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  1. Managing Internet and Intranet Technologies in Organizations: Challenges and Opportunities
  2. Betriebliche Nutzung von Internet, Intranet und E-Mail. Analyse und Handlungsempfehlungen. by Karl-Hermann Böker, Lothar Kamp, 2003-05-01

141. Website Design, Ecommerce Web Designers, Designer, Business Website Redesign, Af
Offers website designing, ecommerce websites and its promotion.
Business Goes where it is Invited, and stays where it is well treated. Quick Links Website Design Website ReDesign Website Maintenance eCommerce Websites ... Contact Info Quick Contact Name:
Features Tour
for ecommerce website Subscribe to FREE Newsletter for news of updates in our site Salutation Mr. Mrs. Miss Ms. Dr. Prof. Rev. We will not share your email address with anyone, and you can unsubscribe at any time.
Website Design Website ReDesign ... Search Engine Optimization Your website is first and only effective way to make an impression on your clients and potential new customers on internet. Our Web site design services specialize in making your this impression eventually the best website design that suits your company's image and enhance it further. search engine friendly pages . It is always beneficial to have a package of website designing and website optimization with a single website design company It is very essential to update content of your website on regular basis, as it becomes stale staying there for a long time; everything requires change to make it interesting.

142. Home
Specializes in Internet and intranet solutions. Offers technology consulting, development, and hosting services to corporations and public agencies. Columbus, OH, USA.
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143. Napier University Intranet - Information For Staff And Students
Napier University Internal Pages information for staff and students.
Intranet Home External Web Staff Directory OWA 2003 (Web email)
student focus

A-Z Student Help


International Students
2004-05 Student Diary - Your Guide
staff focus
Brand Resources

Framework Agreement - HERA

Freedom of Information

Quality Framework
... UNISON resources Academic Calendar Adaptive Technology Centre Campus maps Car Park Management ... Teaching Timetable: Trimester 1 reference Edinburgh map BT Directory Enquiries more links ... search the web Google UK Mirror Service Yahoo UK More search engines Make sure that your browser is Java enabled... contact Current job vacancies Daily UK newspapers Events ... Newscentre

144. DAS Software - DAS Software Inc.
Internet and intranet development and design, database implementation, ecommerce, web software development, and multimedia.
September 16, 2005 DAS Software Inc. Point Of Sale Systems (POS): multiple-location enabled, robust, and good looking! DAS Software specializes in the construction of dynamic multi-user databaseapplications. We are committed to total customer service, rigorous attention to detail and keeping abreast of the very latest tools available for Point Of Sale and business information systems. Remote Terminal Point Of Sale System (RT-POS) TEX Consignment Textbook POS Contact Us document.write(""); document.write("adminis"); document.write("");

145. Digital Web Magazine - Three Approaches To Intranet Strategy
Digital Web Magazine Three approaches to intranet Strategy.
The web professional's online magazine of choice.
Three approaches to Intranet Strategy
IAnything Goes By Jeff Lash Published on March 13, 2003 Intranets have become immensely popular over the past few years. While they were usually found only in large organizations five to ten years ago, the past few years have seen companies, non-profits, and institutions of all sizes beginning to see the value of creating a Web site specifically for internal use. Often the drive for creating an Intranet is simply to keep up with the Joneses (because every other company is doing it) or because rogue departments set up their own internal Web servers and the Communications or IT departments try to reign them in. Unfortunately, it is too often the case, especially with smaller companies, that there is no real strategy behind creating, maintaining, and using an Intranet.
  • Knowledge Management Collaboration and Communication Task Completion
For companies just starting out creating an Intranet, or for companies that have an Intranet but are not quite sure what to do with it, one or more of these approaches may be appropriate.
Knowledge Management
By allowing more people across the organization to access this previously-hidden knowledge, it eliminates confusion and duplication, increases productivity, improves decision making by decreasing instances of asymmetric information, and better prepares the organization for strategic shifts and organizational and personnel changes.

146. E-Learning Software And Interactive Online Training
Provider of flexible Web Based training systems. Your company or organization can build, deliver, and manage courses over the Internet or your intranet.
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FlexTraining Total e-Learning Solution TM
Home Contact Us Products Services ... subglobal8 link The most intuitive learning experience this side of telepathy. Quick Tour Information Kit Compare Solutions Test Drive ... Request Consultation
Full-service e-Learning
Product Definition One-stop Shopping How it works Sample Courses
Buy or Subscribe
Licensing Licensing Fees The e-Learning Appliance Enroll
Customer Portal
FlexAuthoring TM Sample Templates
Press Releases Case Study Summaries E-Learning enters a new era with FlexTraining 5.0 There is only one training solution aimed specifically at the non-technician needing to conduct interactive, dynamic training. The FlexTraining Total e-Learning Solution delivers e-Learning and skills management to 250,000 users worldwide. Custom Courses on Your Server FlexTraining is a complete end-to-end training development and management framework, designed from the ground up to deliver effective web-based training. Load FlexTraining onto any standard web server and start training the same day. Instructional designers agree that the key to effective learning is interactivity. FlexTraining's built in exercise templates, dynamic images and multimedia support give you a powerful e-Learning toolset. More ...

147. National EXtension Initiative : Welcome
For guidance on the process please see the FAQ Guidelines on the eXtension intranetsite. Order eXtension Brochures Go to the following URL or click on the
"Bringing the teaching, research and extension resources from your university to you" Welcome
Content Management
Call For Engagement Call For Engagement - Full Applications submission
Memorandum for Offices of Sponsored Programs

Call For Engagement - Full Applications Selection Criteria

Login Username Password Remember me Need an account?
Register here..

FAQ Intiative Begins: Draft Letters of Announcement/Institutional Team Slides

eXtension has launched its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) initiative inviting content providers throughout the Cooperative Extension Service to submit their most frequently asked questions and related answers. The initiative will be organized and managed through support provided by Institutional Teams. The internally-focused strategy will help identify potential Communities of Interest, Communities of Practice, and content leaders. This initiative will collect, categorize, publish and develop a collaborative model for responding to customer questions. For guidance on the process please see the FAQ Guidelines at
September 20 eXtension National Video Conference

The next eXtension national videoconference is scheduled for Tuesday, September 20, 2005, from 2:30 – 4:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Savings Time. The September program will focus on upcoming Frequently Asked Questions/Wiki training opportunities, important eXtension business activities, a report on recent Institutional Team meetings, feedback on meetings with the NASULGC Board of Directors, National Ag Library, and CSREES, and an update on the federal budget. The University of Nebraska will produce the program with origination points from the North Carolina State University and the University of Kentucky.

148. Fortunasoft. Logiciels Pour Industrie
Etudes strategiques. Conception et d©veloppement des sites Internet, intranet et Extranet. H©bergement et r©f©rencement. VOIP. Tests d'intrusion.


149. ? - ?
The summary for this English page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
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äî 33,6ê, ñòàíäàðò V.34+
äî 33.6ê., ñòàíäàðò V.34+
Âû ìîæåòå îïëàòèòü íàøè óñëóãè ñ ïîìîùüþ ñèñòåìû Webmoney. Ïåðå÷èñëèòå äåíüãè íà íàø ñ÷åò: WMZ 998976079065
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Ñîîáùåíèå î ïðàâèëàõ ðàáîòû ñ ïî÷òîâûìè ÿùèêàìè íà
"FAQ (×àñòî Çàäàâàåìûå Âîïðîñû) ïî ìîäåìàì "

Òåïåðü ñî ñòðàíèöû íàøåãî âåá-ñàéòà ó Âàñ åñòü âîçìîæíîñòü äîñòóïà ê ñâîåìó ïî÷òîâîìó ÿùèêó è ýëåêòðîííîé êîððåñïîíäåíöèè. Èñïîëüçóÿ ëþáîé áðàóçåð (íàïðèìåð Internet Explorer), Âû ìîæåòå ïîëó÷àòü, ïðîñìàòðèâàòü è îòïðàâëÿòü ýëåêòðîííûå ïèñüìà. Îòïàëà íåîáõîäèìîñòü â óñòàíîâêå è íàñòðîéêå êàêîãî-ëèáî ïî÷òîâîãî êëèåíòà. Âñå, ÷òî Âàì íóæíî - ïîçâîíèòü â îôèñ, âûðàçèòü óñòíîå ñîãëàñèå è ïðîäèêòîâàòü ñâîè ðåãèñòðàöèîííûå äàííûå. Äàëåå, íà ñòðàíèöå íàøåãî ñàéòà ñ ëåâîé ñòîðîíû â áëîêå "ïî÷òà@èíòðàíåò.êã", Âû óêàçûâàåòå èìÿ Âàøåãî ïî÷òîâîãî ÿùèêà, ïàðîëü è íàæèìàåòå êíîïêó "îê". È âñå.
"Óñòàíîâêà è ðàáîòà ñ ïî÷òîâûì êëèåíòîì The Bat!"

150. MIS Is A Full-service Web Site Hosting, Design And Consulting Company
Web design including multimedia, hosting, ecommerce, and intranet development. Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States.
Complete Web Site Design
E-Commerce Solutions

Database to Web Integration

Multimedia Web Development
Complete Web Site Design
E-Commerce Solutions

Database to Web Integration

Multimedia Web Development
Domain Name Registration

151. The Community Engine Blog: IBM's Intranet And Folksonomy
The scale of this intranet is remarkable. It serves 315000 IBM employees If people classify items on the intranet with their own free tags in some sort
The Community Engine
Creating Effective Information Communities
The Community Engine Blog
News, tools, and analysis for innovating in the information economy
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152. EdNET - Computer Business Solutions
Offers ecommerce applications, Internet and intranet solutions. web design and development, and programming services.

Three Letters from Teddy, Teddy s letter came today Return to Top. FacultyGuidebook Faculty Home Page intranet Home Page.
CLICK ON THE TOPIC OF YOUR CHOICE ASSESSMENT TECHNIQUES HOW PEOPLE LEARN COMMUNICATION HUMAN DEVELOPMENT ... LANGEVIN LEARNING SERVICES TOPICS FOR BACKGROUND MUSIC , CLICK ON THE ICON WHENEVER IT APPEARS AT A PAGE LINK. THE FIRST DAY 101 Things the First Three Weeks Ways to create the best learning environment. 40 Successes Inviting and disinviting comments, etc. The First Day of Class Nine tasks for getting a class off on the right foot. Icebreakers Examples of getting acquainted techniques. Learn the Students' Names How to learn names and faces quickly. Magically "Learn" Names in Minutes A tongue-in-cheek idea for amazing your students The Most Important Day Thorough discussion, checklist, references The Name Game Make learning names a game. Tom's Essential Survival Tips A reality check for the first day of class. PREPARING A COURSE SYLLABUS Developing a Syllabus The purposes and content of a syllabus. Syllabus Example Classroom A sample syllabus for an occupational course. Syllabus Example Internet Sample syllabus for an occupational course on the Internet. Syllabus Suggested Form An outline of a syllabus that covers all bases.

154. Agence Web Baobaz - Création De Site Internet - Conseil En Communication Intern
D©veloppement de sites Internet/intranet sur mesure. Accompagnement de tous projets de communication, ecommerce et e-marketing. Paris.
Baobaz, agence web nouvelle génération
Spécialisée dans la création de sites web, Baobaz développe des sites internet, intranet ou extranet que vous pouvez très facilement modifier et administrer sans connaissance technique. Baobaz a aussi développé des solutions de questionnaires, sondages, forums, travail collaboratif, envoi d'email personnalisé. Solutions internet,E-business,Consulting,Design,Technologies,Commerce électronique,Stratégie,E-leader,E-leaders,Profiling,Digital,Knowledge-Management,Web services,Web solution,Baobaz,Internet,Intranet,Marketing,Conseils,Société,Equipe,Site,Site web,Publicité en ligne,Création de sites,Web,Agence,E-commerce,Profiling,Interactif,Job,emploi
Les références de Baobaz sont accessibles depuis plusieurs urls :
sur Baobaz
sur le Journal du Net
sur le serveur web principal de Baobaz

sur un serveur web secondaire de Baobaz

155. BLA, Inc. - Home - Premium Web Site Design & Hosting
Services include domain and hosting assistance, site creation, maintenance, and intranet and Extranet development.
Brooks Littlefield Associates is a premier provider of Internet and information technology services. We assist our clients in creating a unique and effective presence in the cyber-marketplace. We offer a range of services from web design and hosting to electronic commerce and network security solutions. You don't have to be a Fortune 500 company to be treated like one. Brooks Littlefield Associates, a technology partner you can trust. var strSealURL=''; var sealID='7737FDD9-624D-4F4C-8322-D8F1E9001F2A'; var strDuns='152938163'; var strRWSPath=''; var strCountry='US'; var increment='true'; var strLang='EN';

156. Administrative Intranet | Sam Houston State University
Sam Houston State University Administrative intranet in Huntsville Texas.
Javascript needed to see this feature... University Fast Links Academic Affairs Academic Calendar Admissions (Undergraduate) Admission Requirements Advising (SAM Center) Agricultural Sciences Alumni Association American Democracy Project Application for Admission Army ROTC - Military Science Arts and Sciences Athletics Bearkat Express Payment Bearkat OneCard Blackboard Blackboard Resource Center Blinn College Transfers Bookstore Bulletin Board Business Administration Campus Map Career Services Cashier's Office Catalogs Class Schedule Computer Account Creation Computer Labs Computer Services Continuing Education Correspondence Course Division Counseling Center Criminal Justice Departments Dining Services Education Advisement Center Education English Language Institute Exchange Server Finance and Operations Financial Aid First-Year Experience General Information Graduate Studies Helpdesk
Honors and Scholarships Human Resources Humanities and Social Science Information Request Internet Institutional Research International Programs Lowman Student Center McNair Program Music Music Marching Band News NHMCCD Transfers Office of the President Orientation - New Student Payroll Office Physical Plant Property Procurement Opportunities Reading Center Recreational Sports Registration Registrar's Office Research and Sponsored Programs Residence Life SamInfo SamMail SamWeb Scholarships Student Government Association Student Services Student Services Calendar Testing Center The LoungeStudent Magazine Tour the University Transfer Equivalency Guide Travel with SH TRIES University Advancement

157. Http://
Cr©ation multim©dia, internet, intranet, extranet, cd rom et formation informatique.
Click here Click here

158. Intranet-Server-HOWTO
This document describes how to setup an intranet using Linux as the server New versions of the Linux intranet Server HOWTO will be periodically posted
The Linux Intranet Server HOWTO
Pramod Karnad,
This document describes how to setup an Intranet using Linux as the server which binds Unix, Netware, NT and Windows together. Hence by just establishing the connection to the Linux box you are provided transparent access to all the various platforms. Detailed explanations are provided for setting up HTTP using the NCSA server and connect to it using TCP/IP clients from Novell, Microsoft under Windows3.1, WFWG,Win95 and WinNT and MacTCP on the Apple PowerMac.
In simple terms, the Intranet is the descriptive term being used for the implementation of Internet technologies within a corporate organisation, rather than for external connection to the global Internet. This implementation is performed in such a way as to transparently deliver the immense informational resources of an organisation to each individuals desktop with minimal cost, time and effort. This document attempts to explain in simple terms how to setup an Intranet using tools which are readily available and are generally costing little or are free. This document assumes that you already know how to install TCP/IP on your Linux server and connect it physically to your LAN using an Ethernet network card. This also assumes you have some basic knowledge of Netware, WinNT and Mac systems. The configuration of the Netware server has been shown using version 3.1x as the basis. You can also use INETCFG to achieve the same result. On the client side the discussion is with respect to Windows 3.1x, Windows for Workgroups and Win95, WinNT and the Apple PowerMac.

159. Search Engine Software
Indexing, search and retrieval of data residing on Internet and intranet servers, with support for multiple file formats and european languages. Together with ASTAware SearchDisc, offers a comprehensive solution for simultaneous online and CD searching.
ASTAware SearchKey PRO Search Engine Software
Empower corporate Internet and Intranet websites

ASTAware SearchKey PRO is a Java™-based, search engine application. SearchKey PRO offers full-text indexing and searching for HTML, XML, PDF, PostScript, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Word and Text documents. It operates on any platform and enables end-users to search multiple indexes, domains or servers, concurrently or individually. SearchKey PRO will add value to your intranet or ISP business. ASTAware SearchKey PRO, together with ASTAware SearchDisc, offers a comprehensive solution for simultaneous online and CD searching.

ASTAware is a trademark of ASTAware Technologies INC. All other logos, trade names, service names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

160. Streaming Video Encoding For Use Over An Intranet
Streaming video over an intranet is a lot easier and more bandwidth friendly thanmost system administrators imagine.
Streaming Video Over An Intranet Streaming video over an Intranet is a lot easier and more bandwidth friendly than most system administrators imagine. For starters, we can encode your company's video assets in your choice of Real Video, Windows Media (formerly Microsoft NetShow) or QuickTime format. Next, we can specifically tailor their bandwidth usage to fit your exact needs - from 20 Kbps all the way up to 300 Kbps or higher. As we increase the throughput, the frame rate and picture quality increase. And in most situations, you probably won't even need to use a separate video server or software. Intranet Applications As we're seeing happen on the Internet, companies are migrating from a text only published site to a compelling media rich environment by including streaming video on their Intranets as well. Integrating your existing video assets onto your Intranet can not only extend their usefulness, but also yield cost savings as well. The applications for streaming video over an Intranet which we're seeing our clients use are varied. Some of the most common uses for rich media are ones which yield immediate cost savings such as:
  • bringing training materials directly to the desktop dramatically reducing the cost of attending meetings and seminars by bringing the meeting directly to the desktop seamless integration with company newsletters, announcements and HR materials

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