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         Hassler Hans Leo:     more books (100)
  1. {Sheet Music} Dancing and Springing {Part of the} Columbia & Bernard Glee Club Series-Chorus for Mixed Voices {S.S.a.T.B. } a Cappella by Hans Leo {Composed By} With William Rhodes {Bmus, Ma} {Edited By With English Version By} Hassler, 1938-01-01
  2. AIM, CEKM 45 Hans Leo Hassler, Toccatas by Hans Leo Hassler, 1985
  3. Cantate Domino by Hassler Hans Leo, 2007-04-15
  4. Fair Maid, thy loveliness. German folksong, English translation by Harold Heiberg ... Piano score arr. by Herbert Zipper. < S. A. T. B. a cappella. > (Arthur Jordan Conservatory of Music Choral Series) by Hans Leo Hassler, 1948
  5. Mass Dixit Maria ... Edited by Peter Gano (Penn State Music Series) by Hans Leo Hassler, 1966
  6. My Heart with Love is Springing ( Das Herz Tut Mir Aufspringen ) Chorus for Mixed Voices - SATB Vocal Score a Cappella by Hans Leo ; Greyson, Norman Hassler, 1959-01-01
  7. Feinslieb, du hast mich gfangen Sheet Music by Hans Leo Hassler, 2009-07-05
  8. Sieben Chromatische Motetten Des Barock, vol.14, VI Sheet Music by Hans Leo Hassler, 2009-06-24
  9. Tanzen und Springen Sheet Music by Hans Leo Hassler, 2009-08-13
  10. Luce Negl' Occhi by Hans Leo Hassler, 2009-06-27
  11. Deus Noster Refugium (Church Music Society)
  12. Dixit Maria. (Gabriel came to Mary.) < S. A. T. B. > Edited by A. Edmonds Tozer from the musical text of M. Hermesdorff.Lat. & Eng by Hans Leo Hassler, 1966
  13. 1564 Births: William Shakespeare, Galileo Galilei, Christopher Marlowe, David Fabricius, William Adams, Hans Leo Hassler, William Segar
  14. Verbum caro factum est. (And the Word became as Flesh.) Motet for six-part chorus of mixed voices a cappella. Johni:14. Adaptation of Scripture by M. K. ... Edited by Maynard Klein.Lat. & Eng by Hans Leo Hassler, 1974

1. Hans Leo Hassler - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Hans Leo Hassler, born in Nuremberg and baptized October 26, 1564, was the son of an organist, and received his first instruction in music from his father
Hans Leo Hassler
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Hans Leo HaŸler (baptized October 26 June 8 ) was a German composer and organist of the late Renaissance and early Baroque eras. He was born in Nuremberg and died in Frankfurt am Main
edit Biography
Hans Leo Hassler, born in Nuremberg and baptized October 26, 1564, was the son of an organist, and received his first instruction in music from his father . In , Hassler became the first of many German composers of the time who went to Italy to continue their studies; he arrived in Venice during the peak of activity of the Venetian school , the composers who wrote in the resplendent polychoral style , which was soon to become popular outside of its native city. Hassler was already familiar with some of this music, as numerous prints had circulated in Germany due to the interest of Leonhard Lechner , who was associated with Orlandus Lassus in Munich. While in Venice, Hassler became friends with Giovanni Gabrieli , with whom he composed a wedding motet for Georg Gruber, a Nuremberg merchant living in Venice, in 1600. Together they studied with Andrea Gabrieli , Giovanni's uncle. Under Andrea, Hassler received instruction in composition and organ playing

2. San Francisco Bach Choir: Hans Leo Hassler
Hans Leo Hassler was a German composer belonging to a family of musicians. After studying music with his father, Hans Leo went to Venice in 1582 to study
Hans Leo Hassler (1562-1612)
Hans Leo Hassler was a German composer belonging to a family of musicians. After studying music with his father, Hans Leo went to Venice in 1582 to study with Andrea Gabrieli . At the end of his life, he seems to have taken over the duties of Kapellmeister
Vocal Works Performed by SFBC

3. Hans Leo Hassler - ChoralWiki
Born c. 25 October 1564 (date of baptism). Died 8 June 1612. Biography. View Wikipedia article for Hans Leo Hassler.
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Hans Leo Hassler
From ChoralWiki
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Born: c. 25 October 1564 (date of baptism) Died: 8 June 1612 Biography View Wikipedia article for Hans Leo Hassler edit
List of choral works

4. Hans Leo Hassler --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Britannica online encyclopedia article on Hans Leo Hassler outstanding German composer notable for his creative expansion of several musical styles.
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Hans Leo Hassler
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died June 8, 1612, Frankfurt am Main [Germany] outstanding German composer notable for his creative expansion of several musical styles. Hassler studied with his father, the organist Isaak Hassler (d. 1591). After mastering the imitative techniques of Orlando di Lasso Hassler, Hans Leo... (75 of 269 words) To read the full article, activate your FREE Trial Commonly Asked Questions About Hans Leo Hassler Close Enable free complete viewings of Britannica premium articles when linked from your website or blog-post.

5. Hans Leo Hassler - Britannica Concise
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Hassler, Hans Leo
Britannica Concise
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Hans Leo Hassler
died June 8, 1612, Frankfurt am Main German composer and organist. Born into a family of organists, he studied with Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli in Venice. He served as chamber organist to the Fugger family c. document.writeln(AAMB2); More on "Hans Leo Hassler" from the 32 Volume Hassler, Hans Leo - outstanding German composer notable for his creative expansion of several musical styles. music, Western - The lied, or song, continued its 15th-century role as the chief secular form in Germanic areas, but it did not develop to the same extent as the madrigal and the chanson. Throughout the Renaissance it was relatively conservative in its adherence to the cantus firmus principle and its tendency toward chordal over contrapuntal texture. Following Heinrich Isaac in the 15th century, the major ... balletto - in music, genre of light vocal composition of the late 16th-early 17th centuries, originating in Italy. Dancelike and having much in common with the madrigal, a major vocal form of the period, it is typically strophic (stanzaic) with each of the two repeated parts ending in a "fa-la-la" burden, or refrain. It has a clear alternation of strong and weak beats, a quality common to the lighter forms ... canzonet - form of 16th-century (c. 1565 and later) Italian vocal music. It was the most popular of the lighter secular forms of the period in Italy and England and perhaps in Germany as well. The canzonet follows the canzonetta poetic form; it is strophic (stanzaic) and often in an AABCC pattern. It is considered a refinement of the villanella (a three-voice form imitating rustic music) but bears some ...

6. Hans Leo Hassler: Information And Much More From
Hans Leo Hassler Born August 27, 1562 in Nuremburg, Germany Died June 08, 1612 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany Period Renaissance (14501599) Country
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Hans Leo Hassler
  • Born August 27, 1562 in Nuremburg, Germany Died June 08, 1612 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany Period: Renaissance (1450-1599) Country: Germany Genres: Chamber
Hans Leo Hassler was one of the most significant of the composers who brought Italian styles to Germany in the early seventeenth century. His father, Isaak Hassler, was a stonecutter and musician in Nuremberg; all three Hassler sons had music lessons from their father and became musicians. Like many other composers from north of the Alps, Hassler went to Venice to pursue his education, probably on a municipal stipend, and there met Giovanni Gabrieli In 1600, Octavian II died, leaving Hassler without a job. Augsburg's town council, to keep him, gave him the job of town music director, but he went home to Nuremberg the next year to take a similar position. In 1604 he got a year's leave of absence, went to Ulm, and married the daughter of a highly placed merchant. When the year's leave expired, Hassler cut his ties with Nuremberg, became a citizen of Ulm, and in 1607 was admitted to the Ulm merchants' guild. In 1608 Elector Christian II of Saxony commissioned Hassler to write a composition for his capital at Dresden, and appointed him as chamber organist. Soon after arriving in Dresden, he was found to have tuberculosis. No compositions are known to have been written by Hassler after 1608, but he does not seem to have cut back on his other work , and, indeed, took over the duties of the Kapellmeister. In 1612 the Electoral court visited Frankfurt am Main for the crowning of Emperor Mathias. While he was there Hassler collapsed and died.

7. Hans Leo Hassler | Classical Music Composer
About classical music composer Hans Leo Hassler life, biography, compositions, sheet music, recordings, CDs, books.
Hans Leo Hassler
See also: German composers Baroque composers Renaissance composers Born: 25 October , N¼rnberg (Germany) Died: 8 June , Frankfurt a/d Main (Germany) Sheet music Music Biography Shop ... FREE Classical MP3! Download 25 tracks from eMusic — Vast collection — No Restrictions — Own Your Music! Reactions [No reactions yet.] Add your reaction Title: Comments: Note: HTML code will be filtered out. Comments will appear on the website immediately after submission, but will be moderated. Reactions should be between 50 and 2000 characters long. [Phonetic spelling (mp3)] Please copy the above security text:
Sheet music
Below is a selection of scores available at Find more scores by Hans Leo Hassler → select instrument ← Show all Piano Organ Harpsichord Guitar Violin Viola Cello Double bass Gamba Recorder Piccolo Flute Oboe English horn Saxophone Clarinet Bassoon Trumpet French horn Trombone Tuba Percussion Voice Vocal Choir Band Orchestra Show results (max.) [details ←] Cantate Domino choral [details ←] Ihr Musici, Frisch Auf!

8. Hans Leo Hassler Sheet Music And Guitar Tab Downloads & Songbooks At Musicnotes.
O Sacred Head, Sore Wounded. Hans Leo Hassler, Robert J. Powell. Instrumental Solo, $4.95. Music Books More 62 matches for Hans Leo Hassler Leo Hassler

Hans Leo HASSLER 31 Variations on Ich gieng einmal spatieren (La Monica) Hans Leo HASSLER 3 Italian Madrigals Fuggendo+Core moi+Io son ferito
Hans Leo HASSLER : 31 Variations on "Ich gieng einmal spatieren" (La Monica)
Hans Leo HASSLER : » Variation 1a+Variations 2 à 11
Hans Leo HASSLER : » Variation 1b+Variations 12 à 22
Hans Leo HASSLER : » Variation 1c+Variations 23 à 31
Hans Leo HASSLER : 3 Italian Madrigals: Fuggendo+Core moi+Io son ferito
Hans Leo HASSLER : 2 German Songs: Zu dir schrey
Samuel SCHEIDT : Fantasia super "Io son ferito"
Samuel SCHEIDT : Cantio gallica "Is it Mars?"
timing: performer(s): » Georges GUILLARD Regular price: $19.99 Sale price: Privacy Policy We Accept VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER Site Design by Stella International, Inc. Subsidiary of Audio, Visual, and Print Specialists, LLC // Begin Y! Store Generated Code

10. SEARCH SILO Locator [AUTHOR Hassler Hans Leo]
70012 $a Hassler, Hans Leo, $d 15641612. $t Canzon. $9 _za1997927a2d0 70012 $a Hove, Joachim van der, $d b. ca. 1570. $t Florida. $p Lieto godea sedendo.

11. - Scherzo In F [Hassler Hans Leo] Sheet Music
Your search Titre d un morceau Scherzo In F hassler hans leo. Search result 1 result(s). Results per page . 10, 20, 30, 50, 100. Currency In

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hassler hans leo. Products Found 44 . Eterna Hassler Lustgarten Neuer Teutscher. Berlin Classics Import Country (not USA)[sn=34/s

13. HPL /All Locations
hassler hans leo 1564 1612. 1, Angelus ad pastores ait See Sacri concentus. Angelus ad pastores ait. 2, Cantate Domino See Sacri concentus., Hans Leo, 15

14. Hans Leo Hassler Sheet Music, Videos, And Software
Hans Leo Hassler Sheet Music, Videos, and Software a sub-directory of on-line sheet music, videos, and software at ActiveMusician.
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Browse - Format Browse - Series Miscellaneous Sheet Music ... Artists H : Hans Leo Hassler (16 Items) Hans Leo Hassler Browse Artists: A B C D ... Biography Hans Leo Haßler (baptized October 26, 1564 – June 8, 1612) was a German composer and organist of the late Renaissance and early Baroque eras. He was born in Nuremberg and died in Frankfurt am Main. Hassler most likely studied music as a boy with his father, an organist. ...

hassler hans leo. Products Found 37 Eterna Hassler Lustgarten Neuer Teutscher. Berlin Classics Import Country (not USA)[sn=34

16. Hans Leo Hassler (Composer) - Short Biography
In 1585 hans leo hassler was recalled to Germany to become private organist to Count Ottavianus (Octavian) Fugger, the great merchant prince and art patron
Introduction Cantatas Other Vocal Non-Vocal ... Z Hans Leo Hassler (Composer) Born:
June 8, 1612 - Frankfurt, Germany ab ineunte aetate digitis quam lingua loquatior .' Nuremberg had close commercial as well as musical relations with Venice, and it may have been at the expense of the Nuremberg senate that Hans Leo in 1584 was sent to Venice for further study. Hassler was actually the first notable German composer to go to Italy to study, where in Venice he was a fellow-pupil of Giovanni Gabrieli under the latter’s uncle, Andrea Gabrieli, organist of St. Mark’s.
In 1585 Hans Leo Hassler was recalled to Germany to become private organist to Count Ottavianus (Octavian) Fugger, the great merchant prince and art patron of Augsburg, where he remained with some interruptions to the year 1600. The Augsburg years were extremely creative for him; in addition he became well-known as a composer and organist at this time, though his influence was limited because he was a Protestant in an area which was still heavily Catholic. Though his actual stay at Venice was short, he had already fully imbibed the Venetian influence in music, as the warmth and suavity of harmony of his compositions show.
Already in 1588 Frederick Lindner, the meritorious Nuremberg editor of various collections of Italian music, had includcd in one of them among the best pieces of Italian masters two motets by Hassler, '

17. HOASM: Hans Leo Hassler
He was born 1564 in Nürnberg as son of the organist Isaac hassler, who originally came from Joachimsthal. In Nürnberg hans leo grew up during the decade of
Hans Leo Hassler
Andrea Gabrieli in Venice in 1584-5. From 1686 the organist Hassler entered the service of Count Fugger at Augsburg, to whom he dedicated his first collection of Italian canzonettas in 1590. In 1595 Hassler, together with his brothers Jacob and Gaspard was raised to the nobility by the Emperor Rudolph II. In Augsburg he worked for a time at the church of S. Moritz, and (in 1600) being head of the town band. He returned to his native town in 1601, and at the beginning of the following year was appointed kaiserlicher Hofdiener von Haus aus (Imperial servant of the first order), and commissioned to undertake some commercial journeys on behalf of the Emperor, which apparently left him sufficient time to have an eye to his own interests. 1604 he changed his residence to Ulm and there married the daughter of a local merchant (1605). In 1608 he moved to Dresden, where he was appointed court organist by the Elector of Saxony and given charge of the latter's library of music. His remaining years were also marred by illness; he died of consumption on June 8th 1612 at Frankfort- am-Main, whence he had accompanied the Elector for the coronation of the new Emperor. His rich creative work comprises masses, Latin and German motets, chorales and songs as well as instrumental music in the form of intradas and canzonas on the Venetian pattern as well as pieces for the organ. In his church music he was influenced by

18. Hans Leo Haßler - Wikipedia
Translate this page hans leo hassler von Roseneck (auch hassler oder Hasler, * 25. Oktober 1564 zu Nürnberg; † 5. Juni 1612 auf einer Reise in Frankfurt am Main) war einßler
Hans Leo HaŸler
aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklop¤die
Wechseln zu: Navigation Suche Hans Leo Hassler Hans Leo HaŸler von Roseneck (auch: Hassler oder Hasler 25. Oktober zu N¼rnberg 5. Juni auf einer Reise in Frankfurt am Main ) war ein deutscher Komponist Uhrmacher und Verfertiger von Musikautomaten.
Bearbeiten Leben
Seine Eltern Isaac Joachimsthal , B¶hmen ,um 1530) und Kunigunde (geb. Schneider ) bildeten ihn schon fr¼h zum Organisten aus. Sp¤ter erhielt er Unterricht bei Leonhard Lechner . Ab 1584 erhielt er Unterricht bei Andrea Gabrieli in Venedig und freundete sich mit Giovanni Gabrieli an. 1585 wurde er in Augsburg Kammerorganist des Grafen Oktavian II. von Fugger und Organist an St. Moritz. 1590 erschien seine erste Sammlung „Canzonette a quatro voci“. 1600 wurde er f¼r ein Jahr neben seinen anderen T¤tigkeiten noch Leiter der Augsburger Stadtpfeifer. Nach dem Tod des Grafen Oktavian ging er 1601 nach N¼rnberg, wo er sich in erster Linie kaufm¤nnischen Gesch¤ften und der Entwicklung und Herstellung von Orgelautomaten widmete. Ab 1608 war er Kammerorganist des in Dresden residierenden Kurf¼rsten Christian II. von Sachsen. Im Jahr 1595 wurde er von Kaiser Rudolf II.

19. Hans Leo Hassler (1564 - 1612)
Translate this page Die Biographie von hans leo hassler. Deutscher Komponist Isaac hassler, ein Organist in Nürnberg, hatte drei musikbegabte Söhne.
Komponisten Hans Leo Hassler Biographie Photo Gallery Home Page Die Biographie von Hans Leo Hassler Deutscher Komponist: Isaac Haßler, ein Organist in Nürnberg, hatte drei musikbegabte Söhne. Den talentiertesten, Hans Leo, sandte der Vater nach Venedig, wo er an San Marco bei Andrea Gabrieli studierte und ein enger Freund Giovanni Gabrielis, des Neffen seines Lehrers, wurde. MIDI FILE - Galliard Nach seiner Rückkehr 1586 war Haßler bis 1600 Organist beim Grafen Octavianus II. Fugger in Augsburg; später stand er lange in Diensten Kaiser Rudolfs II., der ihn auch adelte (1595). 1608 trat er in den Dienst des Kurfürsten von Sachsen. Haßler verband in vollendeter Form den Einfluß der italienischen Musik mit Elementen der deutschen Tradition und wirkte damit auf viele Komponisten seiner Zeit. - MIDI FILE - From "Missa secunda": Sanctus et benedictus (1'51'' MIDI FILE - From "Missa secunda": "Kyrie" (1’33’’) Er schuf weltliche und geistliche Kompositionen, für den katholischen und protestantischen Gottesdienst. Karadar Bertoldi Ensemble Studio Informatico Anesin

20. Free Sheet Music : Hassler, Hans Johann Leo - Hassler: Duo Seraphim A 12 - Choir
hassler, hans Johann leo hans leo hassler (baptized October 26, 1564 – June 8, 1612) was a German composer and organist of the late Renaissance and early

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