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21. ALVIN CURRAN : Vinyl, Cd, Maxi, Lp, Ep For Sale On CD And LP
alvin curran vinyl, cd, maxi, lp, ep, buy it on CDandLP.
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  • 22. Curran, Alvin: Animal Behavior: ReR USA
    ReR USA distributes unique and experimental music Rock in Opposition, Musique Concrete, Avant Prog,Improvised, Sound Art, etc.

    23. Chem Class: The Pleats (if Music Blogs Were Pants)
    alvin curran, alvin curran, alvin curran! 9. CLUSTER Soweisoso Lovely pastoral electronica from the early 1970s. 10. Wayfaring Strangers Ladies from the
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    chemistry class
    you must give props to whom props is due.
    Saturday, December 30, 2006
    When Jop Goes Pazz
    List freak action. We recently posted the Top 10 Most Popular Downloads over at Destination: Out . But for those curious about our (mostly) non-jazz tastes, here's our take on the year in pop music for 2006.
    JUNIOR BOYS So This Is Goodbye (Domino)
    1980s New Wave distilled down to its sublime essence and injected with impossible yearning.
    ART BRUT (Downtown)
    Released last year in the UK, it was still the most fun rock record of the year in this country.
    THE LIARS Drum's Not Dead (Mute)
    Early PiL as seance, rising the dead, making the zombies twitch and moan in rhythm.
    GHOSTFACE KILLAH Fishscale (Def Jam)
    Earns his sample of the Rocky theme.
    ORNETTE COLEMAN Sound Grammar (Sound Grammar) A late career blooming that encapsulates the maestro's interests in classical, world, funk, and right, jazz. DESTROYER Destroyer's Rubies (Merge) "Why can't you see, a life in art and a life of mimicry - it's the same thing?!"

    24. Arabesque Recordings
    Music for Piano by Philip Glass and alvin curran. Philip Glass. 1. Knee Play 4 from “Einstein on the Beach ( 757 ). 2. Wichita Vortex Sutra ( 745 )

    25. Vinyl Records By Curran, Alvin
    Vinyl Records by curran, alvin. curran, alvin Fiori Chiari, Fiori Oscuri, Fiori Chiari, Fiori Oscuri Electronic Used - LP No. 4 Ananda
    Curran, Alvin
    Vinyl Records and Rare LPs:
    Fiori Chiari, Fiori Oscuri
    Electronic Used - LP No. 4 Ananda
    Beautiful 1975 Italian Original. Conventional Instruments Blended With Electronics, Voice, Ocarinas, Toy Piano And Taped Soundscapes. Small Sticker Tear On Jacket, LP Is Mint.... more details Canti Illuminati
    Electronic Used - LP 80/Seven Fore
    Mint 1982 Italian Laminated Gatefold Rarity. Works For Synthesizer, Piano, Tape And Voice.... more details
    55431 Items in DB



    26. Curran Crystal Psalms - New Albion - NAR 067 - 022551006720 - H B
    Composers alvin curran (1938 ) Performers Francesco Badaloni Alfredo Santoloci Michael Riesler David Keberle Morris Capone Antonio Caggiano Lionel

    27. Composition-and-songwriting: Composers: C: Curran,-alvin
    alvin curran. alvin curran. alvin curran biography (New Albion) (Added Sat Sep 06 2003) ID 57892. Home compositionand-songwriting composers c curran,-

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    28. Avantgarde Music. Alvin Curran: Biography, Discography, Reviews, Links
    A guide to alvin curran biography, discography, reviews, links.
    Alvin Curran
    Piero Scaruffi
    Legal restrictions - Termini d'uso Canti e Vedute Del Giardino Magnetico (Ananda, 1977 - Catalyst, 1993) ***
    Libri D'Armonia (Ananda, 1977) *
    Realtime (Incus, 1977) *
    Threads (Horo, 1978) *
    Fiori Chiari Fiori Scuri (Ananda, 1979) ***
    Canti Illuminati (Fore, 1980) **
    Works (Fore, 1980) *
    Musica Elettronica Viva: Spacecraft (Mainstream, 1968) ***
    Musica Elettronica Viva: Friday (Polydor, 1969) *
    Musica Elettronica Viva: Soundpool (Byg, 1970) * Musica Elettronica Viva: United Patchwork (Horo, 1980) ** Maritime Rites (What Next, 1980) * Natural History (Editions Gianozzo, 1982) * Field It and Lenz (Radio Art Foundation, 1985) * Maritime Rites II (Good Sound Foundation, 1985) * For Cornelius; Era ora (New Albion, 1986) ** Electric Rags II (New Albion, 1990) ** First Octave (BMG, 1991) * No World Trio (OO Discs, 1991) Electric Rags III (Artifact, 1994) * Crystal Psalms (New Albion, 1994) ** For Cornelius; The Last Acts of Julian Beck; Schtetl Variations (Mode, l995) ** Schtyx. VSTO. (CRI, 1994) *** Animal Behavior (Tzadik, 1995) **

    29. Jazz Record Mart Web Store
    curran,alvin / Inner Cities CD *LD New Music CD Long Distance 94881 76992. $89.99. curran, alvin / Lost Marbles -CD *Tzadik 7097 New Music CD Tzadik 7097
    Basket Contents
    Killers Rack
    On Sale
    New Listings
    Search the Jazz Record Mart - 3/4 HAD BEEN ELIMINATED / A year of the aural gange operation -CD *HAP
    New Music CD Hapna 26
    New Music CD Allen 44.
    AFRIRAMPO / Kore ga Mayaku da -CD *Tzadik 7258
    New Music CD Tzadik 7258. ALOG / Miniatures -CD *Rune Grammofon 2043
    New Music CD Rune Grammofon 2043 Rune Grammofon 2043 ALVIN LUCIER / STILL LIVES -CD *Lovely Music
    New Music CD Lovely Music 5012 Lovely Music 5012 AMACHER,MARYANNE / SOUND CHARACTERS -CD *SCB
    New Music CD FOR4EARS1448 AMM / AMMUSIC 1966 -CD *RER0050009 New Music CD . RER0050009 AMM / BEFORE DRIVING TO -CD *MATCHLESS 35 New Music CD MATCHLESS 35 AMM / LAMINAL -CD *ACT New Music CD ACT AMM / Norwich -CD *Matchless 64 New Music CD Matchless 64 Matchless 64 ANTHEIL,GEORGE / COMPLETE WORKS FOR STRING QUARTET -CD *Other Minds New Music CD Other Minds 1008 ANTHEIL, GEORGE / DREAMS, PIANO CONCERTO NO. 2 -CD *new world

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    31. Vinyl Record - Curran, Alvin / Andrea Centazzo / Evan Parker - Real Time
    Artist curran, alvin / Andrea Centazzo / Evan Parker. Title Real Time. Genre Jazz. Type Used LP. Label Ictus. Catalog ID 0006. Country Italy

    32. Alvin Curran
    In his 1988 piece Crystal Psalms, alvin curran uses the powerful spiritual nature of music to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Kristallnacht,
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    new on epitonic


    editor's blog

    Alvin Curran
    New Albion Records

    All humans have a natural tendency to try and make sense of the inexplicable through intellectual, emotional, or artistic expression. In his 1988 piece Crystal Psalms Alvin Curran uses the powerful spiritual nature of music to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Kristallnacht , the "Night of Broken Glass," which was the first major attack on German Jews. After two nights of so-called "spontaneous" rampages, thousands of Jewish businesses, synagogues, and homes were looted and burned, hundreds of Jews were injured, almost one hundred people were killed, and thirty thousand people were deported. Curran writes about Crystal Psalms : "By focusing on this almost incomprehensible moment in our recent history, I do not intend to offer yet another lesson on the Holocaust, but simply wish to make clear a personal musical statement and to solicit a conscious act of rememberg remembering not only this moment of unparalleled human madness of fifty years ago, but of all crimes against humanity anywhere anytime."
    Curran's vision for this piece required international participation. On October 20, 1988, much of western Europe heard what was to become a legend in radio history a concerto for musicians in six nations, simultaneously performed, mixed and broadcast live in stereo to an audience that spanned from Palermo to Helsinki. Some 300 musicians and technicians collaborated to bring the piece to fruition, with a chorus, a quartet of strings or winds, a percussionist, and an accordionist present in each of the six locations. In addition

    33. Homestudio - Revue Audiolab
    alvin curran, Oeuvres. AC arranged recordedin-world sounds in an exquisitely musical way, structured like a classical four-parts sonata or sinfonia.

    34. The Deep Listening® Catalog - ALVIN CURRAN
    Ports, rivers, lakes, caves, quarries, fields, and woods, always ready sources of my musical inspiration, now became my new music theaters. —alvin curran
    Maritime Rites
    Featuring the foghorns and other maritime sounds of the U.S. Eastern Seaboard and solo improvisations by John Cage, Joseph Celli, Clark Coolidge, Alvin Curran, Jon Gibson, Malcolm Goldstein, Steve Lacy, George Lewis, Pauline Oliveros, and Leo Smith Alvin Curran
    Item number CA-CD-2, 2 CDs $32.00
    Maritime Rites
    A two cassette set with accompanying Maritime Rites poster. Maritime Rites is a series of ten environmental concerts for radio in stereo composed by Alvin Curran and co-produced by Melissa Gould. This series features the eastern seaboard of the United States as a musical source in collaboration with improvised musical performances by ten distinguished artists in the the American New Music scene today: John Cage, Joseph Celli , Clark Coolidge, John Gibson, Malcolm Goldstein , Steve Lacy, George Lewis, Pauline Oliveros , Leo Smith and Alvin Curran. The program uses the natural sound as musical counterpoint to the soloists, whose improvisations are freely structured by Curran in his own tape mixes. The essence of Maritime Rites is improvisation: as nature is spontaneous and unpredictable so is the music of man. The two forces are brought together by Curran in a rich and harmonious concerto for man and his environment. Maritime Rites includes maritime bells, foghorns, gongs, whistles, regional bird and animal life. Comments from lighthouse keepers, Coast Guard personnel and other local people are woven impressionistically throughout. 2 Cassette tapes OUT OF STOCK

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    36. Schott Music - Curran, Alvin
    Shop, Composers, curran, alvin. curran, alvin. born 12/13/1938. Profile CDs. Back Print Top. Language. Deutsch. Search. Advanced Search. Repertoire Search
    Composers Curran, Alvin Curran, Alvin born: 12/13/1938 Profile CDs document.write( sbm.getSbmLinks( "/shop/webresources/base/js/js_components/socialBookmarks/img" ) ); Language Deutsch Search Advanced Search Repertoire Search Site Map Shop New Issues Sheet Music Books CDs ... Contact

    37. WERGO - Curran, Alvin
    Translate this page WERGO, , Composers, , curran, alvin. Basket. 0 Products / 0,00 €. My Shop. Product search curran, alvin. Discography. Canti del Capricorno 1-19
    Home Our Label Contact Newsletter ... Composers Curran, Alvin Basket My Shop Product search Detailed search Our Catalogs Music of Our Time Music of Our Time / Special ...
    Curran, Alvin Discography Canti del Capricorno 1-19 James Joyce / Marcel Duchamp / Erik Satie: An Alphabet (Ein Alphabet) Riverrun: Voicings / Soundscapes Print Top

    38. CURRAN, ALVIN: Maritime Rites (Dbl CD): ReR Megacorp
    curran, alvin Maritime Rites (Dbl CD). Quantity in Basketnone Price£19.00. Quantity. 10 environmental concerts for radio, each with a featured performer

    39. Timbuktunes -- Eclectic World Music
    1, curran, alvin, Inner Cities (Daan Vanderwalle, piano / 4 CD box) { Long Distance (France) } 2, curran, alvin, Maritime Rites (2 CDs) { New World }, Alvin&type=artist

    40. Peter Garland
    Larry Polansky (*oversize score removed to box 103) 2 curran, alvin 3 de Angulo, Jaime 4 Debussy, Claude 5 Diamond, Jody 6 Diamond, Jody and Larry Polansky
    Harry Ransom Center The University of Texas at Austin
    Search Collections
    Peter Garland, 1952-
    Papers and Soundings Records, 1920s-1997 (Bulk 1968-1997)
    Preliminary Inventory
    74 document boxes, 27 serials boxes, 6 oversize boxes, 4 oversize folders (43.24 linear feet) Note: This brief collection description is an accession record. The collection is not fully processed or cataloged; no biographical sketch, descriptions of series, or indexes are available.
    Acquisition: Purchase, 1997 (Reg. no. 13989)
    Access: Open for research
    Processed by: Dan Seriff and Hope Rider, 2002 and 2006
    RLIN Record ID: None
    Table of Contents
    Scope and Contents
    Folder List
    Scope and Contents
    The Peter Garland Papers and Soundings Records contains materials related to Garland's various endeavors as an author, avant-garde composer, and publisher. Notable Garland works present include his first book of essays, Americas , and the shadow puppet theatre work, Conquest of Mexico . It also has a large volume of correspondence from family, friends, and colleagues. Many composers who were published in

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