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  1. Data formats for U.S. Geological Survey computer files containing daily values for water parameters (Open-file report - United States Geological Survey) by Charles R Showen, 1978
  2. Earth Resources Data Format Control Book - Vol. 2, Revision A, 1975 by Staff of NASA (eds.), 1975

141. Temperature Dependent Elastic Modulus, Thermal Expansion, Thermal Conductivity D
Temperature dependent material properties as tabulated data, an Excel equation, a C/C++, FORTRAN or BASIC function or subroutine, ABAQUS or ANSYS formats. Full version contains elastic modulus, thermal expansion and thermal conductivity. data for elements provided free in demo version.
elastic modulus, young's modulus, youngs modulus, cte, thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, emissivity, stress rupture, creep strength
The MPDB software is designed to:
  • List of materials by property
    • linear expansion (dL/L)
    • elastic modulus
    • thermal expansion (CTE)
    • shear modulus ...
      or List of properties by material
      The demo version includes full free access to all of the properties in the database for the elements on the periodic table.
      Short Overview Versions are available for Windows and Linux/Pentium. Both versions contain the same data and functionality. The user selects the material and property and the software will write out the data either as tabulated data, an Excel equation, a C/C++, FORTRAN, BASIC or Python function or subroutine ( screen images ). This can then be pasted into the appropriate software to generate the material data as a function of temperature. This software is especially useful for finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The data can also be written out in formats for direct input into the SolidWorks, COSMOSWorks, COSMOSDesignSTAR, ANSYS Workbench, ANSYS standard and ABAQUS finite element and CAD programs. Download the demo version or see full details of the software The user can search the database for materials with properties within a user specified range and temperature. The user can also add their own materials to the database. A calculation function is available in the Windows version (not in the Linux version) so that the user can calculate new quantities from the existing ones.
  • 142. AWIS Weather Services, Weather Data, Ag Weather, And Freeze / Frost Forecasting
    Climate data and forecasts in standard and custom formats, Ag weather, freeze and frost forecasting for agriculture, energy weather, and web weather content.
    FREE: Enter ZIPcode or US City, ST Why AWIS? Weather impacts your business. Do you know how? Our customers do. They include major department stores, convenience store chains, car manufacturers, bowling centers, construction firms, transportation firms, agribusiness, government agencies, athletic teams, and companies involved in the sale, production and movement of energy. We can meet your needs with an AWIS solution. Our climate databases custom forecasts , and weather impact information system GoCast ) provide a complete package for any industry. For more information click here or call us at 1-888-798-9955 extension 1.
    Updated 08/22/2005
    Internal Web Page

    143. File Conversion Software And Services - Dec 15, 2004
    Provides a range of data conversion software to convert various word processing file formats to HTML.
    656 Kreag Road - Pittsford, NY 14534-3730 - USA
    PHONE: (US)-585-385-3810 FAX: (US)-585-385-6822 EMAIL:
    *** UPDATE *** UPDATE *** UPDATE ***
    SEC Filers - we now have a new dedicated web site for you,
    ALSO NOW AVAILABLE: FileMerlin 4.0 - The latest version of the state-of-the-art conversion software.
    Software and Services for end-users:
    Resources for Securities and Exchange Commission (EDGAR) filers: Conversion Technology for OEMs and Software Developers: Ordering Information:

    144. JED Microprocessors - Embedded Computers.
    data sheets for a range of single board computers in a variety of formats using AVR, Tiny Tiger, Z180, NSC800, Elan and 386 microprocessors.
    JED Microprocessors Pty. Ltd. JED designs and manufactures a range of small industrial and scientific computers, as well as analog and digital PC interfaces in Melbourne, Australia. Just added to this site is the JED T460 RS232 remote controller for LCD/DLP data and video projectors. This simple unit replaces complicated IR remote controllers with a lectern, panel or wall mounted box with 4 keys and an LCD display. It is ideal for class-rooms and lecture theatres, or boardrooms and even home theatre systems. For more information, go to: Projector controllers
    Also new on this site is the AVR200 Single Board Computer, sold as a kit (featured in Silicon Chip magazine, June 2005):
    JED Home
    Projector controllers PC I/O (parallel) STD bus CPU, I/O ... LCD/EL displays We also sell the Wilke Technology "Tiny Tiger" and "BASIC Tiger" high-speed multi-tasking BASIC modules, and have developed five local boards with lots of I/O, talking to JBUS and LCD displays. As well, we offer a custom design service for Tiger and other microprocessor based boards. Call us to discuss your needs, confidentially. Our PC540 and PC541 boards are based on the Intel 80C188EB and the NEC V51 (both PC/104 format). We also use the National NSC800 (CMOS Z80, on the STD bus), the 8051/80C51/87C51 family, the Atmel AT89C52, and have new designs using the Atmel AVR family. See the new

    145. Data Conversion Resource, Inc. - 3480-3490E, 9-track 4MM More.
    data and media conversion, specializing in custom database conversion to most common formats including Access, dBase, Filemaker Pro, FoxPro, Excel.
    Data Conversion - Tape Recovery - 3480, 3490, 3490E, 9-track, 4MM, 8MM, CD ROM, FTP and more! Data Conversion Services Media Services Free Estimate Search ... Feedback
    Data Conversion and Media Transferring Services
    Data Conversion
    Tape Conversion
    File Conversion
    Goto any Page 3480 Cartridge 4MM DAT Tape 8MM Cartridge Tape 9-Track (Mag) Tape CD-ROM Custom DB Data Conversion Services Data Translation Delimiting Options Disk (3 1/2" - 5 1/4") DVD E-mail - FTP Feedback Free Estimate File Structuring IRS Magnetic Media Mailing List Formatting Media Conversion Services Media Identification Media Migration Media Services Media Transfer NASD 3490 News Other Converting Products QIC Tape Software Formats Frontier Processing Company Toll Free:
    16951 NE 4th Street
    Silver Springs, FL 34488
    Services (CMS) tape data.
    IRS Magnetic Media

    IRS Magnetic Media Tape data.
    Setup Mailing Lists
    Mail Merge Custom Printouts Merge Purge Split / Combine Names Split / Combine City/State/ZIP Add / Drop / Reorder Fields Reformat ZIP / Phones etc Data Translation Variable Record Structures Translate Cobol etc Custom Databases Full Field Maintenance Translate Packed Fields Reformat Date / Numeric Amount Fields Analysis Customized Reports Trend Reporting Count Reporting Custom Information Updating

    146. Your Title Here
    Presentation covering data communications concepts and technologies. Available both in HTML and Microsoft Power Point formats
    Presentation Slides
    1. Introduction 2. Network Architecture 4. LAN Technologies 5. WAN Technologies ... 9. Case Study - UNM Appendices Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C Appendix D ... BACK
    University of New Mexico
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    See our
    Problems, Comments and Questions to
    Last Modified Friday, 19-Dec-1997 09:49:20 MST

    147. DNC DATA
    data conversion service to XML, SGML, HTML and various Ebook formats from paper and electronic formats.
    Data Conversion Pre Press Corporate Disclosure Business Events
    Latest Job Openings
    Financial Content Processing

    Global practices of service delivery and quality benchmarks have been the hallmark of our approach towards delivery. Clients leverage our expertise and experience in handling large-scale projects to create “first to the market” products enabling them to gain significant competitive advantage in today’s global marketplace.

    148. Palm Desktop File Formats By Helphand
    data file formats for the Palm Desktop 3.0 MFC streams files. Included are address.dat, todo.dat, datebook.dat and memopad.dat.
    @import "layout2.css"; [Address.dat/Address.aba] [Datebook.dat/Datebook.dba] [Memopad.dat/Memopad.mpa]
    ... [Home]
    Palm Desktop Software File Structures
    • These formats apply to the Windows version of the Palm Desktop software, which outputs the data files as MFC streams files. For documentation on the native PalmOS versions of these files, visit the Palm OS Developer's site here The information presented here may or may not be accurate, the author makes no representation as to the accuracy of any information supplied. Palm does not recommend that you program to the structure of the desktop data files. They have publicly stated that these files are subject to change at any time. Use this information at your own risk!
    File Formats
    The various .dat files with their corresponding archive (.aba, .tda, .dba, and .mpa) as well as backup (.bak) files all have the exact same internal file structure.
    Corrections Made April 19, 2000
  • Address.dat and address.aba Datebook.dat and datebook.dba Memopad.dat and memopad.mpa Todo.dat and todo.tda ... Users.dat
  • Programming
    A short tutorial on programming to read the desktop formats using a Basic Language or Perl is available here Sample demo programs can be found here...

    149. Partial Description Of The IEEE Common Data Format For The
    of the IEEE Common data Format for the Exchange of Solved Load Flow data The complete description can be found in the paper Common data......Partial

    150. File Conversion
    data conversion from and to formats such as SGML, HTML, PDF, Quark Express, Illustrator, Photoshop and Microsoft Word.
    Home Downloads Uploads Contact Us ... Replication Electronic to electronic conversion PDF order form Description Unit Price Hyperlinks or Bookmarks $1/Each Good Quality, pre sorted and staples removed $0.1/Page Scanning (Color High Res.) $10/Page PDF Conversion from an Electronic Source such as Word, Excel or Power Point. All graphics elements, Linked object, fonts must be linked or embedded and available on the same disc at the time of conversion. /Page PDF Graphics + Hidden Text (from Paper Source) $1/Page PDF Graphics (from Paper Source) $1/Page PDF Normal (from Paper Source) $1/Page* TIFF to PDF Graphics + Hidden Text $1/Page PDF to HTML $5/Page PDF to Microsoft Word Call PDF database index Digital Video Editing and Conversion $125/Hour Typing $35/Hour Engineering/ Desktop Publishing $125/Hour File Naming * Price per page does not include an additional editing fee. Customer will be invoiced for actual hours spent.
    ** Minimum order $10 eDoc Publish Inc . can convert virtually any document into any other format. Typical output formats are HTML, PDF, or Microsoft Word. Our Hotdata® service, offers our customers 24 hours turnaround time, start to finish. This service is used by most of our clients. Standard turnaround time is 5 working days.

    151. Data Format Handout
    data Format Handout. Image File formats. Digital images are made up of picture elements or pixels (represented on a grid of small squares).
    Data Format Handout
    Image File Formats Digital images are made up of picture elements or pixels (represented on a grid of small squares). RGB (Red-Green-Blue) devices reduce color range to a specific palette (256 colors, thousands or 16 million) and each pixel is allocated the closest color to the original image. The larger the palette size, the closer to the original image. Palette size is specified in bit depth. 256 colors (or greys) is 8 bit, 32 thousand is 16 bit and 16 million is 32 bit. GIFs are 8 bit images, and JPEGs and TIFF can be either 16 or 32 bit. Cross Platform files: TIFF files [Tag Image File Format:A image file format that runs on a variety of cross-platform applications] For Director: PICT files [PICT is a common format for defining images on a Macintosh platform] Lab Software: Adobe Photoshop, Painter, GraphicConverter, Debabelizer Recommendations: If you have a detailed image you want to import into the Director project, scan at a higher resolution (150 dots per inch [dpi]) and save as a PICT image. For an image that will be placed on a web page, the dpi can be as low as 72 dpi. I recommend scanning and editing your files in photoshop and saving them as TIFF images. You can then resave them in the proper format in Debabelizer, which does a fantastic job of decreasing file size/format without losing image clarity. Video Formats
    Normal video is 30 frames per second (fps), and is called full motion because it gives the impression of smooth motion. When making a quicktime movie, you may want to keep the frame rate down as well as the size of the viewing window (I recommend 160 X 120 pixels or 320 X 240 pixels for file size as well as the limitations of our Director window which will be 640 X 480 pixels). You will save digitized video in the Quicktime format for our Director project. Bit depth (or color depth) also matters. Smaller bit depth means the file size will be smaller, but the color may not be as rich.

    152. About The Florida Housing Data Clearinghouse
    Provides a number of sources of housing data in formats that may be used as a basis for local planning, statelevel policy-making, and increased public understanding of housing supply and demand. Reports and data.
    The Clearinghouse provides public access to data about housing needs and supply,subsidized rental housing,and household demographics in Florida communities.
    Learn more about FHDC.

    • NEW! We have updated the web site with new applications and significant upgrades to existing applications:
    • 1. See Assisted Housing Inventories to explore two new additions to our assisted housing data: Preservation and Public Housing Developments . We have also mapped the location of most of the developments in the inventory and created a series of statewide thematic maps showing the distribution of assisted units by major program and more.
      2. The Construction and Sales data application has been significantly expanded to include sub-county level data and more extensive sales price information.
      3. The relation of wages to housing costs is explored in a new application - Income and Housing Costs.
    • For summaries of the most commonly requested data about housing needs, supply, and markets, try the or the Statewide Comparisons . For more powerful, flexible data tools, try the

    153. Manuel M T Chakravarty - Email Attachments
    Explains the risks of exchanging data in nonpublic format and suggests the main alternatives.
    Attachments in Proprietary Formats Considered Harmful
    There are a couple of very good reasons why you should think twice before sending email attachments in proprietary formats, such as the MS-Word document format.
    • It is very easy to spread computer viruses with todays overly complex document formats. You may think that your computer is free of viruses, but consider that by sending documents in, say, the MS-Word format to others, you implicitly invite them to do the same. Do you know whether their computer is virus-free? You may inadvertently transmit some of your own secrets. Many users of MS-Word don't realise that these documents contain all kinds of information that is not displayed when you view it in Word. This includes text of earlier revisions, which you may believe that you deleted, but which is still saved and transmitted as part of a document. This text may be recovered by recipients of a document and may prove to be rather embarrassing. Many proprietary document formats are bloated.

    154. Brin, Sergey; Page, Lawrence: Dynamic Data Mining: Exploring Large Rule Spaces B
    By Brin, Sergey; Page, Lawrence. Available in Postscript, PDF, and plain text formats.
    Pagewise preview Category Value Available via Submitted on 31st of October 2001 Author Brin, Sergey; Page, Lawrence Title Dynamic Data Mining: Exploring Large Rule Spaces by Sampling. Date of publication 11th of November 1999 Citation Brin, Sergey; Page, Lawrence. Dynamic Data Mining: Exploring Large Rule Spaces by Sampling., Number of pages Language English Project Digital Libraries Type Other Subject group Digital Libraries Abstract Notes Previous number = SIDL-WP-1999-0122 Fulltext source
  • Postscript ( ps ps.gz
  • PDF ( pdf pdf.gz
  • Plain text ( text text.gz Management of the document by ... Stanford InfoLab Publication Server
  • 155. LibRASCH
    DasyLab, Format used in DasyLab Software. EDF/EDF+, European data Format EDF and EDF+. ISHNEHolter, The ISHNE Holter Standard Output File Format
    About libRASCH/News Design Screen shots Sample programs (with source code) ... License
    libRASCH Tools
    User Developer
    Mailing list Supported Formats Plugins Status ... About this site Last updated
    Thu Mar 27 12:13:39 2003
    Supported Formats
    The following table shows the formats, which are at the moment supported by libRASCH (click on a format-name, to get more information). Name Description ART Format of recordings used in the ART study CFS CED Filing System DasyLab Format used in DasyLab Software EDF/EDF+ European Data Format: EDF and EDF+ ISHNE-Holter The ISHNE Holter Standard Output File Format MIT/BIH Format used for physiological signal databases provided by OXFORD Format used to store Holter ecgs which were evaluated with the Oxford Excel2 Holter system Pathfinder Format used to store Holter ecgs which were evaluated with the Reynolds Pathinder 700 System Portapres Format used to store blood-pressure signals recorded using the Portapres system Format used for recordings with the Porti-system and the PortiLab software ra-raw Format used in libRASCH to store measurements

    156. Why Use Open Formats? ::
    Collaborative documentation projects on why use public standards and open formats and why avoid proprietary formats in data exchange.
    main sitemap login/register ... Deutsch English Italiano Malagasy
    Why use open formats? is a collaborative documentation project on the definition and use of open formats and public standards, and related technical, economical and political issues.

    This document is also available as a single long page is constantly looking for translators and contributors. Want to join? Go to the registration page
    You can support the initiative by linking to this site
    This site is graciously hosted by and powered by Wikka Wiki
    Page History
    :: Owner: DarTar :: Search: Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional Valid CSS :: Powered by Wikka Wakka Wiki 1.1.3

    157. Ploticus On MPE/iX, HP-UX And AIX
    Ploticus/iX data display engine is able to produce graphics and tables in different formats from HP e3000 resident data.
    If you see THIS you should update your Browser.
    In between, follow this link and use the BACK and FORWARD buttons of your (old) Browser ...

    158. DSRS Satellite Data File Formats
    A full format description is available in the NOAA Polar Orbiter data Users Downlink data format The raw data stream from the satellite consists of
    Dundee Satellite Receiving Station
    Satellite Data File Formats
    HRPT formats
    HRPT data
    HRPT data consists of minor frames of 11090 10-bit words. Each 10-bit word is stored in two 8-bit bytes on disk. Each minor frame corresponds to one AVHRR scan line covering a ground swath of approximately 3000 km. The video data, for the NOAA series of satellites, comprises 5 interleaved channels, each 2048 pixel wide. The SeaWiFS scanner has 8 channels with 1285 pixels per line. As well as video data, each minor frame contains sync telemetry and TIP data. A full format description is available in the NOAA Polar Orbiter Data Users Guide but we also have a simplified format description
    HRPT data buffered in blocks
    Some devices such as tapes find it easier to handle data which comes in fixed-size blocks. Buffered HRPT data is exactly the same as HRPT data above but with the addition of extra zero-filled bytes on the end of each scan line to pad it out to 22 KBytes or 24 KBytes.
    HRPT data in packed Dundee format
    Dundee format is exactly the same as HRPT data above but packed to save disc space. It stores 3 10-bit words in 4 8-bit bytes, leaving the last (top) 2 unused bits of the fourth byte as zero. Dundee format files are thus two-thirds of the size of HRPT files without any loss of information. Each minor frame is treated separately, and may be padded as described below in the tape formats section.
    HRPT data in NOAA Level-1B format
    NOAA Level-1B format stores the image data packed and uses the space gained to store better calibration data, geo-referencing data, solar zenith angles, etc. A full format description is available in the

    159. DX Data File Formats
    CDF Common data Format; NetCDF - Network Common data Form You are encouraged to read more about the DX data format in the User s Guide starting on

    DX Data File Formats
      DX allows you to store data in many different ways to make it easy to use the data in a DX program. As well as its built in DX format for files, it also accepts three other industry standards that are used to store scientific data.
    Native File Formats:
    Other File Formats:
    DX Format
      A DX data file consists of header and body sections. The headers describe one or more DX objects , and the data section is a text or binary representation of the data.
      Sample .DX File:
      # Regular Grid Example (3x3x2 box) # Object 1 - regular grid positions # - Origin at [0,0,0] # - Deltas are [1,1,1] # object 1 class gridpositions counts 3 3 2 origin delta 1 delta 1 delta 1 # Object 2 - connections betweem the grid positions object 2 class gridconnections counts 3 3 2 attribute "element type" string "cubes" attribute "ref" string "positions" # Object 3 - data for the grid object 3 class array type float rank items 18 data follows 10.1 5.2 3.2 4.3 -12.2 3.4 -43.2 32.1 3.2 6.3 -5.0 3.2 9.2 -1.4 0.0 -23.1 20.1 5.2 # Creation of a field to hold the 3 objects object "Sample DX file" class field component "positions" value 1 component "connections" value 2 component "data" value 3 end In this example object one defines a 3x3x2 set of positions that are based on a normal coordinate system, which is specified by the deltas. Object two defines the connections between the positions that were created in object one, and sets a one to one correspondence between object one and two. Object three consists of the data that is assigned to each of the points in our file. Finally all of the components are merged into one

    160. GSRC Calibrating Achievable Design Bookshelf: Placement Formats
    does not need to specify information beyond what s needed in a particular context, since our formats define reasonable defaults for unspecified data.
    MARCO GSRC Calibrating Achievable Design: Bookshelf
    Placement Slot (see other slots
    Placement Formats, rev. 1.2
    Work in progress : last updated Sat Nov 20 1999 Andrew Caldwell Andrew B. Kahng Igor Markov The proposed file formats flexibly capture seeral traditional problem formulations in standard-cell placement and partitioning. We maximized the ease of use and modularity. One normally does not need to specify information beyond what's needed in a particular context, since our formats define reasonable defaults for unspecified data. Constructing parsers should be straightforward, assuming that a hash_map implementation is available (e.g., as in g++2.95). Parsers may choose not to implement some of the features below, in which case they should issue relevant error messages when they encounter such unimplemented features. We plan to make publiclly available a suite of binary utilities and, possibly, a parser.
    I. Introduction (1 General Placement Formats II.

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