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         Data Formats:     more books (100)
  1. Methods for regridding AARI data in SIGRID format to the EASE-grid projection (Special report / National Snow and Ice Data Center) by Raymond F Kokaly, 1996
  2. Design and implementation of the digital World Vector Shoreline data format (Report / Naval Ocean Research and Development Activity) by Maura C Lohrenz, 1988
  3. Global Sourcebook of Address Data Management: A Guide to Address Formats and Data in More Than 200 Countries by Graham R. Rhind, 2004-01
  4. ENDF-102 Data formats and procedures by Donald I Garber, 1975
  5. Study on data formats for machine-readable media: 1, report on ISO 2709 (British Library R&D report) by Stephen W Massil, 1987
  6. Description of formats for data recorded by the oceanographic data processing and control system as operative on R/V Chain since December 1963 (Technical memorandum WHOI) by Carl O Bowin, 1967
  7. IEEE Standard for Shared-Data Formats Optimized for Scalable Coherent Interfaces (Sci).......... (IEEE Standard for Shared-Data Formats Optimized for Scalable) by IEEE, Institute of Electrical & Electronics En, 1997-01
  8. Waterflood vegetation data format system (Prudhoe Bay waterflood project environmental monitoring program, 1982) by Marilyn Walker, 1983
  9. Common Data Format (CDF) to store images final report (SuDoc NAS 1.26:179366) by Loy W. Shreve,
  10. Parole decision-making coding manual: Presumptive data format (Report / United States Parole Commission Research Unit) by Sheldon Adelberg, 1978
  11. Canadian Marac Communication Format: Holdings Data
  12. Marc 21 Format for Bibliographic Data: Including Guidelines for Content Designation by Marc, 1999-09
  13. Data format conversion programs for the PC and SUN computer (Open-file report) by John A Rogers, 1989
  14. Usmarc Format for Authority Data: Including Guidelines for Content Designation

Free webbased personal bibliographic manager integrated with a public reference database and a forum intended to criticize scientific works. It organizes and formats references automatically according to journals / conferences. It imports Web Of Science data and imports/exports BibTeX.
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122. Imaging And Fax ActiveX, DLL And .Net Libraries And Components From Data Techniq
Provides support for loading, processing, displaying, printing and scanning images in over 35 raster and vector image formats. By data Techniques, Inc. Component/Control, Commercial
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123. Ryder Systems - The Bill Management Company
Software which presents billing information in easily understood formats, ranging from colour printed analysis reports to individual billing data over the Internet.
Language: English I I Deutsch I Italiano I Solutions Analysis
Reduce costs and retain customers as users resolve their own billing queries EBPP
Rapid, low cost entry to ebilling Designer

Profit from the bill for Telcos and businesses Archive
Reduce costs with a highly compressed document storage and retrieval system Marketing
Win business with targeted messages on the bill Render
Generate your own documents into multiple formats e.g. electronic or print Account Manager
Reduce churn through analysis of accounts at risk Welcome
Ryder Systems provide best of breed online bill management solutions to fixed wire and mobile operators plus resellers. End to end management of the bill is available through this comprehensive suite of products, from telco internal departments through to corporate business and consumer customers. The following applications can be incorporated either as individual modules or as a complete system into a Telco's existing billing infrastructure, providing completion of current systems or extending the life of legacy platforms: Analysis Designer EBPP SplitBill ... Render and Account Manager News Releases Vodafone Sweden selects Ryder Systems online Analysis solution Vodafone Dealer Channel opportunity for online bill management solution Ryder appoints Director of Sales to steer Asia Pacific White Papers It's Direct Mail but not as we know it!

124. Data Conversion Center - Data Entry, SGML, HTML, Database Creation & Services
Complete database conversion solutions. Services include DTD design for SGML, HTML XML document formats, database programming, data entry, proof reading, OCR, and scanning.
var sc_project=647849; var sc_partition=5; var sc_security="02b2e0e7"; Database Creation SGML and XML PDF Microsoft Reader ... Web Links Acme's Data Conversion Center create databases of unsurpassed quality and functionality. We always intend to exceed the expectations of customers and clients. At Acme Data Services Customers/Clients are provided with
Acme's Data Conversion services can be divided in two broad category, Database Consultancy and Database Conversion.
  • Database Consultancy
    Consultancy services for standardizing any database to HTML, SGML, XML formats, irrespective of present format such a text to electronic conversion, conversion from paper, to webpage etc. Consultancy includes, preparation of design type document, services for DTD preparation for, data conversion to SGML markup for electronic format is free. With XML technology of India, Acme Data Services offer, Free XML consultancy, that includes creating and changing any database to xml format.
  • Database Conversion Services
    Complete conversion solutions that includes, electronic publishing, text conversion. Digitizing, data migration, outsourcing, data entry, coding tagging, marking, keying, OCR - scanning, proof reading, for any database in formats of SGML, XML. Conversion from paper, law books, medical manuals to web pages, e-books, electronic format, soft copy, and electronic books. Free software's for database conversion to SGML markup, HTML, XML formats.

125. Aviso/Altimetry - Data: Tools: Data Format
data format. Aviso distributes its data in several formats. Ascii format. Aviso data are no longer distributed in ascii formatt, since a classical data

Citation Reading software User handbooks ... Poseidon-1 cycles
Data format
Aviso distributes its data in several formats.
NetCDF (network Common Data Form) is an interface for array-oriented data access and a library that provides an implementation of the interface. The netCDF library also defines a machine-independent format for representing scientific data. Together, the interface, library, and format support the creation, access, and sharing of scientific data. The netCDF software was developed at the Unidata Program Center in Boulder, Colorado. The netCDF libraries define a machine-independent format for representing scientific data.
Please see Unidata NetCDF pages for more information, and to retreive NetCDF software package. NetCDF data is:
- Self-Describing. A netCDF file includes information about the data it contains.
- Architecture-independent. A netCDF file is represented in a form that can be accessed by computers with different ways of storing integers, characters, and floating-point numbers.
- Direct-access. A small subset of a large dataset may be accessed efficiently, without first reading through all the preceding data.

126. Parallax69 Software International
Provides the data conversion software Eroiica for a variety of raster and vector file formats.
Eroiica Lite Eroiica Redline Eroiica Edit Eroiica Profi ... Eroiica API
Engineering Imaging for CAD/CAM/CAE and E/PDM Solutions
View, redline, edit, scan and vectorize engineering size documents with Eroiica , a powerful, yet easy to use, imaging application localized in several languages.
Design teams can review and annotate documents, 2D/3D CAD drawings and edit scanned raster images without changing the original file.
Eroiica offers enhanced drawing navigation capabilities such as Detail Window for panoramic viewing, Reference Window for a magnified look, Compare function for easy viewing of original and revised versions, Conceal tool to restrict visibility to specific data, and the ability to embed banners and watermarks.
Eroiica facilitates intuitive, fast, and accurate:
Eroiica is available in five basic versions and price levels
What's New
Eroiica converts raster images from scanners and other digital sources into vector data suitable for CAD and GIS systems. Eroiica scans documents and archaic drawings and converts them into useful CAD data such as DWG, DXF, DGN, etc.

127. WinRAR Download And Support. WinRAR Is A Powerful Windows Tool To Compress And D
Windows data compression utility that focuses on the RAR and ZIP data compression formats for all Windows users. Supports CAB, ARJ, LZH, ACE, TAR, GZIP, UUE, BZ2, JAR and ISO format. Bilingual web site.
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WinRAR Download win rar download freie Musik

128. MAPresso: Choropleth Maps, Cartograms
A free Java applet for unclassed choropleth maps and cartograms (continous area and circle). data .txt, geometry .shp and other formats. Thematic generalization by a polygon filter.
MAPresso Home Examples Help Documentation ...

News An example with the new Theme menu and different color schemes. (30.3.04) Test some features of the new version (1.3). New features include: integration of Dorling circle cartograms, zooming, ... (11.1.04) MAPresso is a free Java applet for unclassed choropleth maps and cartograms. Avoiding the problem of fixing (optimal or suitable) class limits, this approach uses a continuous-tone scheme . With the possible exception of extreme values which can fall into two "classes" on either side of the value range, each region has its own specific color value - only restricted by the color resolution of the output device.
In the case where an important threshold exists (e.g. 50% "yes" in vote results) there can be set a class boundary for two separate color transitions . You can also produce bivariate or trivariate choropleth maps: Two and three variables can be visualized simultaneously as bivariate or trivariate choropleth maps using a special color scheme. New: maps with

129. Data Processing CTD Format
Extended data CTD data Format description for FORTRAN users. The output format for our CTD data has changed in some ways. The basic format of the data files
CSIRO Division of Marine Research/RV Franklin CTD format guide
Station data format
Notes for FORTRAN users
Sample Station Data
Station data format
For each station there are a total of 15 header records. These are followed by as many data records as are needed. Some header fields may be blank. Positions are determined from (in order of preference) 1. Gps, 2. back-calculated SATNAV data, 3. any other source. Note also that the maximum cast pressure is in decibars, and that the bottom depth is in metres, so for some deep stations the maximum cast pressure may be numerically greater than the bottom depth. The header records are always in the same order, and all headers are always present, even if the information for some of the header records is not available.

130. BaseNow
database frontend application that provides a tree-style user interface for all databases. It supports all database formats and contains built-in deduplication, data validation, and import/export tools. Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP
Help Screen shots Compare editions Online help Quick-start videos ... Known issues Support Forums Technical support Feedback About the author ... Contact Features BaseNow architecture Database tools BaseNow Agent Tables and views ... Import/export data Subscribe Stay informed about any major changes. Click here to subscribe Screen Shots Purchase Download Trial Software that provides a powerful tree-style user interface for all your databases. Contains built-in deduplication, data validation, and import/export tools. Groups, sorts, and organizes data. Has a flexible search and replace functionality. Works with SQL Server, Access, Excel, Outlook and many other ODBC and OLE DB compatible databases. The 30-day trial version has all the features of the full product. Click here to download your copy now! Home Download Screen Shots Details ... Gate Comm Software News
COMDLG32.OCX error at startup

Opening FoxPro and dBase databases

Version 1.1.7 Relased (1/11/2003)

Version 1.1.0 Relased (11/16/2002)
HotFix 1 for Windows XP SP1

Moving records between dbase tables with same structure just different names

Importing Data from Text Files

Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere 6
How do I select a differnt ODBC driver?

131. Data Processing Hydrology Format
Processed Hydrology data Format. The standard Hydrology file has a maximum of 80 columns per line. Here is an example record
Processed Hydrology Data Format
The standard Hydrology file has a maximum of 80 columns per line.
Here is an example record: FR8505 000002P8510-16146 1-OCT-85 7: 8: 0-16 37.40 146 16. 92 82 9 7:22: 0-16 37.40 146 16.00 8: 8: 0-16 36.83 146 14.86 59 2.10P 024.97335.184216.40 0.190 0.00 0.0 0.020 0.250 58 13.30P 11 35.182225.44 0.210 0.00 0.0 0.030 0.290 57 23.00P 1024.96435.173216.10 0.190 0.00 0.0 0.030 0.280 20.29 56 32.20P 9 35.183216.40 0.190 0.00 0.0 0.030 0.290 55 42.20P 024.96735.185215.81 0.190 0.00 0.0 0.030 0.290 44.08 54 51.10P 7 35.183216.69 0.190 0.00 0.0 0.030 0.270 53 61.80P 6 35.183217.86 0.190 0.00 0.2 0.030 0.270 23 71.20P 5 35.183216.69 0.190 0.00 0.0 0.030 0.270 15 82.40P 1 35.208216.69 0.210 0.00 0.0 0.030 0.280 The first three lines represent the header section, as follows:

132. The Periodic Table
Very basic data, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF of the Periodic Table arranged in different formats. Files only contain elements' symbols, names and atomic number.
The Periodic Table
Acrobat Files of the Periodic Table arranged in different formats. You are welcome photocopy these and distribute to students. To use the Acrobat documents, you must have a copy of the Acrobat Reader Download the Acrobat files or configure the Acrobat reader as a plug-in or a helper application for your browser.
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133. Data Entry Data Conversion
Provide data content and management services, including data analysis and then conversion to a customized XML format. data can also be converted to PDF, Quark, Word and Excel formats.


134. Floating Point Solutions - Software Solutions For Design And Manufacturing
Programs and extensions for several CAD systems to import, export, and convert geometry data to a number of technical file formats.
Home Products Technologies Partners ... Links
Founded in 1999, Floating Point Solutions Private Limited is a privately held software development company having its headquarters in Goa, India. We develop software for Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Reverse Engineering (RE) and Rapid Prototyping (RP) industries. Our products include plug-ins for AutoCAD, Autodesk VIZ, SolidWorks, 3D Studio MAX, Rhinoceros and Surfcam. We have tremendous expertise in the field of vector file formats and data exchange.
Floating Point Solutions develops and implements customized solutions for companies worldwide. The customized solution may be a standalone application working closely with the client's existing CAD application or a plug-in to the CAD application. For more information please contact us
Floating Point Solutions has nearly 1000 customers in 44 countries. We have strategic alliances with key players in the global software industry. Their logos below should speak for themselves.
SolidWorks Corporation Floating Point Solutions has founded the OpenRP Initiative which aims as solving the data exchange problem in the Rapid Prototyping industry. OpenRP offers the RP industry an efficient and secure

135. Dlgv32 Pro Viewing Software
Software for viewing United States Geological Survey digital cartographic data in a variety of formats. (free, with code) Win9x/NT/2k

  • dlgv32 Pro Latest Release
    dlgv32 3.7 Release
    dlgv32 3.7 Source
    Release Notes

  • Click to enlarge Screenshot
    The USGS is very pleased to announce the availability of dlgv32 Pro - a significantly enhanced and updated version of our original dlgv32 software. dlgv32 Pro is a limited-feature version of commercial software called Global Mapper which was created from the original dlgv32 source code. Improved to address changes in data standards and to better meet customer requirements, dlgv32 Pro continues the tradition of providing quality viewing software for USGS data users. The USGS has obtained from Global Mapper a license to freely distribute this limited-feature version. Improvements include a growing list of supported data formats and major enhancements which include:
    • Auto-clip collar for DRG's Opens SDTS DLG and SDTS DEM files directly from .tar.gz archives Opens DLG-O and DEM files directly from gzipped archives Slide-over Attribute Display Keyboard navigation.

    View the Release Notes to obtain a complete list of what's new for the latest version and to review the release history. The latest version of dlgv32 Pro is available for download from our FTP site , as well as, binary and source distributions for the original dlgv32 (version 3.7) software.

    136. Standards To Be Obeyed By The Masses Representing Temporal And Monetary Data On
    Text/PDF 50KB A well researched paper into the usage of various Date and Time, and Monetary, formats on the Internet which recommends the widespread adoption of ISO 3166, ISO 4217, and ISO 8601 - by Gerhard Knolmayer.

    137. Data Conversion - Tape Conversion, Software Conversion
    Provides data conversion services covering over 3,000 formats.
    Conversion of over 3000 formats: data conversion - software conversion - tape conversion
    Call toll-free in the US Visit our alternate site for fast FTP downloads @ hosted by
    E-Mail Us

    AA Data Conversions
    4850 Westchester Ct.
    Oldsmar, Florida 34677
    Tel: 727-781-3838 Fax: 727-789-0178
    Our Guarantee
    Data Conversion Mission Statement This page has been visited

    138. Home Bookkeeping
    Accounting program that keeps track of personal finances. Features exporting of data into Paradox, DBase, text file, HTML, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, Lotus 12-3, QuattroPro formats, and MS Windows clipboard.
    Keepsoft software Home Home Bookkeeping Test Constructor Screenshots ... Contact News September
    A new version of the " Home Bookkeeping ” has been released June
    A new version of the " Test constructor ” has been released Newsletter Products
    HOME BOOKKEEPING You say you don't have the discipline to control your budgeting? With Home Bookkeeping, it's a snap! It's your chance to finally become a savvy spender and protect yourself from the danger of debt. Unlike the usual paper and electronic spreadsheets, Home Bookkeeping is your personal financial secretary and advisor. Graphical diagrams and income and spending planners will help you to stop wasting money and to start saving.
    Last available: Version 4.0 ( September Read more Screenshots Download Buy now ... Lite version
    TEST CONSTRUCTOR "Test constructor" is a universal program for testing the knowledge. The program can be used to perform testing both at home and various educational institutions. The program allows using an unlimited number of topics, questions and answers. "Test constructor" supports five types of questions, which gives you an opportunity to perform any kinds of tests. It is possible to use music, sounds, images and video clips in your tests.
    Last available: Version 2.5.4 (

    139. Data Conversion Laboratory - Data Conversion Services & Expertise
    data Conversion and Document Conversion Service to XML, SGML, HTML and OeB from paper and electronic source formats such as Quark, Interleaf, FrameMaker and PageMaker. About DCL Tech Info Press Info ... More Presentations
    - with intelligence
    Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc. (DCL) prepares your content for data bases, electronic publishing and the Web. DCL provides services to fine-tune your document conversion strategy, eliminate document redundancy, identify metadata, and prepare legacy and future documents for your true present and future needs. DCL converts PDF, word processors, typesetters, all kinds of document formats, paper into XML, SGML, HTML, and other structured formats ... more than 200 million pages converted.
    DCL software to identify

    redundant content in

    documents sets of any size.

    Converting Books and
    ... to subscribe) Lead Stories: S1000D standard takes flight as fighters and airliners join forces
    A collaboration between the Air Transport Association (ATA), Aerospace and Defense Industries Association of Europe (ASD) and Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) is injecting civil aviation requirements into the S1000D specification - creating a single, global standard for technical publications. DCLnews reports.

    140. Datakit : Software Editor, Software And Tools For Conversion Of Native And Neutr
    data Exchange Tool Kit for conversion between native and neutral CAD/CAM formats, as well as libraries offering the same functionality. = 'nom_fenetre'; Company The neutral format data transfer environment DATAKIT and manufacturers DATAKIT and the CADCAM Professionnals ... Newsletters
    DATAKIT is a privately held French company, founded in 1994, whose job is to provide CAD data converters : native and standard translators or plug-ins. It benefits a pretty good reputation within the Cad/Cam field, but expanded in many other ones: rendering, simulation, control, FEA, prototyping.. It benefits closed relationships with software companies that incorporate its libraries in their software solutions
    for further information

    Quick view of
    DATAKIT company P d f format
    138 Converters available !
    Lastest News Mr. CADIN Francis
    Phone : + 33 4 68 79 07 67
    Fax : + 33 1 73 72 44 74
    E.mail :

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