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         Data Formats:     more books (100)
  1. Usmarc Format for Holdings and Location: Final Draft
  2. Descriptive tabulation: Library of Congress MUMS format data : MUMS music records by James L Godwin, 1987
  3. df a proposed data format standard (SuDoc NAS 1.15:4467) by Leslie R. Lait, 1993
  4. Standard formats for weather data exchange among automated weather information systems (SuDoc C 55.12:S 2-990) by U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, 1990
  5. Marc Formats for Bibliographic Data by Elaine W. Woods, Avram Henriette, 1987-06
  6. Towards a common bibliographic exchange format?: International Symposium on Bibliographic Exchange Formats, Taormina, Sicily, 27-29 April 1978
  7. A framework of data types and formats, and issues affecting the long term preservation of digital material (JISC/NPO studies on the preservation of electronic materials) by John C Bennett, 1997
  8. Standards for user procedures and data formats in automated information systems and networks (PB) by Calvin N Mooers, 1967
  9. Documentation of data format and content to accompany magnetic tape copies of various data files of the National Coal Resources Data System: (NCRDS)--ECOAL, ... of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey) by M. Devereux Carter, 1981
  10. Plastic data formats for a computerized material property data system (PLASTEC note) by John Nardone, 1977
  11. Multimedia data formats: Issues and instances (CMU-ITC) by Michael McInerny, 1991
  12. Documentation of the 1980 Data verification programs and common subroutines for fixed-format data: Porpoise Data Management System (NOAA-TM-NMFS-SWFSC) by Charles W Oliver, 1991
  13. Automated recording of bridge inspection data in the pontis format by F. S Fanous, 1995
  14. Proposed format for data on cements in a material properties database (SuDoc C 13.58:6034) by Lawrence J. Kaetzel, 1997

101. Our Products
Display, print and save images in JPEG, TARGA, PCX, BMP, TIFF (G2, G4, color), GIF, and Kodak Photo CD formats. By Northeast data Corp. Control, Commercial

Ordering Support Home Page
NED Image Control
This ActiveX Image control displays, prints and saves images easily. Supports JPEG, TARGA, PCX, BMP, TIFF (G2, G4, color), and Kodak Photo CD. You can rotate, pan, and scroll. Images can be copied to or pasted from the clipboard. Advanced printing functions give you very flexible control over image printing.
This is THE control for adding images to databases. It allows you to reference image files on any media (networked, removable, magnetic, etc. ) instead of placing the image into the database as a large BLOB. This keeps your database small and fast.
The NEDImage control can be used on your web pages for displaying images located on web servers. Properties are available for specifying a URL for the location of the image to display.
You can redistribute this software without paying any fees for runtime licenses!
Also, source code is available for a low additional fee.

102. Electronic Discovery, Data Conversion, Tape Conversion And Disk Conversion Softw
IMdrive will restore, convert and duplicate data from a wide range of standard and proprietary magnetic tape formats. Handles IBM, 3590, Unix, DAT and others.
@import "intermedia.css"; Skip navigation Any Tape Any Disk Any Format Convert Tapes Convert Disks Convert Formats Since 1984, InterMedia (now part of eMag Solutions - Electronic Discovery Experts ) have offered a range of software and services covering all types of disk and tape conversion. Disk conversion includes almost all floppy disk and optical disks, and tape conversion capabilities cover most SCSII and parallel port tape drives. File format conversion is also available. You can purchase our PC software - MM/PC or Unix software - MM/UNIX or use our in-house data services to duplicate tapes or disks and transfer data between different systems with or without format conversion. Data can be transferred between most systems including IBM, UNIX, PC, ICL and file structures can be manipulated (for example convert EBCDIC to ASCII, convert fixed length data to comma delimited). Utilities are available for converting complex file structures including binary data and packed fields. From 8inch floppy discs to high capacity backup tapes such as DAT, DLT and LTO ... migrate, transfer, convert ... eMag has the solution. Whether you need to transfer data between computers, duplicate tapes or manage a major system migration project, eMag are the specialists in multi-format data transfer, data retrieval and data interchange...

Producer of the AS/400 Report Downloader, a client/server utility for moving AS/400 report data to other formats.
Version 9 Downloader users please note: You may be entitled to a free upgrade to version 10. Please call 888 821-8218 Our Products NEW! iSeries Report Downloader Version 10.0 AS/400 and iSeries Smart File Downloader Contact us Evergreen Interactive Systems European, Central and South American Contacts

104. Graphics And Data Analysis - Formats
The National Space Science data Center s (NSSDC) Common data Format (CDF) is a The irony of the term FORMAT is that the actual data format which CDF


Mostly Data Formats and Storage
These are software packages for the storage and retrieval of data in standard formats. The software usually takes the form of a library of subroutines which are used either by another package, e.g. Matlab Ferret , etc., or in a separate (usually Fortran or C) program created by the user to retrieve or store some type of data. I've listed the most common ones used in the geosciences (at least as far as I know) below along with a final link to even more such packages. It may seem a bit strange to have so many choices for a "standard" data format, but as you'll find out when delving into them a bit more deeply, there's the beginnings of some sort of consolidation (at least amongst the netCDF, HDF, and CDF packages listed) so eventually we might have one (or at least very few) standard formats with which to work. Last updated and checked on Mar. 23, 2004, just a few short years since the last update on Mar. 15, 1996.
The Climate Data Management System is an object-oriented data management system, specialized for organizing multidimensional, gridded data used in climate analysis and simulation. Data can be obtained from files in any of the self-describing formats netCDF, HDF, GrADS/GRIB or PCMDI DRS. The Climate Data Markup Language (CDML) is the markup language used to represent data in CDMS. It is based on the XML standard. CDML is an XML dialect geared toward the representation of gridded climate datasets.

105. PillarSoft
data compression utility for the OS/2 family of operating systems. Extensive drag and drop implementation and speech enabled utility that deals with zip and OS/2 packed archive formats.
setswap("showlogo", 'news', 'graphics/news_200.gif', 'products', 'graphics/products_200.gif', 'support', 'graphics/support_200.gif', 'projects', 'graphics/projects_200.gif', 'rexx', 'graphics/rexx_200.gif', 'search', 'graphics/search_200.gif', 'links', 'graphics/links_200.gif'); News Products Support Projects ... Links

106. Oasys - The Software House Of Arup
Free document management tool to organize data the way it is perceives. Gather data under one heading even though it is spread across multiple servers around the globe accessed by different methods and is on multiple file systems. It can view over 300 file formats. Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Downloads Store Pricing Training ... Academic Zone Home CAD Document Management Geotechnical Structural ... Academic Zone
Product Range
CAD - range of AutoCAD-based tools to aid the draughtsman and engineer. Includes software for remote plotting, reinforced concrete detailing and batch processing of drawings. Document Management - range of applications to aid in the management of electronic documents. Includes the free 'Personal Edition' edition of Columbus , which is the world's most popular DMS, and Mail Manager , the general purpose email filing tool. Structural - range of analysis and design programs for structural frames and reinforced concrete. Geotechnical - provides programs for slope, flexible wall, vertical displacement, retaining wall stability, tunnel settlement, pile and soil finite element analysis. LS-DYNA - a general-purpose finite element program for the analysis of the non-linear dynamic response of three-dimensional structures. LS-DYNA is both an implicit and explicit solver. Latest News 9 September 2005 GSA 8.1

107. R&S Integrated - LaserFiche - Easy Agenda - AnyDoc - Document Management - Agend
Conversion via document imaging, scanning, data capture, and electronic forms or document conversion, to digital formats. Delivered on CDR optical disc and/or uploaded to your computer network.
"Information through Innovation"
www site Welcome We have a new Phone Number: 863-709-8044. Please update your contact information accordingly.
is a leading provider of Laserfiche
For details on easyAgenda, our Agenda Automation solution, click on the logo below: Demonstrations If you would like one of our sales representatives to come to your location for a demonstration of our products, please contact our sales department
In addition to coming to your location to provide a demonstration, we are also more than happy to provide an online demo of any our our suite of products, Laserfiche, EasyAgenda or AnyDoc. To see either Weblink or WebAccess in action, click one of the buttons below:
See how just one of our clients have implemented and customized their Weblink installations, click on St, Lucie's logo below: Support Technical support is offered Monday - Friday from 8:00am until 5:00pm Phone: 863-709-8044
Email: support @ In addition to the information contained in our support pages, Laserfiche users can also search their knowledgebase here As an added service to our customers, we also provide remote access support via If you have any problems installing the webconference software, you can also download it

108. - Leading Suppliers Of On-line CAD/CAM/CAE Data Translators, Conve
A CAD/CAM data translation service operating over the internet, supporting many common file formats.
Login Services Offered Supported Formats Products ... Theorem Solutions Welcome To the Theorem Solutions On-Line CAD Translation Service

109. SpeedProject
Squeez is an archiving utility that uses Squeez technology, one of the fastest compression and extraction engines for the most common archive formats. Also able to add recovery data to zip archives.
@import url("../sp2005.css"); Products Download Support SpeedProject SpeedCommander 10.3 SpeedCommander is a comfortable file manager. It builds on the proven two window technology and offers a multitude of exclusive features. Sort, copy, move or delete your files either using the keyboard or the mouse.
  • Two folder windows which can be arranged horizontally or vertically Multiple folder views in one folder panel File Container with multiple independent containers Quick access to Network Neighborhood, Internet and FTP Direct support for the many archive formats (including 7Z, RAR, SQX, ZIP) Integrated Quick View for many file formats Multi-rename tool Fast and comfortable Search Program (FileSearch) Synchronize files and folders (FileSync) Flexible editor for text files (SpeedEdit)
SpeedProject News
Squeez 5 and ZipStar 5 manage to compress files even further and introduce many new features and improvements.
SpeedCommander 10.3 includes advanced support for the 7z format and adds a new visual design (Whidbey).

110. USGS (US Geological Survey) EROS, Sioux Falls, SD
formats, NDF (NLAPS data Format) GeoTIFF*. Media, CDROM File Transfer Protocol (FTP) 8-mm high-density tape. *GeoTIFF format does not include a metadata
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***You have Scripting turned off in your browser** This site uses Javascript to view the navigation of the site. If you would like to use this feature, you will need to turn on your scripting abilities for your browser. If you wish, you can find the same information at:
Thematic Mapper (TM) Contents: TM image from Landsat
(Los Angeles, CA) back to Satellite Product List
Product Description
Thematic Mapper (TM) is a multispectral scanning radiometer that was carried on board Landsats 4 and 5. The TM sensors have provided nearly continuous coverage from July 1982 to present, with a 16-day repeat cycle. TM image data consists of seven spectral bands ( band designations ) with a spatial resolution of 30 meters for most bands (1-5 and 7). Spatial resolution for the thermal infrared (band 6) during image acquisition is 120 meters, but the delivered TM band 6 will be resampled to 30 meter pixel size. The approximate scene size will be 170 x 183 kilometers (106 x 115 miles). The following level of correction is available to the general public:
  • Systematic Correction includes both radiometric and geometric correction. The scene will be rotated, aligned, and georeferenced to a user-defined map projection. Absolute geometric accuracy of the systematically corrected TM product can vary, depending upon the accuracy of the predicted ephemeris that is used for processing.

111. MICRODEM Home Page
Display and merge DEMs, satellite imagery, scanned maps, vector data and GIS databases from a variety formats. Supports multiple projections, file conversion (read write) and 3D views. Win9x/Me/NT/2k
Links Download Target 3D PolarView ... Forum (not on a USNA computer) Round Bay, Maryland, USGS 7.5' DEM. MICRODEM is a microcomputer mapping program written by Professor Peter Guth of the Oceanography Department, U.S. Naval Academy. It requires a 32 bit version of Windows (NT/2000/XP or 95/98/ME). MICRODEM displays and merges
  • digital elevation models satellite imagery scanned maps vector map data GIS databases
From sources such as:
  • US Geological Survey National Imagery and Mapping Agency Census Bureau National Ocean Survey British Ordnance Survey Landsat TM SPOT
Last Update:

112. EquivaQ Software, LLC.
A HPHL/2 plot filew viewer and print queue manager for Windows, that also exports data to several other formats.
equivaQ Software LLC. equivaQ Home Why equivaQ? Network License Manager Volume Price breaks ... Download equivaQ 2005+ (2.6MB) Note: Previous versions of equivaQ are no longer supported since equivaQ 2005+ contains ALL prior versions of equivaQ. If you decide to purchase, this will be the version you should register. The evaluation versions are FULLY functional and will only need your Site Code to be Authorized. The evaluation versions are also fully functional with the Network License Manager. The equivaQ 2005+ download version has a 30 Day evaluation period before requiring registration. Technical support email Features:
  • equivaQ 2005+ watches the AutoSpool Folder you set and automatically spools plots using the settings you choose....number of copies, plotter, file extension. Plot logging is built in as well.
  • E xport your HP-GL/2 files to Adobe Acrobat PDF® files using the equivaQ 2005+ viewer!

113. Data Recovery Services. No Fix No Fee
Xytron offers data recovery solution for all media and formats. Free diagnostic fee.
Contact Partner Program Vacancies Home ... How To Find Us Data Recovery
Xytron offer data recovery solutions for all hard drive manufacturers, and media.
For a free diagnosis please contact our data recovery team now and speak to a data engineer. Government, business and individual clients are welcome.
We offer an unbeatable combination of human resources and technology for data recovery
  • Seasoned engineers with extensive experience in data recovery for all operating systems and storage media.
  • Innovative technology delivering the caliber of service required for any data recovery situation.
  • We operate a no-data no-fee policy on all data recovery solutions
What is the data recovery cost? This varies on the level of service you require, all data recovery situations are different, please contact us now for data recovery solutions Accounting / Accounts Data Recovery solutions. Xytron offer data recovery solutions for all accounting / Accounts related products such as, Sage , MYOB, TAS, Intuit. Our data recovery technology can recover your data whatever the circumstances, please contact us for further help. Drive purchases As a data recovery company, we are always looking for donor hard drives to assist our recoveries, please contact us if you have stock for sale.

114. Audio File And Compression Formats
To use these tables, find the data format you are interested in, and then determine Doubleprecision float samples Fragmented sample data Nested format
Oracle inter Media User's Guide and Reference
Release 9.0.1

Part Number A88786-01
Book List
Master Index
Audio File and Compression Formats
A.1 Supported Audio File and Compression Formats
The following tables describe the audio file and compression formats and other audio features supported by inter Media. To use these tables, find the data format you are interested in, and then determine the supported formats. For example, Table A-1 shows that inter Media supports AIFF format for single channel, stereo, 8-bit and 16-bit samples, linear PCM encoding, and uncompressed format. Table A-1 AIFF Data Format Format Audio Feature AIFF Format ID `AIFF'
File Format: `AIFF' File Ext: .aff MIME type: audio/x-aiff Single channel Stereo 8-bit samples 16-bit samples Linear PCM encoding Format Encoding/CompressionType Standard AIFF Uncompressed TWOS Table A-2 AIFF-C Data Format Format Audio Feature AIFF-C Format ID `AIFC' File Format: `AIFC' File Ext: .afc MIME type: audio/x-aiff Single channel Stereo 8-bit samples 16-bit samples Format Encoding/CompressionType Choose one of these compression formats Foot Not compressed ACE 2-to-1 ACE 8-to-3 MACE 3-to-1 MACE 6-to-1 Uncompressed (TWOS) Other than "uncompressed (TWOS)", all other codes are the FourCC (uppercased) directly from the compressionType field of Common Chunk of the AIFC file. The table lists only the ones known.

115. Interface Systems, Inc. - CD Duplication And Data Conversion
Specialize in conversion of data from a variety of media and formats to the same plus fulfillment and duplication services.

116. Description : DB Navigator : Products : DESKTOP SOFTWARE
database administration utility with a Table Creation and an Export Wizard (data can be exported into the tables of many formats MS Excel, MS Word, RTF, HTML, Text file, CSV file, LaTeX, SQL, XML).
DB Navigator Why do I need this program?
At working with databases the necessity to have a direct access to the database often appears (to have an opportunity of getting information about tables and fields of every database; to have an opportunity of managing database, table fields and data of the table). This all (and even more) can be done by the DB Navigator for the databases of the DBF format . Hierarchical display of the database structure in the tree of objects allows to show the database structure in a very good visual way. Location of the main informational and logical units on the different tabs allows to structure the information. On every tab there is a set of buttons for carrying out of the most frequently used functions (which refer to the information of this tab). You can also call the necessary functions using pop-up menus. One of the most frequently used operations at working with databases is table creation. In the program

117. Focuseek
High performance, multi platform fulltext search engine, spiders web or intranet sites, or indexes data you feed to it. Easily scriptable via a SOAP/REST API. Also supports a variety of input formats.
searchbox 2 With searchbox a new family of search products is born. searchbox is suitable for any software environment where search is a strategic requirement. We have versions both for Web and Enterprise applications but more generally for any search project where reliability, scalability, ease of maintenance and low cost are key points. New! searchbox 2.0.3 released. You may also directly download the free web standard edition:
Choose your path
Are you planning a large-scale intranet search facility? Or are you just setting up site search for your web site? searchbox is the right choice for you. Learn what each version of searchbox can do, and start building your application right now by downloading a free trial version.
Web applications
Aggregate and publish Web content in public or corporate portals.
Enterprise applications
Search and monitoring technology for small and medium businesses.
Scalable applications
GRID technology to handle hundreds millions documents and thousands users.

118. PaleoMag Manual: Data And File Formats
The data format used by PaleoMag is an ascii text file with fixed formats The first line is a 2003 addition specifying the data format and is either CIT
Data and File Format
PaleoMag uses five different kinds of files, all of which are stored as text files: .SAM .LSQ , .STEP, sample data files , and means files. With version 3.1, Univ. of Wyoming "APP" format (ascii Ogg format), 2G's binary (.DAT) format, and a raw AGICO Spinner data format (.JRA) are supported as well as the original CIT format; the .STEP file is now dropped. The first four of these filetypes must be together in a single folder; only the .SAM and sample data files must be present ( PaleoMag will create the others). The .SAM file gives locality information and a list of the samples in the locality. Editting this file can allow the user to combine data from several different localities. The .LSQ file has the least-squares fits made for this locality. The .STEP file need not concern most users; it contains a summary of the demag steps used in the locality and can be regenerated at any time using the Remake .Step command. Each sample data file contains all the measurements and orientations of a single core. The means file need not be in any locality folder and can contain mean directions from several different localities. With the creation of version 2.0 of

119. Software
Small program for playing with terrain data (height fields). Imports data from and to many popular file formats. Can use a number of image processing operations and height field painting tools. (Free, no code) Win9x/NT
For lack of a better name, this software is called Wilbur. It allows an individual to play with terrain data (height fields). It can import data from and export data to many popular file formats. In addition, it allows the data to be modified with a number of image processing operations as well as height field painting tools.
This program has been tested under Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Earlier versions worked under Windows 9x as well so this one probably also will. I have no plans for Macintosh, DOS, Unix, or any other ports. Source code is not available. Download
  • See the download page for the list of new features for the current version
Main Program Download page Links to other terrain pages Other software free for the taking Be warned, this software is highly experimental (and sometimes unstable). Save frequently. It shouldn't destroy your machine, but may fault at any point. Use this software at your own risk. No warranty is made and none is implied. And never, ever use this software or its output for navigation purposes or in a situation where bad data may cause injury or loss of life. Ideas Some quick sample pictures are found here The world as an icosahedron . Print it out, then cut along the edges and fold to get a globe.

120. Viewer, Image Viewer For MODCA, IOCA, PTOCA, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, AFP, PCX, MODCA To
Provides a viewer that supports various image formats such as MODCA, IOCA, PTOCA , TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PCX, DCX, CALS, AFP, Windows Bitmaps, ASCII Text data, and OS/2 Bitmaps.
MS Technology, Inc core digital imaging image processing, viewer multimedia and biometric viewer identity management products and access control systems to support customers, integrators, device and algorithm vendors in offering solutions with the highest levels of privacy, security, availability, throughput and timeline performance. MST Viewer MS Technology, Inc provides industry-leading viewer MSTViewer ), meticulously designed, best of the breed, image viewing and imaging solutions used worldwide. MST Viewer is a windows viewer technology handling various types of industry standard image formats such as MODCA IOCA PTOCA TIFF GIF JPEG PCX Windows Bitmaps ASCII Text Data, OS/2 Bitmaps; Converters like TIFF, MODCA to PDF Converter and vice versa, for our clients, including the IBM Content Manager Client. Biometrics MS Technology, Inc provides threat-scalable, single and multi-modal

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