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  1. Managing Power Electronics: VLSI and DSP-Driven Computer Systems by Nazzareno Rossetti, 2005-11-25
  2. DSP First: A Multimedia Approach by James H. McClellan, Ronald W. Schafer, et all 1998-01-09
  3. DSP System Design: Using the TMS320C6000 by Nasser Kehtarnavaz, Mansour Keramat, 2000-12-20
  4. Numerical Methods for Dsp Systems in C by Don Morgan, 1997-10-02
  5. VLSI Synthesis of DSP Kernels: Algorithmic and Architectural Transformations by Mahesh Mehendale, Sunil D. Sherlekar, 2010-11-02
  6. Wavelets and their Applications (Digital Signal & Image Processing Series (ISTE-DSP))
  7. Practical Dsp Modeling, Techniques, and Programming in C by Don Morgan, 1994-12-19
  8. Processing of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Images (Digital Signal & Image Processing Series (Iste-DSP))
  9. Plug-in Power!: The Comprehensive DSP Guide by Ashley Shepherd, 2005-12-22
  10. Spectral Analysis: Parametric and Non-Parametric Digital Methods (Digital Signal & Image Processing Series (ISTE-DSP))
  11. Memory Management for Synthesis of DSP Software by Praveen K. Murthy, Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya, 2006-03-20
  12. Wireless Multimedia Communications: Convergence, DSP, QoS, and Security by K.R. Rao, Zoran S. Bojkovic, et all 2008-11-21
  13. Digital Signal Processing: A Laboratory Approach Using PC-DSP (3-1/2" Version) by Oktay Alkin, 1994-03-15
  14. Dokumentationssystem für die Psychotherapie mit Kindern und Jugendlichen (DSP-KiJu)/ Mit CD-ROM by Renate Breitenbach, 2007-05-31

41. Welcome To The DSP Home Page...Saluting 50 Years Of The Defense Standardization
The Defense Standardization Program home page is your gateway to DoD standardization policy and standardization documents, to include Defense and Federal
The Defense Standardization Program home page is your gateway to DoD standardization policy and standardization documents, to include Defense and Federal specifications and standards, Military Handbooks, Standardizaton Directories, QPLs, QMLs, and International Standardization Agreements (DoD employees only). Please note that this page uses frames, but your Web Browser doesn't support them. (You may wish to download and install a more current version of your Web Browser. Several very good ones may be freely downloaded from the Web.)

42. DSP-Quattro - Mac OS Audio Editor - I3 Software Engineering - Home Page
Professional sound editor.

DSP-Quattro 2.0

119,00 euro
149.00 US$ DSP-Quattro 2.0 upgrade ... 109.99 US$
Innovative Recording options, to record Multiple inputs and outputs on HD in real time, even while playing Plug-in Instruments by MIDI and/or audio files. Add your favourites Plug-ins while doing a new recording. Record the audio Output exactly as you are listening to it. AIFF SDII and WAVE (8, 16, 24, 32 and 32-floats bit/sample). RAW data files Import/Export (8, 16, 24, 32 and 32-floats bit/sample). Import QuickTime ( , movies, Audio CD -ROM audio tracks, and more...). Plays audio files at pitches ranging from to x2, including a Speed Ribbon Controller interface. Audio scrub mode with audio monitoring. Reverse playback supported as well. Complete list of Editing Functions , most of which have a Real TIme Preview option for the best parameters setting. Zooms and visual tools, the state-of-the-art in Graphic Visual Interface for audio editing. Infinite levels of Undo/Redo with history table. High quality Built-in Digital Effects , applicable both as Real Time effects on audio insert, and as an off-line

43. Welcome To DSP Research A Member Of The Texas Instruments 3rd Party      
dsp Development Boards, Systems and Emulators for TI dsps, Signaling Processing Modules and Boards.
Home DSP Research has been providing state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions for over a decade. We specialize in: H.264 video compression solutions DSP boards and systems Development tools and emulators for TI DSPs Surveillance H.264 demos here! Our new H.264 Video Surveillance Board
Full 4CIF resolution See H.264 codecs from our parent company [ Home ] Company Products Video Technology Support ... Contact us Send questions and comments to webmaster

44. DSPC - Welcome To Intel
As of November 1999, Intel is pleased to announce it has acquired dsp Communications, Inc. (dspC) to further expand its building blocks for the growing
US Home Intel Worldwide Where to Buy Contact Us ... Optical Stay current on products, solutions and developing technologies. Learn more
t = "Information from Intel - " + document.title u = "Thought you might be interested in this information from Intel - " + window.location + "." document.write(" ") ;
As of November 1999, Intel is pleased to announce it has acquired DSP Communications, Inc. (DSPC) to further expand its building blocks for the growing cellular and wireless communications market. For more information on DSPC's products and company info, please refer to the following:
Baseband Chipsets

Press Room

Investor Relations

Employment Opportunities

45. Tattoo Gallery
Black and white photo series by photographer Peter da Silva.
©1996 Peter DaSilva Photography
Image # tat101

46. DSP Valley
dsp Valley is a technology network organisation, focusing on the design of hardware and software technology for dsp systems. dsp Valley groups members are

about us

technology focus


embedded software
contact us

Visit our events page
DSP Valley
Kapeldreef 75
B-3001 Leuven
Belgium T +32 (0)16 28 12 25 F +32 (0)16 28 15 15 Inleidende cursus over draadloze communicatie 27/09/2005 IMEC richt een inleidende cursus in over draadloze communicatie. De cursus wordt gegeven in het Nederlands. Executive course on embedded systems 06/10/2005 IMEC organizes on October 6th, 2005 a new module presenting a high-level overview of the most important aspects of embedded software development. ARRM 2005 18/10/2005 - 20/10/2005 Get a clear insight in next-generation technology at the IMEC Annual Research Review Meeting (ARRM) GSPx 2005 Chip Designer position at On Demand You will be working on Deep Submicron Processes ( .13u, 0.09u), Hierarchical Designs, SoC designs including integration of Soft and Hard IPs (processors, memory, special cells) and large ICs of 5-10Mgates. Open Vacancy at ARM Belgium Senior Systems Administrator Open Vacancy at ARM Belgium Software Engineer - Compiler Development Product assurance/QA engineer Position Septentrio You will be responsible for all Product Assurance activities in an international, challenging high tech project involving several companies.

47. DSP Pøerov
Crushing plants, screens, feeders, for quarrying or recycling, along with spare parts for crushers screens. Based in the Czech Republic.
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

48. TechOnLine - Tech Groups - DSPnet
web broadcasts, product labs, and more. Content for analog, dsp, electronic design automation, embedded systems, networked appliances, and SoC design.
TechOnLine Tech Groups DSPnet My Archive Log In
DSP-Based Data Acquisition
Data acquisition units are now inside many of the objects that we use every day, including phones, PCs, cars, and home and industrial automation systems. These units monitor a high number of physical systems, and each system is characterized by a set of parameters with a wide range of values. In A DSP-Based Wireless and Modular Data Acquisition Unit , authors Giovanni Bucci, Fabrizio Ciancetta, and Edoardo Fiorucci propose the development of a data acquisition system based on a modular architecture to reduce the cost and increase the flexibility and communication capabilities of the units.
Course: Optimizing PowerPC Performance for Radar and Wideband Wireless
Courses Freescale 56F8000 Digital Signal Controllers Product Course • 40 min. VirtuaLabs 56800/E Freescale Semiconductor OS: CodeWarrior Processor: 56800/E Feature Articles Advantages and Disadvantages of Using DSP Filtering on Oscilloscope Waveforms Johnnie Hancock
Agilent Technologies
Technical Papers System Verification for Reconfigurable Processor-Based Systems using SystemC Shridhar Laddha
SoftJin Live Webcasts Sep 21, 2005:

49. Stephan M. Bernsee's Audio DSP Pages
The dsp Dimension SMSprenger s Digital Music/Audio dsp Resources.
"Stephan Bernsee has added a wonderful site to the Web on audio DSP. His pages include papers, tutorials, FAQs, and links on audio DSP. This has the potential of being one of the best online resources in this field." (Source: The Electronic Engineers Glossary

50. DSP Films -- Film&video Distributionists
Internet film distributors featuring independent and short film distribution. ... contact

51. Search | Find It Here At Home. Thu, 11 Aug 2005 GMT. Related Searches. • Kid Sleep • Kid • Music Download • Music On Hold • Celine Dion • Jessica Simpson • Cds • Singer
Welcome to
Related Searches
Search the Web:

52. DSP Global - Tribal, Trance, Techno, Drum N' Bass
Sound files and CD information for the tribal trance dance outfit.
Please visit where you'll find lots of our music to download
Please email us with any comments or feedback you may have.
- global trance club in London
Pictures of us

Pictures of the studio

Visit some of our friends and favourite web sites
A New Dawn

Trance for A Problematic World


Phone: +44 (0) 7974 756838 s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer) Music MP3 Downloads Sign Guestbook View Guestbook ... Email DSP

53. DSP | Digital Signal Processing
A few dsp related discussion groups covering many Digital Signal Processing topics.
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Search this web site jobs books resources
Welcome to ! has been around since 1999 and has become a major resource for DSP engineers around the world. Here you will find:
Discussion Groups:

Analog Devices DSPs


Motorola DSPs
... Comp.DSP Comp.DSP is a fairly active usenet newsgroup with several "regulars" who know quite a bit about digital signal processing. provides a web interface to Comp.DSP, allowing you to browse and search the archives and participate to the discussions directly from your Internet browser. DSP Books An exhaustive list of Digital Signal Processing books, rated and reviewed by your peers. DSP job openings A list of current opportunities around the world for DSP engineers. DSP Internet Resources Some of the best DSP related internet resources. DSP ebay Marketplace A script will fetch for you all DSP related products currently for sale on Ebay. You are invited to create an account with us (quick and free). Doing so will allow you to contribute to the the site by rating

54. Lacerating Gossip Lids
the musicdsp FAQ the music-dsp mailing list archives the music-dsp dsp source code archives music-dsp books reviews some dsp links

what is music-dsp?

joining or quitting the list

the music-dsp FAQ

the music-dsp mailing list archives

what is music-dsp?

joining or quitting the list

the music-dsp FAQ

the music-dsp mailing list archives
some dsp links

55. PowerPC, FPGA, TigerSHARC DSP, And Analog / Digital I/O Digital Receiver Based S
Transtech is a total solutions provider of high performance Digital Signal Processing (dsp) equipment. Transtech systems are based upon the FPGAs,
Home News Products Systems ... Site Map Search
VME and PC based Data Recorders
VME, PCI, PMC and cCPI Bus Analyzers Serial FPDP IP Core for Xilinx FPGAs A new Serial FPDP IP Core is now available for Xilinx Virtex-II Pro FPGA based products including those from VMETRO. This is fully compliant with ANSI 17.1-2003. The 3CPF1 is designed for high- ... A fiber-optic variant of the PMC-FPGA03 is now available. Called the PMC-FPGA03F, this PMC provides for up to four full-duplex fiber-optic channels through the front-panel and directly linked to a Xilinx XC2VP50 FPGA for I/O and data processing. Last Updated August 18, 2005

56. Shenzhen BoScience DSP Technology Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of vacuum fluorescent display screens (VFD, CIG type) and panel plasma display screens (PDP). In English and Chinese.

57. DSP X Digital Audio Processor
Site contains FAQ on new digital audio processor by Broadcast Warehouse, that can be used for FM, AM, TV, DAB and internet broadcasting.

58. Welcome To! Is A Collection Of Data is a collection of data, gathered for the music dsp community. Regards go out to the people on the musicdsp mailing list who provide a
Main Archive Specials IRC ... Forum Welcome to! is a collection of data, gathered for the music dsp community.
Regards go out to the people on the music-dsp mailing list who provide a constant stream of information and thoughts. Where the music-dsp list site provides the raw information, we at will do our best to present a selection of this information in a more "parsed" form. Why not subscribe to the music-dsp mailing list and help us build an even bigger community?
We also thank the splendid people at fxpansion for sponsering this server...
More special thanks to Stephan M. Bernsee of dspdimension for pointing to us too...

More features
New feature and a bugfix
you can find the last 20 comments added to the archive.
I also fixed the dates of the archive comments so that it no longer displays silly dates. Removed the ability to post HTML and hope script kiddies will leave us alne now. sigh Forum moved and removed sigh. I've had a lot of trouble with the phpBB installation on and not even the CREATORS of phpBB knew what's happening. I've decided to move the forum to kvr-vst New server and Wiki We just moved to another server!

59. Untitled-1
A manufacturer of dsp solutions and multiprocessing embedded systems for video security, video conferencing, medical imaging, machine vision.

60. DSP Emulator Home Page
An open source emulator designed in Delphi 6.

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