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  1. Signal Processing, Image Processing and Graphics Applications With Motorola's Dsp96002 Processor: Image Processing and Graphics Applications by Mohamed El-Sharkawy, 1994-10
  2. Dsp for Scientists and Engineers Using Mat Lab by D. M. Etter, 2004-01-01
  3. DSP with FPGAs: VHDL Solution Manual, First Edition by Uwe Meyer-Baese, 2005-06-01
  4. uC/OS-III, The Real-Time Kernel, or a High Performance, Scalable, ROMable, Preemptive, Multitasking Kernel for Microprocessors, Microcontrollers & DSPs (Board NOT Included) by Jean J Labrosse, 2009-09-21
  5. DSP for MATLAB and LabVIEW I: Fundamentals of Discrete Signal Processing (Synthesis Lectures on Signal Processing) by Forester W. Isen, 2009-01-23
  6. DSP for MATLAB and LabVIEW IV: LMS Adaptive Filtering (Synthesis Lectures on Signal Processing) by Forester W. Isen, 2009-01-26
  7. Pray the Rosary with DSP Cas (Rosary and Mary) by Daughters of St Paul, 2003-12
  8. Motorola DSP56000/DSP56001 Digital Signal Processor User's Manual by Motorola, 1990
  9. Digital Signal Processing Applications With Motorola's Dsp56002 Processor - 1996 publication by Mohamd l-Sharkawy, 1996
  11. Bioseparation Engineering: A Comprehensive DSP Volumen by Ajay Kumar, Abhishek Awasthi, 2009-02-11
  12. Development of devices based on digital signal processors from Analog Devices with the use of Visual DSP. (CD) / Razrabotka ustroystv na osnove tsifrovykh signalnykh protsessorov firmy Analog Devices s ispolzovanie Visual DSP . ( SD) by O. D. Valpa, 2007
  14. Dsp56004 Digital Signal Processor User's Manual

101. DSP Homepage
dsp Logo. Welcome to the site of the Digital Signals Processing Laboratory from the Dept. of Electrical Engineering in University Politehnica of Bucharest
Welcome to the site of the D igital S ignals P rocessing Laboratory from the Dept. of Electrical Engineering in University "Politehnica" of Bucharest, Romania.
July 11 - 13, 2005 - Bucharest, Romania
Socrates Minerva Project : E-learning
Societatea bioinformatica
June 7 - 9, 2001 - Bucharest, Romania
Workshop photos
Workshop photos
Socrates-Minerva Project
Leonardo Project ...
ISSPA, Kuala Lumpur, 13-16 August 2001
La Jolla Marriott, San Diego, CA, USA, July 16-19, 2000
Special Session
on Evolutionary Intelligent Agents Lucian Voinea index

102. Demokratik Sol Parti
Demokratik Sol Parti Resmi Internet Sitesi, Official Web Site of the Democratic Left Party.
nedstatbasic("ABLQGQalZshmnPyOwny3w8ZTEiaA", 0); Sezer: Kürt kökenli yurttaþlarýmýzýn ulusal birliðimizle bir sorunu yok 16 Eylül 2005 16 Eylül 2005 16 Eylül 2005 15 Eylül 2005 Sezer: Baþbakan, Türkiye'yi Talabanilere muhtaç hâle getirdi 14 Eylül 2005 Telafer’deki operasyonlar, Kuzey Irak’ta Kürt devleti kurulmasý projesine katký saðlýyor 13 Eylül 2005 Sorunlarýn çözümü “tam demokrasi” içinde olmalý 12 Eylül 2005 Büyüme verileri, Baþbakan’ýn çizdiði pembe tablolarý yalanladý 11 Eylül 2005 Türkiye bu hükümeti hak etmiyor 11 Eylül 2005 "Yüksek faiz, düþük kur", ekonomide yakýcý sorunlarý davet ediyor 10 Eylül 2005 AKP Ýktidarý döneminde Türk eðitim sistemi kaosa sürüklendi 10 Eylül 2005 Sayýn Baþbakan’ýn Hizb-ut Tahrir gösterilerinin baþ aktörü durumuna düþmesine tepkiliyiz 09 Eylül 2005 “DSP’ye olan ihtiyaç her geçen gün artýyor” 09 Eylül 2005 "Yüksek faiz, düþük kur" politikasý gözden geçirilmeli 08 Eylül 2005 AKP’nin mumu çoktan yandý 07 Eylül 2005 Teröristler ve bölücüler asla muhatap kabul edilemez 07 Eylül 2005 Ýç talebi canlandýracak politikalar uygulanmasý gerekli 06 Eylül 2005 Baþbakan, oyunun parçasý hâline geldi

103. QSolv Inc.
Protocol development, VoIP, VoATM, dsp, and SNMP.
We are an IT Services Company, helping organizations build and implement their IT plans. We combine our business and technology expertise to deploy robust solutions that meet the critical return on investment goals of our customers. We leverage our project management and technology expertise to deliver immense team scaling proposition and protect you from fluctuations in the requirement of technical resources. Leveraging our tremendous resourcing infrastructure, we provide flexible Project Staffing solutions for your IT projects, helping you convert some of the fixed project costs into variable costs. Home Services Practices Company ... Legal

104. What Is DSP? - A Word Definition From The Webopedia Computer Dictionary
This page describes the term dsp and lists other pages on the Web where you can find additional information.
You are in the: Small Business Computing Channel View Sites + ECommerce-Guide Small Business Computing ... »Close Enter a word for a definition... ...or choose a computer category. choose one... All Categories Communications Computer Industry Companies Computer Science Data Graphics Hardware Internet and Online Services Mobile Computing Multimedia Networks Open Source Operating Systems Programming Software Standards Types of Computers Wireless Computing World Wide Web Home
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DSP Last modified: Thursday, March 28, 2002 Short for d igital s ignal p rocessing, which refers to manipulating analog information, such as sound or photographs that has been converted into a digital form. DSP also implies the use of a data compression technique. When used as a noun, DSP stands for d igital s ignal p rocessor, a special type of coprocessor designed for performing the mathematics involved in DSP. Most DSPs are programmable, which means that they can be used for manipulating different types of information, including sound, images, and video E-mail this definition to a colleague Sponsored listings Newark InOne: DSPs - View our online selection of DSPs. Chat online with product tech support and place your order online 24x7. In-stock orders ship same day.

105. ZSP: Licensable Cores, ASICs And Standard Products For Multimedia, Voice And Wir
Audio signal and digital signal processing hardware and solutions from LSI Logic. Includes dsp communications solutions, IP cores, and VOIP products.
var om_pagename = " Home "; var om_hier1 = om_pagename;



... Site Map
Select a Product Cores - Hard Cores Standard Products Development Tools - Software Dev. Kit - Green Hills MULTI Application Software - Multimedia - Voice - Wireless Boards - Core Modules - Daughtercards SoC Development - ASIC - JTAG Probes Robust solutions to address the ever evolving requirements of multimedia applications
Z.Voice - the industry’s most comprehensive offering of voice-enabled solutions
Solutions for both application and baseband processing in mobile applications
document.write(random_partnerm[random_number1]); document.write(random_partnerw[random_number3]); Engaging with ZSP
Benefits of ZSP

Complete Solutions
News September 7, 2005 - VeriSilicon licenses ZSP400 and forms strategic partnership with LSI Logic to offer turnkey SoC solutions August 2, 2005 - LSI Logic delivers ultra-sleek LSI403US DSP to enable growing Voice over WLAN handheld market July 19, 2005 - RTJ Computing and LSI Logic collaborate to offer Java support for ZSP cores Trademark privacy and site feedback

106. Inside DSP
Inside dsp is a joint publishing project of CMP s Electronics Group, publishers of EE Times, and Berkeley Design Technology, Inc. Published quarterly as a
Inside DSP


Articles Archive

Audio 2004

Video 2004

Pocket Guide to

Processors for DSP

BDTI White Papers ... DSP FAQ FEATURED ARTICLES September Newsletter: TI Announces "DaVinci" Video Technology This month Texas Instruments announced that it will offer a new line of products for digital video applications. TI's "DaVinci Digital Video Technology" encompasses new video-oriented chips, software, and tools, all of which are intended to be used together to help companies quickly develop new video products. September Newsletter: MIPS Buys FS2, Gets Cozy With Virage On September 6 core licensor MIPS revealed that it had acquired FS2, a company specializing in debugging technology. MIPS also announced it has expanded its alliance with Virage Logic, a provider of logic cell libraries. September Newsletter: Executive Decision Support Technology company executives must be able to make sound business and technology decisions. To do so, they need a realistic picture of their company's strengths and weaknesses, and an accurate, comprehensive understanding of the existing and emerging competitive landscape. In short, they need an objective perspective. September Newsletter: Jeff Bier's "Impulse Response"

107. The MathWizards Home Page
Produces software for digital signal processing (dsp), data analysis, visualization, and application development. Includes products and ordering information.
Home Page Ordering information Applications MathViews ...
TCL MathViews/TCL Bundle MathSuite Shareware, Demos, Upgrades Get answers to your technical questions Manuals, app notes, sample code ... Contact information Welcome to The MathWizards, Inc! The MathWizards develops software applications and software components (ActiveX, Java, TCL) for digital signal processing (DSP), data analysis, visualization, and application development. The MathWizards' MathViews features: an interactive high-level programming language, 2D and 3D graphics, integrated mathematical and signal processing functions, real and complex vector and matrices, flexible data input and output (file, serial ports, GPIB and VXI), and an integrated debugger. The MathWizards' WaveXplorer, an interactive waveform editor, features: cut/copy/paste waveforms, freehand drawing, curve fitting, mathematics and waveform equations, and scriptted download and upload to: GPIB, VXI and serial devices. The MathWizards' MathXplorer

108. AMI Semiconductor, Inc.
Ultraminiature, low power software-programmable dsp technology and ASIC design.
Silicon Solutions for the Real World
E-mail address: Your name: Automotive e-bulletin
Medical e-bulletin
Structured Digital Products e-bulletin
is important to us; therefore, we will not sell, rent or give your name or address to anyone.
Find out more...
Recent News
Flextronics Acquisition Completed
- September 9, 2005
GIFT-compliant CAN Transceiver

- September 6, 2005
Partners with MOSIS

- August 29, 2005
Amends Credit Facility to Finance Acquisition
-August 22, 2005 More news...
Upcoming Events
EOSED - September 11-16, 2005 - Anaheim, CA CICC - September 18-21, 2005 - San Jose, CA FSA - October 5-6, 2005 - San Jose, CA San Jose McEnery Convention Center Booth #512 AMIS is the silver sponsor More events...
Automotive E-bulletin - June 27, 2005 Medical E-bulletin - June 29, 2005 Structured Digital Products E-bulletin - June 30, 2005

109. EE Product Center DSP
eeProductCenter delivers a full spectrum of critical design information about the latest ICs and electronic components for engineers facing challenging,

Select Site Below Commsdesign My-ESM EEdesign eeProductCenter EETimes Embedded Planet Analog Silicon Strategies
In the DSP section, eeProductCenter visitors will find the latest product launches from hardware vendors such as Agere, Analog Devices, Motorola, and Texas Instruments, to name a few. There will also be coverage of related DSP software, development tools and platforms. DSP solutions for such key markets as communications, consumer electronics and streaming media (video and audio) will also be noted here.
Audio DSP line adds performance and features for consumer apps

Texas Instruments has beefed-up its Aureus family of audio digital signal processing chips, a move that will enable consumer electronics manufacturers to provide more performance and features for applications requiring multi-channel decoding, including audio/video and DVD receivers and home-theater-in-a-box systems. DSP PMC module churns through high-res realtime data conversion
A family of DSP modules debuting at Sheldon Instruments lets you add realtime signal processing to systems. Using a PCI mezzanine connector, you can use CompactPCI and VMEbus single-board computers that have PMC sites, as well as adapter or carrier cards. The PMC packs a high-performance DSP and graphical application development in LabVIEW. Revised model-based DSP tools pitch higher performance
The 2005.3 versions of AccelChip DSP synthesis tool and related intellectual property core generators

110. XstreamFlow
Offers software design, dsp and embedded application development.
Home Products Services Contact us Home Products Computing platforms for use in embedded systems. Carrier cards for evaluation purposes and for using platforms as stand-alone systems. Services We provide engineering design services on a contract basis. Contact us email:

Blackfin based DSP modules now available. The Blackfin-based DSP Module is a general computing platform designed to run µCLinux as operating system. The module is very compact (50 x 90mm) and operates from a single 3.3V power supply. The module is equipped with an FPGA to provide digital interfacing and co-processing to the main processor. A carrier card for the module is currently being designed. This will allow the module to be used as a stand-alone computer, and give the user easy access to the interfaces by bringing out communications connectors and headers for the FPGA pins. Blackfin is a registered trademark of Analog Devices.

111. Sundance Home Page, Fft, Dsp, Digital Signal Processing, Radar, Image Processing
Manufacturer of highperformance processor and I/O modules for use in single and multi-processor dsp solutions in a variety of fields, including, imaging, sonar, simulation, industrial control.
Search our site
Development Systems
Control Systems
Test and Measurement
Diagnostic Imaging

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112. Http// Has Changed DNS Domains
If you are not redirected in 10 seconds, please click the hyperlink below. http//

113. TecLAB, Entwicklung Hardware Und Software
Development of Embedded Software and Hardware including System Architechture, Design, Implementation and Test. Expertise in RTOS, Firmware and dsp software.
Willkommen Wer wir sind Was wir tun Referenzen Hardware Equipment ... Kontakt Willkommen bei TecLAB
Impressum Haftungsausschluss Kontakt

114. Welcome To The Delaware State Police Home Page!
Mission to enhance the quality of life for all Delaware citizens and visitors by providing professional, competent and compassionate law enforcement
Trooper of the Year Delaware State
Troopers Association
Delaware Crime ... DSP Recruiting
911 Scanner
Click to activate! Units/Sections
Aviation Canine Command Post Unit Communications ...
More Units/Sections Training Section Traffic Section Victim Services Video Lottery Enforcement ...
Part-Time Units Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Conflict Management SCUBA ... Tactical Control Unit About the DSP Executive Staff Table of Organization (.pdf) Troops 2004 Annual Report (.pdf) ...
Report (.pdf)
Our Mission:
To enhance the quality of life for all Delaware citizens
and visitors by providing professional, competent and
compassionate law enforcement services. Colonel Thomas Macleish Superintendent Contact

115. High Tide Software
A Bostonbased consulting firm that specializes in telephony, embedded programming, Digital Signal Processing (dsp), and medical imaging.
Welcome to High Tide Software
Home of the Select Right™ Knowledge Testing System High Tide Software at a Glance
We are a software consulting company that excels in providing enterprise solutions through development of advanced software and business processes. High Tide Software has a very different way of delivering information technology assistance and business solutions: We provide you with scalable access to experienced, adaptable, and proficient people who are dedicated to accomplishing your goals effectively and efficiently. What does this mean to you? It means we can help you do what you need done. It means that for a reasonable price, you will get a high quality product, no matter the level of involvement required. It means that like most of our customers, you will want to work with us again. Outsourcing and Enterprise Solutions
For over a decade, clients have trusted High Tide Software to deliver more than just highly-skilled software engineers. Whether they need help finishing a project in a tight deadline, or whether they need a complete solution, we have the skills to address clients address their challenges.
(For more details, check out the

116. Delaware Sex Offender Central Registry
Delaware s online viewable and searchable sex offender registry.
Delaware State Police
State Bureau of Identification Sex Offender Central Registry
If you wish to view Registered Sex Offender Information
Please select from one of the following options Search our Database
Search Sex Offender Registry View All Registered Sex Offenders
This process is time consuming! Title 11, Section 4120 and 4121 and Amended Title 11, Section 4120 and 4121 of the Delaware Code requires the Delaware State Police to maintain a registry of sex offenders available to the public via the internet. The State Bureau of Identification is the sub unit of the Delaware State Police responsible to provide this service with technical assistance from the Department of Technology and Information. IMPORTANT REMINDERS
Positive identification of a person believed to be a sex offender cannot be established unless the offenders fingerprints are compared against the fingerprints taken at the time of arrest or incarceration. Title 11, Chapter 85 of the Delaware Code authorizes the State Bureau of Identification to release criminal history record information upon receipt of the subjects fingerprints and a fee established by the Superintendent of the Delaware State Police. For more information on this procedure, contact the State Bureau of Identification at Only offenders convicted after June 27, 1994 for sex offenses specified under Delaware Law are required to register. Persons who have been arrested but not convicted are not required to register.

117. - Mac Tuning Software
Li'l Miss' Scale Oven (LMSO), an ethnic and microtonal scale editor/synth retuner. Also dsp holophonics plugins.
Music Microtuning 3D Audio Farming Mac software for tuning your musical instruments to ethnic, historical, experimental and otherworldly scales.
m u s i c c o m p a c t d i s c s t u n i n g s o f t w a r e
About the music of X. J. Scott...
Tea Party 13 This is Not For Realsies 5-Dimensional Jigsaw Puzzle ... Zhxrghaenian Night Melodies (new release)
Microtonal Tuning Software Summary
    Li'l Miss' Scale Oven TM (LMSO)
      Don't settle for dry, tasteless, mass-produced musical scales baked with too much sugar! Now you can smell the arousing aroma and savor the snappy flavor of fresh-baked scales at home! It's so easy, anyone can do it!
    Latest LMSO News (June 2005)
    • Cupcake, the microtonal, 64 voice, 16 part multitimbral synthesizer is now included with LMSO! LMSO Version 2.7, featuring Recipe Books, Tiger Compatibility, and Spotlight metadata, is now available!
      the graphical musical interval calculator
    SY77 Retube TM
      Coerce the tuning and controller routings of SY77 patches in bulk; write directly to the SY77 native file format.
    No Mac? Try these

118. Effective Objects - Coordinate Conversion, FFT, Equation Parser, More.
Data acquisition dsp boards and instruments for realtime processing and control. Hardware and software development services.


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Products DSP Software Modules FFT Toolkit Library
Math Equation Parser Library

Nonlinear Least-Squares Fit Library
... Turbine Balancing Measurement and balancing software for turbine and related industries. Coordinate Conversion Software ProLat Conversion Calculator
ProLat Conversion Library
DSP Data Acquisition for Windows and Linux Professional boards for real-time and high channel count applications. Development Service Engineering service, consulting, and development. PC Based Instruments Modular application oriented instruments. Service and Support Effective Objects delivers outstanding products to solve many needs. As a small company, we specialize in service and support for your requirements. We can easily make customizations to fit your needs. We also have the resources to deliver large systems. Effective Objects can supply engineering services from software development to electronic design and mechanical products. Contact us now by phone or email. Please call 425-427-2705 or email

119. - Embedded Systems Supersite
Resources for the embedded systems developer including microcontrollers, dsp hardware and software, database, online tutorials, suppliers, and designs.
The Embedded Systems Sourcing Website
Resources for Embedded Systems Professionals ™
Home Directory Search Services ... Contact Accurate Embedded Systems Sourcing Information  
Main Menu Home Directory Search Embedded News
Popular Categories Microcontrollers 8051 Manufacturers Embedded Ethernet White Papers ... Editorials
Popular Items Hex Binary Decimal Octal Converter Custom Computer Services Inc - PIC Compilers Atmel Corporation Dallas Semiconductor ... Intel Corporation
Site News (3 items total) Rabbit Ethernet: Small, Yet Powerful! Check it out:
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Significant Embedded Systems News Product News Sep 14, 2005 Rabbit Semiconductor. Announces the New Rabbit 4000 Microprocessor Aug 30, 2005 Apr 25, 2005 Microchip Technology Introduces New Family of 40MHz 3V PIC18F Microcontrollers Development Tools News Nov 1, 2004 Wind River Announces Linux Platform Targeting Telecommunications Market Sep 29, 2004 New Altium/Tasking C166/ST10 Compiler Offers Full Peripheral Simulation Jul 9, 2004 8051 Development Kit for $199 From STMicroelectronics Industry News Aug 17, 2005

120. Digital Signal Processing - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
In dsp, engineers usually study digital signals in one of the following domains time domain The main applications of dsp are audio signal processing,
Digital signal processing
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Digital signal processing DSP ) is the study of signals in a digital representation and the processing methods of these signals. DSP and analog signal processing are subfields of signal processing . DSP has three major subfields: audio signal processing digital image processing and speech processing Since the goal of DSP is usually to measure or filter continuous real-world analog signals, the first step is usually to convert the signal from an analog to a digital form, by using an analog to digital converter . Often, the required output signal is another analog output signal, which requires a digital to analog converter The algorithms required for DSP are sometimes performed using specialized computers , which make use of specialized microprocessors called digital signal processors (also abbreviated DSP ). These process signals in real time . They are optimized for DSP computations.
DSP domains
In DSP, engineers usually study digital signals in one of the following domains:

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