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         Artificial Life:     more books (100)
  1. Artificial Life: A Report from the Frontier Where Computers Meet Biology by Steven Levy, 1993-07-27
  2. The Allure of Machinic Life: Cybernetics, Artificial Life, and the New AI (Bradford Books) by John Johnston, 2010-09-30
  3. Metacreation: Art and Artificial Life by Mitchell Whitelaw, 2006-04-01
  4. The Philosophy of Artificial Life (Oxford Readings in Philosophy)
  5. Art in the Age of Technoscience: Genetic Engineering, Robotics, and Artificial Life in Contemporary Art by Ingeborg Reichle, 2009-09-29
  6. Introduction to Artificial Life by Christoph Adami, 1997-12-19
  7. Artificial Life III (Santa Fe Institute Series)
  8. Artificial Life II (Santa Fe Institute Studies in the Sciences of Complexity Proceedings) by Christopher G. Langton, Charles Taylor, et all 2003-04-17
  9. Creation: Life and How to Make it by Steve Grand, 2001-10-04
  10. Virtual Worlds: Second International Conference, VW 2000 Paris, France, July 5-7, 2000 Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)
  11. Artificial Life: An Overview (Complex Adaptive Systems)
  12. Silicon Second Nature: Culturing Artificial Life in a Digital World, Updated With a New Preface by Stefan Helmreich, 2000-08-29
  13. Artificial Life IV: Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems
  14. AI and Artificial Life in Video Games by Guy W. Lecky-Thompson, 2008-05-15

1. International Society Of Artificial Life
Portal with information on conferences, publications, and activities of the society.
Welcome to the site of the International Society of Artificial Life (ISAL) To become an ISAL member, click here ALife X The Tenth International Conference on the Simulation and Synthesis of Living Systems will take place in Bloomington, Indiana, USA, June 3rd-7th, 2006. Submission Deadline: November 7, 2005 ECAL 2005 The VIIIth European Conference on Artificial Life will be held at the University of Kent, September 5th-9th 2005. The mailing list has replaced the previous message board for ALife-related announcements. Please go to to subscribe or visit the archives. Site maintained by Carlos Gershenson

2. The Complexity And Artificial Life Research Concept For Self-Organizing Systems
attractors, artificial life, cellular automata, fractals, genetic algorithms, neural networks ..
Welcome to
for Self-Organizing Systems
This site is dedicated to modern systems thinking in all its various forms
an on-line educational activity of CALResCo , for scientist, artist and humanist, young and old
Click here to read our Complex Systems teachings
Specialisms Generalisms Applications ... Holarchic Education
Here we will introduce the integrating sciences of Complex Systems and of ALife together with related systems areas. We'll also pursue the wider social implications of these transdisciplinary theories of self-organization on mind, art, spirit and life as it could be...
Are these the eagerly awaited questions behind "Life, the Universe and Everything" ?
Not quite... Even our infinite improbability drive can't take you there. But on this site, effects drive causes, answers pose the questions, science and values merge and we take trips into strange new worlds, travelling in an unreal Phase Space within hidden dimensions.
Fiction ? You may well think so. Yet everything here is pure science, with lots of art and philosophy thrown in free, reflecting what's striking and best in recent research (our own and that of others) in the new contextual sciences of Complexity Theory plus associated fields. This is the creative, and very human, scientific world of tomorrow.

3. Vie Artificielle, Présentation Et Illustration Java. Introduction To Artificial
Some of the main alife topics illustrated by applets or applications. A link section is also available.
Introduction to Artificial Life and Java Illustration Francais English
chercher sur

4. Genetic Algorithms And Artificial Life Resources
Centres for research in genetic algorithms and artificial life in North America The Santa Fe Institute maintains an ftp area for artificial life.
Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Life
Related indexes include Alife Online at the Santa Fe Institute, The Genetic Algorithms Archive at the Navy Center for Applied Research in Aritificial Intelligence, EnCoRe and Zooland Complex (Adaptive) Systems Information collected by Alex Mallet, Nova Genetica by Darin R. Molnar, the Genetic Programming Notebook by Jaime J. Fernandez, Genetic Programming at the University of Salford, AI, Cognitive Science, and Robotics WWW Resource Page at the University College London, Memetic Algorithms' Home Page by Pablo Moscato, Complex Adaptive Systems and Artificial Life by Moshe Sipper, Evolution and Philosophy by Hans-Cees Speel, and Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life from Una-May O'Reilly. Related general subject-oriented indexes include Yahoo's Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Life , and the WWW Virtual Library's Complex Systems
Centres for research in genetic algorithms and artificial life in North America include the Santa Fe Institute , the Illinois Genetic Algorithms Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the

5. Artificial Intelligence - Artificial Life - AI, TSP, GA, GP, Ants
Links to artificial life/intelligence projects, including some of my work.
Artificial Life
Some of my AI Projects

6. Artificial Life Links
Erik Max Francis categorized list of links to sites regarding artificial life and related fields.
Artificial life links Lx
Links Links to artificial life and related pages I've found. Introduction. Here are some artificial life links that I've collected. Contents.

7. Artificial Life Games As Free Software
Developer of artificial life games as free software with open source code download the game and source code.
Games Featuring Artificial Life Published as Free Software
ALife Games develops computer games powered by genuine artificial life. We publish our games with open source code as free software. Artificial life makes computer games more interesting and fun. Our aim is to use virtual worlds to develop artificial life entities with genuine artificial intelligence. Download the source code and join the quest.

8. Artificial Life And Other Experiments
A weboriented artificial-life site Alife, genetic-algorithm and cellular-automata experiments written in cross-platform web languages (Java, tcl/tk),
Home Page Email Site Map Home 1. The Alife I am fascinated by these three ideas about Evolution Artificial Life , and Computers
  • The idea that complex, sophisticated, adaptive solutions can be generated by automatic, blind, knowledge-lacking mechanisms ( Evolution
  • The idea that complex systems, such as life, are actually the emergent behaviors of systems with many elements that interact according to simple, local rules ( Artificial Life
  • The idea that a personal desktop or notebook can be used as a laboratory tool, for conducting scientific experiments from one's home ( Computers
Contains various experiments in web site design and navigation, Photo Manipulation, Bioinformatics, ASP, ASP.NET, XML, VML and Alife 2. The Dolls I used plastic dolls as words, and made them say what I wanted: "When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean- neither more nor less." "The question is," said Alice, "whether you CAN make words mean so many different things."

9. The DCU Artificial Life Laboratory [Home]
Page focused on exploring the synthesis of basic Autopoietic Agents in computer created virtual computational structures (Virtual Chemistry).
The DCU Artificial Life Laboratory [Home]
Director: Dr. Barry McMullin (Last updated: 24th September 2004)
... I do not really believe that we shall succeed in creating life artificially; but after having reached the moon and landed a spaceship or two on Mars, I realize that this disbelief of mine means very little. But computers are totally different from brains, whose function is not primarily to compute but to guide and balance an organism and help it to stay alive. It is for this reason that the first step of nature toward an intelligent mind was the creation of life, and I think that should we artificially create an intelligent mind, we would have to follow the same path. Karl Popper

Barry McMullin 2004-09-24

10. Resources : Artificial Life +
Offering links to many artificial life resources. Categories include people, places, references and tools.
Section >> Academic Resources : ALife + Artificial Life + Home Research Autopoiesis Papers ... Misc.Info Subsection >> select? People Places / groups Tools / simulations Links / info nodes ... Reference / biblio Note: there are some more up-to-date and relevant liks in the ' related research ' section of my research page. People Stuart Kauffman (Complexity)
Andrew Wuensche
(Boolean Network dynamics)
Chris Langton (Cellular Automata, Emergence)
Barry McMullin
(modeling Autopoiesis
Alexander Riegler

Filippo Menczer
local information (Evolution and Latent Energy Environments)
Jari Vaario : local information (Self-organizing systems)
Tom Ray
John Koza
(GA, GP)
John Holland (Complexity, Emergence)
Melanie Mitchell
Evolving CA computational mechanics James Crutchfield ... Stephanie Forrest (Immunology) Ezequiel Di Paolo (evolution of communication, behavioural coordination) Luc Steels (Robotics, linguistic consensus, coordination)

11. The Complexity And Artificial Life Research Concept For
Complexity and artificial life Research Concept.

12. Artificial Life VIII The 8th International Conference On The Simulation And Synt
artificial life VIII The 8th International Conference on the Simulation and Synthesis of Living Systems alife ALife.
Artificial Life VIII
The 8th International Conference on the Simulation and Synthesis of Living Systems
University of New South Wales Sydney NSW, Australia
9th-13th December, 2002. ALife VIII Proceedings
ALife VIII Workshops Proceedings

Call for Papers

Artificial Life Links

affiliated conference
Restricted area
Organizer's Corner

Collar Admin
Up: Russell Standish

13. Artificial Life
Archive and webzine of the Artifical Life project at European Graduate School, Media and Communication studies.
European Graduate School EGS - Media Communication Studies Program
We have an irrevocable right to be human-only human (anthropomorphic). All definitions
of life express solely how human beings have hoped to live. At the core of every individual's existence (Dasein) is the art of living (Lebenskunst) which creates artificial life. There is no art(ificial) life but as good life. As the artificial by nature wo/men design their lives in techniques as well as in technologies. Media, art, and philosophy allow for an aesthetic experience of a good life and a continuous crisis of meaning. The artificial life question is not whether cybernetic systems fulfill criteria of life previously applied to biological systems, but whether the touchstone of a truly artificial life - as with any life form imaginable - is its potential for allowing us a good life.
New York Studies in Media Philosophy
The New York based Artificial Life Group consists of artists, philosophers

14. Lotus Artificial Life
Contains various java applications related to artificial life.
Lotus Artificial Life Lotus - an explanation of our icon HAL - our Hardware Artificial Life HexHAL - a hexagonal version of HAL Crystal 2D - 2D template-based replication Crystal 1D - 1D template-based replication Revoworms - reversible self-replicating worms EoSex - a study of the evolution of sex Gozilla - an (embryonic) go program Random - simple random number generation Firefly - attaining global synchrony Links - related material online Tim Tyler Contact

15. Artificial Life And Other Experiments
A weboriented artificial-life site Alife, genetic-algorithm and cellular-automata experiments written in cross-platform web languages (Java

16. Artificial Life: Links & Literature
The Philosophy of artificial life, Oxford University Press, 1996. Nähere Informationen zum Arbeitskreis und artificial life Aktivitäten innerhalb und
Collected by Kerstin Dautenhahn This page is indended to be a first "contact point" for those with a general background in AI, Computer Science, Biology, (or related field), who are unfamiliar with Artificial Life but want to find out more about it. Selected resources and literature (introductory material and a few specialist books) are listed. This page is not meant to give a comprehensive overview or introduction to Artificial Life, such a role can be better fulfilled by other links listed below. Please send an email to for comments or information on additional resources.
  • C. Adami: Introduction to Artificial Life. Springer-Verlag New York, Inc., 1998. R. C. Arkin: Behavior-Based Robotics, The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, June 1998. W. Banzhaf, P. Nordin, R. Keller and F. Francone: Genetic Programming - An Introduction, Academic Press / Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco, CA, 1998 (2nd corr. ed., 1999). R. K. Belew, M. Mitchell (Eds.): Adaptive Individuals in Evolving Populations, SFI Studies in the Sciences of Complexity Volume XXVI, Addison-Wesley, 1996. M. A. Boden (ed.): The Philosophy of Artificial Life, Oxford University Press, 1996.

17. Artificial Life, Inc.
Smart bot application builders.

18. International Society Of Artificial Life
International Society of artificial life

19. [ Artificial Life, Inc. ]
artificial life, Inc. intelligent software solutions, smart bots for e-business, avatars, virtual characters, webguides, bots, virtual models,
Artificial Life, Inc. has three business divisions: Intelligent Agents and Smart Bots Mobile Computing and Life Sciences and Bio-Computing
The company offers uniquely conversational smart bot-based products for customer service, consultative selling, Web site navigation, automated e-mail response and financial portfolio management.
Artificial Life, Inc. is headquartered in Hong Kong.
Please see our
Subsidiaries and Addresses

Contacts and IR


Entertainment and Awards
... Become a Partner Latest news...
April 15, 2003 - - Media reaction to SARS is out of proportion to the danger - CEO of Artificial Life Inc.
April 14, 2003 - SCMP - Technology may help to stem virus more... Latest press... January 21, 2004 - Artificial Life and Extempo Announce Co-operation in E-Learning December 16, 2003 - Artificial Life Wins Contract To Develop Banking Application For Major European Bank December 09, 2003 - Artificial Life Resumes Business Activities in Europe December 04, 2003 - Artificial Life Releases Online Game to Promote Renewable Energy Resources: Eco Champ November 14, 2003 -

20. The Museum Of Evolution And Artificial Life
MEAL demonstrates concepts in evolutionary biology to impatient visitors with modest hardware.
The Museum of Evolution and Artificial Life
Most Recent Change: Sat Oct 17 22:17:02 1998 UTC. Welcome to the Museum of Evolution and Artificial Life (MEAL). We aim to demonstrate concepts in evolutionary biology to impatient visitors with modest hardware. Stroll into our main wing and examine our exhibits:
  • The Weasel demonstrates the power of evolutionary techniques to solve huge problems fast.
  • BiomorphBounce illustrates the effect of slow walks through large ``DNA-spaces.''
  • SimEvol shows bugs adapting to a harsh environment. Unlike the others, this applet requires Java 1.1.
Would you like to contribute your own exhibit to MEAL

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