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  1. ISO/IEC 19794-6:2005, Information technology - Biometric data interchange formats - Part 6: Iris image data by ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 37, 2007-08-23
  2. ISO/TS 13499:2003, Road vehicles - Multimedia data exchange format for impact tests by ISO/TC 22/SC 12, 2007-08-23
  3. ISO/TS 14048:2002, Environmental management - Life cycle assessment - Data documentation format by ISO/TC 207/SC 5, 2007-08-23
  4. ISO/IEC 19794-4:2005, Information technology - Biometric data interchange formats - Part 4: Finger image data by ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 37, 2007-08-23
  5. ADDING AUTHENTICITY TO TRADITIONAL MULTIPLE CHOICE TEST FORMATS.(Statistical Data Included): An article from: Education by Barbara D. Yunker, 1999-09-22
  6. IEC 62330-3 Ed. 1.0 en:2003, Helical-scan digital video cassette recording system using 12,65 mm (0,5 in) magnetic tape - Format HD-D5 - Part 3: Data stream format by IEC TC/SC 100, 2007-08-19
  7. ISO/IEC 19794-2:2005, Information technology - Biometric data interchange formats - Part 2: Finger minutiae data by ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 37, 2007-08-23
  8. IEC 61904 Ed. 1.0 b:2000, Video recording - Helical-scan digital component video cassette recording format using 12,65 mm magnetic tape and incorporating data compression (Format digital-L) by IEC TC/SC 100, 2007-08-19
  9. ISO/IEC 19794-1:2006, Information technology - Biometric data interchange formats - Part 1: Framework by ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 37, 2007-08-23
  10. IEC 62071-3 Ed. 1.0 en:2005, Helical-scan compressed digital video cassette system using 6,35 mm magnetic tape - Format D-7 - Part 3: Data stream format by IEC TC/SC 100, 2007-08-19
  11. ISO 14976:1998, Surface chemical analysis -- Data transfer format by ISO TC 201/SC 3/WG 1, 2007-08-23
  12. ISO/IEC 19794-5:2005, Information technology - Biometric data interchange formats - Part 5: Face image data by ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 37, 2007-08-23
  13. ISO/IEC 14417:1999, Information technology -- Data recording format DD-1 for magnetic tape cassette conforming to IEC 1016 by ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 11, 2007-08-23
  14. MARC format guide by Mary Holloway, 1991

81. Scientific Data Format Information FAQ
This is the FAQ for the newsgroup. Contents HDF (Hierarchical data Format) is a selfdefining file format for transfer of various
From: (Ilana Stern) Newsgroups:,news.answers,sci.answers
Scientific Data Format Information FAQ
Archive-name: sci-data-formats Last-modified: 13 Oct 1995
Recent changes:
within last two weeks
  • Format changes to document
  • Correction to CDF information
  • Corrected URL of JCAMP standard
  • New URL for GeoTIFF information
within last four weeks
  • Added DLG-3 information
  • Added DEM information
  • Corrected location of CIF information
This is the FAQ for the newsgroup. Contents: 1) How to use this document
2) How to get a current copy of this document

3) Resources for format information

4) Resources for visualization software information
6) Why isn't my favorite format on this list?

Each (major) section has a "Subject:" line, so you can search on the subject title above to find the section quickly. Comments, corrections, or additions should be sent to Ilana Stern at
Subject: 1) How to use this document
Most FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) documents list many questions and their answers. This FAQ is (mostly) devoted to answering only one question: "Where can I find documentation and software for [X] data format?"

82. Catalog Data Solutions - The #1 3D Powered Online Catalog Solution For Manufactu
Online 2D/3D parts library hosting, integrated with PTC Wildfire and the ability to do Parametric searches. formats include PRT, DXF, IGES, DWG.
Products Services Customers Partners ... About Us Experience 3D-Powered Online Catalog Success See Why Leading Manufacturers Choose Catalog Data Solutions As the market leader in 3D-Powered Online Catalogs, Catalog Data Solutions empowers manufacturers to stand out from the crowd. We do so by delivering the most innovative technology and making it as easy as possible for manufacturers to enhance their website with 3D CAD Models, CAD Drawings, 3D Visualization, and Product Configurators. Our solution combines best-in-class functionality, proven integration, and the best user experience. Contact us today to learn more about a 3D-Powered Online Catalog for your company. 3D-Powered Catalog Data Sheet (296KB) (Watch a demo) Quality Impressions
Place your 3D Models at the fingertips of over 500,000 CAD designers

Fully-hosted solution with no software to buy Build Customer Loyalty
Help your customers to reduce their design time with 3D Models
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Over 80% of downloaded 3D Models are added to the customer's final BOM
Got CAD?

83. File Converters, CD & DVD Burn Utilities, All Software By CoolUtils
Software to simplify the work with different files. Covering converting images, managing hard dick space, CD burning, print or export files to various formats, file comparison/merging and folder synchronization, DVD and AVI player, startup manager, and personal data manager.
Contacts Links Our Clients Customization ... Forum
Weekly Highlights

Frigate - the best file manager ever!

Buy Frigate from this site and get
... Get all CoolUtils products for $99 only
($200 discount!) Online Image Converter
Online PDF Converter
All Cool Utils
Graphic tools
  • Image Box

  • It creates a slide show of your photos, images and music as stand alone EXE
  • Photo CDuke

  • Write your photo on CD easily
    Convert image to ico
  • PhotoLook
  • Your personal photo manager
  • EXIF Viewer
  • View and edit your EXIF info
  • Total Image Converter
  • A powerful image file converter
  • Total Audio Converter
  • Total Audio Converter: The Ideal Audio File Format Converter
  • Total PDF Converter
  • Total PDF Converter converts PDF to Doc, Excel, HTML, Text, CSV or images
  • Total HTML Converter
  • A versatile HTML file converter
  • Total Vectorize
  • Convert image to WMF
    Administrative Tools
  • SendMail
  • SendMail is a versatile program for send files by EMail on timer
  • Motion Hunter
  • Motion Detection Software
  • CDuke
  • CD and DVD burning has never been easier.
  • Easy DVD Copy
  • Make copies of your DVDs easily
  • Copy Audio CD
  • Convert your CD collection into MP3 one
  • CoolPopup
  • Easy to use WinPopup replacement
  • StartUp Manager
  • Organize you Windows startup behavior
  • FolderShine
  • Be creative in everyday work
  • SecureWallet
  • Password Manager :: The most handy password keeper
    TIFF and PDF Tools
  • Tiff Splitter
  • Split your tiff file by pages easily
  • Tiff Combine
  • Combine your tiff file by pages easily
  • Tiff Teller
  • New TiffTeller will return the page count of PDF and Tiff files
  • PDF Splitter
  • Split your PDF file by pages easily

    84. About Document Formats (Design Issues)
    This implies that format conversion facilities must be available to allow simple browsers to access data which is stored in a sophisticated format.
    Document formats
    The question of the format of the contents of a node is independent of the format of all the management information (except for the format of the anchor position within the node content). Therefore, the hypertext system can be largely defined without specifying the node format. However, agreement must be reached between client and server about how they exchange content information. Many hypertext systems qualify as ªhypermediaº systems because they handle media other than plain text. Examples are graphics, video and sound clips, object-oriented graphics definitions, marked-up text, etc.
    Format negotiation
    Most hypermedia systems on the market today have the same application program responsible for the hypertext navigation and for the browsing. It would be safer to separate these features as much as possible: otherwise, in defining a universal hypertext system, one is burdened with defining a universal multimedia browser. This would certainly not stand the test of time. Node content must be left free to evolve. This implies that format conversion facilities must be available to allow simple browsers to access data which is stored in a sophisticated format. Such conversion facilities tend to exist in many applications, though not, in general, in hypertext applications. The format of the content of a node should be as flexible as possible. Having more than one format is not useful from the user's point of view only from the point of view of an evolving system. I suggest the following rules:

    85. WinZip® - The Zip File Utility For Windows - Zip/Unzip, Encrypt/Decrypt
    Windows data compression utility that focuses on the Zip data compression format for all Windows users. Builtin support for popular Internet file formats such as TAR, gzip, UUencode, XXencode, BinHex, and MIME. ARJ, LZH, and ARC files are supported via external programs.
    Home Buy Now Order On-Line for Immediate Delivery Downloads WinZip WinZip Companion for Outlook WinZip Command Line WinZip Self-Extractor Product Information WinZip WinZip Companion for Outlook WinZip Command Line WinZip Self-Extractor ... Beta Software Support FAQs Support Mailing List General Information Contact Us Search New! Try WinZip 10.0 Beta...
    • The most popular compression utility for Windows, with more than 140 million downloads
    • Quickly and easily zip and unzip files and folders
    • Save storage space, dramatically reduce e-mail transmission time, and efficiently archive documents
    • Easy-to-use AES encryption to protect your sensitive data
    • Flexible user interface: the intuitive WinZip Wizard for first-time users and the award-winning WinZip Classic interface for power users

    Basic Information:
    Learn the basics of Zip files and how to use them... More...
    Power Tips:
    Get the most out of WinZip! Discover how to work with WinZip directly from Windows Explorer, split large Zip files, utilize the e-mail features of WinZip, protect your sensitive data with encryption... More...

    86. Autodesk - Volo View - Product Information
    Autodesk's webenabled review and markup tool for engineering data, working with the DWG, DXF, DWF, and Inventor formats.
    @import url(; @import url(; United States Skip Main Content and go to Footer Contents. Product Information As of May 1, 2005, Volo View 3 is no longer available for sale. Autodesk DWF Composer is the upgrade path for Volo View customers providing new features that enhance the review, markup and revision capabilities. Autodesk will continue to support Volo View 3 customers through January 15, 2006. Make the Move to DWF Composer!
    Find out about the latest viewer release from Autodesk—new Autodesk® DWF™ Composer. Skip Footer Navigation and go to Top of Page. About Us Contact Us Search

    87. Free GIS Data - GIS Data Depot
    Transfer formats are designed to bring data in and out of the GIS Transfer formats will be required to import some data sets into your software.

    Sponsored by:

    TOPICS Download Data



    SpatialNews Daily Newswire!
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    Latest Industry Headlines
    The Town of Blacksburg, Virginia Selects Geographic Technologies Group to Provide Consulting Service
    Fayetteville Association of Realtors Relies on MapInfo Exponare to View Real Estate
    URISA’s GISCorps Deploys Additional Volunteers to Mississippi NASA Satellites Will Reveal Secrets of Clouds and Aerosols ... New Key Chain Size Personal GPS Tracking Device Hits the Market Latest GeoBids-RFPs Architectural/Engineering Services-TX Narrative Tract Appraisals-FL Surveying Services-TX Topographical Survey-IE Recent Job Opportunities GIS PROGRAMMER - ArcIMS Entry level GIS Position University GIS Coordinator GIS Analyst ... Image Scientist, D.C. Area, 490-10, GC Recent Discussions Clipping Grid File Using Shapefile GeoPoint conversion Need raw ASCII data for demo purposes 30-year CIA Cartographer-Hurricane Katrina Assist ... A GIS Project GISDataDepot - GIS Data Formats GISDataDepot HelpDesk > Data Formats GIS Data Formats Digital Map Formats The term file format refers to the logical structure used to store information in a GIS file. File formats are important in part because not every GIS software package supports all formats. If you want to use a data set, but it isn’t available in a format that your GIS supports, you will have to find a way to transform it, find another data set, or find another GIS.

    88. Data Recovery By Dataleach - Hard Disk Drive & Server RAID Data Recovery Service
    Hard drive and RAID server data recovery service for all media formats and data storage configurations.
    Data recovery services for hard disk drive recovery and server RAID data recovery by Dataleach
    For years we have been doing what others have called the impossible: recovering data from damaged, failed and crashed hard disk drives and Server SCSI RAID Arrays.
    Technology gurus and professionals know and trust us to provide reliable and solid expertise when it comes to their data recovery needs. Our professional data recovery service specialists and customer service staff are highly trained and second to none. We specialize in safe, secure, recovery repair and lab data extraction from failed, crashed or malfunctioning disk drives and RAID server configurations Along with our own research and state-of-the-art data recovery tools we maintain the most extensive knowledgebase of manufacture specs and engineering notes for every hard disk drive, and RAID server controller read / write method allowing us to recover your data as fast as possible.
    Certified Professionals
    As data recovery leading experts , we are often get result where others fail.

    89. Data Saviors: Data Conversions, Migrations & Solutions
    Professional data conversion services specializing in difficult, legacy and proprietary formats including imaging archival systems, COLD and optical filesystems. We also support many full system conversions and rapid data import into systems such as Coinserv, FileNET, Keyfile, and Spoolview.
    Data Saviors is a digital-to-digital conversion solutions specialist. Our services include system conversions, data conversions, data migrations, digital media conversions and custom solutions to difficult or unique problems. Whether you're an organization with data to manage, a document management and archival company, or a systems integrator, Data Saviors can assist you in comprehensive data solutions specific to your needs with reasonable rates and professional service. A real-time table of supported conversion types can be found in our conversions area. In addition to those types listed, we welcome all conversion formats so if something is not listed it is likely we have not yet been presented with data from that system. If you are a representative of a document management company, systems integrator, VAR, or handle large volumes of data, contact

    90. Logbook Pro And Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook - Aviation Pilot Flight L
    Professional pilots logbook for aviators. Features automated data entry, comprehensive customizable reports, and extensive data analysis. Import other logbook data, export to web, and many other formats.
    Logbook Pro

    Airline Pilot's Daily Logbook

    MGOent. Leather Binders
    Buy Now
    Welcome to the home of Logbook Pro and Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook - The Leading Aviation Flight Logbook Software for Pilots. Serving the aviation community since 1998, Logbook Pro and Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook provides award winning software logbook solutions for all pilots from student pilot to airline pilot. Endorsed by Sporty's Pilot Shop as "The Finest Electronic Logbook Around," Logbook Pro and Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook have earned their top rankings from NC Software's high-standards in quality and customer service. As pilots ourselves, we know how important it is to take control of our logbooks whether for insurance forms, job applications, or simply maintaining accurate logs of our aviation experience. We offer our leading aviation logbook solutions as a risk-free trial which can be unlocked with the quick and simple purchase of an unlock code from our secure online store . Evaluate our flight logbook solutions for your PC, Palm OS, and Pocket PC devices at your own pace and see for yourself why our software products are a must have for your aviation career.

    91. Welcome To End Of Day Data Corp.
    Market data in ASCII and MetaStock Native formats with technical analysis software for customer.
    End of Day Data Corp. (EOD) provides reliable stock market data and free charting software for the technical analyst. METASTOCK and ASCII formats are supported. EOD's Zero-Maintenance download software automatically adjusts your database for new listings, deletions, splits and symbol changes. Fast downloads are available over your Internet connection. In addition, StockFilter and StockTrend Lite Charting software, is available free to subscribers. We invite you to try our free demo EOD's service combines great features such as:
    • Metastock and ASCII formats
    • Reliable, accurate equity and index data
    • Extremely fast and efficient downloading of daily updates
    • Internet access for downloads
    • Automatic addition of new listings
    • Automatic removal of delisted stocks
    • Automatic adjustment of files for splits, rollbacks and symbol changes
    • Two-year historical data for stock data and index files
    • Access to all New York, NASDAQ, Toronto, Canadian Venture, Amex, OTCBB common, preferred shares, trust units, rights, warrants and installment receipts
    • Free full-featured, easy to use charting software

    92. Data Capture, Data Entry, Data Processing, Data Conversion, Forms Processing, Do
    Provides keyboard entry, data capture and document scanning. Background to services, company,and supported formats.
    Data Entry / Data Capture
    OCR Conversion
    Forms Processing
    Business Process Outsourcing
    Microfilm / Microfiche
    Data Processing
    Data Conversion
    Handwritten Data
    Mailroom Services
    Document Scanning
    Data Entry / Capture
    Over 25 years experience in data entry, data capture and data processing.
    Document Scanning Document Scanning for our customers throughout the UK and USA ... Examples of some recent data processing projects. WELCOME TO OPENWORLD DATA COMPANY PROFILE Find out more about OpenWorld Data and the types of data we process.
    With over 25 years experience in data entry, data capture and data processing, we have the capacity and expertise to process any type of data, typed or handwritten, to or from any format.
    OpenWorld Data are relieving companies of many day-to-day business processes.

    93. Creative Data - Publishing, Multimedia, Training, Marketing
    Site offers conversion of technical publications, training materials and catalogs into various electronic formats, as well as multimedia and animation services.
    Home Navigation: Home About Us Services Contact ... Legal Notice

    94. Search Engine Software
    Indexing, search and retrieval of data residing on Internet and intranet servers, with support for multiple file formats and european languages. Together with ASTAware SearchDisc, offers a comprehensive solution for simultaneous online and CD searching.
    ASTAware SearchKey PRO Search Engine Software
    Empower corporate Internet and Intranet websites

    ASTAware SearchKey PRO is a Java™-based, search engine application. SearchKey PRO offers full-text indexing and searching for HTML, XML, PDF, PostScript, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Word and Text documents. It operates on any platform and enables end-users to search multiple indexes, domains or servers, concurrently or individually. SearchKey PRO will add value to your intranet or ISP business. ASTAware SearchKey PRO, together with ASTAware SearchDisc, offers a comprehensive solution for simultaneous online and CD searching.

    ASTAware is a trademark of ASTAware Technologies INC. All other logos, trade names, service names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

    95. Yellow Pages And Business Directory -
    Find business listings, White Pages, Maps Directions, consumer information, and more in the online Yellow Pages search directory.
    Please report errors to:
    SBC, the SBC logo, SMARTpages, SMART Yellow Pages and other product names are trademarks of SBC Knowledge Ventures, L.P. and/or its affiliates.
    Legal Information.
    Some of the business information is provided by InfoUSA Omaha, Nebraska.

    96. Mapper
    Earth data processing and visualization system. It can combine data from different sources and in varying formats to a single view. It is not an image processing tool but rather builds a 3dimensional model of the earth. Win95/NT 1997
    earth data processing and visualization system DEM ,NDVI and rivers combined to a view of Europe in July 1993
    Mapper is a visualization tool I wrote to play with GIS data I find on the internet. It can combine data from different sources and in varying formats to a single view. It is not an image processing tool but rather builds a 3dimensional model of the earth. To do something useful with it you must first get some huge files that are freely available on the internet. Sources for such data are listed on the Download Planet Earth page or can be accessed directly from Mapper.
    Current features:
    • USGS 30 arc sec. digital elevation models (*.bil and *.dem files) USGS AVHRR advanced high resolution radiometry data (NDVI, visible light, thermo bands) CIA World Database II vector maps (*.cbd files) convert NIMA GEOnet web-queries (populated places and geographic features) to flat binary file and display names on the map render a shaded view from DEM data convert data in Goodes interrupted homolosine map projection to cartesian (latitude/longitude) projection to obtain a realistic, colored view

    97. Safe Software | Formats Supported By FME Suite
    FME Suite supports many popular GIS, CAD, and database formats. DMDF (Digital Map data Format), , -, •, -, •, -, •, -, •, -, •, -
    Site Map Downloads Contact Us SHORTCUTS ... FME Data Servers
    Formats Supported by FME Suite
    FME Suite supports many popular GIS, CAD, and database formats.
    Formats Supported: Product Comparison Chart
    The following chart is a comparison of the formats supported by the FME Suite family of products. Access Database (nonspatial) Adobe Illustrator (EPS) ADRG Reader ... Extra cost plug-in req'd APIC Extra cost plug-in req'd APT ARGIS GINA Extra cost plug-in req'd ... Extra cost plug-in req'd Autodesk GIS Design Server (VISION) native Autodesk AutoCAD 2004 Autodesk AutoCAD DWF Autodesk AutoCAD DWG/DXF Autodesk GIS Design Server (VISION) GINA Autodesk Map Object Reader ... BC MOEP BGrund Extra cost plug-in req'd Bitmap Reader/Writer C60 Format (AED-SICAD) Extra cost plug-in req'd CADRG Reader Extra cost plug-in req'd Card Extra cost plug-in req'd CCOGIF Reader Extra cost plug-in req'd CCOGIF Writer ... Extra cost plug-in req'd DFK Extra cost plug-in req'd DMDF (Digital Map Data Format) DTED DEM ECW Reader/Writer EDBS Extra cost plug-in req'd EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) ERDAS IMAGINE Reader ESRI ArcGIS 9.x Map (.mxd)

    98. TTNview - A Simple EXIF Information Viewer
    Viewer of EXIF information recorded by digital cameras in image files. Information about image and shooting conditions, data about the camera and settings, supports most digital cameras, and reads all standard EXIF tags and several proprietary formats. Product specifications, screenshots, user guide, mailing list, and downloads.
    TTNview - a simple EXIF information viewer November 18, 2004 - Version 0.8.35 Alpha Download User's guide
    What's new ... Write to us What is TTNview?
    TTNview is a simple viewer of EXIF information recorded by digital cameras in image files.
    This normally includes various information about image and shooting conditions, as well as data about the camera and settings.
    • Shows EXIF data for JPEG and TIFF images;
    • Supports most digital cameras;
    • Reads all standard EXIF tags and several proprietary formats;
    • Smart data recognition;
    • Keyboard support for quick work;
    • Just 88KB!
    • Very fast.
      FREE! Download now!
    TTNview recognizes all standard EXIF tags and some proprietary formats of digital camera manufacturers. Here's the list of fields shown by this version: Column Title Description Comments Shooting conditions Speed Shutter speed, aka exposure time, seconds Either a fraction of a second (like 1/250) or a number of seconds (like 2") F-Stop Aperture value, aka F-Stop The value is the fraction of the Focus Length, e.g. value of 11 means the aperture was F/11 ISO Camera sensor sensivity, in ISO units, similar to film sensivity

    99. Format Of LSMS Data (formdata.html)
    LSMS data is distributed in ASCII, SAS portable, and Stata format. These formats were chosen to ensure accessibility to much of the social science research
    Format of LSMS Data LSMS data is distributed in ASCII, SAS portable, and Stata format. These formats were chosen to ensure accessibility to much of the social science research community. The data are distributed in ASCII format since most all softwares will read ASCII data. Typically the ASCII data files will contain the variables names in the first line, will be delimited by a space or a comma, and have a non-fixed layout (this means that the variables are not located by a column position). The only disadvantage of the ASCII files is that the data are only described by an eight character variable namethey do not come with longer variable labels. The SAS portable files (click here for an explanation of the SAS transport facility ) have been written with the Xcopy procedure and are meant to be usable on any platform (e.g. IBM mainframe, pc, unix) supported by SAS. (See the SAS home page for more information.) Once imported to the desired SAS format, the data files are ready for use and typically include variable labels (descriptions of the variable with up to forty characters). These labels can be quite helpful to the analyst who is somewhat unfamiliar with LSMS data. The Stata files also typically include variable labels (up to thirty characters), and once decompressed are immediately ready for use. They have been written to version 2.1, which is somewhat less rich in detail than version 4.0; but is compatible with all currently released versions of Stata. (See the

    100. Citation
    Bibliographical conversion program designed to transform data between several different formats including MLA, HFS, Chicago Manual of Style, INSPEC, ENGI, GTEC, Refer, and BibTeX.

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