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  1. Mold-filling software now accepts rapid-prototyping data format.: An article from: Plastics Technology by Joseph Ogando, 1996-11-01
  2. Marc 21 Format for Classification Data: Including Guidelines for Content Designation
  3. The Effect of Display Format and Data Relibability on Classification of Multidimensional Data in a Process Control Task by Margery Davidson Boulette, 1990
  4. ISO 15076-1:2005, Image technology colour management - Architecture, profile format and data structure - Part 1: Based on ICC.1:2004-10 by ISO/TC 130, 2007-08-23
  5. Marc 21 Format for Authority Data: Including Guidelines for Content Designation
  6. Marc 21 Format for Holdings Data: Including Guidelines for Content Designation
  7. Debugging Data Format
  8. Improving design communication using DfA analysis and feedback: creating a single data format from design through manufacturing can accelerate design data ... article from: Printed Circuit Design & Fab by Mark Laing, 2008-06-01
  9. Usmarc Format Holdings Data: Including Guidelines for Content Designation
  10. Mass Spectrometry Software: Mass Spectrometry Software, Peaks, Mass Spectrometry Data Format, Simion, Protomap, Sequest, Openms
  11. ISO 7168-1:1999, Air quality -- Exchange of data -- Part 1: General data format by ISO TC 146/SC 4/WG 8, 2007-08-23
  12. ISO/TR 6132:1981, Numerical control of machines - Operational command and data format by ISO TC 184/SC 1, 2007-08-23
  13. ISO/IEC 11694-5:2006, Identification cards - Optical memory cards - Linear recording method - Part 5: Data format for information interchange for applications using ISO/IEC 11694-4, Annex B by ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 17, 2007-08-23
  14. Report of the Expert Consultation on Data Formats And Procedures for Monitoring Control And Surveillance

21. Data Formats
By this kindness, fleas are smitten. That s why she s very rarely bitten. Spike Milligan. Alphabetical list of 3D API specifications and data formats
D a t a F o r m a t s
Index Papers Geometry Curves Surfaces Fractals, Chaos Projection Stereographics Raytracing OpenGL Modelling Colour Textures Data Formats Fun, puzzles Other Old stuff Standards are good , lets have lots of them.
Anon Alphabetical list of 3D API specifications and data formats Stereo CAD-3D object format Flatland 3DML language


3D-Studio File Format
3D Studio Max Ascii Export Format
3D Studio Ascii Format

Alchemy III molecule file format
Alchemy 2000 molecule file format BMF BMF by David Farrell, exported from 3dStudio by "view3ds'. CDF Cyberspace Description Format CGM Computer Graphics Metafile (ISO/IEC standardfor vector graphics) Cinema4d file format from "Maxon Computer" COB Calgari trueSpace2 File Format cube Gaussian cube file format for volumetric data Povray DF3 density (voluemtric) format Direct-X Microsofts answer to QuickDraw3D and OpenGL DMO Duke Nukem 3D or Redneck Rampage DWF Format used by AutoDesks attempt at an internet format for it's models, used by the WHIP viewer. Release 14 Release 12 Release 10 DXF, AutoDesk/AutoCAD interchange format in the various format versions that have appeared over the years.

22. 3D Data Formats
Alphabetical list of 3D geometric data interchange formats.

23. Sinclair Spectrum Game Data Formats
A repository for the collection of game data formats for old Sinclair games.
this page is dedicated as a repository for the collection of game data formats for old sinclair classics. I hope that information found here can be used to write editors or conversion of these timeless classics.if you have any data formats that you would like included here, or have any additional information regarding these formats. then please email me.
Lords of Midnight
Doomdark's Revenge
The Hobbit the first of the landscaping games. how was such a classic working internally? Mike Singleton had to change a few things to make a bigger game fit in the same amount of memory. how? Philip Mitchell brought us the classic adventure,
Sean Irvine shows us how he did it.
Manic Miner
Jet Set Willy
Jet Set Willy 2 to many the first of the platform games. Matthew Smith's classic explained, thanks to Andrew Broad how did Matthew Smith make changes to fit in all that extra information over Manic Miner. Arsen Torbarina tells you how. with the hindsight of having someone else come up with the idea. D. P. Rowson showed Matthew Smith just how he should have done it.

24. Speech Filing System
SFS provides a computing environment for conducting research into the nature of speech. It comprises free software tools; special file and data formats; subroutine libraries for I/O, signal processing and graphics; use and documentation standards; and special programming languages.
Accessibility Privacy Advanced Search Help ... Shop Speech Filing System Overview Documentation Download MATLAB API ... Mailing List Related Tools Browse Enhance ESynth ESystem ... WASP
Speech Filing System
Tools for Speech Research
SFS 4/Windows is a free computing environment for PCs for conducting research into the nature of speech. It comprises software tools, file and data formats, subroutine libraries, graphics, special programming languages and tutorial documentation. It performs standard operations such as acquisition, replay, display and labelling, spectrographic and formant analysis and fundamental frequency estimation. It comes with a large body of ready made tools for signal processing, synthesis and recognition, as well as support for your own software development.
Latest News
July 2004
SFS How-To Tutorials . Publication of three new extensive tutorials in the use of SFS ; (i) use of SFS for phonetic annotation, (ii) use of SFS for formant analysis, (iii) use of SFS with the HTK Markov modelling toolkit for speech recognition. July 2004
SFS Version 4.6

25. Data Formats
National Space Science Data Center s Common Data Format (CDF) Scientific data formats FAQ details of various formats USGS Spatial Data Transfer
Data Formats
Graphics and Image File Formats
Format Conversion

Other Formats

Remote Sensing Image Data Formats
... Return to Main Page
Graphics and Image File Formats CEOS format for X-SAR (DLR)
Data formats page (including some code) - bmp, tiff, ps, etc

File format details - definitive page (bmp, tiff, etc.)

GeoTIFF Web Page
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Format Conversion Image Alchemy - file format conversions
pbmplus: library for image format conversions
Back to top Return to Main Page Other Formats Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) HDF-EOS and related software (NASA GSFC) HDF Tutorial HDF - some Fortran routines to read MASTER (MODIS/ASTER) simulator data ... Return to Main Page Remote Sensing Image Data Formats ERS-1/2 data formats - details from CRISP, Singapore Format specifications - descriptions from Penn State ESSC - includes some software SPOT DIMAP data format (see here for more technical details) Back to top Return to Main Page Checked May 2004

26. PDB Documentation And Information
The PDB format, mmCIF formats and other data formats. Describes the different data formats and protocols used to represent PDB structures.
PDB Documentation and Information
PDB Home Contact us
Other Information Sources:
General Information
TOC The PDB is the single worldwide repository for the processing and distribution of 3-D structure data of large molecules of proteins and nucleic acids. New structures are released each Wednesday by 1:00am Pacific time. Details about the history, function, progress, and future goals of the PDB can be found in the PDB Annual Reports and PDB Newsletters

27. MAI Home Page
GPS receiver performance analysis software for most manufacturers receivers and data formats.
GPS Software MAI is the leading provider of prepackaged and custom software solutions for the GPS industry - real-time GPS receiver monitoring software, GPS data post-processing and analysis, GPS data logging - with support for almost all GPS receivers and their interface data formats. See the updated price list for our popular DataMonitors. MAI also provides custom software tools , software consulting and contracting services to the GPS community. Contact Information Tel :
Fax :
22130 Oak Flat Road, Los Gatos, CA 95033
E-mail : Sales: sales"at"
Tech Support: steve"at"
Last modified: July 30, 2003
Home Products DataMonitor pcExtract ... Line Counter

28. Association Of Synchronous Data Formats
Welcome to the Association Of Synchronous data formats (ASDF) WEB server. We are a nonprofit international organization dedicated to advancing the usage of
English Last Updated May 2000
Association of
Synchronous Data Formats
Welcome to ASDFnet
Welcome to the Association Of Synchronous Data Formats (ASDF) WEB server. We are a non-profit international organization dedicated to advancing the usage of high-end synchronous data transmission technology for both the internet and intranet solutions. Organization
The ASDF organizational hierarchy is divided into five executive committees that form the core of standardization effort. Each of these committees has a chairman and 20 members, elected for a three-year term.
ASDF is formed to provide its members with the highest quality information transmission standards available, and to assist the implementation of these standards in an efficient way.
ASDF was founded in 1988 by the National Science Foundation to form an industry consortium to develop and standardize new communication protocols for synchronous data transfer. Since then over 60 countries have ratified the IUPAC 4773 standard proposition which will be enforced during Q4 of 2000.

29. Software And Data Formats
Tab Separated Values (TSV) a format for tabular data exchange Using accented letters and other ISO Latin 1 characters in Emacs The general document
IT and communication
Software and data formats
This page is a table of content for a section of the free information site IT and communication by Jukka "Yucca" Korpela Note to Finnish readers - Suomalaisille lukijoille: Tämän aihepiirin suomenkielisten sivujeni hakemisto on Ohjelmistot ja dataformaatit

30. PARTsolutions - The Exciting Standard And Supplier Parts Catalog System
A parts library integrated with many CAD systems for direct invocation, as well as with standard data formats.

31. National Archives Of Australia - Recordkeeping - Digital Preservation - XML Data
The reasoning behind the National Archives focus on data formats in our approach The Archives has developed a number of data formats for converting the
XML data formats
The National Archives' approach to the preservation of digital records involves converting records in proprietary data formats to equivalent data formats in XML. XML (e X tensible M arkup L Basically, XML provides a standard syntax for identifying parts of a document known as elements, and then a standard way (known as a schema) for describing the rules for how those elements can be linked together in a document. By using XML, we have a widely accepted and fully documented way of structuring documents that is supported by many different open software applications. The reasoning behind the National Archives' focus on data formats in our approach to digital preservation is mapped in a model we call the essential performance model. This model describes why we think it is possible to migrate from one data format to another without losing archival meaning. It also outlines some of the advantages of very infrequent migration over emulation or frequent, short-term migration. A full description of the model and how it relates to our digital preservation work is contained in our publication An Approach to the Preservation of Digital Records
Requests for comment (RFC)
The Archives has developed a number of data formats for converting the digital records it receives from Commonwealth agencies. We welcome comments on their completeness and suitability. Each of the links below takes you to a page that describes a format and gives you the opportunity to email comments to the Archives. The comment period will generally be about one month, but late comments will be accepted.

32. CLDR - Data Formats
This document provides basic information about data formats for fields in the Common Locale Data Repository. It is intended to clarify the meaning of some
Common Locale Data Repository Home Site Map Search Contents General Minimum Data Collation (Sorting) Exemplar Characters Display Names : Languages, Scripts, Territories, Currencies, Time Zones Numbers Dates Special Considerations CLDR CLDR Project CLDR Releases (Downloads) CLDR Technical Committee CLDR-TC Procedures Data Formats Filing Bug Reports Comparison Charts UTS #35: Locale Data Markup Language (LDML) Related Links Join the Unicode Consortium Unicode Technical Reports Technical Reports Development and Maintenance Process Unicode Technical Committee ... Versions of the Unicode Standard Other Publications The Unicode Standard Unicode Technical Notes
CLDR Data Formats
This document provides basic information about data formats for fields in the Common Locale Data Repository. It is intended to clarify the meaning of some of the data in the CLDR for localizers and other people reading the CLDR comparison charts. The references given below are to the LDML specification.
The locale data should be in the customary form for the target language, in the form that is in most common usage. For example, for the territory name in English one would use "Switzerland" instead of "Swiss Confederation", and use "United Kingdom" instead of "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland".

33. Vector Data Sources And Formats
Much vector data is stored in GIS formats, such as those of ArcView SHP or However, there are a number of vector data formats which are specific to
Vector Data Formats
Much vector data is stored in GIS formats , such as those of ArcView SHP or MapInfo formats. However, there are a number of vector data formats which are specific to particular data types and US agencies. These are important because they are the format in which a huge amount of public-domain data is distributed.
  • "Digital Line Graph - Optional format" the USGS's older vector data format, which they are trying to phase out in favor of SDTS 1:100,000 DLGs are available free online from the USGS for most of the USA, higher-resolution DLGs can be purchased from the USGS DLG-O is much simpler to read than SDTS, with a file naming scheme that's also much easier to use the format has some documentation here and here the format does support specification of a Datum, although this is not mentioned in the USGS spec!
    • beware: pretty much all of the USGS data that says NAD27, can actually mean OHD, NAD27 Alaska, NAD27 Aleutians, or NAD27 CONUS, depending on where the data actually is.
    DLG layers are missing a lot of important information, including

34. Data Formats
Wotsit s Format Detailed file formats and data formats for programmers. This page contains information about many file and data formats.
Dictionary Thesaurus Encyclopedia Web Home Premium: Sign up Login

... Encyclopedia - Web Directory
Web Directory
Top Computers / Data Formats A Archive Audio B ...
Wotsit's Format
Detailed file formats and data formats for programmers. A large collection of programming resources with detailed information. (Paul Oliver)
Every File Format in the World
This page briefly describes many known file name extensions and what they are. (
DaubNET File Format Collection
Various File Format Specifications
PC Webopaedia - Data Formats
The PC Webopaedia is an encyclopedia of PC related terms. This page contains information about many file and data formats.
Programmers Vault - File Format DataBank
Information about all sorts of different file types with detailed references on each format. (Antony Chesworth)
Data Formats and Their Sugggested File Extensions
An extensive listing of file name extensions with brief description. (Volker Winkelmann)

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Lexico Publishing Group, LLC

35. Point And Figure Chart Program - EZ-PnF / BCA Software / Max-Pain[tm] Home Page
Point and figure stock charting program. 15 box reversal, traditional, log, fixed box scaling. Reads most common data formats.
point and figure, point, figure, point and figure chart, point and figure software, stock chart, pnf, chartcraft, dorsey, max-pain, wyckoff, burke point and figure chart Home
EZ-PnF Info: Current version 9/20/02
Navigation Links:
V2.31 Highlights


Product Reviews
Screen Shot Images
Links to other sites
Trade $marter not harder! (sm)
Buy a book from BCA 's Bookstore! Option Trading Books Technical Analysis Books
point and figure
Welcome to BCA Software's Home Page
EZ-PnF is our Point and Figure Charting program. EZ-PnF is powerful, yet easy to use.
Download a trial version of EZ-PnF to try out for a 60 day FREE evaluation period. After the trial, the current one-time registration fee for EZ-PnF is $27.00 (registration options)
>>"Point and Figure features that others charge you $Hundreds$
EZ-PnF Info: EZ-PnF Features EZ-PnF FAQ/Full Specifications EZ-PnF Screen Shot Images What's new in EZ-PnF v2.31 Click here => To view a Product Review of EZ-PnF v2.30 (Lot's of user tips included) EZ-PnF Product reviews: EZ-PnF from BCA Software is a lightning-quick point and figure charting program." "If you're a point and figure fan, this is the fastest, cheapest solution you can find.

36. MatrixPlot: Data Format
This page is an individual page for the data format, and can also be found as The data formats used by the programs, Inform, pdb2mp, and MatrixPlot are
Data format
Introduction Data format User matrix Mutual Nucl ... Dist matrix This page is an individual page for the data format, and can also be found as a section on the introduction page. The data formats used by the programs, Inform, pdb2mp, and MatrixPlot are described and illustrated by examples.

37. GSRC T2 Fabrics Bookshelf: New Data Formats
The new data formats are going to fill gaps where no public data formats existed before and II. Why And When Use New data formats (see separate page)
MARCO GSRC T2 Fabrics: Bookshelf
New Data Formats For VLSI CAD
Andrew B. Kahng Igor Markov and GSRC participants
Slides ( ppt ps ) of the talk by Igor Markov at UCLA workshop(Nov 20-21, 1999) I. Introduction II. Why and When Use New Data Formats III. Motivation and Main Goals IV. Gotchas V. General Guidlines/Standards VI. Open issues VII. Availability Status of New Data Formats VIII. Resources Appendix A. Note To Developers I. Introduction
The MARCO/GSRC bookshelf aims at collecting leading-edge implementations for VLSI CAD algorithms as well as providing efficient mechanisms of evaluating such implementations and comparing them against each other. Standard benchmarks play an important role in such comparisons. Several research groups participating in the bookshelf effort are now converging on common representations for a number of fundamental optimization problems in VLSI CAD . Such representations include semantics (i.e., what kind of information is given), abstract syntax (i.e.

38. Data Formats For SOLVE
data formats for automated structure determination with SOLVE What data format? Intensities or amplitudes? (Scalepack, formatted, CCP4 mtz, d*trek)
Contents Index Data formats for automated structure determination with SOLVE Your choices about input data include: These choices are discussed below in more detail. See also the SAMPLE SCRIPTS Should you merge your data to the asymmetric unit before running SOLVE?
  • SOLVE can read unmerged data or data merged to the asymmetric unit.
      PREMERGED data is best if your data is already well scaled UNMERGED data is best if your data has not been thoroughly scaled already
    Can you input more than one data file for a native, derivative, or wavelength?
    • For each native, derivative, or wavelength dataset, you can input one or more separate data files.
        If a dataset has just one data file, just read in the datafile If a dataset consists of several data files, just read them in one after another
      What data format? Amplitudes or intensities?
      • if you have DENZO/SCALEPACK output as your raw data...

39. Binary Data Formats Used By SOLVE
Binary data formats and map formats used by SOLVE. DORGBNstyle data files. Format of the binary (FORTRAN unformatted) data file
Contents Index Binary data formats and map formats used by SOLVE DORGBN-style data files. These files can all be viewed with VIEW and can be exported with EXPORT. ASCII files can be imported with IMPORT (see Importing and Exporting for more information on this DORGBN files The DORGBN-style files used in this package are binary files with data sorted by hkl. Format of the binary (FORTRAN unformatted) data file: record 1 INTEGER*4 NCOL - the number of columns of data in the file. record 2 (LOGICAL*1) TITLE(80) - An overall title records 3... NCOL more titles, one for each column of data. record 4 Data records - IH,IK,IL,RES,(F(I),I=1,NCOL) 1. IH,IK,IL - INTEGER*4 The indices of the reflection. 2. RES - The d-spacing in Angstroms. 3. F(I) - Data. These can be structure factors, sigmas, phase information stored as phase, figure-of-merit, etc. When data are missing for one or more columns the value -1.0 is stored in the appropriate columns. MADFBARFILE xx.scl Output file with (Fbar,sigma,DelAno,sigma) for each wavelength will be xx.scl (DEFAULT="mad_fbar.scl") MADFPFMFILE yy.scl Output file with (F+,sigma,F-,sigma) for each wavelength will be yy.scl (DEFAULT="mad_fpfm.scl") madfbarfile xx.scl dorgbn file with (Fbar,sig,Delano,Sig) for each wavelength will be xx.scl [Default="mad_fbar.scl"] madfpfmfile xx.scl dorgbn file with (F+,sig,F-,Sig) for each wavelength will be xx.scl [Default="mad_fpfm.scl"] madmrgfile xxx.out SIRAS-like MAD dataset .See

40. Tele Atlas, Global Leader In Digital Maps And Geographic Content -
Continue to read for more details on our data formats or order a free data ArcIMS Route Server Extension Data Pack (in SDC format) The Tele Atlas Data
var g_HttpRelativeWebRoot = "/stellent/"; var SSContributor = false; var menupath="/stellent/fragments/ta_ver_2"; Search
W elcome to Tele Atlas. We are the global leader in innovation and experience in the field of digital mapping. Our commitment to continuous improvement in coverage, accuracy, timeliness and quality keeps us ahead of the field. And, we are the most responsive and collaborative business partner you could have. We are truly “the living reference in digital mapping worldwide.”  When it Really Counts, Count on Tele Atlas In the News Tele Atlas Reports Record Revenue for Quarter Ended June 30, 2005 Tele Atlas Teams with Cobra Electronics BBC NewsOnline Highlights Tele Atlas in Personal Navigation Trends Article Tele Atlas and TomTom Announce Three Year Extension to Global Agreement ...
Q2/2005 Interim report
Partner Profiles Strong partnerships lie at the core of our company strategy. We truly believe that our success rests upon the success of each of our partners, dynamic companies like yours. more var fragment = new TeleAtlasFooterTerms('EN','teleatlas_footer'); fragment.Display(g_navNode_Root);

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