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  1. Global Sourcebook of Address Data Management: A Guide to Address Formats and Data in 194 Countries by Graham R. Rhind, 1999-01
  2. Exchanging Bibliographic Data: Marc and Other International Formats by Ellen Gredley, Alan Hopkinson, 1990-11
  3. ASTM Monograph 4 Investigation and Interpretation of Black Box Data in Automobiles: A Guide to the Concepts and Formats of Computer Data in Vehicle Sa ... Society for Testing and Materials), 4.) by William Rosenbluth, 2001-06-01
  4. Usmarc Format for Bibliographic Data: Including Guidelines for Content Designation by Ruth S. Freitag, 1994-12
  5. Data Processing Manager's Model Reports and Formats by Ralph L. Kliem, Irwin S. Ludin, 1992-01
  6. Ims/Vs Data Communications Programming Using Message Format Service by Ziep N. Vuong, 1990-03
  7. Introduction to Data Technologies (Chapman & Hall/CRC Computer Science & Data Analysis) by Paul Murrell, 2009-02-23
  8. Making Lean Six Sigma Data Sets Minitab Friendly or The Best Way to Format Data for Statistical Analysis by David Rasmusson, Cynthia Butler, 2009-02-02
  9. Open Source Format Publishing of Scientific Data (OSF) by Fernandez Dell'Oca Alberto, 2003-07-16
  10. ISO 6983-1:1982, Numerical control of machines - Program format and definition of address words - Part 1 : Data format for positioning, line motion and contouring control systems by ISO TC 184/SC 1, 2007-08-23
  11. Debugging Data Formats: Leb128, Dwarf, Program Database, Map, Stabs
  12. ISO 7168-2:1999, Air quality -- Exchange of data -- Part 2: Condensed data format by ISO TC 146/SC 4/WG 8, 2007-08-23
  13. IEC 62258-2 Ed. 1.0 en:2005, Semiconductor die products - Part 2: Exchange data formats by IEC TC/SC 47, 2007-08-19
  14. Data format 'Offspring' sprung.(Around The World / Design)(Offspring data transfer format being evaluated): An article from: Printed Circuit Design & Manufacture by Mike Buetow, 2003-10-01

181. Network Working Group P. Deutsch Request For Comments 1951
Abstract This specification defines a lossless compressed data format that Deutsch Informational Page 1 RFC 1951 DEFLATE Compressed data Format
Questions about the technical content of this specification can be sent by email to: Jean-Loup Gailly and Mark Adler Editorial comments on this specification can be sent by email to: L. Peter Deutsch and Glenn Randers-Pehrson Deutsch Informational [Page 17]

182. Network Working Group P. Deutsch Request For Comments 1950
Gailly InfoZIP May 1996 ZLIB Compressed data Format Specification version 3.3 Abstract This specification defines a lossless compressed data format.
Jean-Loup Gailly EMail: Questions about the technical content of this specification can be sent by email to Jean-Loup Gailly and Mark Adler Editorial comments on this specification can be sent by email to L. Peter Deutsch and Glenn Randers-Pehrson

183. UTD: Universal Text Data Format
This document proposes a generalpurpose text data format called UTD. (Multimedia itself is not part of UTD, which is a text data format.
A proposal: Universal Text Data format (UTD)
This document proposes a multipurpose universal format for text documents. The format allows the document structure to be described using natural-looking markup, which has defined semantics in terms of logical meanings, not visual appearance. UTD is intended for a wide range of applications, including online and offline publishing, archival, and content combination and selection. Content:
This document proposes a general-purpose text data format called UTD. It might be seen as an idea of how HTML should have been designed, or how a successor of HTML could be designed, but it is intended to be useful quite independently of the WWW, too. The design has been inspired by the fundamental ideas of SGML as well as the "general" document type (presented as an example in the SGML standard) in particular but also by many other considerations, some of which have been summarized in my old review of the HTML 4.0 draft

184. New Data Format And Distribution Media For Licensees Of NLM Data
data will be distributed to licensees in NLM s new format during 2000. Weekly MEDLINE data available via ftp in XML format at no cost
Skip to Content Search NLM Web Site NLM Home Contact NLM Site Map FAQs Bibliographic Services Division BSD Home Index Section MMS LSTRC ... Bibliographic Services Division
New Data Format and Distribution Media for
Licensees of NLM Data
U.S. National Library of Medicine
November 19, 1999 Summary:
NLM is approaching the final stages of its transition to a new data creation and maintenance system. We will phase out the legacy systems and move into the new processing streams beginning with MEDLINE in the early part of the year. Data will be distributed to licensees in NLM's new format during 2000. Databases other than MEDLINE will continue to be created in the legacy ELHILL Unit Record Format and distributed on tape until their production has transitioned to new systems. The new format is XML-based, the media is ftp (except for large amounts of data which will be distributed in the future on DLT tapes), and there is no cost for data distributed via ftp or DLT tape. The DTD, sample records in XML and ELHILL format, and a conversion tablet to assist in the transition from ELHILL Unit Record Format to XML format are provided at this time. Details of transition:
1. Weekly MEDLINE data available via ftp in XML format at no cost:

185. Common Data Format (CDF) FAQ
CDF is the Common data Format. It is a conceptual data abstraction for storing, HDF is a Hierarchal data Format developed at the National Center for
C D F F R E Q U E N T L Y A S K E D Q U E S T I O N S ======================================================================== FAQ Maintainer: Space Physics Data Facility (SPDF) Earth-Sun Exploration Division Science and Exploration Directorate Email: Address: Space Physics Data Facility, Code 612-4 Earth-Sun Exploration Division Science and Exploration Directorate NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Greenbelt, MD 20771, U.S.A. Last Updated: February 11, 2005 ======================================================================== Topics marked with + new since last time * changed since last time The following questions are answered: - Introductory CDF 1. What is CDF? 2. What is the current version of CDF? 3. What has changed since the CDF 2.6.7 release? 4. What CDF utility programs are available? 5. What platforms does CDF run on? 6. Where do I get source code and information relevant to CDF and CDF utilities? 7. How widely used is CDF? 8. What are the differences between CDF and NetCDF, and CDF and HDF? - Manuals, Documentation, Man Pages

186. DataFormatInfo < Main < DCC-Development
eXtensible data Format (XDF), XDF is a common scientific data format based on XML Common data Format (CDF), A selfdescribing data abstraction for the
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Boulder IO is a simple TAG=VALUE data format designed for sharing data between It is also simple enough to use as a common data exchange format between
NAME - A semantic free data interchange format Download the distribution (tar archive)
Boulder IO
Boulder IO is a simple TAG=VALUE data format designed for sharing data between programs connected via a pipe. It is also simple enough to use as a common data exchange format between databases, Web pages, and other data representations. The basic data format is very simple. It consists of a series of TAG=VALUE pairs separated by newlines. It is record-oriented. The end of a record is indicated by an empty delimiter alone on a line. The delimiter is "=" by default, but can be adjusted by the user. An example boulder stream looks like this: NAME=AFM036YB2 SEQUENCE=GATCCGAGATACAGAGGATCCCACACACACACACAC.... LEFT_START=0 LEFT_LENGTH=14 RIGHT_START=140 RIGHT_LENGTH=20 = NAME=MR1239 SEQUENCE=GGGATCTTTCTCCACCTCCAGCGCACAGAGCAGGGGG... LEFT_START=2 LEFT_LENGTH=20 RIGHT_START=130 RIGHT_LENGTH=18 ALIAS=WI-1000 ALIAS=XB2023 = Notes:
  • There is no need for all tags to appear in all records, or indeed for all the records to be homogeneous.

188. UCC Electronic Publishing Unit: Why You Should Use XML
who had been trained to drive that particular make and model of car. That s what you sign up for when you tie yourself to a proprietary data format.

electronic publishing unit
friendly web sites publications faqs supported software ... docs
Some thoughts on proprietary markup
In writes: Ask this person if they would mind if when they bought a car:
  • they could only get gasoline and service from the car maker; if they could only drive it on roads provided by the car maker; and it could only be driven by people who had been trained to drive that particular make and model of car.
That's what you sign up for when you tie yourself to a proprietary data format. The mistake people make is that they think what they are creating when they create documents with computers is printed pages , when in fact they are creating databases of information . You can test this by comparing the cost of losing the printed pages with the cost of losing the source files from which they were generated. As Tim Bray pointed out at SGML'92, no MIS manager would in his right mind consider using a proprietary data format for relational information. So it should be for textual information. Eliot Kimber Internet: Dept E14/B500 IBMMAIL: USIB2DK9@IBMMAIL Network Programs Information Development Phone: 1-919-254-5160 IBM Corporation Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

189. Data Base Format Description
and Documentation Tables......The data files are in ascii format. You can view the data file directly with a World Wide Web data File Format
Data Set Information
Each data set usually represents the data for one experiment and instrument. In some cases the data for an experiment includes a separate file for each date.
Data File Downloading Instructions
The data files are in ascii format. You can view the data file directly with a World Wide Web viewer; however some of the files are quite large. Data files can be downloaded, when available, when you are on the Experiment Summary page for a given year. The 'hot link' to download is entitled 'Download Data File' which is at the end of the summary information for the experiment. Use the options provided by your World Wide Web viewer to load the data file to disk. It is best to download the files in "text" format not "source" format.
Data File Format Description and Documentation Tables
The file is in ascii format in lines of 80 characters for convenient transfer between microcomputers and easy review on computer display screens; this was more important during the mid '80's than it is now but the files have not changed since then. The format of the ascii file is described by the following.
Other Documentation Tables
Home Experiments ... Reports

190. Sun Pushes OpenOffice Standard | CNET
Interchange of data between Administrations unit to establish the format The IDA recommends going a step further and submitting the format to the pushes OpenOffice standard/2100-1013_3-5390977.html
CNET tech sites: Track thousands of Web sites in one place: Newsburst Enterprise Software Standards
Sun pushes OpenOffice standard
Published: September 30, 2004, 4:11 PM PDT By David Becker
Staff Writer, CNET
Sun Microsystems is backing European Union efforts to standardize office document formats, including a proposal that would enable people to switch easily between Microsoft-based documents and those created with open-source software. In a recent letter to the European Commission, Sun President Jonathan Schwartz said he agrees with a recommendation by the EC's Interchange of Data between Administrations unit to establish the format used by , an open-source productivity suite based on Sun's StarOffice, as an international standard. The proposal is one of the guidelines issued by the IDA in May to address growing concerns about the interchange of electronic documents. The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards is already working on making's handling of XML (extensible markup language) a standard, called the OASIS

191. OGDC - File Format
Oregon Spatial data Library File Format Info. This Link has changed ! The new address is http//
Choose a Division Division Division Services Division Benefit Board Management Division Division Analysis Purchasing GEO Home About GEO Spatial Data GIS Activities ... GIS Links Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office (GEO)
Oregon Spatial Data Library File Format Info
This Link has changed ! The new address is Please update your bookmark You will be redirected in 5 seconds.
For questions regarding statewide GIS coordination/organizational issues, please email: Statewide GIS Coordinator For questions regarding GIS data, please email: GIS Data Administrator Updated 8/8/2005 Department of Administrative Services

192. EBformat1
Popular formats may be converted into the OV file format using 3D Object Converter. CLERS file format. A CLERS file stores an encoding of the CLERS string
Edgebreaker file formats
The Edgebreaker software uses 4 file types. For debugging purposes and increased flexibility, the files CLERS, VERTICES, HANDLES can be used as BINARY or ASCII (see examples of files
OVTable file format
An OVTable stores connectivity and geometry of the triangular mesh. OVTable files are used as input to EBCompression and are produced by EBDecompression. All values are stored as ASCII floats or integers. T # integer number of triangles. There are 3T lines, one per corner. Corners of the same triangle are consecutive. # two integers separated by a space or tab, the first one references a vertex, the second one the opposite corner. # same thing for the second corner of the same triangle # same thing for the third corner # same thing for the first corner of the second triangle V # integer number of vertices. V is usually roughly twice smaller than T # (x,y,z) coordinates of the first vertex represented as ASCII floats separated by a space or tab # (x,y,z) coordinates of the second vertex # (x,y,z) coordinates of the third vertex

193. Data Format (SAP Library - MySQL MaxDB Library)
You can specify the data format in load and unload commands for the data stream (in the The specified data format applies to the columns that have the

194. Aqua-Planet Experiment: Participants
data Format and Transfer Specifications. Using Community Conventions. updated 4/25/03. (PDF VERSION – Coming Soon!) APE participants need only provide the
Data Format and Transfer Specifications
Using Community Conventions
APE participants need only provide the subset of APE diagnostics from which all others can be derived. This minimum set reduces the required diagnostics to the GT, SH, TR, ML, MF and PF tables ( see APE diagnostic specifications The diagnostics listed in GA, SZ, MZ, TE and VB will be derived later from the minimum set. We are exploiting the efforts of many who have worked to develop data standards for the climate research community. While a little investment is required to become familiar with the conventions, it is important to realize the benefit: this community activity is working towards a common means of data exchange that will be applicable for many other WCRP projects (e.g., AMIP and CMIP). The data standards described below presume that APE models have recti-linear longitude-latitude grids or are interpolated to such a grid. Gaussian grids are of course acceptable, unless the number of longitude points varies with latitude. To ensure that APE data can be efficiently managed and results rapidly analyzed

195. Img Src= Graphik.gif Width= 60 Height= 60 Align=right Br
In den folgenden Verzeichnissen finden Sie Hinweise zu der am RRZK verfügbaren Graphiksoftware, der vorhandenen Graphikhardware sowie zusätzliche
RRZK - Regionales Rechenzentrum
Suche A-Z Sitemap ... Anwendungen Sie sind hier: RRZK Software Grafik

Graphikanwendungen am ZAIK/RRZK

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