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         Smetana Bedrich:     more books (101)
  1. The life of Smetana: The pain and the glory; by Liam Nolan, J. Bernard Hutton, 1968
  2. Smetana. (Master Musician) by John Clapham, 1972-06
  3. Smetana, l'eveilleur (Serie "Musique") (French Edition) by Guy Erismann, 1993
  4. Smetana on 3000 Records by John Reginald Bennett, 1975-04
  5. Ma Vlast No. 4 From Bohemia's Fields and Groves: Study Score (Schott)
  6. The Bartered Bride: Vocal Score (G. Schirmer Opera Score Editions) by Marian Farguhar, 1986-11-01
  7. String Quartet in E minor: from My Life (Schott)
  8. Bedrich Smetana: The Moldau (Easy Piano Arrangement) (Get to Know Classical Masterpi) by Bedrich Smetana, 2005-01-21
  9. Bedrich Smetana The Two Widows.(Sound recording review): An article from: Czech Music by Bohuslav Vitek, 2007-07-01
  10. Frédéric Chopin, Bedrich Smetana, Peter Iljitsch Tschaikowsky, Gustav Mahler by Unknown., 2007
  11. Bedrich Smetana: Ma vlast / My Country.(Sound recording review): An article from: Czech Music by Bohuslav Vitek, 2009-04-01
  12. Cemeteries in the Czech Republic: Burials in the Czech Republic, Bedrich Smetana, Sedlec Ossuary, Norbert of Xanten, Ludmila of Bohemia
  13. 19th-Century Musicians: 19th-Century Composers, Frédéric Chopin, Franz Schubert, Bedrich Smetana, Friedrich Kalkbrenner, David Popper
  14. The Narrated Life History of the Czechs in Prague: Bedrich Smetana, Antonin Dvorak: Part IV: Modern (Classical Genius Composer) by Marcia Dangerfield, 2007-11

21. Bedrich Smetana
During his early adulthood, smetana was hardly recognized as a musician and composer in his homeland. Most of his concerts were poorly attended and received
Bedrich Smetana Date/Place of Birth:  2 March, 1824 in Litomysl, Bohemia Personality:  A bespectacled, slender, grim and stoic-looking man, Smetana was one of the greatest Bohemian composers, a piano virtuoso, conductor and highly respected teacher. During his early adulthood, Smetana was hardly recognized as a musician and composer in his homeland. Most of his concerts were poorly attended and received lukewarm response from the public. Yet, there were not many new students enrolling at his music institute. During that time, he lived in such abject poverty, to the extent that he could not even own a piano. Subsequently, he tried to earn a living in Sweden. During the Sweden period, Smetana gained a reputation as a pianist/conductor and teacher which, however, eclipsed his stature as a composer. Besides that, he was active in promoting music of famous composers, ranging from Handel to Liszt. Therefore, he enjoyed his life very much in Sweden. Nevertheless, due to inexpressible yearning for performing his music in his beloved homeland, Smetana composed the first opera "The Brandenburgers in Bohemia" for the opera competition in Prague. As a result, it was received rapturously and he won the competition. He was then appointed as the principal conductor of Prague Provisional Theatre. Unfortunately, although his second opera "The Bartered Bride" was extremely popular during that time, there were many critics showing disdain for him and invariably gave unrepentantly bad opinions about his music, with the common reason that it showed Germanic influence and Wagnerism. Yet, the public was influenced blindly by those hostile critics. That was why Smetana was underappreciated in his homeland.

22. Bedrich Smetana, MP3 Music Download At EMusic
bedrich smetana MP3s at eMusic. Download bedrich smetana albums, tracks and songs for free with eMusic s trial subscription.
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Bedrich Smetana
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23. Bedrich Smetana
Chamber music played a very small part in the works of Czech composer bedrich smetana. His most popular works, outside his native land, remain the opera The
Sierra Chamber Society Program Notes Bedrich Smetana (1824-1884) Piano Trio in G Minor, Op. 15 (1855) String Quartet No. 1 in E Minor "From My Life" (1876) Bedrich Smetana (1824-1884) Piano Trio in G Minor, Op. 15 (1855) Chamber music played a very small part in the works of Czech composer Bedrich Smetana. His most popular works, outside his native land, remain the opera The Bartered Bride and the cycle of tone poems Ma Vlast (My Fatherland), of which by far the most often played and recorded is The Moldau . Though few in number, his three chamber music compositions played an important role in his musical output. His two string quartets and the piano trio all held extra-musical significance for Smetana. His First String Quartet in E minor (1876) is entitled "From My Life" and musically chronicles his youth, loves and vocation, culminating with the onset of his deafness. The Second Quartet in D minor (1882) serves as sequel to the First, continuing his life story. Op. 14 , and

24. Bedrich Smetana
Translate this page En 1863 smetana regresó a Praga, donde fundó otra escuela de música al tiempo que trabajaba como director de la coral Hlahol. Por esa época los músicos de

25. Modern History Sourcebook: Music And Nationalism
Bohemia The Czechs bedrich smetana (18241884) Vltava (The Moldau) from Ma Vlast (My Fatherland). smetana is one of the great Czech national composers.
Back to Modern History SourceBook
Modern History Sourcebook:
Music and Nationalism
Nationalism was the most successful political force of the 19th century. It emerged from two main sources: the Romantic exaltation of "feeling" and "identity" and the Liberal requirement that a legitimate state be based on a "people" rather than, for example, a dynasty, God, or imperial domination. Both Romantic "identity nationalism" and Liberal "civic nationalism" were essentially middle class movements. There were two main ways of exemplification: the French method of "inclusion" - essentially that anyone who accepted loyalty to the civil French state was a "citizen". In practice this meant the enforcement of a considerable degree of uniformity, for instance the destruction of regional languages. The German method, required by political circumstances, was to define the "nation" in ethnic terms. Ethnicity in practice came down to speaking German and sometimes just having a German name. For the largely German-speaking Slavic middle classes of Prague, Agram (Zagreb) etc. who took up the nationalist ideal, the ethnic aspect became even more important than it had been for the Germans.

26. Free Bedrich Smetana Music Online, Music Downloads, Music Videos And Lyrics - Rh
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    Bedrich Smetana
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    Bedrich Smetana
    As important as composers Dvorak, Janacek and Martinu were, they owed much of their style to the great Czech composer Bedrich Smetana. He performed in his first string quartet at the age of five, and wrote his first symphony at eight, displaying a deep talent that was only to grow over the years. The humorous Opera

27. Bedřich Smetana
Bed ich smetana fotky, Bed ich smetana životopis, Bed ich smetana diskografie.
Bedřich Smetana
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Bedřich Smetana
hudebn­ skladatel
Datum narozen­: / datum ºmrt­: M­sto narozen­: / m­sto ºmrt­: LitomyÅ¡l / Praha Znamen­: Ryby
Fanklub Bedřich Smetana: (1 fanouÅ¡ek) adinka Chci se st¡t fanouÅ¡kem Fotogalerie fotek): editovat životopis Bedřich Smetana Bedřich Smetana byl v½znamn½m česk½m hudebn­m skladatelem, dnes zn¡m½m předevÅ¡­m cyklem symfonick½ch b¡sn­ M¡ vlast a operami LibuÅ¡e a Prodan¡ nevěsta. Život Už v pěti letech hr¡l na housle, ale jeho otec neměl pro jeho nad¡n­ pochopen­. Po absolvov¡n­ z¡kladn­ Å¡koln­ doch¡zky Å¡el studovat gymnasium v Plzni. Ale studiu se moc nevěnoval, sp­Å¡e se věnoval hudbě. Po odmaturov¡n­ odch¡z­ za prac­ do Prahy, kde se živ­, jako hudebn­ učitel. V t© době zač­n¡ komponovat svoje prvn­ skladby. Měl velk© vlohy. Pot© roku 1848 zakl¡d¡ svoji hudebn­ Å¡kolu a žen­ se s Kateřinou Kol¡Å™ovou. V letech 1856–1861 žije ve Å¡v©dsk©m G¶teborgu, kde komponuje dalÅ¡­ polky a ř­d­ koncerty klasick© hudby. Při n¡vratu do Čech mu v roce 1859 um­r¡ jeho prvn­ žena. V Čech¡ch pak často
Diskografie: Album Dalibor Famous czech opera duets Prodan¡ nevěsta aneb Pojď domů, ona breč­

28. Smetana Bedøich: ¾ivotopis
Bed ich smetana se narodil roku 1824 v rodin sládka zámeckého pivovaru Františka Smetany a Barbory jako jejich 11.dít a zárove první syn.
Hledej: iReferá je internetová databáze referátù. Referáty, seminární práce, ¾ivotopisy a ètenáøský deník pro støední a základní ¹koly. Kontakt Pøidat k oblíbeným Pøidej vlastní referát Vyti¹tìno ze serveru
Smetana Bedøich
Zaøazeno: ®ivotopisy Smetana Bedøich
Osobnost: Smetana Bedøich Datum vlo¾ení: 20.1.2003 Poslat mailem Vytisknout Brigády - vyber si z více ne¾ 1 300 nabídek brigád
Bedøich Smetana
Bedøich Smetana se narodil roku 1824 v rodinì sládka zámeckého pivovaru Franti¹ka Smetany a Barbory jako jejich 11.dítì a zároveò první syn. Studoval v Jihlavì, Havlíèkovì Brodì a Plzni. Na studiích se seznámil s Karlem Havlíèkem Borovským, se kterým se scházel a¾ do jeho smrti. V Praze byl ¾ákem slepého Josefa Proksche, u nìho¾ studoval kompozici i virtuózní hru na klavír. V období studia mìl Bedøich Smetana roztr¾ky s otcem, který hudbu amatérsky podporoval, ale jako profesi ji odsuzoval, proto ho v ní ani finanènì nepodporoval.
Od poèátku své kariéry Smetana podvìdomì cítil, ¾e právì on mù¾e ve sféøe vrcholného umìní uskuteènit poslání pomoci probouzejícímu se obrozenému národu v hledání identity a v zápasu o vlastní osvobození. Bedøich Smetana patøil ke generaci umìlcù Národního divadla, je¾ ve vytvoøení národního umìní spatøovala nejvy¹¹í metu svého sna¾ení. V jeho sna¾ení ho podporoval i známý maïarský skladatel Ferenc Liszt. V roce 1848 zalo¾il hudební ústav, kde vyuèoval høe na klavír. V této dobì se seznamuje s Kateøinou Koláøovou, která se stala roku 1849 jeho ¾enou.

29. Sheet Music Plus - Bedrich Smetana Search Results
Aus Der Heimat (From The Native Country) By bedrich smetana (18241884). Set of performance parts (includes separate pull-out violin part) for violin and Smetana

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31. Smetana, Bedrich - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About Smetana, Bedrich
Hutchinson encyclopedia article about smetana, bedrich. smetana, bedrich. Information about smetana, bedrich in the Hutchinson encyclopedia., Bedrich
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Smetana, Bedrich
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Bohemian composer. He established a Czech nationalist style in, for example, the operas (1866) and Dalibor (1868), and the symphonic suite The nationalist opera The Brandenburgers in Bohemia was a success in January 1866, although , for which he is most well known, was a failure in May. In 1872 he began composing his great cycle of symphonic poems, which is often performed in the Czech Republic at times of national celebration. In 1874 he suddenly became totally deaf, as the result of a syphilitic infection. He still continued to compose operas as well as the string quartet From my Life , with its strong autobiographical theme, depicting his love for his first wife and children (all of whom had died by 1859). At the beginning of the last movement, the onset of his deafness is portrayed by a piercing high note on the violin (representing the condition he had, where he could hear a high note in his ear all the time). In 1881 he had his last major success, when his great patriotic festival opera was premiered in Prague. In 1883 he was certified insane and in May 1884 was taken to an asylum, where he died.

32. Bedrich Smetana Museum - Reviews And Ratings Of Sights In Prague - New York Time
Reviews and ratings of bedrich smetana Museum in Prague from The New York Times.

33. Smetana, Bedrich - Naxos Direct
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Smetana, Bedrich
SMETANA, BEDRICH (1824 - 1884)
Smetana holds an important place in the development of musical nationalism in his native Bohemia, where he was born in 1824, the son of a master brewer in the service of Count Waldstein and others. His career was interrupted by a period of self-imposed exile in Sweden,... (more info) Smetana holds an important place in the development of musical nationalism in his native Bohemia, where he was born in 1824, the son of a master brewer in the service of Count Waldstein and others. His career was interrupted by a period of self-imposed exile in Sweden, after the political disappointments that followed the turmoil of 1848. He was instrumental in the establishment of Czech national opera and a Czech national style, in particular in his symphonic poems. He was deaf in later life, but continued to compose, an autobiographical element appearing in his string quartets.

34. Bedrich Smetana - Vltava (Moldau)
bedrich smetana is a heroic figure in Czech culture, and even today is accorded higher public esteem in his own country than betterknown composers such as
Bedrich Smetana (1824-1884)
Vltava (Moldau)
R.G. Bratby 2001
for a wide and diverse selection of contemporary music and standard repertoire programme notes.

35. Reviews - Bedrich Smetana - Classical Music Recordings - CD, DVD, SACD Review Digest for Works by bedrich smetana bedrich smetana, Piano Trio; Fantasy on a Bohemian Song for Violin and Piano;

36. Opera Chic: Bedrich Smetana
Because bedrich smetana is anything but a folk phenomenon, and even less of a onehit wonder hack. He is a real composer, capable of creating a great work
Opera Chic
Bedrich Smetana
November 11, 2007
I am your density: Crispin Glover’s Affinity for Smetana
Inarguably eccentric 43-year-old Hollyweird actor, Crispin Glover George McFly in the 1985 hit Back to the Future – was seen out and about in NYC recently to promote Beowulf , in which he voices Grendel , (and also to promote his own cinematic work called, "It Is Fine! EVERYTHING IS FINE"). Tuesday afternoon found him at the Met Museum browsing the collections. Glover has a passion for Czech castles, and apparently beds-down with his current girlfriend, Mara LaFontaine, in the former residence of late Czech composer Bedřich Smetana . WHUT? yes i live in smetana's old house, yes im a nerd, what of it, got a prob? "[Crispin Glover] patrolled the museum’s sumptuous period rooms with Ms. LaFontaine, looking for decorating tips for his 15-bedroom castle in the Czech Republic. (“ Bedrich Smetana wrote his last opera in the room I’m using as my den,” he said.)" Posted by opera chic on November 11, 2007 at 08:37 PM in Bedrich Smetana Permalink Comments (2) TrackBack (0) ... Save to

37. Bedrich Smetana Classical Music Compositions And Bedrich Smetana
Classical music compositions of bedrich smetana and classical hit collection. bedrich smetana cds for your classic music collections available to download.
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      Bedrich Smetana (1824 - 1884) View Discography
      Smetana holds an important place in the development of musical nationalism in his native Bohemia, where he was born in 1824, the son of a master brewer in the service of Count Waldstein and others. His career was interrupted by a period of self-imposed exile in Sweden, after the political disappointments that followed the turmoil of 1848. He was instrumental in the establishment of Czech national opera and a Czech national style, in particular in his symphonic poems. He was deaf in later life, but continued to compose, an autobiographical element appearing in his string quartets. Operas The best known of Smetana's operas is The Bartered Bride, the overture of which makes a brilliant opening to any orchestral concert programme. His other operas have enjoyed less international success. Orchestral Music The best known of Smetana's orchestral works is the cycle of symphonic poems Ma vlast (My Country), a set of six works, of which Vltava (River Moldau), which follows the historic course of the river as it flows towards Prague, is the most frequently heard. Chamber Music Smetana wrote two string quartets, the first with the title "From my life". There is a G minor Piano Trio and two short pieces for violin and piano under the title From the Homeland.

38. Bedrich Smetana - The Bartered Bride DVD Movie
bedrich smetana The Bartered Bride DVD movie video $20.59 in stock at CD Universe, DVD Features Region 0 NTSC Keep Case / Box Set Anamorphic Widescreen.

39. Kennedy Center: Biographical Information For Bedrich Smetana
Born in Litomysl, Czechoslovakia, in 1824, bedrich smetana is considered the founder of Czech nationalist music. He was a gifted child prodigy;

40. Smetana, Bedrich (Harper's Magazine)
THINGS CONNECTED TO “smetana, bedrich”. HUMAN BEINGS Verdi, Giuseppe. SOUND RECORDINGS. Dvorák Slavonic dances. smetana From my life (Sound recording)
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Smetana, Bedrich
SUBJECT OF 2 Reviews from 1957 to 1964
HUMAN BEINGS Bart³k, P©ter Evans, Geraint, Sir Gebr©, Dimitri Gobbi, Tito ... Verdi, Giuseppe SOUND RECORDINGS Dvor¡k: Slavonic dances. Smetana: From my life (Sound recording) Hovhannes: Saint Vartan symphony, op. 80 (Sound recording) ... (Sound recording) WRITERS Anton N Dvor K Two great comic operas by Discus
Music in the round/Review, June 1964 , 3 pp. Harper's Magazine is an American journal of literature, politics, culture, and the arts published from 1850. Subscriptions start at $16.97 a year.
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