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         Poulenc Francis:     more books (100)
  1. Sonata for Oboe and Piano by Francis Poulenc,
  2. Francis Poulenc: Sonata For Clarinet & Piano (Music Sales America) by Music Sales, 2006-10-01
  3. Sonata for Flute and Piano (Music Sales America)
  4. Nocturnes pour Piano
  5. Mouvement Perpetuel No. 1, From Mouvements Perpetuels Sheet Music by Francis Poulenc, 2009-07-04
  6. Piano Album by Francis Poulenc, 2010-01-01
  7. Emmanuel Chabrier by Francis Poulenc, 1982-01
  9. Diary of My Songs: {Journal De Mes Melodies} by Francis Poulenc, 1989-09
  10. Dialogues of the Carmelites, Opera in 3 Acts and 12 Scenes by Francis Poulenc, 1989
  11. Francis Poulenc: Sonata For Piano Four Hands (Music Sales America) by Francis Poulenc, 2003-02-01
  12. Three Novelettes for Piano (Music Sales America) by Francis Poulenc, 2003-02-01
  13. Poulenc's Songs: An Analysis of Style by Vivian Lee Poates Wood, 1979-08
  14. Poulenc (Solfeges) (French Edition) by Renaud Machart, 1995

21. Learn - Francis Poulenc - Arizona Opera
Biography from the Arizona Opera centers on his writing of Dialogues of the Carmelites.

22. Francis Poulenc
Filmography at IMDb lists movies and television shows based on or otherwise using his compositions.
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Francis Poulenc
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Date of Birth: 7 January Paris, France more Date of Death: 30 January , Paris, France more
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  • Cuadernos de contabilidad de Manolo Millares Apparition, L' The Human Voice (1985) (TV) Dialogues of the Carmelites Ciclo
    ... aka The Voyage to America
    ... aka Trip to America (USA)
    ... aka Miarka (International: English title)
  • Soundtrack:
  • Head in the Clouds Rope
    ... aka Alfred Hitchcock's Rope (USA: complete title)
  • Additional Details
    Publicity Listings: 1 Print Biography more Genres: Drama Documentary Music Short ... more Plot Keywords: Opera more STARmeter: since last week why?

    23. Francis Poulenc (1899 - 1963) - Find A Grave Memorial
    Find A Grave entry with birth and death dates, photographs at different ages, pictures of tomb and cemetery, and interactive memorial.

    24. Francis Poulenc, Les Six: French Composer And Pianist, Member Of The Famous 'The
    Brief biography of composer and pianist francis poulenc, of Les Six ( The Six) group of French composers. Famous for ballet Les Biches ( The Little
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    Francis Poulenc, Les Six
    French Composer and Pianist, Member of the Famous 'The Six'
    Tel Asiado Oct 27, 2007
    Brief biography of composer and pianist Francis Poulenc, of 'Les Six' ('The Six) group of French composers. Famous for ballet 'Les Biches' ('The Little Darlings.')
    Tailleferre , Darius Milhaud, Arthur Honegger, Louis Durey and Georges Auric. The six were influenced by Eric Satie and Cocteau's anti-romantic aesthetics.
    Early Life
    Born into a wealthy family in Paris on January 7, 1899, Poulenc's background gave him a musical and literary sophistication from boyhood. He started piano lessons with his mother at the age of five, then subsequently studied with the highly regarded piano teacher Ricardo Vines. Poulenc was already a publicly noted composer by the time he took lessons with Charles Koechlin for three years.

    25. Francis Poulenc —
    poulenc, francis (fräNs s pOOl Nk ) key, 1899–1963, French composer and pianist. He was one of Les Six, a group of French composers who subscribed to the
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      Poulenc, Francis
      Poulenc, Francis OO key , French composer and pianist. He was one of Les Six , a group of French composers who subscribed to the aesthetic ideals of Erik Satie (1918) and songs. Also outstanding are the ballet Les Biches (1929), for harpsichord and orchestra; the Mass in G (1937), for chorus and organ;

    26. Francis Poulenc (Composer) - Short Biography
    A decisive turn in his development as a composer occurred when francis poulenc attracted the attention of Erik Satie, the arbiter elegantiarum of the arts
    Introduction Cantatas Other Vocal Non-Vocal ... Z Francis Poulenc (Composer) Born: January 7, 1899 - Paris, France
    Died: January 30, 1963 - Paris, France
    A decisive turn in his development as a composer occurred when Francis Poulenc attracted the attention of Erik Satie, the arbiter elegantiarum of the arts and social amenities in Paris. Deeply impressed by Satie's fruitful eccentricities in the then-shocking manner of Dadaism, Poulenc joined an ostentatiously self-descriptive musical group called the Nouveaux Jeunes. In a gratuitous parallel with the Russian Five, the French critic Henri Collet dubbed the "New Youths" Le Groupe de Six, and the label stuck under the designation Les Six. The 6 musicians included, besides Poulenc: Auric, Durey, Arthur Honegger , Milhaud, and Tailleferre. Although quite different in their styles of composition and artistic inclinations, they continued collective participation in various musical events. Les Six also had links with Erik Satie and Jean Cocteau.
    Francis Poulenc embraced the Dada movement's techniques, creating melodies that would have been appropriate for Parisian music halls. From 1918 to 1921 he served in the French army, and then began taking lessons in composition with Koechlin (1921-1924). An excellent pianist, Poulenc became in 1935 an accompanist to the French baritone Pierre Bernac , for whom he wrote numerous songs.

    27. Francis Poulenc - French Choral Composer
    francis poulenc s interest in choral music began in the early 1920 s. During his study with the composer Koechlin, he harmonized Bach chorale melodies.

    Francis Poulenc
    Poulenc behaved like a sophisticated eccentric (he once chatted up a stupefied Cannes bartender about an ingenious harmonic progression he managed to pull off that morning), and the eccentricity not surprisingly showed up in his music. Many have called attention to his split artistic personality, "part monk, part guttersnipe," but really he has many more sides. Like most French composers of his generation, he fell under the influences of Stravinsky and Satie. Yet he doesn't imitate either. You can identify a Poulenc composition immediately with its bright colors, strong, clear rhythms, and gorgeous and novel diatonic harmonies. He is warmer and less intellectual than Stravinsky, more passionate and musically more refined than Satie.
    Some composers, like Beethoven, aim at a Titanic profundity. They rage and storm and consider the universe. Others, like Delius and Ravel, dream of worlds more beautiful than this one. Poulenc, like Haydn and Schubert, is one of the few great composers not only content with, but modestly amazed at being human. The music doesn't strive for the extraordinary, not even the religious music. What's in us is extraordinary enough. There's a sincere simplicity of effect.
    Choral Discography
    Cambridge Singers Poulenc Sacred Music
    -Laudamus te
    -Domine Deus
    -Domine Fili unigenite
    -Domine Deus, Agnus Dei

    28. Classical Classics - Poulenc's Gloria, Classical Notes, Peter Gutmann
    All the more amazing, then, that late in his life francis poulenc Francois poulenc at the piano (1899 – 1963) wrote a gorgeous soulaffirming work that
    In times of trouble we turn to religion. Indeed, following the recent terrorist attacks American houses of worship reported a huge surge in attendance. For musical inspiration, nearly all the major classical composers included religious works among their significant output and left us a large body of masterpieces from which to chose. Each reflected the fundamental artistic personality of its creator. Thus, Bach's cantatas are devout reflections of the unity and ubiquity of the God who constantly guided his thoughts, Haydn's masses are animated by the same lusty life-affirming vigor as his symphonies and quartets, Beethoven's Missa Solemnis is firm and imposing, Schubert's masses are lyrical and songful, Verdi's Requiem is stormy and operatic, Janacek's Slavonic Mass is fiercely nationalistic and Stravinsky's Mass Stabat Mater is meditative and pastoral throughout.) While religious sentiment infuses the work of many 20th Century composers, few major productions have emerged. Of those, most disdain traditional approaches and ritual for modern cynicism, questioning and testing time-honored assumptions. Thus, Britten's deeply unsettling 1962 War Requiem juxtaposes Latin hymns of faith with the bitter anti-war verses of Wilfred Owen, a poet killed in service near the close of World War I. Similarly, Bernstein's 1963

    29. Free Francis Poulenc Music Online, Music Downloads, Music Videos And Lyrics - Rh
    Listen to francis poulenc for free on Rhapsody Online. Fulllength songs, albums, downloads, videos, playlists, photos, lyrics, and more. = "rhapsody"; var rhapsodyURL = ""; var rhapsodyBID = "300240512"; var staticPath = ""; var signUpURL = ""; var shopURL = ""; var upsellURL = ""; /* */ writePersonalizationAndCustomization( false, true ); By Artist By Keyword By Track By Album By Composer By Videos By Lyrics Search Sign In Help
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      Francis Poulenc
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      Francis Poulenc
      (born: Paris, 7 Jan 1899; died: there, 30 Jan 1963).

    30. The Michael O'Neal Singers
    Biography by Daryl Lee for The Michael O Neal Singers. Includes related links and information about specific pieces performed by the ensemble.
    MOS Composer of the Month: Previous Page Next Page Index
    Composers: Bernstein Brahms Copland Franck ... Pinkham ] [Poulenc] [ Puccini Rachmaninoff Respighi Rutter ... R V Williams
    Composer of the Month - January, 2004 Francis Poulenc, 1899-1963

    by Daryl Lee Born just before the arrival of the 20 th Century to a pharmaceuticals manufacturer whose family business has survived to the 21 st Century, Poulenc began his musical studies early. At the age of five years, he began learning his keyboard skills from his mother. His father's financial success meant that Poulenc's career served his own personal interests more than his need for financial support, leading to a highly unconventional style. It also meant that he was largely self-taught, partly due to the difficulty of finding teachers who can teach the extraordinary. For example, he was recommended to the prestigious Paris Conservatory by Igor Stravinsky, but his application was rejected upon the discovery of his admiration of the composer Erik Satie. He had decided at the age of fourteen that he intended to become a musical composer. Sadly, both of his parents died before any of his compositions were performed in public. He was a relentless perfectionist. He once spent over ten years on a single four-minute song, seeking the perfect musical setting of a text that he believed demanded nothing less. One string quartet found its way to the Paris sewer because he despaired of its ever reaching the level he demanded of himself.

    31. Freedman Catalogue Lookup: Artist Poulenc, Francis
    Piano poulenc, francis Track comment From Four Poems by Guillaume Apollaire Piano poulenc, francis Track comment Bsnalites consists of five songs.

    32. Francis Poulenc Biography -
    Learn about the life of francis poulenc at Read Biographies, watch interviews and videos.

    33. Concours International De Piano Francis Poulenc
    Jacques LAGARDE, Georges PRÊTRE, Laurent PETITGIRARD About francis poulenc and the Competition poulenc, a name that gives French music all its vivacity by
    The Competition History Francis Poulenc Press ... En Français The 6th Competition will take place between 23rd and 29th November 2008 Presentation The period The Awards The Rules ... In concert A Word from the Director Jacques LAGARDE, Georges PRÊTRE, Laurent PETITGIRARD
    About Francis POULENC and the Competition
    Poulenc, a name that gives French music all its vivacity by its attachment to colours and spirit of Popular melodies deriving from the troubadours and the masters of the renaissance and also including music from the 17th and 18th centuries.
    His piano compositions flow of sensibility, images of provincial life, while respecting established forms of classical music.
    Since the creation of The Poulenc International Piano Competition, in 1997, young pianists from all over the world have discovered the universe of the music by Poulenc.
    This competition has helped Pianists to purpose a career in giving them a mission to bear beyond national boundaries the expressive message of a French composer.
    Jacques LAGARDE
    Director Founder of the competition
    Dear Master

    34. Composer : Francis Poulenc At CD Universe
    francis poulenc CD music album and songs at CD Universe, with reviews, track list, top rated service, album cover art, sound samples, and more., Francis/a/Francis Po
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    35. BBC - Music Profiles - Francis Poulenc
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    Francis Poulenc
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    BBC Music Reviews
    • La Voix humaine Mass in G major / Motets for Christmas and Lent Aubade, Les Biches, etc. (Orchestre National de France feat. conductor: Charles Dutoit Piano Works Complete Chamber Music, Volume 1 Aubade / Concerto pour piano / Concerto pour 2 pianos Gloria and Other Choral Music
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    More on Francis Poulenc
    Elsewhere on

    36. Francis
    francis poulenc is one of the most renowned composers and pianists of the 20th century. His originality made him difficult to appreciate, and to understand,

    37. Glbtq >> Arts >> Poulenc, Francis
    One of the first openly gay composers, francis poulenc became one of the most thoughtful composers of serious music in the twentieth century.
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    Poulenc, Francis (1899-1963) One of the first openly gay composers, Francis Poulenc wrote concerti, chamber music, choral and vocal works, and operas. His diverse compositions are characterized by bright colors, strong rhythms, and novel harmonies. Although his early music is light, he ultimately became one of the most thoughtful composers of serious music in the twentieth century. Sponsor Message.
    At the death of his parents, Poulenc inherited Noizay, a country estate near his grandparents' home, which would be an important retreat for him as he gained fame. It was also the source of several men in his life, including his second lover, the bisexual Raymond Destouches, a chauffeur who was the dedicatee of the surrealistic opera (1944) and the World War II Resistance cantata La figure humaine Conscripted into the military in 1918, he continued to compose and, in 1920, became a member of a group of young composers dubbed "Les Six"; the others were Darius Milhaud, Arthur Honegger, Auric, Germaine Tailleferre, and Louis Durey.

    38. Francis Poulenc - Erik Satie - Francis Poulenc Plays The Piano Music Of Satie An
    Exquisite historic recordings of the piano music of Erik Satie and francis poulenc performed by poulenc. Both composers were an profound force in French
    email password Home Video Downloads RealTones Contact Us ... Help Quick Search Downloads Title Artist Genres Alternative Blues/Country/Rock 'n' Roll Calypso Classical ... World
    Erik Satie - Francis Poulenc Plays the Piano Music of Satie and Poulenc
    Francis Poulenc
    "...a delightful disk." -Wire
    click to see larger image Artist: Francis Poulenc Title: Erik Satie - Francis Poulenc Plays the Piano Music of Satie and Poulenc Label: El Records Genre: Classical Price:
    Exquisite historic recordings of the piano music of Erik Satie and Francis Poulenc performed by Poulenc. Both composers were an profound force in French twentieth century music; however, Satie's fragile and melancholic compositions were far ahead of their time and were later championed by John Cage and progressive modern figures such as Frank Zappa and Brian Eno.
    Francis Poulenc Sur un Vaisseau/A Ship - Erik Satie Sur une Lanterne/A Lantern - Erik Satie Surun Casque/A Helmet - Erik Satie Gymnopedie No1 - Erik Satie Sarabande No2 - Erik Satie Gnoissienne No3 - Erik Satie Idylle - Erik Satie Audabe - Erik Satie Meditation - Erik Satie Tyrolienne Turque - Erik Satie Danse Maigre - Erik Satie Espanana - Erik Satie One - Francis Poulenc Two - Francis Poulenc Three - Francis Poulenc Nocturne No 1 in C Major - Francis Poulenc Branslede Bourgogne - Francis Poulenc Pavane - Francis Poulenc Petite Marche Militaire - Francis Poulenc Complainte - Francis Poulenc Branslede Champagne - Francis Poulenc Sicilienne - Francis Poulenc Carillon - Francis Poulenc

    39. Poulenc, Francis
    poulenc, francis Repertoire list and information on his/her piano music.
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    40. Francis Poulenc News - The New York Times
    News about francis poulenc. Commentary and archival information about francis poulenc from The New York Times.
    @import url(; Friday, January 25, 2008
    Times Topics
    At Purchase, a College Opera Company Sets Its Sights High By ROBERTA HERSHENSON Article on flourishing of Purchase Opera, at Conservatory of Music at Purchase College, under leadership of director Jacque Trussel; Purchase Opera won National Opera Assn's 2003 Best Opera award and is preparing for performance of Poulenc's Dialogues of the Carmelites at Performing Arts Center; photo April 10, 2005 MORE ON FRANCIS POULENC AND: OPERA STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK AT PURCHASE TRUSSEL, JACQUE By NICHOLAS FOX WEBER December 5, 2004

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