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  1. Last Pieces. Piano by Morton Feldman, 1970
  2. Aspen Magazine In A Box 5 + 6 for Stephen Mallarme Guest editor-designer Brian O'Doherty / guest art directors David Dalton & Lynn Letterman by Roland / Kubler, George / Sontag, Susan / Beckett, Samuel / Gabo, Naum / Burroughs, William / Robbe-Grillet, Alain / Feldman, Morton / Cage, John / Smith, Tony / Cunningham, Merce / Duchamp, Barthes, 1967
  3. The King of Denmark: Percussion (Edition Peters) by Morton Feldman, 1965
  4. Neither: Oper in 1 Akt by Feldman Morton, 2009-08-15
  5. For Aaron Copland - Vln Solo by Feldman Morton, 2005-09-15
  6. Philip Guston: La Raiz Del Dibujo/Roots of Drawing by Kenneth Baker, Morton Feldman, Dore Ashton, Bill Berkson Kosme Maria De Baranano, 1993
  7. Vertical Thoughts: Morton Feldman and the Visual Arts by Imma (ed), 2010-07
  8. Between categories: Studien zum Komponieren Morton Feldmans von 1951 bis 1977 (German Edition) by Marion Saxer, 1998
  9. Morton Feldman (Musik-Konzepte) (German Edition)
  10. Conversation with Morton Feldman by John Cage, 1983
  11. Vertical Thoughts: Morton Feldman and the Visual Arts: Exhibition Guide by Jorge Pardo, Rachael Thomas, 2010-03-30
  12. On hearing Morton Feldman's new recording ;: A lecture on something by John Cage, 1959
  13. Morton Feldman: For Franz Kline, For Frank O'Hara, De Kooning, Piano Piece to Philip Guston by Unknown, 1996-01-01
  14. Peter Michael Hamel: Morton Feldman In My Life by Peter Michael Hamel, 2006-01-01

21. Morton Feldman Says: Selected Interviews And Lectures 1964–1987 < Hyphen Press
feldman loved to talk. This lifelong passion is demonstrated in the many interviews and lectures morton feldman gave about his life and work.
Morton Feldman says: selected interviews and lectures 1964–1987
Chris Villars (editor)
Anthony Froshaug availability in print published extent 304 pp dimensions illustrations binding ISBN document.getElementById("book-information-tabs-for-javascript-browsers").style.display = "block"; document.getElementById("book-information-tabs-for-non-javascript-browsers").style.display = "none"; Feldman is now widely recognized, alongside John Cage and Edgard Varèse, as one of the foremost American composers of the twentieth century. Despite his reputation, he remains poorly represented in published literature. The book is certainly an important addition to the literature of Feldman. Morton Feldman says Morton Feldman says Neither: Die Musik Morton Feldmans
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22. Different Waters: Morton Feldman 1
morton feldman selftitled green disc on (Naive-)Montaigne . Re-up, please, All Piano and Patterns in a Chromatic Field by morton feldman,
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different waters
what we need are not more options, but fewer, better options.
Morton Feldman 1 Who is this fat man? And how did he gain Occult Powers
"Feldman's life as a composer is a series of untiring steps to penetrate reality and enter an inner territory whose intensity can only be recognized by the memory traces it leaves. "The titles of his compositions often hint at a journey to a hidden world, for example, Atlantis and Journey to the End of the Night, or they refer to mysterious confrontations or particular choices along the way, such as I Met Heine on the Rue F¼rstenberg, Intersection, or Ixion (while journeying to the underworld Orpheus met Ixion being tortured on his wheel). "Creatively, Feldman's is an art of 'becoming', a new Feldman always painfully emerging from the dying ruins of his previous work so that the search can continue on a new level. "This whole endeavor can be misconceived if seen predominantly through the lens of his later music, for his life's work is a single story of which the earlier works are the crucial opening verses. To understand the latter we must look at the background from which he came rather than our knowledge of his final destination.

23. Internet Archive: Details: Morton Feldman, Speaking Of Music At The Exploratoriu
morton feldman interviewed by Charles Amirkhanian at the Exploratorium s Speaking of Music Series in San Francisco, January 30, 1986.
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Morton Feldman Morton Feldman, Speaking of Music at the Exploratorium in 1986 (January 30, 1986)
This audio is available in streaming format embedding and help Morton Feldman interviewed by Charles Amirkhanian at the Exploratorium's Speaking of Music Series in San Francisco, January 30, 1986. Charles Amirkhanian interviews Morton Feldman and asks right at the top: Is your music Hermetic? The answers take us on a whirlwind tour of this composer’s opinions, philosophy, criticisms, recollections and observations. There are excerpts from his Piano and String Quartet as well as his Violin Concerto. Feldman indicates that his compositions, which are usually lengthy, can be compared to the novels of Proust or drinking a fine wine: one to be sipped rather than gulped. Don’t give up listening until you find out why Fred Astaire danced so well, or why Beethoven wrote his C-sharp minor String Quartet; Feldman provides the answers!

24. Welcome To The Edition Peters' New York Website
morton feldman was born in New York on January 12th 1926. At the age of twelve he studied piano with MaurinaPress, who had been a pupil of Busoni,§ion=comp

25. CD Baby: MORTON FELDMAN: Early And Unknown Piano Works / Debora Petrina, Piano
Sixth in a series featuring previously unreleased works by wellknown composers, this 54-minute CD contains world premiere recordings of morton feldman s
Morton Feldman
Early and Unknown Piano Works / Debora Petrina, piano
© 2003 OgreOgress productions (643157237426)
CD price: $12.50
CD IN STOCK. ORDER NOW. Will ship immediately. [MP3 downloads temporarily disabled]
MP3 price: $8.00
About MP3 downloads at CD Baby
Sixth in a series featuring previously unreleased works by well-known composers, this 54-minute CD contains world premiere recordings of Morton Feldman's early and unknown piano works.
First Piano Sonata [To Bela Bartok] (1943) [5:51] 2 Preludio (1944) [2:28] Self Portrait (1945) [3:46] 4 Three Dances (1950) I [1:53] 5 Three Dances (1950) II [2:17] 6 Three Dances (1950) III [2:46] 7 For Cynthia (195?) [:41] Two Pieces for Three Pianos (1966) I [19:11] Two Pieces for Three Pianos (1966) II [15:16]
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26. Morton Feldman Quotes
13 quotes and quotations by morton feldman. morton feldman For me it s the instrument. If I want to think of a flute and the state of the arts I hear a

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Date of Birth:
January 12
Date of Death: September 3 Nationality: American Find on Amazon: Morton Feldman Related Authors: Stephen Sondheim Carter Burwell Carlisle Floyd Leo Ornstein ... Oscar Levant Any professional knows that the flute and the piano is a boring combination. All you've got to arrive at is a kind of typical gestural crap, right? You might agree, though you wouldn't call it gestural crap. Morton Feldman For me it's the instrument. If I want to think of a flute and the state of the arts I hear a vibrato; I don't know what a flute is unless the person plays it for me. Morton Feldman I never feel that my music is sparse or minimalist; the way fat people never really think they're fat. I certainly don't consider myself minimalist at all. Morton Feldman I want to give my compliments to Australia. Ever since your government paid a few million dollars for a Jackson Pollack painting, I figure that it must be a marvellous country. Morton Feldman I was once married to a woman who could eat anything and tell you what was in it: the most complicated recipes. Her memory of taste - now that's what I call memory!

27. Morton Feldman —
feldman, morton, 1926–87, American modernist composer, b. New York City. An associate of John Cage and other experimental composers, feldman was part of the
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    Feldman, Morton
    Feldman, Morton, , American modernist composer, b. New York City. An associate of John Cage and other experimental composers, Feldman was part of the so-called New York school. He was also a friend of many of the major painters involved in abstract expressionism , and the directness, immediacy, and elements of chance that characterize his work were heavily influenced by their philosophy and work. Among compositions directly inspired by these artists are

28. Morton Feldman News - The New York Times
News about morton feldman. Commentary and archival information about morton feldman from The New York Times.
@import url(; Friday, January 25, 2008
Times Topics

29. Universal Edition Music Publisher - Morton Feldman - List Of Works
morton feldman List of Works Labelinfos see Master Rights. Music Pages. feldman, Chorus and Orchestra 1 feldman, The Viola in my Life.

30. Marilyn Nonken - Morton Feldman's Triadic Memories Mode CD 136
Pianist Marilyn Nonken interpretation of morton feldman s Triadic Memories (Mode CD/DVD 136)

marilyn nonken morton feldman's triadic memories Morton Feldman - Triadic Memories
CD and DVD formats 96kHz/24-bit high-definition digital audio Mode (Feldman Edition 8) Click here for a streaming video of Marilyn Nonken discussing Triadic Memories. Order - Mode Amazon Arkivmusic This is, without a doubt, the most beautiful recording of Triadic Memories I've heard. - Brian Marley, The Wire complete review Any pianist wanting to play Feldman needs the most exquisite touch, and also great stamina, and Marilyn Nonken clearly has both in abundance. * * * * * (five stars) - Ivan Hewett, The London Times complete review Nonken's interpretation particularly recommends itself to those searching for their first 'Triadic Memories' (or even their first experience of Feldman for that matter). Very simply, I think it easier to hear and experience this essential aspect of Feldman on this recording than on any other recording of the solo piano music I've yet heard and if you are looking to introduce a friend or family-member to Feldman then this disc should be a serious contender. - Alan Nicholson, Why Patterns

31. Morton Feldman's
morton feldman is a paradigmatic case of a composer who freed himself from the musical dilemmas of his day by learning from another art form.
Coptic Light @import "/mainstyle.css";
American Symphony Orchestra
Leon Botstein, Musical Director
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Morton Feldman's Coptic Light
by Kyle Gann Coptic Light (1986) is brief by late-Feldman standards, just under a half-hour, but along with Turfan Fragments (1980) and For Samuel Beckett (1987) it is one of the orchestra works in which Feldman's highly original concern with surface becomes most apparent. The texture is dense throughout, to the point that details are impossible to grasp; as in a late Mark Rothko canvas, color is applied thickly yet edges remain indistinct. Within each section of the orchestra, pitches are echoed back and forth in varying, off-centered rhythmic placements. As a result, the harmonic structure is actually rather stable over long periods, but manifested in filmy waves of sound in which pitches bouncing around the orchestra are a challenge to the ear's ability to focus. Feldman was an avid collector of Middle Eastern rugs, and frequently based his compositional techniques on their asymmetrical patterns. In his own program notes, he recounts that Coptic Light was inspired by ancient Coptic textiles on display at the Louvre. He also noted Sibelius's comment that the primary difference between writing for orchestra and piano is that the orchestra has no pedal. In Coptic Light, Feldman attempted to write for orchestra with the pedal.

32. Free Morton Feldman Music Online, Music Downloads, Music Videos And Lyrics - Rha
Listen to morton feldman for free on Rhapsody Online. Fulllength songs, albums, downloads, videos, playlists, photos, lyrics, and more. = "rhapsody"; var rhapsodyURL = ""; var rhapsodyBID = "300240512"; var staticPath = ""; var signUpURL = ""; var shopURL = ""; var upsellURL = ""; /* */ writePersonalizationAndCustomization( false, true ); By Artist By Keyword By Track By Album By Composer By Videos By Lyrics Search Sign In Help
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    Morton Feldman
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    Morton Feldman
    - Daphne Carr Morton Feldman (1926-1987) was an influential American composer whose works were inspired by the thriving downtown New York City fine-art scene of the 1950s and 1960s. He was influenced by abstract expressionists...

33. Aworks :: "new" American Classical Music: Feldman, Morton
Rodger Coleman at NuVoid didn t get morton feldman at first but it was the composer s Piano Three Hands that triggered the understanding this music has soul
aworks :: "new" american classical music
why listening to this music is interesting, important, and maybe even fun. /robert gable/
/commerical interruptions/
/aworks stats/
9 posts categorized "feldman, morton"
Piano Three Hands (1957). Morton Feldman
Rodger Coleman at NuVoid didn't get Morton Feldman at first but it was the composer's Piano Three Hands that triggered the understanding this music has soul. I never had that struggle with Feldman's music I either liked individual pieces or didn't. I did have to work to see that at least some of Elliott Carter's music was beyond just "interesting." January 21, 2007 in feldman, morton Permalink Comments (0) TrackBack (0) ...
Violin and Orchestra (1979). Morton Feldman
I'm listening to some emusic downloads back-to-back. First, it was Max Richter's recently released Songs from Before and then Morton Feldman's Violin and Orchestra . The former is arty and fresh sounding; the latter is truly artful i.e. with sentimentality and artifice removed. What an interesting contrast and yet I'll want to hear both again. December 24, 2006 in

34. New World Records: Album Details
Composer(s), morton feldman. Album Title, The Viola in My Life. Cat. No., 80657 False Relationships and the Extended Ending, morton feldman

35. Composer : Morton Feldman At CD Universe
morton feldman CD music album and songs at CD Universe, with reviews, track list, top rated service, album cover art, sound samples, and more., Morton/a/Morton Feld
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Our Price: You Save: More Bargains Composer : Morton Feldman Click on price to add to cart Adams, John / Upshaw, Dawn Adams: American Elegies / Adams, Upshaw, Crossley Feldman / Gordon / Hudson / Martin / Zeavin American Classics - Feldman: String Quartet American String Quartets 1950-1970 American String Quartets 1950-1970 / Concord Quartet Bernstein / Feldman / Ligeti / NYP / Schuller Bernstein Century - Music Of Our Time SWR Orchestra Bruckner: Symphony No 8; Feldman / Michael Gielen, SWR So Ensemble Gelber Klang Colors Of Silence - Takemitsu, Et Al / Ensemble Gelber Klang SACD Hybrid Howard, Philip Decoding Skin - Feldman, Xenakis, Et Al / Philip Howard Takahashi, Aki Feldman Edition Vol 1 - Aki Takahashi Plays Morton Feldman Feldman, Morton Feldman Edition Vol 2 - First Recordings / Turfan Ensemble Clarke, S / Sabat, M

36. La Folia -- A Remarkable Event: Morton Feldman's String Quartet 2
morton feldman String Quartet 2. FLUX Quartet Tom Chiu, Cornelius Dufallo, violins; Kenji Bunch, viola; Darrett Adkins, cello. Mode 112, feldman Edition 6
La Folia
Online Music Review
La Folia Home] [Archives by Contributor] [Archives by Date] ... Page] [This should be read in tandem with Mike's tour of the Ives Ensemble set. W.M.]
String Quartet 2
on Mode Mike Silverton [December 2002.] In my review for The Absolute Sound of hat[now]ART 4-144/1/2/3/4 Mode was planning its own Guinness Book of Records beautifulness of the music"? Who retired beauty Le Boeuf sur le toit , which as an instrumental work disqualifies itself from this aside.) The hatART set is four CDs long; at six hours, seven minutes and seven seconds, Mode Mode Mode Beauty is such hatART reading with Mode Morton FELDMAN: String Quartet 2. FLUX Quartet: Tom Chiu, Cornelius Dufallo, violins; Kenji Bunch, viola; Darrett Adkins, cello. Mode 112 , Feldman Edition 6 (five CDs). Mode, PO Box 1262, New York NY 10009, USA, ( ), email [More articles by Mike Silverton.]
La Folia
Home] ... [Email the Editor]

37. Morton Feldman Biography. Download Classical Music By Morton Feldman
morton feldman (1926 1987) Classical music and classical hit collection. Compilations of morton feldman classics and listen to its finest classical music
The World's Leading Classical Music Label
Naxos Worldwide Sites: Choose Country Global Site Australia Canada China Denmark Finland France Germany Hong Kong Japan Korea New Zealand Norway Sweden UK USA E-mail Password New Releases Artists Composers Labels ... F
FELDMAN: String Quartet Chamber Music ORGAN MUSIC FROM THE USA BIS-CD-510 Instrumental LEAVING HOME: Orchestral Music in the 20th Century, Vol. 5: The American Way (NTSC) Classical Documentary LEAVING HOME: Orchestral Music in the 20th Century (NTSC) Classical Documentary REVOLUTION DER KLANGE (DIE): Musik im 20. Jahrhundert (NTSC) Classical Documentary
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38. Morton Feldman - The Score - Music - American Composers - New York Times Blog
Tag morton feldman. March 27, 2007, 1057 pm . morton feldman for March 2007. S, M, T, W, T, F, S morton feldman for March 2007
document.write(day + " " + month + " " + myweekday + ", " + year);
Tag: Morton Feldman March 27, 2007, 10:57 pm
Oh Brass on the Grass Alas
By Alvin Curran This article was written with Susan Levenstein. The composer and his 300-plus member band of German musicians ready to break into controlled chaos. (Photo: Susan Levenstein)
One gray November Sunday morning in 1953 I was marching down Dorrance Street in Providence, R.I., playing the “Colonel Bogey March” (a tune later heard in “Bridge on the River Kwai”) in a local National Guard Band of about 15 musicians led by my high-school music teacher Eddie McCabe. I was a mere kid — they needed an extra trombonist. As the band was about to pass the viewing stand — mind you this was my first and last appearance in military clothing, including an ill-fitting helmet that sat mostly over my eyes — I went for a low C-flat, a note only playable in seventh position, the one where you push the slide to the near end of its fixed tubing, but the slide kept going, flying magically from my hands and to wit from the trombone — dropping, like-oh-my-god, klunk, to the indifferent asphalt… The band kept going and in view of the city’s mayor I had to dash back, retrieve the slide, and run like crazy to catch up with the show. This epochal adolescent trombone blunder was yet another instance of me publicly losing control of my own music making. At the time it was an enormous embarrassment, but in later years a controlled lack of control has become an eminent characteristic of my music and the music of many of my friends.

39. - Speaking Of Music Morton Feldman, Jan. 30, 1986
Charles Amirkhanian interviews morton feldman and asks him right at the start if his music is Hermetic. The answers take us on a whirlwind tour of this

40. Morton A. Feldman: The Silent Magician
morton A. feldman, Mort is involved extensively with the US Deaf Magicians Organization, Society of World Deaf Magicians, Society of American Magicians
THE SILENT MAGICIAN, MORTON A. FELDMAN Morton A. Feldman is a deaf magician. He was bitten by the magic bug at the tender age of eight, when he saw Harry Blackstone Sr. perform. Morton became awestruck and has remained so ever since. He began performing as a magician at the age of eleven.
Morton is known as The Silent Magician, but is known far and wide as "Morty" by his many fans and followers - young and old alike - faithful to him for more than 50 years. "Morty's" performances include acts of close-up magic, stage magic, comedy magic and levitated a lovely lady with a snazzy illusion, As a special addition, he also performs in costume as a deaf clown and balloonist.
Morton was a member of the Junior Yogi Magic Club and is now an active member of The Society of American Magicians, International Brotherhood of Magicians, The World of Deaf Magicians and The Society of USA Deaf Magicians (of which he is a past Treasurer). He is the recipient of numerous awards for his magic acts.
"Morty" travels extensively with The Society of USA Deaf Magicians and The World of Deaf Magicians. He can be seen at many events throughout the TriState Area and can be reached by TTY/Fax 215-887-2081 or e-mail at
Contact "Morty" for a show of comedy, fun and laughter!

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