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  1. ATM: the New Paradigm for Internet, Intranet & Residential Broadband Services & Applications by Timothy Kwok, 1998-01-15
  2. The 21st Century Intranet by Jennifer Stone Gonzalez, 1998-01
  3. Intranet Working by George Eckel, William Steen, 1996-03
  4. Intranet Security by Debra Cameron, 1997-06
  5. Intranet Firewalls by Scott Fuller, Kevin Pagan, 1997-01
  6. Information Security Perspective on Intranet, Internet, E-commerce Infrastructure by Pearson, 2005
  7. Building Portals, Intranets, and Corporate Web Sites Using Microsoft Servers by James J. Townsend, Dmitri Riz, et all 2004-03-29
  8. Ipsec: The New Security Standard for the Inter- net, Intranets, and Virtual Private Networks by Naganand Doraswamy, Dan Harkins, 1999-07-26
  9. Internets, Intranets, and Extranets: New Waves in Channel Surfing (The Journal of Marketing Channels Monographic Separates) by Audhesh Paswan, 2003-01-20
  10. The Corporate Intranet, 2nd Edition by Ryan Bernard, 1997-12-24
  11. Practical Intranet Development by John Colby, Gareth Downes-Powell, et all 2003-07-11
  12. Developing Intranet Applications With Java (SAMS Developer's Guide) by Jerry Ablan, 1996-10
  13. Administering Usenet News Servers: A Comprehensive Guide to Planning, Building, and Managing Internet and Intranet News Services by James E. McDermott, John E. Phillips, et all 1997-05
  14. Intranet Decisions: Creating Your Organization's Internal Network by Lisa Kimball, 1997-03

21. Intranet Resources Page Has Moved!
Microsoft s intranet Solutions Center. Full of product pitches and news for Here is a page of links to some of the best intranetrelated sites we could
The Intranet Resources Page has moved!
Your browser should take you there automatically. If it doesn't, you can follow this link

22. IntraNet Solutions
Software that allows you to take control of fully linked websites

23. IntranetRoadMap Intranet Design, Intranet Development, Intranet
Online intranet guide, many links to resource sites.

24. Finding The Right Intranet Technologies To Buy
White paper written by David Strom that lists several categories of products thatmay be useful in assembling intranets.
Finding the right Intranet technologies to buy
By David Strom N.B. While I wrote this paper a while ago, it is still relevant. If you'd like to read some of my recommended books on Internet and Intranet technologies and business practices , go to this page. Intranets are everywhere it seems: they have become the buzz word for the year, and maybe for the remainder of the millennium. Just about everyone has "Intranet-enabled" their products, making finding the right one a daunting proposition. So let's try to cut through all the hype and get down to brass tactics, and come up with a reasonable way to figure out what you need to buy. This white paper will address the following issues:
  • How do Intranets benefit corporations? What kind of servers do you need to buy for which kind of Intranet applications? How do you run TCP/IP across your enterprise? What are the various web and non-web components that make up an Intranet? What are the critical connections to existing corporate data that you need to examine? Finally, what are the decision points that you need to keep in mind when setting up your first Intranet?

25. Developing Your Intranet Strategy And Plan
Online seminar outlines an approach for deploying an intranet within a largerorganization.
Best Overall Web Publication (silver)
, June 2002
About Search Awards Programs ... CIO
Developing Your Intranet Strategy and Plan
FFECTIVELY DEPLOYING AN INTRANET REQUIRES planning, collaboration and technical work to make the Web easily used by non-technical staff, and to effectively manage the large amounts of information that exist in an enterprise. This presentation outlines our thoughts on how to approach this challenge from both an organizational as well as technical perspective. This presentation is an outline of the work required, and has been generalized to meet the needs of a large audience. It should give you ideas on how to address the challenges of a large-scale intranet, but it will not give you all the answers.
How to view this presentation This entire presentation is 228 slides, and contains a wide range of information. You can go through the entire presentation in sequence, starting here , or you can print out the entire presentation Powerpoint version of the file. Or you can go to a specific section of the presentation: Overview An Overview - Intranets
Intranet Challenges


26. The Difference Between Internet, Intranet, And Extranet /IW
The Difference Between Internet, intranet, and Extranet QHow does one distinguish between an intranet and an extranet?

27. IntranetRoadMap Intranet Design, Intranet Development, Intranet Software, Intran
The Ultimate intranet Resources, intranet Tutorials and intranet Software Guide.
-Table of Contents- Introduction The Basics 1. What is an intranet? 2. Tangible Benefits of an intranet 2. Intangible Benefits of an intranet 3. Growth of intranets Uses of an intranet 1. Human Resources 2. Sales and Marketing 3. Information Systems 4. Executive and Corporate 5. Customer Service 6. Finance Road Map to Success Establish Guidelines 1. Define ownership 2. Establish a guiding principle 3. Establish intranet business model 4. Create publishing policies 5. Define a measurement of success 6. Create a style guide 7. Establish a site hierarchy 8. Establish budgets Establish Platform and Infrastructure 1. Browser Selection 2. Develop Access Rollout Plan 3. Select a security model 4. Select a content management system 5. Select HTML development tools 6. Select database integration standard 7. Select intranet traffic analysis tools 8. Estimate server and bandwidth Invite All to Participate 1. Promote awareness 2. Identify champions 3. Form steering committee Intranet Team 1. Identify team roles

28. Mind.go
Web agency che punta sulla comunicazione, l'immagine e il design. Soluzioni internet e intranet, progettazione di reti e sistemi di sicurezza, multimedia.
larghezza=800 altezza=440"popup.htm", "", "width="+larghezza+",height="+altezza+", left="+((screen.width-larghezza)/2)+",top="+((screen.height-altezza)/2)+"") newwindow.creator=self A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open
Frank Zappa

29. Internal Use Of The Web - Intranets
Gov't IT Policy. Infrastructure. intranet / Extranet. IT Professional. IT Value an intranet, see "Developing An intranet Strategy", and

30. I-Commerce Solutions: Full Service Web Design, Development And E-commerce Tools
Internet and intranet consulting company, based in Seattle, Washington. Offers design, hosting, and ecommerce.
Promotion Promotion Search Engines e-Commerce Introduction Security Merchant Accounts Gateway Options ... Advanced Search Registration
TOOLS Actinic Internet Marketing Site Promoter Mail Loop PLANNING Planning Domain Names Hosting Content ... Key Tips KEY TIPS 6 Keys to Content 5 Key Success Strategies Keep audience in mind Request for Proposal for Web Sites ... Web Safe Colors PRODUCTION Pre-Production Production Publication Maintenance About i-CS About US Portfolio Contact Us Domain Names About Domain Names Register Your Domain Name informat You can contact us in the following ways.
e-Mail link:

Mailing Address
1248 NE 104th Street
Seattle, WA 98125
Toll Free:

Live chat We will chat right now, if we are online. About i-CS Planning Production ... Site Menu
i -Commerce Solutions
Register Domain Name .com .net .org .info .biz .us .ws New low prices! Portfolio Want to safely update your site? Use Macromedia's Contribute
"e-commerce is more than a pretty web site" is what we like to say at i -Commerce Solutions.

31. Intranet - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
An intranet is a local area network (LAN) used internally in an organisation tofacilitate Retrieved from http//
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
An intranet is a local area network (LAN) used internally in an organisation to facilitate communication and access to information that is sometimes access-restricted. Sometimes the term refers only to the most visible service, the internal web site . The same concepts and technologies of the Internet such as clients and servers running on the Internet protocol suite are used to build an intranet. HTTP and other internet protocols are commonly used as well, especially FTP and email . There is often an attempt to use internet technologies to provide new interfaces with corporate 'legacy' data and information systems. There does not necessarily have to be any access from the organisations's internal network to the internet itself. Where there is, there will be a firewall with a gateway through which all access takes place. Traffic going through the gateway can be monitored by the organisation's security department. This means that organisations that allow their staff internet access can normally determine which internet web sites are being viewed, block access to specific sites they don't want them to see (such as pornographic sex sites), and even trace offenders who persistently attempt to view them. They can also block certain types of web content (such as objects) which they consider a particular security risk.

32. MySource
Sistema Open Source de CMS (content management system) para la publicaci³n y administraci³n de contenidos en un sitio Web o en una intranet, portales y extranets.

33. Knowledge Management - Intranet/Extranet - Intranet Strategy, Development, Evolu
Resources related to intranet and extranet development and deployment. Articles,research papers, events, discussion areas, seminars, interviews,

34. Saul's Creek Engineering - Software Architect And Developer Of Solutions For Win
We specialize in developing Windowsbased software applications including intranet and database applications.
Consulting Products Support Company ... Contact
Software Consultant Welcome To Saul's Creek Engineering! We provide consulting services to develop software applications for
Windows platforms and the Web. Software Products We develop and market our own array of software products.
Thank you for visiting our site!
Please send comments regarding this site to
Last updated 08-Nov-2004.

35. Wcube - Agence Interactive Et Marketing Digital
Agence de communication et d'ing©nierie interactive, disposant de comp©tences dans les domaines marketing et technique, pour la mise en place de projets Internet et intranet.
Bienvenue chez Wcube, agence conseil en marketing interactif.
Nous accompagnons les directions marketing et communication des marques et grandes entreprises dans la mise en place ou l'optimisation de leurs dispositifs on-line. Cet accompagnement a pour objectif constant de nouer ou enrichir le dialogue avec leurs publics, offrir une vie digitale à leurs marques.

36. Intranet - A Definition
The main purpose of an intranet is to share company information and computing An intranet can also be used to facilitate working in groups and for,,sid26_gci212377,00.html Definitions - intranet EMAIL THIS PAGE TO A FRIEND Definitions - powered by BROWSE WHATIS.COM DEFINITIONS: A B C D ... BROWSE ALL CATEGORIES Search for: - OR - Search this site:
An intranet is a private network that is contained within an enterprise . It may consist of many interlinked local area networks and also use leased lines in the wide area network . Typically, an intranet includes connections through one or more gateway computers to the outside Internet. The main purpose of an intranet is to share company information and computing resources among employees. An intranet can also be used to facilitate working in groups and for teleconferences. An intranet uses TCP/IP HTTP , and other Internet protocols and in general looks like a private version of the Internet. With tunneling , companies can send private messages through the public network, using the public network with special encryption/decryption and other security safeguards to connect one part of their intranet to another. Typically, larger enterprises allow users within their intranet to access the public Internet through

37. NetWerk GmbH: IT-Services
Als IBM und IntraWare Business Partner bietet das Unternehmen L¶sungen f¼r's Internet, Lotus Notes/Domino, Sametime und Projektmanagement an.
Bahnhofstraße 27
72336 Balingen
Fon +49 (0) 74 33.26 00 40
Fax +49 (0) 74 33.26 00 44
E-Mail: Wildbader Straße 151
75305 Neuenbürg
Fon +49 (0) 70 82.79 35 82
Fax +49 (0) 70 82.79 35 84
Balingen lockt mit großer Kunst. Dem Maler und Graphiker Karl Schmidt-Rottluff (1884-1976) widmet die Stadthalle Balingen vom 18.06-25.09. eine Ausstellung, in der sein Lebenswerk anhand von rund 100 Meisterwerken vorgestellt wird.
Die NetWerk GmbH liefert in Zusammenarbeit mit der Stadthalle Balingen und der Werbeagentur Atelier Türke die passende Homepage

38. Home
intranet Worldwide has been meeting these challenges for 25 years. InvestorsBank Trust Goes Live with intranet Worldwide’s iMTS FileAct
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Select TSA ACI Insession
Global Messaging

High Value Payments

Few operations are more critical to a financial institution's operations than the moving, clearing, and settlement of payments. In today's global markets, customers demand fast, accurate, and continuous movement of funds both between accounts and around the world. IntraNet Worldwide has been meeting these challenges for 25 years. As experts in payments and messaging technology, we provide financial institutions with the strategic solutions they need to operate in this demanding environment. In fact, our comprehensive and integrated approach has made IntraNet an acknowledged leader in electronic payments technology. IntraNet Worldwide's products provide maximum performance and dependability in highly complex and real-time wholesale financial environments, including large value and bulk file payments processing.

39. - Das Portal Rund Um Ihr Intranet
Informationen zum Thema intranet aus den Bereichen Technik, Management, Design und Inhalt. Zudem gibt es Veranstaltungshinweise, B¼cher/Links- und Literaturtipps.D-61381 Friedrichsdorf
Startseite Glossar Newsletter Sitemap ... Werbung Benutzer: Password: Mitglied werden News Fachartikel E-Learning-Demo ... Schweizer Commerzbank AG setzt auf KENDOX Weil das bislang im Einsatz befindliche Archivsystem den Anforderungen an ein modernes Dokumenten Management nicht mehr gewachsen war, entschied sich die Commerzbank (Schweiz) AG für dessen Ablösung. mehr... Abfallmanagement leicht gemacht Wenn Firmen Abfallstoffe austauschen wollen, muss die Kommunikation untereinander reibungslos funktionieren. Die Informationen werden mit Hilfe des Abfallmanagers erfasst, dann zu einer Pooling-Stelle geleitet und dort gefiltert und an die Firmen im Intranet weitergegeben. mehr... PEIKER acustic setzt auf iTAC Software Das Produkt easy works von iTAC ermöglicht als die neueste Generation von Traceability-Systemen über Intranet oder Internet die vollständige Transparenz der Fertigungsprozesse über eine beliebige Zahl von Fertigungsstätten hinweg. mehr... Microsoft stellt virtuelle Musterfirma Contoso ins Netz Contoso dient Microsoft dazu, mittelständischen Unternehmen anhand von verschiedenen rollenspezifischen Szenarien nachvollziehbar den Mehrwert von Informationstechnologie aufzuzeigen. mehr...

40. Enterprise News For IT Managers
Daily news on enterprise applications management, client server software, corporateportals, intranets, and the Web services sector.
FREE Linux Resources and Tools from IBM: Free DVD:
Software Evaluation Kit for Linux
Backing Up Your Linux Machines
What Good is a Linux Client: Can You Make the Switch from Windows?
Introduction to User-Mode Linux
Regional News: Boston D.C. New York Silicon Valley More Tech News: Newslinx
Enterprise Search News Search The Web Search all of
Let's Not Build This Bubble

By Chris Nerney
Mega-mergers, tech IPOs and more are fueling talk of another stock bubble. Can it happen again? Truth Time at Microsoft's PDC
The company shows developers in Los Angeles this week the goods in the Microsoft platform.
For Sale: Your Data, Cost: Your Privacy Revving up WiMAX Telecom in Transition ... Xamlon Refocuses Amidst XAML Craze [September 16, 2005] The company that promised 'XAML now' turns to today's Web apps instead. Is Image Everything to Microsoft? [September 16, 2005] At Microsoft's PDC: The company says new interfaces and development tools will improve the look of apps and Web pages, but skeptics have a sense of deja vu. IBM, Red Hat Go Abroad With Linux

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