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  1. DSP TECHNOLOGY INC.: International Competitive Benchmarks and Financial Gap Analysis (Financial Performance Series) by Icon Group Ltd., Ltd. Icon Group, 2000-04-25
  2. DSP COMMUNICATIONS, INC.: Labor Productivity Benchmarks and International Gap Analysis (Labor Productivity Series) by Icon Group Ltd., Ltd. Icon Group, 2000-04-25
  3. DSP GROUP, INC.: Labor Productivity Benchmarks and International Gap Analysis (Labor Productivity Series) by Icon Group Ltd., Ltd. Icon Group, 2000-04-25
  4. Mastering Dsp Concepts Using Matlab by Ashok Ambardar, Craig Borghesani, 1997-09-12
  5. Brief Notes in Advanced DSP: Fourier Analysis with MATLAB by Artyom M. Grigoryan, Merughan Grigoryan, 2009-02-20
  6. Inner Logodynamics of Delta Sigma Phi: Delta Sig or DSP or Digs or Diggers (Volume 1) by Gregory Zorzos, 2009-12-23
  7. Digital Signal Processing Implementations: Using DSP Microprocessors (with examples from TMS320C54XX) by Avtar Singh, S. Srinivasan, 2003-10-17
  8. Digital Filters Design for Signal and Image Processing (Digital Signal & Image Processing Series (ISTE-DSP))
  9. Digital Signal and Image Processing Using MATLAB (Digital Signal & Image Processing Series (ISTE-DSP))
  10. Channel Coding in Communication Networks: From Theory to Turbocodes (Digital Signal & Image Processing Series (ISTE-DSP))
  11. DSP for MATLAB and LabVIEW (Synthesis Lectures on Signal Processing) by Forester W. Isen, 2010-01-25
  12. The South African Law of Persons and Family Law by Dsp Cronje, 1994-05
  13. DSP Integrated Circuits (Academic Press Series in Engineering) by Lars Wanhammar, 1999-03-04
  14. Digital Signal Processing: WITH DSP Laboratory Using MATLAB: A Computer-Based Approach (McGraw-Hill Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering) by Sanjit K. Mitra, 2002-05-01

81. | Preferred Vendors
Pegasus supports over 70 offtheshelf dsp boards for ISA, PCI, CompactPCI, VME, and VXI. We also produce customized systems and can provide dsp consulting

Find Products by Category ARINC Audio: General Audio: Voice Avionics Battery Carrier Board: IP Carrier Board: IP (Intelligent) Carrier Board: Other Carrier Board: PMC Carrier Board: PMC (Intelligent) Carrier Board: TIM Connector: Other Control: Digital Converters: A/D Counter/timer Data acquisition Datacom: Arcnet Datacom: Ethernet Datacom: LAN Datacom: Proprietary Datacom: Serial controller Datacom: WAN Development platform Development tools Digital I/O Digital signal processing Digital-to-synchro DSP algorithm DSP resource boards DSP resource boards: CompactPCI DSP resource boards: IndustryPack DSP resource boards: PC/104 DSP resource boards: PC/104-Plus DSP resource boards: PCI/ISA DSP resource boards: PCI-104 DSP resource boards: PCI-X DSP resource boards: PMC DSP resource boards: Proprietary DSP resource boards: TIM DSP resource boards: VMEbus Evaluation board Fabrics: Fibre Channel Fabrics: RACEway Fabrics: RapidIO Fabrics: StarFabric Gateways Graphics Hot Swap/Live Insertion I/O: Analog I/O: Digital I/O: FPGA I/O: Industrial I/O: Multifunction IEEE 1394 (FireWire) Image processing/machine vision Integrated Development Environment LVDS Memory: Buffer Memory: Flash Mezzanine: M-Module Mezzanine: PrPMC Mezzanine: PTMC Mezzanine: XMC MIL-STD-1553 Modem/Fax modem Motion control PCMCIA/CardBus PCMCIA/PC Card Power supply Processor Processor: Other Processor: PowerPC Processor: PowerPC G4 Processor: SPARC Processor: x86 Processor: XScale Prototyping and debugging aids Prototyping and debugging: Bus analyzer

82. Welcome To Aureole Technologies
A dsp and embedded design house, specializing in TI processors and tools.
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83. DSP Store - The Largest On-line DSP Database
A community site for engineers and professionals in the dsp industry with algorithms, software, news and articles, with links to major manufacturers.
DSP Store is the largest on-line database for DSP Algorithms, Devices, DSP News, Boards, DSP Software, Development Tools, Reconfigurable DSP solutions, etc
DSP Algorithms
DSP Devices
DSP Software
DSP IP Cores ...
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84. The Scientist And Engineer's Guide To Digital Signal Processing
A textbook of dsp engineering techniques by Steven W. Smith. Entire text free on the web in PDF format.
The Scientist and Engineer's
Guide to Digital Signal Processing
by Steven W. Smith, Ph.D.
California Technical Publishing
ISBN 0-9660176-3-3 (1997) Browse and download the book

85. dsp Design PerformanceThis site contains freelyusable Java applets for the design of various kinds of digital filters, some of which are unique.

86. Doug Fetter Software Wizardry Consulting
Consultant developing lowlevel real time drivers and applets for Windows NT, 98/95, 3.1x, MS-DOS, and embedded system dsp software. Based in Trappe, PA.


About the Wizard


Doug Fetter Software Wizardry
produces customized software designed to meet your individual specifications and needs. Consultant specializing in PC Multimedia and Wavetable Synthesis software, including:
  • Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98, 95, NT, 3.1x Windows CE, Pocket PC MS-DOS DirectX, DirectSound, USB, FireWire Embedded Systems Digital Signal Processors Assembler C/C++ Pascal
Over 28 years of microprocessor industry programming experience, combined with careful attention to detail and a commitment to quality, resulting in well crafted and painstakingly debugged software products. Home About the Wizard Clients Contact

87. Ashhar Farhan's Home Page
homebrew transceivers, experiments, dsp
Ashhar Farhan
I have completed a new bidirectional SSB transciever - the BITX20.
Read the entire article here
There is now a Yahoo news group . Join it to get help, meet and discuss with other BITX builders. This is the current view of my work bench. All the test equipment is homemade.
On the left is a 12v bench power supply. Above that is a Grid Dip Oscillator (Which I dont use much these days).
In the center, is a PIC based frequency counter. Above it is a High impedance voltmeter with RF probe
On the right is my homebrew oscilloscope using a valve final amps (it is not working these days and I am using borrowed PC-based scope).
Many people have asked me for the SSB transceiver details. Check it out. I have completed a DSP shell for the PC sound card. Download the sources here Write to me at Remove the digits in the email, they are meant to confuse the programs that automatically gather email addresses from the Net.
This QRP Web Ring site owned by Ashhar Farhan
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88. DSP-Quattro - Mac OS Audio Editor - I3 Software Engineering - Home Page
dspQuattro is a powerful sound editor for Mac OS backed by D-SoundPRO ten-year long experience in the digital audio editor field, it turns your computer

DSP-Quattro 2.0

119,00 euro
149.00 US$ DSP-Quattro 2.0 upgrade ... 109.99 US$
Innovative Recording options, to record Multiple inputs and outputs on HD in real time, even while playing Plug-in Instruments by MIDI and/or audio files. Add your favourites Plug-ins while doing a new recording. Record the audio Output exactly as you are listening to it. AIFF SDII and WAVE (8, 16, 24, 32 and 32-floats bit/sample). RAW data files Import/Export (8, 16, 24, 32 and 32-floats bit/sample). Import QuickTime ( , movies, Audio CD -ROM audio tracks, and more...). Plays audio files at pitches ranging from to x2, including a Speed Ribbon Controller interface. Audio scrub mode with audio monitoring. Reverse playback supported as well. Complete list of Editing Functions , most of which have a Real TIme Preview option for the best parameters setting. Zooms and visual tools, the state-of-the-art in Graphic Visual Interface for audio editing. Infinite levels of Undo/Redo with history table. High quality Built-in Digital Effects , applicable both as Real Time effects on audio insert, and as an off-line

89. Agilent | Agilent EEsof EDA
Supplier of electronic design automation (EDA) tools for RF, dsp, and communication systems designers. Lists product information with online demonstrations.
@import url(; @import url(/css_eesof/eesof.css); Search: in all of Automated Test Equipment Communications Solutions Life Sciences/Chemical Semiconductor Products Industries Customer Center About Agilent Agilent Home
Agilent EEsof EDA
Contact Us
Eagleware Product Line Agilent EEsof EDA is the leading supplier of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software for high-frequency system, circuit, and modeling applications. Agilent EEsof EDA products include Advanced Design System EDA software, which is available in a wide range of affordable, design-focused configurations; RF Design Environment, for large-scale RF/mixed-signal IC design in the Cadence environment; and IC-CAP device modeling software and systems. The Eagleware Product Line offers world-class simulation and synthesis tools noted for their exceptional ease of use. Products at a Glance Eagleware Product Line
Localized Versions
Japan Taiwan China Featured Links - September 2005

90. GO DSP/Texas Instruments Web Site Integration
You have reached this page in an attempt to reference the GO dsp web site. Code Composer Studio visit TI s new dsp Village website.
You have reached this page in an attempt to reference the GO DSP web site. As part of our commitment to providing you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date product information we have integrated the GO DSP website into the Texas Instruments website. For future information regarding:
Code Composer Studio visit TI's new DSP Village website For Product registration contact Lee Marketing Service at or (972) 293-5050. After 1 min this page will redirect itself to the DSP Village website
Applications Support ... Terms of Use

91. CellSynth THE Software Synthesiser
Synthesizer, MP3 and AIFF sample player, dsp processor, and sequencer, which outputs stereo CD quality audio.
DOWNLOAD Version 1.7 with ReWire NOW !




New Features



CellSynth + Manual
Samples + Extras Links OpCode OMS Universal Egg Zion Train Carracho ... Wobbly Web CellSynth is the software that music producers have been dreaming of. It's a CD quality synthesiser, MP3 and AIFF sample player, DSP processor and sequencer all in one production tool which outputs stereo CD quality audio files to your computer - best of all it is shareware! Download CellSynth CellSynth is the software that music producers have been dreaming of. It's a CD quality synthesiser, sample player, DSP processor and sequencer all in one production tool. Used in conjunction with your preferred sequencer it's completely awesome... ...the emergence of several software based synthesisers shows that the time is right for this sort of development but nothing currently on the market covers as many bases as comprehensively as CellSynth... Sync Different ! new features faq reviews ... support

92. Depository Services Program - Electronic Publications
The Depository Services Program is the Government of Canada s information safety net. We collect current and archival government publications for use in
Contact Us Help Search Canada Site ... Search the DSP Web site for Go to ... Government Of Canada Publications Federal Publication Locator Canada Gazette Canadian Government Databases 2001 Internet Edition INFODEP Archives Archives IP Address Registration ISBNs Library of Parliament publications Retention Guidelines Serial list What's Doc ? (Archives)
DSP E -collection
The following lists contain links to all electronic publications that are currently available on the DSP server. You can browse the publications by:
(3.33 MB) (5.11 MB) (3.25 MB) Publications marked with a are available only to depository libraries who have registered their IP address(es). All other publications are freely available to everyone Depository libraries only need to register their IP address(es) once. You need not re-register your IP address(es) with the DSP when new titles are added to the collection. The only time you need to re-register is if your IP address changes.
The following lists are specialized subsets of publications Canada Mortgage And Housing Corporation Geological Survey of Canada

Current Research

Current research publications available for free download on GSC Web site:

93. - Creamware Audio GmbH
Makers of dsp and synthesizer software and hardware for PC and Mac.
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94. TI Semiconductors: Analog DSP Digital Signal Processing Power Management Data A/
Designer and supplier of digital signal processing solutions and semiconductor products. Includes corporate and investor data, products, and employment.
inviteUserToBeginWebIQ(3,329,535,385); Contact Us Investor Info TI Worldwide
Amplifiers and Linear
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Broadband Solutions Video and Imaging ... All Support Keyword Search
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95. Moonbounce Weak Signal And Astrophotography By Mike Cook AF9Y
AF9Y MoonBounce EME and Astrophotography, FFTdsp and Weak Signal Software, Image Processing.
MoonBounce (EME) * Weak Signal * Astrophotography Updated: Jan 20, 2002 by Mike Cook - AF9Y Main Topic Areas: Amateur Radio Operation and Weak Signal Detection by FFTDSP Software Astrophotography and Image Processing
Please sign my guest book
or Email direct:
Amateur Radio Operation and Weak Signal Detection by FFTDSP software FFTDSP Software FFTDSP Applications See Weak Radio Signals with PC Software Features Typical Displays of EME Signals Download Area Integrated WWV Example Minimum Signal Detection Level Lunar Prospector Detection EME Channel Characteristics Tests EME Diversity Tests SETI MoonBounce (EME) Operation Detection of Mars Global Surveyor EME Operation and Nets vhfsched.skd Current EME Antenna Array Typical EME Audio Recording WIN $100 - Identify the WEAK EME station in the UNKN422 Audio File Calculations for Expected Receive Signal Levels Unique Helix Antenna Design MGS Detected with Two 5 Foot Helix Antennas FFTDSP Plots showing Spacecraft Rotation Astrophotography and Image Processing Astro Equipment Film Astrophotos Astro-Physics 130mm EDFS F6 Starfire Telescope Galaxies Nebula Star Clusters Planetary Nebula Early Barn Door Photos CCD Astrophotos Test of Tokai Light Pollution Filter Grain Reduction Processing M31 Multi-Sectioned Composite M13 Image Processing Example using Picture Window Software Film Test Results using M27 as Test Reference Nebula Galaxies Related Links Werfried's Radio Meteor Gallery (an excellent application of FFTDSP) (No longer active but hope to have a new site in the future)

96. SOFTdsp
Specializes in FEC, dsp and Digital Communication.

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98. GND USA > Home Page
Manufacturer of 3U CompactPCI single board systems focused on realtime industrial machine and process control markets, I/O, dsp, rugged card cages.
Home Page Discover GND Technology Log on GND Technology web site, for your new custom project. News Chandler, 7th November 2004 3"5 Biscuit Boards ... : 5,25" Pentium M/Celeron/Socket 479 SBC, Intel 855GME+6300ESB Chipset, ...
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99. The DSP Interchange For Weaksignal And SETI. (W6/PA0ZN)
Information on the use of dsp to track satellites and search for small intensity radio signals, including possible signals from outer space.
Pioneer Spacecraft Tracking from Earth with Doppler Shift.
The DSP Interchange for Weaksignal Communication and SETI.
"Computers are moving ever closer to the Antenna"
With contributions from C.R. MacCluer,
Compiled by FLASH ( Ultimate Weak signal operations )
A New UHF DX record by the Stanford Radio Group.
Latest from JPL / Stanford

Another new UHF DX record by the Stanford Radio Group.
    Amateur Radio will and must transer itself from some of its present branches into fields that are unique and challenging in the future. For those of us who are only interested in communication, many possibilities are now on line such as cellular and satellite telephone, different forms of internet communication, email etc. The competitive activities of amateur radio such as contesting are doomed and will eventually lose their appeal. Many of us find ourselves in situations where we have to live in rental housing or own a house in a strictly regulated development or community, have to observe maximum radiation limits, and have to contend with high noise levels from signals that are generated by consumer electronic devices. For Radio to remain interesting to many of us, we will have to return to the

100. Simex Telecommunications - Home
Software and hardware solutions for speech technology, voice over IP, computer telephony, dsp. Consulting and project management for telecommunication projects in Eastern Europe.
Willkommen bei Simex Telecommunications! Simex Telecommunications ist Ihr kompetenter Partner bei der Entwicklung, Realisierung und Management komplexer Kommunikationsprojekte. Dabei kümmern wir uns um die Softwareimplementierung, sowie um die notwendigen Hardwarelösungen. Kooperationen mit internationalen Partnern sind für uns sehr wichtig, besonders auf dem Gebiet der Softwareentwicklung. Wir erstellen qualitativ hochwertige Lösungen zu einem sehr konkurrenzfähigen Preis. Dabei spielt es keine Rolle, ob wir eine Komplettimplementation oder nur einen Teilauftrag realisieren. Näheres dazu finden Sie unter Partners Vorteile für unsere Kunden
  • Wir sind mit den spezifischen Anforderungen unserer Zielmärkten bestens vertraut. Wir sind in der Lage höchst individuelle und spezialisierte Software Lösungen anzubieten. Niedrigere Enttwicklungskosten im Vergleich zu den Wettbewerbern. Produktdiversifikation und neue Anwendungen nach den spezifischen Anforderungen der Kunden.
Zwei unserer Softwareprojekte sind :

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