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  1. Extensible Data Format
  2. ISO 12234-2:2001, Electronic still-picture imaging - Removable memory - Part 2: TIFF/EP image data format by ISO/TC 42, 2007-08-23
  3. Usmarc Format for Authority Data
  4. Usmarc Format for Classification Data: Including Guidelines for Content Designation
  5. C37.111-1999 IEEE Standard for Common Format for Transient Data Exchange (Comtrade) for Power Systems
  6. Data Format for Cd-Rom Mastering
  7. The Usmarc Format for Holdings and Locations: Development, Implementation, and Use (Monographic Supplement #2 to the Journal Technical Services) by Barry B Baker, Gary M Pitkin, 1988-08-24
  8. IMS for the Cobol Programmer, Part 2: Data Communications and Message Format Service (Pt.2) by Steve Eckols, 1987-06
  9. Free Lossless Audio Codec: Comparison of audio codecs, Meridian Lossless Packing, Monkey's Audio, TTA (codec), WavPack, Apple Lossless, Anti-aircraft warfare, ... File format, Lossless data compression
  10. Spreadsheet File Formats: Comma-Separated Values, Symbolic Link, Csv Application Support, Fielded Text, Data Interchange Format, .Xls, .Csv
  11. ISO/IEC 11321:1992, Information technology - 3,81 mm wide magnetic tape cartridge for information interchange - Helical scan recording - DATA/DAT format by ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 11, 2007-08-23
  12. Persistence: Serialization, Comparison of Data Serialization Formats, Hibernate, Ibm Purequery, Java Persistence Api, Snapshot, Carbonado
  13. The Exchange of bibliographic data and the MARC format: Austausch bibliographischer Daten und das MARC Format (Bibliothekspraxis)
  14. IEC 61455 Ed. 1.0 b:1995, Nuclear instrumentation - MCA histogram data interchange format for nuclear spectroscopy by IEC TC/SC 45, 2007-08-19

41. Export Data Formats And Media
Export data formats and Media. Spectral and VL Data Files, Image Files, and Flat Field and Dark Count Files will all be in FITS format.
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Export Data Formats and Media
Data Processing Requirements for the Ultraviolet Coronagraph Spectrometer . Keywords for Image Files and VLD files will be given in TBD. Modest sets of data can be provided over Internet. A single exposure of a UV detector will be up to 1 MB, and a ``typical" Spectral Data File is likely to be a set of exposures at 10 radii, or 10 MB. Thus a few typical Spectral Data Files per day could be exported via Internet. A Spectral Data File containing a large number of exposures, or a data set containing many Spectral Data Files can be exported from the SAO or Italian Data Analysis Facilities on Exabyte tape or optical disk.
Peter Smith
Fri Jan 17 12:11:15 EST 1997

42. MB-System Supported Data Formats
The following swath mapping sonar data formats are currently supported by MBSystem. MBIO Data Format ID 11. Format name MBF_SBSIOMRG; Informal
MB-System Supported Swath Data Formats Each swath mapping sonar system outputs a data stream which includes some values or parameters unique to that system. In general, a number of different data formats have come into use for data from each of the sonar systems; many of these formats include only a subset of the original data stream. Internally, MBIO recognizes which sonar system each data format is associated with and uses a data structure including the complete data stream for that sonar. At present, formats associated with the following sonars are supported:
  • Sea Beam "classic" 16 beam multibeam sonar Hydrosweep DS 59 beam multibeam sonar Hydrosweep DS2 140 beam multibeam sonar Hydrosweep MD 40 beam mid-depth multibeam sonar Sea Beam 2000 multibeam sonar Sea Beam 2112 and 2136 multibeam sonars Sea Beam 2120 multibeam sonars Simrad EM12, EM121, EM950, and EM1000 multibeam sonars Simrad EM120, EM300, and EM3000 multibeam sonars Simrad Mesotech SM2000 multibeam sonar Hawaii MR-1 shallow tow interferometric sonar ELAC Bottomchart and Bottomchart MkII shallow water multibeam sonars Reson Seabat 9001/9002/8081 shallow water multibeam sonars WHOI DSL AMS-120 deep tow interferometric sonar Sea Scan sidescan sonar Furuno HS-1 multibeam sonar
The following swath mapping sonar data formats are currently supported by MB-System:
  • MBIO Data Format ID: 11
      Format name: MBF_SBSIOMRG Informal Description: SIO merge Sea Beam Attributes: Sea Beam, bathymetry, 16 beams, binary, uncentered, SIO.

43. Cover Pages: National Library Of Medicine (NLM) XML Data Formats
National Library of Medicine (NLM) XML data formats. Provisional description for MEDLINE XML and associated XML data formats.
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Last modified: May 30, 2003 Technology Reports
National Library of Medicine (NLM) XML Data Formats [Provisional description for MEDLINE XML and associated XML data formats.] From a 1999-09 Bulletin: "As part of its reinvention efforts, NLM continues to refine the format that will be used for our forthcoming data creation and maintenance system and for distribution of MEDLINE data. This new XML-based format will be used when NLM offers its leased data via ftp. The new format will be a greatly expanded and somewhat modified version of the SGML-based format currently used by publishers who submit citation and abstract data electronically to NLM for entry to see PubMed . We plan to offer the XML format via ftp in parallel with continued distribution of the data in ELHILL Unit Record Format (EURF) on tape until all licensees have had sufficient time to transition over to the new format." [July 29, 2000] Documentation on XML DTDs: Sample NLM Data Available: MEDLINE. Sample MEDLINE data in NLM's new XML format (May 9, 2000 version) is available for ftp. Instructions are below. Please see

44. LIGO Data Formats
LIGO data formats (Author B. Mours). 10/13/97 The specification of the Frame format T970130.pdf. (Authors A. Lazzarini, K. Blackburn, B. Mours)
LIGO Data Formats
Frame Format
Here is the Frame Software from the Virgo-LAPP gravitational wave detector near Pisa in Italy. (Author B. Mours) : The specification of the Frame format T970130.pdf . (Authors A. Lazzarini, K. Blackburn, B. Mours)
Light Weight Formats
The LIGO light weight format will be based on XML (Extensible Markup Language), a possible successor to the well-known HTML. : A draft paper defining data objects for LIGO Light Weight format. Author: Albert Lazzarini A draft paper for a conference proceedings which describes a general scientific language based on XML, called XSIL. It is proposed that the LIGO light weight format (LIGO_LW) be an extension of XSIL. : Some sites for information on XML can be found here , together with a proposal for an XML metadata format for LIGO. Older documents : Older documents concerning LIGO light weight formats can be found here Last updated: 12/2/98

45. Technical Information - Digital Data Formats
Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources Website A Good Place to Start If You Are Looking for Information About the Natural Resources of Nova Scotia.
Technical Information - Digital Data Formats
EXE / ZIP . Most of our digital data products are distributed as self-extracting EXE files.They have been compressed using pkzip . Double click or "RUN" the EXE file and the data files will be unzipped automatically on any Windows based computer.The EXE file can also be opened in WinZip to view and extract the compressed files in the data set. On UNIX platforms, the unzip command will extract the compressed files in the EXE. PDF ( DBF . This is the format that digital data is created in when generated from the database management package dBASE. This is a standard data exchange format which allows the data to be read in most commercially available database management systems, and also some GIS, desktop mapping, and spreadsheet packages. DXF . This is the format that digital data is created in when generated from the CAD drawing package called AutoCAD. This format can be read by AutoCAD, and most CAD, GIS and desktop mapping packages. Mineral Resources Branch - DXF/DBF . This format which is listed with many of our digital products contains the georeferenced points, lines and polygons from our GIS in a DXF format, while the GIS database attribute information is supplied in a DBF format. Where possible we have included one or more of the attributes as text in the DXF file in order to assist the user with linking his data to the attributes in the DBF files. Digital products downloaded will install into the desired directory on the client's computer.

46. Data Formats
data formats. Date. Dates can be entered in any of the following formats. (mm = month; dd = day; yyyy = 4digit year). mmddyyyy. mm-dd-yyyy. mm/dd/yyyy
Data Formats
Dates can be entered in any of the following formats: (mm = month; dd = day; yyyy = 4-digit year) mmddyyyy mm-dd-yyyy mm/dd/yyyy
Phone Number
Phone and fax numbers can be entered in any of the following formats:
Tax ID Number
Tax ID Numbers can be entered in any of the following formats (FEIN and SSN formats must match tax ID number type selected): 99-9999999 (must match tax ID number type) 999-99-9999 (must match tax ID number type)
ZIP Codes
ZIP codes can be entered in any of the following formats:

47. CommuniGate Pro Server: Data Formats
All data is stored in the text form to make it easy to move files between The Dictionary format is used for most CommuniGate Pro setting files,
Data Formats
  • Strings, DataBlocks, Dictionary, and Array Formats
    The CommuniGate Pro server uses several formats for the files it creates and maintains. All data is stored in the text form to make it easy to move files between platforms, and to process CommuniGatePro data with external programs.
    Strings, DataBlocks, Dictionary, and Array Formats
    Strings are the very basic, unstructured textual data.
    A string is either an atom - a sequence of letters and digits, or a quoted string - a sequence of any printable symbols except the quotation mark and the backslash symbol enclosed into the quotation marks (
    Examples: MyName "My Name with spaces and the . sign"
    If you want to include the quotation mark into a string, include the backslash symbol and the quotation mark, if you want to include the backslash symbol into a quoted string, include 2 backslash symbols.
    You can use the symbol combination to include the Return symbol into a string, you can use the symbol combination to include the Line Feed symbol into a string, and your can use the
  • 48. INTERMAGNET- Data Formats
    The INTERMAGNET Operations Committee defines and publishes data formats for use by The data produced by INTERMAGNET will use one of these formats
    What is INTERMAGNET? Data Participating Countries Magnetic Observatories (IMOs) ... Site Map Observatory Plots
    Magnetic Field (XYZ)

    Magnetic Field (HDZ)


    Rate of Change (dB/dt)
    near real-time

    Data Download

    CD-ROMs Data Formats
    Comments: webmaster
    2005-09-14 jap
    Data Formats
    The INTERMAGNET Operations Committee defines and publishes data formats for use by INTERMAGNET participants. The data produced by INTERMAGNET will use one of these formats: Due to the method that is used to record geomagnetic data it is not possible to make continuous measurements of the absolute value of the Earth's magnetic field. Instead a continuous record of variations in the field is made automatically, usually using computer controlled instrumentation. These data are made available as a preliminary data set, called reported data . The first operation that occurs on the data is the removal of any contamination (such as might be caused by instrumentation faults or man-made interference). The resulting data set is called adjusted data . This is then combined with a baseline that has been calculated from regular spot-values of the absolute field, which are made periodically using manual observation techniques. The combined data set, called

    49. CADCAM-E Home
    Developers of data interoperability software, supporting many data formats used in mechanical CAD applications.
    Home About us Solutions News ... Support
    September 8, 2005: CCE Updates its CATIA V5 Interoperability...
    CADCAM-E Helps Brake Supplier Strengthen Detroit Base.
    Only for existing customers of CADCAM-E. You will need a password to download.
    New customers use this wizard to identify the right solution that best fits your translation requirements.
    [Works best on Internet Explorer 5 and above]
    Learn how CADCAM-E can improve every aspect of the product development value chain. Launch window Flash Player CADCAM-E delivers the cost savings and lead-time advantages of an offshore solution to engineering-focused organizations such as original equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and engineering software developers. Our team of highly qualified engineers have extensive knowledge of, and experience in, both mechanical design and CAD/CAM software development. Our offshore services include software development as well as engineering services. Positioned as one of the leading developers of CAD/CAM translation software, we are able to utilize and exchange data between any CAD/CAM system.
    CADCAM-E is a registered service mark of CADCAM-E, Inc.

    50. Ocean Data Formats
    IOC has a website which describes standard ocean data formats in detail. Two data formats are used depending on the data sets ASCII and GRIB.
    A web portal for the Oceanographic community Online Data GoT Archive
    Station Data

    Surface Current

    CTD/ADCP Data
    Tidal Height
    Remote Sensing TOPEX


    Offline Products CD ROMS
    GOT Publications
    Tech. Support Data formats
    Data Conversion

    CTD Data Processing ... DB Manual
    Ocean Data Formats
    Ocean data comes in many different formats, ranging from international standards to unique formats used only by a single researcher. In addition, the recent publication of some very popular application programs with their own documented formats has presented the community with new, de facto standards. The dissimilarities between these formats have been troublesome, and many have argued against their proliferation. Recently, however, a network of connectivity between several major formats, applications programs, spreadsheets, and relational-database programs has been identified ("OceanPC 2000") that may reduce these difficulties. In any event, the data manager must be well-informed about these formats, and about their (in) compatibilities with various software systems and programs. IOC has a website which describes standard ocean data formats in detail.

    51. Data Formats And Software
    Economic and Social Data Service Create and deposit.
    Print-friendly page ESDS Access and Preservation About Access data User support Create and deposit News Create and deposit Advice for data creators Advice for depositors

    Documenting data

    Deposit procedures

    Ingest processing
    ... RELU DSS
    Data formats and software
    A list of preferred and acceptable formats for data and documentation is provided in the table below.
    Preferred Format Acceptable Format Problematic Format Data held in a statistical package SPSS - portable (.por) or system (.sav) file STATA; SAS (xport format or version 7/8 dataset - with formats library where applicable); delimited text (tab delimited or comma separated) Fixed-width (undelimited) text format Data held in a database Delimited text with SQL setup (tab delimited or comma separated) ACCESS, dBase, Filemaker Pro, FoxPro, Paradox, SIR (export file) Fixed-width (undelimited) text format Data held in a spreadsheet Delimited text (tab delimited or comma separated) Excel, Lotus, Quattro Pro

    52. TMS Data Formats
    LandviewII Binary data formats. Layout of File Structures. MAP-format (Map Information) files. LYR-format (Layer Information) files.
    Landview-II Binary Data Formats

    53. Gemini Data Formats And Example Data
    The data formats for each instrument are explained in more detail on the NIRI data formats and examples, see released NIRI System Verification data
    Gemini Data Formats and Example Data
    Data formats produced by Gemini facility instruments
    Data from Gemini facility instruments are stored as Multi-Extension FITS (MEF) files. The data from a single "OBSERVE" command from the Observing Tool creates one MEF file. Each MEF file consists of one Primary Header Unit (PHU) and one or more extensions that contain pixel data (see the figure below). The extensions in MEF files are indexed from [0] which is the PHU. The extension numbers ([0], [1], etc.) are shown to the left on each of the panels. The data formats for each instrument are explained in more detail on the instrument specific data format pages.
    Data formats produced by current visitor instruments at Gemini
    The current visitor instruments produce simple FITS files. These files consist of header information immediately followed by the pixel data, see figure below. Example data are available as the released Demo Science (DS) and System Verification (SV) data for the visitor instruments.
    How to handle MEF files with IRAF
    The Gemini IRAF package is written to handle the MEF files produced by the facility instruments.

    54. GDSIDB: Data Formats
    data formats for the Global Digital Sea Ice Data Bank.


    site map
    SIGRID-3 Development
    Global Digital Sea Ice Data Bank (GDSIDB)
    GDSIDB Data Formats
    The data formats for the GDSIDB are Sea Ice Grid (SIGRID, sometimes called SIGRID-1), SIGRID-2, and SIGRID-3. These formats, and related formats, are described below.
    On sea ice charts, ice parameters are represented by symbols and accompanying numbers giving the values of the ice parameters. The symbols varied depending on what nation was compiling the chart until the 1980s, when an international standard was developed by the WMO. The WMO "egg code," which gets its name from the shape of the symbol, is now used for most sea ice charts. The U.S. National Ice Center Web site has an explanation of the egg code ) and examples of operational ice charts. SIGRID is an alphanumeric coding of ice chart information obtained by overlaying a grid on the original paper chart and encoding the ice information in each grid cell. Thompson (1981) provides a description of the proposal for SIGRID-1 (also PDF , 58 KB). The Annex to Recommendation II (CMM-X) (available by request from

    55. 12. Internet Data Handling
    12. Internet Data Handling. This chapter describes modules which support handling data formats commonly used on the Internet.
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    12. Internet Data Handling
    This chapter describes modules which support handling data formats commonly used on the Internet. formatter Generic output formatter and device interface. email Package supporting the parsing, manipulating, and generating email messages, including MIME documents. email.Message The base class representing email messages. email.Parser Parse flat text email messages to produce a message object structure. email.Generator Generate flat text email messages from a message structure. email.Header Representing non-ASCII headers email.Charset Character Sets email.Encoders Encoders for email message payloads. email.Errors The exception classes used by the email package. email.Utils Miscellaneous email package utilities. email.Iterators Iterate over a message object tree. mailcap Mailcap file handling. mailbox Read various mailbox formats. mhlib Manipulate MH mailboxes from Python. mimetools Tools for parsing MIME-style message bodies. mimetypes Mapping of filename extensions to MIME types.

    56. CIMIS - [ Data Formats ]
    Calculation of Evapotranspiration (ETo) from sensor readings at over 100 weather stations throughout California.

    57. Data Formats
    HYPHY automatically recognizes five aligned sequence data formats and also autodetects whether the data is nucleotide (codon) or aminoacid.
    HyPhy Documentation Miscellaneous : Data Formats HYPHY automatically recognizes five aligned sequence data formats and also autodetects whether the data is nucleotide (codon) or aminoacid. The recognized formats are:
    • NEXUS - files in NEXUS format. The following NEXUS blocks are supported: DATA, CHARACTERS,TAXA, ASSUMPTIONS (for data partitioning) and TREES. See notes on HyPhy constants DATA_FILE_PARTITION_MATRIX and NEXUS_FILE_TREE_MATRIX for details on how to access NEXUS trees and partitions once the file has been read. PHYLIP Sequential and Interleaved: PHYLIP option characters in the first line are ignored FASTA (or #) Sequential: taxa names preceded by '>' (or '#'), complete sequence data follow the name of the taxon
    • FASTA (or #) Interleaved: list of taxa names preceded by '>' (or '#'_, blocks of sequence data follow in the same order as the names of the taxa.
    Here are some small example file for each format, with a tree string present in the file. FASTA Sequential.

    58. NOAA CoastWatch Formats And GIS
    Several criteria are used in the selection of a data format The following table describes the data formats in use on the CoastWatch Homepage and Ocean
    Products available on the CoastWatch Ocean Product Server are available in a variety of data formats. Several criteria are used in the selection of a data format:
    • Filesize (compression) Public acceptance Information retention etc.
    The following table describes the data formats in use on the CoastWatch Homepage and Ocean Product Server. Some of the formats are reserved for special requests and are not routinely produced. Format: Product: Primary Use Typical Size Hierchical Data Format: CW Implementation
    (CW HDF)
    Ocean Color
    GOES SST Scientific Analysis 50 - 100 MB GeoTIFF GOES SST
    Ocean Color
    MODIS SST GIS/Graphics 12 - 190 KB
    0.2 - 1.3 MB GIF/PNG ALL Graphics
    Web Browser 200 - 900 KB Binary Raster
    Ocean Color Scientific Modelling
    GIS 9 - 12 MB Binary (RAW) GOES SST Image Processing GIS 104 - 464 KB ESRI Shapefile (SHP,SHX,DBF) QuikSCAT Winds GIS Scientific Analysis 15 - 5000 KB Home About Data Products Product Search ... Sitemap The NOAA CoastWatch Program is operated within NOAA's National Environmental Satellite Data Information Service ( NESDIS NOAA is a part of the Department of Commerce ( DOC Contact Us

    59. Data Formats
    data formats. vdw, esp format. header and comments input, output files control variables from included, excluded atoms
    Data formats
    vdw, esp format:
    21 21 21 # number of Grid spaces (3I12)
    .500 .500 .500 # size of Grid spacing (3F12.3)
    -.109328 .993533 -.030654 # rotation matrix (3F12.6)
    .900871 .112071 .419371 # rotation matrix (3F12.6)
    .420094 .018234 -.907297 # rotation matrix (3F12.6)
    51.064120 30.547364 24.991392 # translation vector (3F12.6)
    [Contents] [Previous] [Next]
    Updated on January 5, 2000. Comments to

    60. Oasis Montaj - Supported Spatial Data, Grid And Image Formats And System Require
    Supported data formats. Oasis montaj provides seamless access to both Spatial data import formats include. AMIRA format files; ASCII data files, CSV
    Products Geosoft software
    • Oasis montaj Key features Software Demo ... Map Library
      Supported Data Formats
      Oasis montaj provides seamless access to both original spatial data and processed information (grids, images and vector plots). The list below is for the full version of Oasis montaj.
      Spatial data import formats include:
      • AMIRA format files ASCII data files, CSV ASEG GDF files Blocked binary data files Database table files (single or all tables) Excel Spreadsheets Flat archive data files Geosoft binary data files Geosoft XYZ data files ODBC data files Picodas PDAS data files RMS data files USGS data files
      Processed data import formats include:
      • ArcView shape files AutoCAD DXF (DXF) Geosoft plot (PLT) Grid and Image Formats MapInfo TAB files Maxwell Plate files Microstation DGN files
      Common Grid Formats (GRD) including:
      • DEM formats (GLOBE, ETOPO5, USGS) ER Mapper grid (ERS) ESRI Binary Raster (FLT) Landmark ZMAP (DAT) Geosoft grid files (GRD) Grid eXchange Format (GXF) Surfer grid file (GRD) USGS (.ddf, .dem)
      Common image formats (IMG) including:
      • Draw Perfect (WPG) EOSAT MSS (Old 4 Band BIL) ER Mapper algorithm (ALG) ER Mapper compressed (ECW) GeoTIFF Image (TIF) IMG Image (IMG) JPEG 2000 (J2K and JP2) JPEG File Interchange Format (JPG) Kodak Photo CD Format (PCD) Landsat MSS (4 band BSQ) and Landsat TM Mr. Sid (SID

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