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         Intranet:     more books (100)
  1. Top Secret Intranet: How U.S. Intelligence Built Intelink - the World's Largest, Most Secure Network by Fredrick Thomas Martin, 1998-11-15
  2. A Methodology for Developing & Deploying Internet & Intranet Solutions by Jeff Greenberg, J. R. Lakeland, 1997-12-05
  3. Setting Up a Linux Intranet Server Visual Black Book: A Complete Visual Guide to Building a LAN Using Linux as the OS by Hidenori Tsuji, Takashi Watanabe, 1999-12-17
  4. Reality ColdFusion: Intranets and Content Management by Ben Forta, 2002-09-25
  5. PCWeek: The Intranet Advantage (An indispensable resources of ideas, procedures, and examples for your Intranet development) Bonus CD-ROM by Shel Holtz, 1996-08
  6. Webcasting and Push Technology Strategies: Effective Communications for Intranets and Extranets by Bohdan O. Szuprowicz, 1998-01
  7. Intranets:The Hidden Face of the Web by John Landahl, 2003-10-27
  8. Designing the Total Area Network: Intranets, VPNs and Enterprise Networks Explained by Mark Norris, Steve Pretty, 2000-02-16
  9. Pcweek Intranet and Internet Firewalls Strategies by Edward Amoroso, Ronald Sharp, 1996-05
  10. Javascript: Bringing Application Development and Customization to Intranets and the Internet by John R. Vacca, 1996-11-04
  11. Building Intranets on Nt, Netware, Solaris: An Administrator's Guide by Morgan Stern, Tom Rasmussen, 1996-12
  12. Intranet Security: Stories from the Trenches (Sun Microsystems Press) by Linda McCarthy, 1997-09
  13. HTML 3.2 for the Internet and Intranets Quickstart by Richard Scott, Sue Reber, et all 1996-01-15
  14. The Power of Intranets: Creating Workgroup Web Sites with Microsoft Office 2000 and FrontPage 2000 by Evan Callahan, 1999-06-01

41. TeamWorks, Inc. -
Firm provides web design, development, Internet services specializing in building broadband Internet/intranet implementations.

42. Intranet Focus Ltd
intranet Focus Ltd provides consulting services on intranet and extranet deploymentand management.
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Contact Intranet Focus Ltd T +44(0)1403 267030 Full Contact Details Our methodology Select a content area Briefing Paper Quick links Communities of Practice Creating Effective Intranets Data Protection applied to Intranets Intranet Governance Legal Issues for Intranet Managers Updates 16 Sep 2005 : Presentation Updates Welcome to Intranet Focus Ltd Intranet Focus Ltd provides consulting services on intranet and extranet deployment and management. We develop content management and intranet strategies based on information audits, advise on information architecture design and implementation, and the selection of content management and search software. Our background is in information science, providing us with an understanding of how people use information to make decisions within the context of the information culture of the organization. Content Management Handbook Content Management Handbook This book provides step-by-step guidance on how to develop a content management strategy, sets out the elements of a content management system and provides advice on the specification, selection and implementation of content management software.

43. Opensite 5.0
Herramientas de publicaci³n Web e intranet.

44. Intranet Focus Ltd - Blog
intranet Focus Ltd provides consulting services on intranet and extranet deploymentand management.
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Contact Intranet Focus Ltd T +44(0)1403 267030 Full Contact Details Intranet Focus Blog For your information You have tried to access a page within the Intranet Focus Blog. The Blog section has been suspended as of May 2005. A relaunch is planned for later this year following an upgrade to a new platform.

45. Home Page - Colza
Provides Internet, intranet, ECommerce, management and marketing services. London, UK.
Home Web Design Web Hosting Web Marketing ... Contact Web Design - Web Hosting - Web Marketing We offer a range of Internet marketing services from our locations in Richmond, Surrey, UK and Lucca, Italy. We provide fast, friendly and professional services in the following areas:
  • - We can design and maintain a website for your business or organisation, or rebuild an outdated or underperforming existing site. Our service is fast, effective and provides good value for money. High-quality web hosting - We partner with a range of web hosting companies to ensure that your investment in website design is effectively delivered to your customers.
    Accurate, targeted, and cost-effective web marketing - Is your website easy to find through a search engine? Make the most of your site and your business.
    Domain name registration and management - Help find the right Internet domain name for your business and make sure you get the most from it.
    Internet Consultancy - Do you have an existing website that's just not working? Want to move into on-line sales but don't know where to start. Want to make more money from your Internet marketing? Talk to us!

SEVEN PRINCIPLES FOR GOOD PRACTICE and financial aid necessary for good practice in undergraduate education.Teaching Tips Index Faculty Guidebook Faculty Home Page intranet Home Page.
CLICK ON THE TOPIC OF YOUR CHOICE ASSESSMENT TECHNIQUES HOW PEOPLE LEARN COMMUNICATION HUMAN DEVELOPMENT ... LANGEVIN LEARNING SERVICES TOPICS FOR BACKGROUND MUSIC , CLICK ON THE ICON WHENEVER IT APPEARS AT A PAGE LINK. THE FIRST DAY 101 Things the First Three Weeks Ways to create the best learning environment. 40 Successes Inviting and disinviting comments, etc. The First Day of Class Nine tasks for getting a class off on the right foot. Icebreakers Examples of getting acquainted techniques. Learn the Students' Names How to learn names and faces quickly. Magically "Learn" Names in Minutes A tongue-in-cheek idea for amazing your students The Most Important Day Thorough discussion, checklist, references The Name Game Make learning names a game. Tom's Essential Survival Tips A reality check for the first day of class. PREPARING A COURSE SYLLABUS Developing a Syllabus The purposes and content of a syllabus. Syllabus Example Classroom A sample syllabus for an occupational course. Syllabus Example Internet Sample syllabus for an occupational course on the Internet. Syllabus Suggested Form An outline of a syllabus that covers all bases.

47. Danish WebDesign
Offers design services using Flash, Visual Studio 6, SilverStream, and ColdFusion. Also offers development, custom logos, ecommerce, and intranet services.

48. Intranet Resources
Links that will help you understand more about intranets. The intranet JournalToolshed, chat, FAQs and intranet Junction.
The following links may help you understand more about Intranets:

49. Intralearn Software Corporation: E-learning And Learning Management Systems -- U
Interactive multimedia training titles and training management solutions from introductory to advanced delivered via CDROM, video, LAN, intranet and Internet.
Welcome to IntraLearn , a leading provider of e-learning platforms and Learning Management Systems.
More than 500 corporations, academic institutions and associations use IntraLearn's Learning Management System to provide e-Learning to millions of learners world wide. IntraLearn combines the functionality of expensive Learning Management Systems (LMS) into a single enterprise-class, field-configurable software application that makes it easy and affordable to create, deliver and measure interactive learning over the Internet and intranets.
This site is optimized for an 800x600 screen resolution and requires the following minimum browsers.
For the PC:
For the Macintosh:
To obtain the most recent versions of these browsers, visit these sites:
Internet Explorer
Ater upgrading, please come back to our site. For your convienience please see our site map.

50. Senthil's Intranet Applets
This site has several handy utilities for the intranet such as orgchart, ganttchart,floorplan searcher, and sitemap.
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> Welcome!
Here is a collection of Java TM applets that might be of interest to intranet/ web developers.
Site Info TOC Applets
Team Applets

If you are interested in deploying these applets at your site please visit the registration details page Have a nice day, Nalla Senthilnathan
Troy, Michigan.
Aug 27, 2005
Java is a TradeMark of Sun Microsystems Inc.

51. LR Technologies: Webdesign, Internet Solutions, Hosting, Support. We Are Based I
Edition et int©gration de logiciels dans le domaine des technologies Internet et intranet. Pr©sentation de la soci©t© et de son offre, partenaires et r©f©rences.
[eGovernment] [Training] [eGovernment] [Training]

52. Intranet Vs. Internet Design (Alertbox)
Your intranet should have different visual style and navigational architecturefrom your website since users, tasks, and information all differ.
use Alertbox Sep. 1997 intranet vs. Internet design Jakob Nielsen 's Alertbox for September 15, 1997:
The Difference Between Intranet and Internet Design
Your intranet and your public website on the open Internet are two different information spaces and should have two different user interface designs . It is tempting to try to save design resources by reusing a single design, but it is a bad idea to do so because the two types of site differ along several dimensions:
  • Users differ. Intranet users are your own employees who know a lot about the company, its organizational structure, and special terminology and circumstances. Your Internet site is used by customers who will know much less about your company and also care less about it.
  • The tasks differ. The intranet is used for everyday work inside the company, including some quite complex applications; the Internet site is mainly used to find out information about your products.
  • The type of information differs. The intranet will have many draft reports, project progress reports, human resource information, and other detailed information, whereas the Internet site will have marketing information and customer support information.
  • The amount of information differs. Typically, an intranet has between ten and a hundred times as many pages as the same company's public website. The difference is due to the extensive amount of work-in-progress that is documented on the intranet and the fact that many projects and departments never publish anything publicly even though they have many internal documents.

53. MediaWeb India - Home
Designs corporate web sites, including graphics, animations, branding, and intranet development.
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54. Intranet Usability: The Trillion-Dollar Question (Alertbox)
The average midsized company could gain $5 million per year in employee productivityby improving its intranet design to the top quartile level of a
use Alertbox Nov. 2002 Intranet usability Search Jakob Nielsen 's Alertbox, November 11, 2002:
Intranet Usability: The Trillion-Dollar Question
The average mid-sized company could gain $5 million per year in employee productivity by improving its intranet design to the top quartile level of a cross-company intranet usability study. The return on investment? One thousand percent or more. We have conducted an international study of intranet usability, running user tests with employees in fourteen companies to learn what worked and what didn't in a wide range of intranet designs. We conducted ten of the studies in the United States, three in Europe, and one in Asia. This may be the most comprehensive intranet usability research ever performed.
Executive Support and Budget
In our study, we found that a lack of good management support for intranets had a great impact on quality. In particular, companies with ailing intranet usability rarely had a well-funded central intranet group with clear ownership of the design. Instead, they typically had many intranets that were not unified by a single navigation system with a single starting point. When interviewing intranet designers, our sense was that intranets were often given lower priority than the corporate website. With all due respect for customer-facing design, the idea that it's a promotion to be transferred from the intranet to the dot-com team hurts company productivity.

55. Echelon Media Group
Services include web and intranet development, database integration, content management, and search engine positioning.

56. Good Documents: INTRAnet Business Writing From Dan Bricklin And Trellix
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57. Caxton
Conception, r©alisation et infog©rance d'applications web. Internet, intranet, Extranet et ebusiness. Paris.

58. Intranets (formerly Intranet Professional) - Intranet Professional: Managing Kno
intranet Professional is now intranets! As of January 2004, intranet Professionalhas been relaunched as intranets Enterprise Strategies Solutions.
Collaboration in the e-Workplace (Paris) Computers in Libraries Enterprise Search Paris Enterprise Search Summit ... Reprints [PDF] Search Infotoday Online Store Other ITI Websites American Library Directory


... Forward Click here to learn more! As of January 2004, Intranet Professional has been relaunched as:
The Intranets newsletter continues to cover the strategies, tips, and tools required to help organizations develop, deploy, and manage intranets, portals, and other knowledge and information management initiatives.
We recognize that the role of managing intranets cannot be limited to a single job title, so Intranets
If you are not automatically re-directed in
20 seconds, please visit:

59. Big Asia - Follow The Right Steps With The Right Partner - Enabling The Internet
Offers design, hosting, consultancy, promotion, programming, and eCommerce services for corporate internet and intranet solutions.

60. Web-based Intranet And Internet Information And Applications (1194.22)
Webbased intranet and Internet Information and Applications (1194.22) Guide Index.Updated June 21, 2001. These provisions of the standards provide the
Web-based Intranet and Internet Information and Applications (1194.22)
Guide Index
Updated: June 21, 2001 These provisions of the standards provide the requirements that must be followed by Federal agencies when producing web pages. These provisions apply unless doing so would impose an undue burden. (a) Text Tags (b) Multimedia Presentations (c) Color (d) Readability ... (p) Time Delays (a) A text equivalent for every non-text element shall be provided (e.g., via "alt", "longdesc", or in element content).
What is meant by a text equivalent?
A text equivalent means adding words to represent the purpose of a non-text element. This provision requires that when an image indicates a navigational action such as "move to the next screen" or "go back to the top of the page," the image must be accompanied by actual text that states the purpose of the image. This provision also requires that when an image is used to represent page content, the image must have a text description accompanying it that explains the meaning of the image. HTML Source Code: <img src="art/logo-green.gif" alt="Access Board Logo">

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