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         Data Communications:     more books (100)
  1. Data Communications and Computer Networks: A Business User's Approach by Curt White, 2010-03-09
  2. Introduction to Data Communications and Networking by Wayne Tomasi, 2005-05-01
  3. Data and Computer Communications (9th Edition) by William Stallings, 2010-08-13
  4. Business Data Communications and Networking by Jerry FitzGerald, Alan Dennis, 2009-01-09
  5. Voice & Data Communications Handbook, Fifth Edition (McGraw-Hill Communication Series) by Regis "Bud" Bates, Donald Gregory, 2006-12-13
  6. Industrial Data Communications (Resources for Measurement and Control Series) by Lawrence M. Thompson, 2008-01-01
  7. Practical Industrial Data Communications: Best Practice Techniques by Deon Reynders Pr EngBSc (ElecEng) (Hons)MBA, Steve Mackay CPEng BSc (ElecEng)BSc (Hons)MBA, et all 2005-04-15
  8. Data Communications and Networking (McGraw-Hill Forouzan Networking) by Behrouz A. Forouzan, 2007-01
  9. Data Communications and Network Security by Houston Carr, Charles Snyder, 2006-05-11
  10. Coding for Data and Computer Communications by David Salomon, 2010-10-15
  11. Business Data Communications (6th Edition) by William Stallings, 2008-10-13
  12. Information Dashboard Design: The Effective Visual Communication of Data by Stephen Few, 2006-01-01
  13. Introduction to TCP/IP: Understanding Data Communications Across the Internet by Kenneth D. Reed, 2003-08-25
  14. Business Data Networks and Telecommunications (7th Edition) by Raymond R. Panko, 2008-05-17

1. Meetinghouse Data Communications Securing The Mobile Network
Features outsourcing for internetworking router/switch software, protocol implementation, system architecture and design, and automated tests.
AEGIS 802.1X Solution
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Clients wishing to activate an existing voucher click here Case Studies Read how By adopting an 802.1X-based approach it is felt that the University will fulfill this vision as 802.1X evolves to deliver ever-stronger security and seamless cross-campus roaming. Whitepapers Sign up for our latest whitepapers:
Best Practices: Wireless LAN Security

Selecting an EAP Method for Your Wireless LAN
802.1X Readiness
Test your 802.1X Readiness!
Meetinghouse Announces 4th Generation of AEGIS Authentication SDK for Network Endpoint Security Meetinghouse is currently seeking qualified
individuals to fill the following positions:
-QA Engineer
-Technical Pre-sales Engineer
-Software Engineer
read more
Meetinghouse Webcast September 15, 2005, 1:00PM (EDT)

2. Networks - A CompInfo Directory
Find the best sources of Internetbased information on Networks.
CompInfo - The Computer Information Center
The top one-stop reference resource for corporate IT, computers and communications
Millions of IT users world-wide rely on our Web-based support resources
Tell your colleagues and friends, and bookmark us at Computer
Computer ...

Networks - Outline Topic Outline KnowledgeBases Newsgroups and FAQs Magazines and Ezines ... Key Training Providers Networks - Knowledge Bases
  • Advanced Network Technologies Division, NIST
    • This NIST division covers High Speed Networks, Internetworking Technologies, Mutimedia Networking and Wireless Networks
  • Asbjorn's Networking Page (Asbjorn Hojmark)
    • An extensive collection of links to networking resources, including Layer 1 and 2 Resources, Protocols and Routers, Applications, Management and Security
  • The Broadband Guide
    • Information about the Broadband industry, together with Buyers' Guides Cabling links on the World Wide Web (Fotec, inc.)
  • CDROM on a LAN - FAQ (Steven Kirby)
    • Dedicated to use of CDROM products in LAN environments and problems of networking various products. No limits on types of CDROM products (indexes, databases, encyclopedias, etc.) or type of LAN product (Banyan, Novell, etc.).
  • Cisco Support Forum (Proactive TEAM Solutions, L.L.C)

3. Data Communications
Online version of the wellrespected magazine source of in-depth information about networking products and services.
Search advanced search Intelligent Enterpise: Strategic business applications that turn information into intelligence Transform: Taking control of content and business processes DB2 Magazine (sponsored by IBM): Strategies and Solutions for the Database Professional DBMS and DBPD Archives: Back issues from 1995-1998 of these magazines on database management and application development The RealWare Awards Showcase (sponsored): IT success stories from vendors and their customers Performance Management Channel Business performance management news, analysis, and discussion Content Management Channel Insight and opinions on important objectives ranging from content reuse to content-enabling applications and business processes. Customer Intelligence Channel CRM, data mining and customer analytics news, analysis, and discussion Application Integration Channel Enterprise application integration (EAI) software, portal integration, content integration, application servers Enterprise Applications Channel The premier Web Community for news, analysis, and practical insights to help you gain business value from new and existing technology for enterprise applications Information Management Channel News, analysis, and discussion of the latest information management technologies

4. Voice & Data Cable Installation
ICOM, Inc. specializes in the design and installation of LAN cabling and communications systems. Nextel cell phones, Dish Network, DIRECTV, StarBand highspeed internet
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5. What Is Data Communications ?
What is data communications ?.

6. Data Communications FAQ (Windows Version)
FAQ for SLIP or PPP and wanting a high speed connection.
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Data Communications FAQ (Windows Version)
1. Introduction and Purpose
This document is intended to help Microsoft Windows users who have established (or are in the process of establishing) dialup Internet connections using SLIP or PPP. It assumes that those users will want to achieve high speed connections of at least 14,400 bps and, in most cases, 28,800 bps. Many of the following guidelines are also applicable to serially connected ISDN Terminal Adapters such as the Motorola BitSURFR and 3Com Impact. It is not intended as a comprehensive guide to the Internet. There are many fair to excellent books which already address this need. It does, however, provide some practical advice on the data communications aspects of such a project including the issues associated with the dreaded "Comm Overrun" error.
2. Comm Overruns
Comm Overrun errors are reported by Winsock programs such as Trumpet. They arise when your PC is unable to keep up with the transmitted data. Although your computer will generally recover without intervention, large data blocks will need to be re-transmitted, significantly reducing overall system performance. Comm Overrun errors are a source of great confusion. If these errors are driving you nuts, don't worry :-) Simply study this document carefully because it almost certainly contains the solution. In fact, you may want to print a hard copy now.

7. Data And Computer Communications, Sixth Edition
Technical Resources and Course Web Site for Data and Computer Communications, Sixth Edition

8. RAD Data Communications
mfr of access equipment for data communications and telecommunications applications.

9. History Of This Page (Data Communications)
History of this Page (data communications)

10. | WAN, LAN, ATM |Ftp, Http, ICMP, UDP | Telecommunications
Protocols for WAN, LAN, ATM data communications and telecommunications. offers a comprehensive listing of data communications protocols, offers a comprehensive listing of data communications protocols, their functions in respect to the OSI model, the structure of the protocol and various errors and parameters. TCP / IP
TCP UDP ... Registration
Register Now! is a free service for the data communications and telecommunications industry. Register to receive free email updates. Recently added protocols
NbUP RRC Technologies Resource Library
Click here to visit our library of technical presentations and white papers about protocols and access password protected areas of the site. Directory Acronyms Hot Links Tech Papers ... Advertising

11. AirRadio Ltd - Complete Mobile Communication Solutions For Commercial Airports
Mobile voice and data communications for airlines, airports and ground operation companies in mission critical environments.

12. Cisco Systems, Inc
All Voice Products. Voice IP Communications

13. WAN, LAN, ATM Ftp, Http, ICMP, UDP
Protocols for WAN, LAN, ATM data communications and telecommunications

14. Meetinghouse Data Communications: Securing The Mobile Network
We develop Internet protocols for Voice over IP (VoIP), such as Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), as well as many other protocol implementations for


Securing Mobile Devices

AEGIS Client secures laptops, desktops and handheld devices through 802.1 X-based authentication. We provide solutions for a wide breadth of operating system platforms and EAP methods to secure enterprise computing platforms.
Handhelds are especially mobile and increasingly used for business and healthcare applications. In the handheld arena Meetinghouse provides solutions for:
  • Pocket PC 2002
  • Windows Mobile 2003
  • Windows CE .NET 4.1
  • Windows CE .NET 4.2
  • Palm Tungsten C
  • Sharp Zaurus SL-6000 (Linux)

Through the maintenance of network profiles AEGIS Client for Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 2003, and Windows CE .NET 4.1 and 4.2 enable fast and easy roaming between access points. This is an invaluable for non-IT professionals who require transparent use.
Flexibility in EAP Methods

To be a true enterprise-class solution, support for a variety of EAP methods is provided. Client for Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows CE .NET 4.1/4.2 and AEGIS Client for Sharp Zaurus all support the major EAP methods, including, Cisco-LEAP, TLS, TTLS, PEAP v1 and v0, and MD5. AEGIS for Palm supports MD5 and CISCO-LEAP.
All AEGIS Client solutions for handhelds support at least Dynamic WEP for data privacy. AEGIS Client for Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows CE .NET 4.1 and 4.2 also support WPA and AES for data privacy and encryption.

15. Mapcomm Home
Services the broadband communications industry. Build and test communincations networks to be enabled for digital tv and high speed data communications.

Employment Mission Profiles The advent and future of advanced telecommunications technologies and digital electronics has brought about the need for highly skilled technical and management personnel to provide international support to the Cable Telecommunications Industry. We have assembled technically superior personnel to meet the needs of companies advancing into new distribution technologies. We go beyond the normal sales service programs, offering dependability, confidentiality and personal attention to detail. We offer timely project management, quality assurance and maintenance founded on many years of practical experience. This has permitted us to develop Mapcomm Inc. as a leader in Digital Communications Systems and Networks to lead you in the new millennium. Our infrastructure creates a positive and responsive environment, which we believe is vital, to meet customers needs. U. S. Offices:
Mapcomm USA Inc.
1971 West Lumsden Road
Brandon, FL 33511
Phone 888-786-3837 Canadian Offices:
PO Box 943 14 Bayside Drive
Sydney, NS B1P 6J4 Saint John, NB

16. Congress Considering Tax On "all Data Communications" - Engadget
data communications. I mean, what am I really paying sprint an extra $15 a month for the "privilege" of using my phone minutes to send "data

17. HAL Communications Corp
Manufacturer of data communications modems and related equipment for the commercial, government and amateur radio market.



Full Product Listing
Data Sheets
Engineering Docs
Sales/Information New! CLOVER MAIL Pro with radio control is now available!
May 14 CLOVER Mail now includes radio control for several popular commercial HF transceivers! Get Details CLOVER Mail Prices HOME CONTACT Questions or Comments? Please, contact our webmaster

18. RAD Data Communications
mfr of access equipment for data communications and telecommunications applications

19. Data Communications Cabling FAQ
implementation methods and definitions for data communications cabling. 2 Cable signaling cable primarily for data communications Riser vertical
Data Communications Cabling FAQ
There are reader questions on this topic!
Help others by sharing your knowledge (Peter Macaulay) Newsgroups: comp.dcom.cabling (Bill Hughes) (Evan Gamblin) jlundgre@kn.PacBell.COM (John Lundgren) (Mike Barker) koeman@tc.fluke.COM Subject: 3.0 National Electrical Code (NEC) 1993 National Electrical Code Article 725, Class 2 725-38(b)1 CL2X Class 2 cable, limited use 725-38(b)1 CL2 Class 2 cable 725-38(b)2 CL2R Class 2 riser cable 725-38(b)3 CL2P Class 2 plenum cable Article 800 800-3(b)1 CMX Communications cable limited use 800-3(b)1 CM Communications cable 800-3(b)2 CMR Communications riser cable 800-3(b)3 CMP Communications plenum cable OFNP (Optical Fiber Nonconductive Plenum) OFNR (Optical Fiber Nonconductive Riser) Subject: 4.0 Not Used (Blank) Subject: 5.0 Specific Cable Classifications CMS, CL2X (Restricted Cable) must be enclosed in conduit, up to 10 feet exposed; must pass UL 1581 VW-1 test CM, CL2 (General Purpose Cable) for use in areas other than risers or plenums; must pass UL 1581 vertical tray test CMR, CL2R (Riser Cable) for cable in vertical shafts; must pass UL test method 1666 CMP, CL2P (Plenum Cable) for use in plenum areas (air ducts); must pass UL 910 test for smoke and flame spread


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