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  1. Linux Kernel Development (3rd Edition) by Robert Love, 2010-07-02
  2. Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming, A (2nd Edition) by Mark G. Sobell, 2009-11-29
  3. Understanding the Linux Kernel, Third Edition by Daniel P. Bovet, Marco Cesati Ph.D., 2005-11
  4. UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook (4th Edition) by Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder, et all 2010-07-24
  5. Linux Device Drivers, 3rd Edition by Jonathan Corbet, Alessandro Rubini, et all 2005-02-07
  6. Linux Pocket Guide by Daniel J. Barrett, 2004-03-01
  7. Linux in a Nutshell by Ellen Siever, Stephen Figgins, et all 2009-09-22
  8. Practical Guide to Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, A (5th Edition) by Mark G. Sobell, 2010-02-21
  9. The Linux Programming Interface: A Linux and UNIX System Programming Handbook by Michael Kerrisk, 2010-10-28
  10. Linux Administration: A Beginner's Guide, Fifth Edition by Wale Soyinka, 2008-09-23
  11. Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible by Richard Blum, 2008-05-12
  12. Beginning Linux Programming by Neil Matthew, Richard Stones, 2007-11-05
  13. Embedded Linux Primer: A Practical Real-World Approach (2nd Edition) by Christopher Hallinan, 2010-11-13
  14. Linux All-in-One For Dummies by Emmett Dulaney, 2010-10-05

1. The Enterprise Linux Resource
A linux portal and directory.
OSTG ThinkGeek Slashdot ITMJ ... Whitepapers -advertisement-
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2. The Linux Home Page At Linux Online
Comprehensive information and resources about the linux Operating System.
Linux is a free Unix-type operating system originally created by Linus Torvalds with the assistance of developers around the world. Developed under the GNU General Public License , the source code for Linux is freely available to everyone. Click on the link below to find out more about the operating system that is causing a revolution in the world of computers.
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Kernel release: 2.6.14-rc1-git3
, Sep 16 2005 IIS 7.0 Learns a Few Tricks from Apache , Sep 16 2005 Kernel release: 2.6.14-rc1-git2 , Sep 16 2005 Linux trademark bid rejected , Sep 16 2005 Red Hat up to high for a year , Sep 16 2005 Must free beer always taste like Schlitz? , Sep 16 2005 Linux talent scarce as penguins' teeth (1), Sep 16 2005 Git With It! , Sep 16 2005 Clarkson University wins first TuxMasters invitational , Sep 16 2005 Building an African Linux distro , Sep 16 2005
Are you thinking about switching to Linux and want to learn how to use it? Have you been using Linux for some time and want to learn even more? Then Linux Online's classroom can help! Two courses - one for beginners and another intermediate level course - is available to our visitors free of charge. We also have a new section with short lessons on various aspects of Linux use.

Comprehensive information and resources about the linux Operating System.

4. Linux Online - About The Linux Operating System
General information and resources about the linux Operating System.
What is Linux Note : There is also a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) with answers to some of the most common queries we get about Linux. If you're thinking about switching to Linux, you may want to read our page: So You Want to Use Linux? . It provides some more information about Linux migration. Linux is an operating system that was initially created as a hobby by a young student, Linus Torvalds, at the University of Helsinki in Finland. Linus had an interest in Minix, a small UNIX system, and decided to develop a system that exceeded the Minix standards. He began his work in 1991 when he released version 0.02 and worked steadily until 1994 when version 1.0 of the Linux Kernel was released. The kernel, at the heart of all Linux systems, is developed and released under the GNU General Public License and its source code is freely available to everyone. It is this kernel that forms the base around which a Linux operating system is developed. There are now literally hundreds of companies and organizations and an equal number of individuals that have released their own versions of operating systems based on the Linux kernel. More information on the kernel can be found at our sister site, LinuxHQ and at the official Linux Kernel Archives . The current full-featured version is 2.6 (released December 2003) and development continues. Apart from the fact that it's freely distributed, Linux's functionality, adaptability and robustness, has made it the main alternative for proprietary Unix and Microsoft operating systems. IBM, Hewlett-Packard and other giants of the computing world have embraced Linux and support its ongoing development. More than a decade after its initial release, Linux is being adopted worldwide as a server platform primarily. Its use as a home and office desktop operating system is also on the rise. The operating system can also be incorporated directly into microchips in a process called "embedding" and is increasingly being used this way in appliances and devices.

Nachrichten, Kalender, Benutzergruppen und Links rund um das Thema linux.
17.09.2005 04:27 Uhr Home Linux Business Stellenmarkt Nachrichten ... Veranstaltung: Linux in BERLIN Am 8. September findet die zweite "Linux in BERLIN" im "the media centre" statt. Auf der eintägigen Veranstaltung präsentieren Firmen und Projekte freie Lösungen mit dem Schwerpunktthema "Linux und Open Source für kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen". "Linux in BERLIN" klärt als Informationsplattform über die Potenziale Freier Software und Offener Standards auf. Ein spannendes Vortragsprogramm stellt verschiedene innovative und offene Lösungen vor. Verschiedene Workshops und eine Ausstellung runden das Programm der zweiten "Linux in BERLIN" ab. (kl) Open Source Groupware Lösungen im Vergleich Am 13. Juli 2005 findet in Stuttgart die Open Source Groupware Challenge 2005 statt. Zum ersten Mal werden in Deutschland drei Open Source Groupware-Systeme auf einer Veranstaltung im Vergleich präsentiert. Erfahrungsberichte von Anwendern, Tips aus dem Praxiseinsatz und Live-Demos der innovativen Open Source Produkte Kolab und WICE stehen auf der Veranstaltung im Mittelpunkt.

6. Red Hat The Open Source Leader
Applications. Management tools. Red Hat Enterprise linux. Red Hat Network Latest News 07/27 linux Network Security Higher than Other

Noticias y documentaci³n (tutoriales, FAQs, scripts, COMOs, distribuciones).
Main Menu Inicio Distribuciones Noticias Foros ... Glosario Acceso de usuarios Nombre de usuario
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¿Nuevo usuario? Regístrate aquí Usuarios online Tenemos 20 visitantes en línea Web POWERED-BY-LINUX / PORTAL-LINUX
Pronostican que Linux será la tecnología que más crecerá el próximo año
Noticias Actualidad Contribuido por midget
Leer más...
¿ Está probando Palm un nuevo OS? Noticias Actualidad Contribuido por midget BargainPDA asegura que es "un rumor sin fundamento", pero supuestamente Palm está a punto de enviar a algunos desarrolladores unidades beta de un nuevo dispositivo Palm, que podría estar funcionando con un nuevo sistema operativo que no es Palm 5. ¿El único problema? Su fuente parece no saber cual podría ser ese nuevo sistema operativo, pero de acuerdo a información fidedigna, realmente habrían tres opciones: Palm OS Cobalt , el nuevo Sistema Operativo Palm basado en Linux , y Windows Mobile Leer más...

8. The Enterprise Linux Resource
A linux portal and directory.

9. Red Hat | The Open Source Leader
Red Hat Summit Keynote Speeches Enterprise linux 4 on HP servers Red Hat Training Activate Now. Activate your Red Hat Enterprise linux Subscription
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The Open Source Architecture
Here's where it all comes together . Operating system. Middleware. Applications. Management tools.
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Press Release: IBM and Red HatTeam to Accelerate Linux Adoption in Emerging Markets
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10. El Rincón De Linux
Noticias, documentaci³n, art­culos, FAQ, gr¡ficos, distribuciones, distribuidores, libros y bºsquedas.
Contenidos Principal Sobre Linux
Primeros pasos

Sobre esta web

FAQ Linux - ecol
Consigue Firefox
Series del kernel Serie 1.0:

Serie 1.2:
Serie 2.0:
Serie 2.2:
ftp Serie 2.4: http ftp Clog Serie 2.6: http ftp Clog Estas páginas pretenden ser un punto de partida para aquellos que necesitan encontrar información sobre Linux y en la medida de lo posible se ha intentado que la mayoría de enlaces sean en castellano. Espero que encontreis la información que buscais y que vuestro sistema Linux vaya mejorando día a día. Dia: 17/09/2005 - Hora local: 04:27:03 4:27am up 46 days, 17:59, users, load average: 0.01, 0.16, 0.14 Numero de conexiones http simultaneas en el servidor: 4 Actualizaciones / trabajos en el servidor Pasaros por el Diario de El rincón de Linux si quereis saber las ultimas actualizaciones en el servidor, en lo que estamos trabajando y la historia de sucesos del mismo. Proyecto de traduccion de PHP El proyecto de traducción de la documentación de PHP sigue adelante y el manual ha mejorado muchisimo ultimamente. Más información en las páginas del proyecto phpdoc-es Cambio de URL El rincón de Linux cambia de URL. pasa a ser la dirección oficial y todo acceso a la antigua sera redireccionado a la dirección actual.

11. - A Place To Learn About, Download, And Discuss Linux. A site to find, download, and install your favorite linux distrobution. Download an iso image, burn it to a cd, install linux, and

12. Debian -- The Universal Operating System
Debian GNU/linux is a free distribution of the GNU/linux operating system. It is maintained and updated through the work of many users who volunteer their
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What is Debian?
Debian is a free operating system (OS) for your computer. An operating system is the set of basic programs and utilities that make your computer run. Debian uses the Linux kernel (the core of an operating system), but most of the basic OS tools come from the GNU project ; hence the name GNU/Linux. Debian GNU/Linux provides more than a pure OS: it comes with over 15490 packages , precompiled software bundled up in a nice format for easy installation on your machine. Read more...
Getting Started
The latest stable release of Debian is 3.1. The last update to this release was made on June 6th, 2005. Read more about available versions of Debian If you'd like to start using Debian, you can easily obtain a copy , and then follow the installation instructions to install it. If you're upgrading to the latest stable release from a previous version, please read the release notes before proceeding.

13. Linux FAQ & News In Italian
Informazioni utili per tutti gli interessati a questo grande sistema operativo, ma anche a chi voglia giustificare l'uso di linux in una azienda. Disponibile in txt, html, ps e pdf.

Alcuni documenti

Old changelog

Ricerca sul sito - Riflessioni su Linux
di Marco Iannacone it.comp.linux
L' Autore ha mantenuto ed ampliato le FAQ fino al 1999. Linux Domande e Risposte e nelle FAQ di Ziobudda Guida a Linux per il Manager , nei seguenti formati: linuxguide.txt - Formato testo (ver. 1.0f). linuxguide.html - Formato HTML (ver. 1.0f) linuxguide.pdf - Formato PDF (ver. 1.0b) - Formato Postscript (ver. 1.0b)
Linux screensaver Feedback ,

14. Debian GNU/Linux
Debian GNU/linux ist eine freie Distribution des GNU/linuxBetriebssystems. Es wird ausschliesslich von vielen Freiwilligen gewartet und aktuell

15. The Linux Kernel Archives
This is the primary site for the linux kernel source.
The Linux Kernel Archives
Welcome to the Linux Kernel Archives. This is the primary site for the Linux kernel source, but it has much more than just Linux kernels. Protocol Location HTTP FTP ... RSYNC rsync:// The latest stable version of the Linux kernel is: 2005-09-10 02:52 UTC F V C Changelog The latest prepatch for the stable Linux kernel tree is: 2005-09-13 03:27 UTC V C Changelog The latest snapshot for the stable Linux kernel tree is: 2005-09-16 09:01 UTC V C The latest 2.4 version of the Linux kernel is: 2005-06-01 00:57 UTC F V VI C ... Changelog The latest prepatch for the 2.4 Linux kernel tree is: 2005-08-09 02:56 UTC V VI C Changelog The latest 2.2 version of the Linux kernel is: 2004-02-25 00:28 UTC F V Changelog The latest prepatch for the 2.2 Linux kernel tree is: 2005-01-12 23:55 UTC V VI Changelog The latest 2.0 version of the Linux kernel is: 2004-02-08 07:13 UTC F V VI Changelog The latest -ac patch to the stable Linux kernels is: 2005-04-11 18:36 UTC V The latest -mm patch to the stable Linux kernels is: 2005-09-16 09:10 UTC V Changelog F = full source

16. ES Linux Group
Specializing in installation and administration of linux systems. Based in Pittsburgh.

17. The Linux Kernel Archives
This is the primary site for the linux kernel source.

18. Linux Journal
Since 1994 The Original Monthly Magazine of the linux Community linux in Government Jordan A Surprise in the Middle East. By Tom Adelstein on Mon,
@import "misc/drupal.css"; @import "/themes/linuxjournal/linuxjournal.css"; @import "/themes/linuxjournal/xstatic.css"; Skip navigation Subscribe Now Since 1994: The Original Monthly Magazine of the Linux Community Magazine ... Affiliates
Back Issues Oct 2005 [#138] Sep 2005 [#137] Aug 2005 [#136] Jul 2005 [#135] Jun 2005 [#134] May 2005 [#133] Apr 2005 [#132] Mar 2005 [#131] Feb 2005 [#130] Jan 2005 [#129] Dec 2004 [#128] Nov 2004 [#127] Oct 2004 [#126] Sep 2004 [#125] Aug 2004 [#124] Jul 2004 [#123] Jun 2004 [#122] May 2004 [#121] Apr 2004 [#120] Mar 2004 [#119] Feb 2004 [#118] Jan 2004 [#117] Dec 2003 [#116] Nov 2003 [#115] Oct 2003 [#114] Sep 2003 [#113] Aug 2003 [#112] Jul 2003 [#111] Jun 2003 [#110] May 2003 [#109] Apr 2003 [#108] Mar 2003 [#107] Feb 2003 [#106] Jan 2003 [#105] Dec 2002 [#104] Nov 2002 [#103] Oct 2002 [#102] Sep 2002 [#101] Aug 2002 [#100] Jul 2002 [#99] Jun 2002 [#98] May 2002 [#97] Apr 2002 [#96] Mar 2002 [#95] Feb 2002 [#94] Jan 2002 [#93] Dec 2001 [#92] Nov 2001 [#91] Oct 2001 [#90] Sep 2001 [#89] Aug 2001 [#88] Jul 2001 [#87] Jun 2001 [#86] May 2001 [#85] Apr 2001 [#84] Mar 2001 [#83] Feb 2001 [#82] Jan 2001 [#81] Dec 2000 [#80] Nov 2000 [#79] Oct 2000 [#78] Sep 2000 [#77] Aug 2000 [#76] Jul 2000 [#75] Jun 2000 [#74] May 2000 [#73] Apr 2000 [#72] Mar 2000 [#71] Feb 2000 [#70] Jan 2000 [#69] Dec 1999 [#68] Nov 1999 [#67] Oct 1999 [#66] Sep 1999 [#65] Aug 1999 [#64] Jul 1999 [#63] Jun 1999 [#62] May 1999 [#61] Apr 1999 [#60] Mar 1999 [#59] Feb 1999 [#58] Jan 1999 [#57] Dec 1998 [#56] Nov 1998 [#55] Oct 1998 [#54]

19. Slashdot: News For Nerds, Stuff That Matters
News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters. News site dedicated to linux, Hardware, and current trends. Updates every few minutes.
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linux users and technical enthusiasts worldwide use SUSE linux Professional at home and on the road. Get product, support, and download information.

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