What Counts. TM
Linux SQL Databases and Tools
All major and most minor databases are now available on Linux (with the lone exception of MS-SQL). This is a sea-change compared to summer of 1996, when this list was slim indeed, listing mSQL, Postgres and a handful of others (Solid, Empress, Adabas). But at the end of 1998 and start of 1999, all of the major commercial DB vendors (IBM, Oracle, Informix, Ingres, Sybase) made their wares available on Linux, and there has been no going back. It was around that time that I lost interest in tracking new developments closely; thus, while I do make occasional stabs at updating this page, you may discover that it contains more link-rot than there should be. This page is not a complete listing. Use the following cross-references to form a more complete picture.

128. ..:: BazyDanych ::..
Informacje na temat baz danych relacyjnych i obiektowych, kurs sql, bezpieczeństwo.
> dzi¶ jest sobota, 17 wrze¶nia, 260 dzieñ roku, imieniny Franciszka, Lamberty, Narcyza . Witam w serwisie bazydanych! ::: uwaga : autor tego serwisu szuka lepszej pracy :::
strona g³ówna

teoria: podstawy relacyjnych baz danych

niezale¿no¶æ baz danych

Opis architektury klient serwer

bezpieczeñstwo: Zasady projektowania zabezpieczeñ
metody uwierzytelniania

d³ugo¶æ hase³

szyfry symetryczne i asymetryczne
... realizacja podpisu cyfrowego praktyka: Ankieta na stronie www Bazy Danych - Ankieta na stronie www cz.2 Typy danych w MySQL dla studentów: pytania egzaminacyjne wyk³ady linki: :: rejestracja u¿ytkowników :: Je¶li chcesz otrzymywaæ informacje o wszystkich zamianach zachodz±cych na tej stronie wpisz swój adres elektroniczny w poni¿szy formularz a nastepnie kliknij w ikonkê z napisem "ENTER". adres e-mail: Je¶li chcesz zrezygnowaæ z subskrypcji wy¶lij e-mail na adres , (koniecznie ze skrzynki na któr± jest zrobiona rejestracja). :: HackerWanabeFAQ v3.0 :: Grupa Nevillon wyda³a nedawno kolej± trzeci± ju¿ wersje HackerWanabeFAQ . Mo¿na j± pobraæ z tego miejsca . W nowym HackerWanabeFAQ znajdziemy miêdzy innymi takie artyku³y: Bezpieczenstwo baz danych, Prosta autoryzacja PHP+MySQL, MySQL - nieoczekiwane dane wejsciowe i ochrona zapytan SQL. Zapraszam do lektury.

129. Brad Choate: SQL Plugin
Now that Movable Type supports a real database with the Mysql support in version2.2, it s time for some new
Brad Choate
The man, the legend.
SQL Plugin
Now that Movable Type supports a real database with the MySQL support in version 2.2, it's time for some new tags that can let you select entries, comments and categories using any criteria you'd like. Click the 'more' link for full docs and download link.
You can download this plugin here:
To install, place the '' file in your Movable Type 'plugins' directory. The '' file should be placed in a 'bradchoate' subdirectory underneath your Movable Type 'extlib' directory. Your installation should look like this:
  • (mt home)/plugins/ (mt home)/extlib/bradchoate/
Refer to the Movable Type documentation for more information regarding plugins. This plugin has a tag called 'SQLAuthors' that requires the 'authors' plugin, also available from my web site.
This plugin allows you to select entries, categories and comments from your blog database using a regular SQL query. Tags made available through this plugin:
  • Allows for the selection of arbitrary data from your MySQL database. Use in conjunction with MTSQLColumn.

130. -- Online Catalog: Oracle PL/SQL Language Pocket Reference, First Ed
An accessible quick reference that summarizes the basics of PL/sql block structure, fundamental language elements (e.g., identifiers, declarations, defaults), data structures (including Oracle8 objects), control statements, and use of procedures, functions, and packages.
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to get email notification of new editions, special offers, and more. Search on Safari Search contents of Oracle PL/SQL Language Pocket Reference Code Fragments only Also see:
Table of Contents

Oracle PL/SQL Language Pocket Reference
By  Bill Pribyl Steven Feuerstein Chip Dawes
First Edition April 1999
ISBN: 1-56592-457-6
This book is out of print. Please consider the latest edition
This pocket reference boils down the most vital information from Oracle PL/SQL Programming into an accessible quick reference that summarizes the basics of PL/SQL: block structure, fundamental language elements (e.g., identifiers, declarations, defaults), data structures (including Oracle8 objects), control statements, and use of procedures, functions, and packages. It includes coverage of PL/SQL features in the newest version of Oracle, Oracle8i. [

131. Teach Yourself SQL In 21 Days, Second Edition -- Table Of Contents --
Day 15 Streamlining sql Statements for Improved Performance Day 16 Using Viewsto Retrieve Useful Information from the Data Dictionary
setAdGroup(''); var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded" Search: Lycos Tripod 40 Yr Old Virgin Share This Page Report Abuse Edit your Site ... Next

Teach Yourself SQL in 21 Days, Second Edition
Table of Contents:
Week 1 at a Glance
Day 1 Introduction to SQL
Day 2 Introduction to the Query: The ...
F Answers to Quizzes and Excercises

132. SERVLETS.NET - Servlet Hosting And JSP Hosting Solutions
Offers Java servlet, JSP, sql databases, and web application hosting.



Web ...


For a limited time, sign up for any of our packages without paying a setup fee!
Sign Up Now!
Developer Friendly Web Hosting Servlets.Net is a premiere web site hosting and application hosting provider. We specialize in hosting web sites and web applications for Java Servlet developers. Our flexible services combine to provide a perfect fit for each customer. Building on a solid platform of system performance and stability, customer support, technical expertise and strong partner relationships, we offer the most sensible alternative for web site hosting. Learn why Servlets.Net is the best choice for web developers, or sign up and find out for yourself! Also, take a look at what our customers have to say about us on our Customer Testimonials page. Servlets.Net offers many services, such as Virtual Servers, private Java Virtual Machines, Java Server Pages (JSP), SSL web servers, SQL databases, JDBC drivers, mailing lists, and more. We also have e-commerce, publishing, PaymentNet, message forums, and other offerings. You will find that Servlets.Net is the best hosting provider for hosting your servlet or JSP solutions.
ServletWatch Resin-EE 2.1.10 Now Available!

133. Quest : Products : SQL Navigator : Overview
sql Navigator speeds the development of Oraclebased applications and combinescoding, tuning, debugging, Web development and version control to deliver
dqmcodebase = "/js/menu/" Login White Papers Downloads Buy Search
sql navigator Home Products SQL Navigator Print Page ... Software Downloads
SQL Navigator provides the tools you need to cut Oracle PL/SQL server-side development time in half.
SQL Navigator speeds the development of Oracle-based applications and combines coding, tuning, debugging, Web development and version control to deliver higher quality applications and save valuable time. Choose the SQL Navigator that is most suitable for your environment Edition Description SQL Navigator Standard Provides everything the Oracle professional needs to code, edit and manage database objects. SQL Navigator Professional Includes all of the features of SQL Navigator Standard Edition plus an integrated PL/SQL debugger for trouble-shooting stored database code. SQL Navigator Xpert Includes all of the features and functionality of SQL Navigator Professional Edition plus our Xpert Tuning SQL Navigator Suite and . This complete development suite provides all the tools necessary to design, develop, test and manage your database.
Optional Add-on Modules
: Extend the reach of SQL Navigator with powerful add-ons designed to provide intelligence and optimize PL/SQL server-side development.

134. Working With SQL Databases: Triggers, Rights, Procs, Etc.
Inprise examples of working with RDMS database, via the BDE
International Sites Argentina Australia Austria Bahrain Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Caribbean Central America Chile China Colombia Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Egypt Finland France Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iran Ireland Israel Italy Japan Korea Kuwait Lebanon Latin America Luxembourg Malaysia Malta Mexico Middle East Netherlands New Zealand Norway Oman Paraguay Peru Poland Portugal Qatar Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore Slovak Republic Slovenia South Africa South America Spain Sudan Sweden Switzerland Syria Taiwan Thailand Turkey United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Venezuela Yemen Yugoslavia Company
SQL LINKS DEVELOPER SUPPORT SEARCH Borland Online/Developer Support Tech Notes Index Working with SQL Databases: triggers, rights, procs, etc. Differences between Interbase server and other SQL servers. (a) Triggers (b) Rights (c) Stored Proc Result Sets (d) Unique row identifiers (e) Exceptions (f) Isolation Levels BDE Isolation level support by driver (a) INTERBASE (b) SYBASE/MSSQL (c) ORACLE (d) INFORMIX (e) TDatabase (a) Special considerations working with specific SQL servers I)Specific params that might affect a connection II)Add params and then change the alias BDE vs. ODBC differences.

135. SQL Server Database Query Tools, OLAP Technologies - PEYO
sql database tool using ADO (ActiveX Database Objects). It can connect to any datasource accessible via ADO using OLE DB Provider or ODBC. Requires ADO 2.1 or higher. Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000
Welcome to PEYO website!
We are focused on development of the high quality database and OLAP software for Windows using Borland Delphi development solution.
We also offer our services in the field of data transformations, data warehousing and data mining. Latest news December 10, 2003
Household 1.00 released. Find out where your money is going!
Borland Technology Partner

136. RESUME: Kachurovsky Vladimir, Software Engineer
Software Developer / Programmer, ClientServer Database Applications. C++, and Oracle PL/sql. Looking for a position in USA, Canada.
Position of software developer / analyst
Graduated with summa cum laude
from the Engineering Space Academy,
Saint-Petersburg, 1998
Qualification : Mathematician / Engineer
Computer-Aided Processing and Analysis of Space Facilities' Information
  • Development of distributed applications for finance and banking,
    real estate, chemistry.
  • Participation in scientific research projects.
  • C/C++
  • Java, J2EE, EJB
  • Oracle Server 8, 9i
  • Oracle PL/SQL
  • Oracle Developer (Forms, Reports)
  • Oracle Designer
  • Oracle Call Interface
  • Oracle 9i Database Administrator Certified Professional
  • Fluent English
  • Fluent German
    Sample Code
    Last revised 15-JUN-2005
  • 137. You Have Reached A Page That Does Not Exist
    %PKWD% %R_PKWD% - %PKWD_SENTENCE1% The page your looking for doesnot exist, for more assistance please visit %DOMAIN%
    Index of /
    Name Last modified Size Description ... Parent Directory 29-Jul-2005 15:28 -

    138. ™ - SQL Injection Walkthrough
    Beyond Security will help you expose your security holes and will show you whatthe bad guys already know about your hosts and network.
    Security News Security Reviews Exploits Tools ...
    Tell us

    SQL Injection Walkthrough 26 May 2002 Summary The following article will try to help beginners with grasping the problems facing them while trying to utilize SQL Injection techniques, to successfully utilize them, and to protect themselves from such attacks. Credit:
    The information has been provided by SK Details 1.0 Introduction
    When a machine has only port 80 opened, your most trusted vulnerability scanner cannot return anything useful, and you know that the admin always patch his server, we have to turn to web hacking. SQL injection is one of type of web hacking that require nothing but port 80 and it might just work even if the admin is patch-happy. It attacks on the web application (like ASP, JSP, PHP, CGI, etc) itself rather than on the web server or services running in the OS.
    This article does not introduce anything new, SQL injection has been widely written and used in the wild. We wrote the article because we would like to document some of our pen-test using SQL injection and hope that it may be of some use to others. You may find a trick or two but please check out the "9.0 Where can I get more info?" for people who truly deserve credit for developing many techniques in SQL injection.
    1.1 What is SQL Injection?

    139. Alachisoft: Cache, Object Cache, Clustered Cache And Caching With
    An objectto-relational mapping and code generation tool. Map relational tables to data objects, embed sophisticated sql in them, and generate code for .NET (C and VB.NET).
    Develop high speed .NET applications Home Products Services Partners ... About Us a NCache a Intelligent Caching Clustering Topologies Clustered Session Mgmt Features ... Support a TierDeveloper a Overview Features Online Demos What's new in 5.0? ... Support a
    a Boost .NET Application Performance to Real Time a
    NCache is a high performance in-memory object caching solution for mission critical .NET applications with real-time data access needs. NCache not only lets you cache read-only data but also complex transactional data with relationships. As a result, your application can cache most of its data and dramatically improve performance. NCache provides: a
    In-memory caching for single-server or multi-server configurations Read-through, write-through, and write-behind operations

    140. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 E-Learning
    Get Ready for sql Server 2005 with Free* Microsoft ELearning Courses. For more information visit the sql Server 2005 Learning Resource page.

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