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         Crumb George:     more books (51)
  1. Music for a Summer Evening (Makroksomos III) (For Two Amplified Pianos and Percussion [Two Players]) by George Crumb, 1974
  3. --- a crumb of music for George Crumb [LARGE FULL SCORE] by Karajew) Faraj Karayev (Karaev, 1985
  4. Four Nocturnes (Night Musicii). Violin and piano. [Score.] < Facsimile printing from the manuscript by the composer. > by George Crumb, 1978
  5. A stylistic analysis of George Crumb's Vox Balaenae and An analysis of Trichotomy by Kenneth Timm, 1977
  6. George Crumb: THREE SONGS (1) Night, (2) Let It Be Forgotten (3) Wind Elegy, for VOICE & PIANO by George Crumb (composer), Robert Southey (poet), et all 1986
  7. Makrokosmos. Volumei. Amplified piano, etc. < Facsimile printing from the manuscript by the composer. > by George Crumb, 1974
  8. Music for a Summer Evening ... Two amplified pianos and percussion (two players). [Score.] < Facsimile printing from the manuscript by the composer. > by George Crumb, 1974
  9. Vox balaenae. For three masked players. Electric flute, electric cello, electric piano, etc. < Facsimile printing from the manuscript by the composer. > [Score.] by George Crumb, 1975
  10. Dream sequence(Images II): For violin, cello, piano, and percussion (1 player) [and off stage glass harmonica] by George Crumb, 1976
  11. Night of the four Moons. Alto, alto flute (doubling piccolo), banjo, electric cello and percussion (one player), etc. < Based on fragments from Federico ... manuscript by the composer. > [Score.] by George Crumb, 1975
  12. Ancient Voices of Children by George Crumb, 1971
  13. Songs, Drones and Refrains of Death. < A cycle of poems by Federico García Lorca. > Baritone, electric guitar, electric contrabass, electric piano (electric ... the original manuscript by the composer. > by George Crumb, 1971
  14. Eleven Echoes of Autumn (Echoes I) by George Crumb, 1972

21. Verge Music - George Crumb
This page gives a recent listing of george crumb titles carried by Verge crumb, george William Schuman, A Haunted Landscape/ 3 Colloquies for Horn
George Crumb
This page gives a recent listing of George Crumb titles carried by Verge To order and for more info go to our main page Advanced Search select Keyword and type "Crumb".
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ListArtist Title Company CatalogueNo ListPrice NEW WORLD RECORDS NEW-80326-2-CD ($13.00 CD) Works by George Crumb NEW WORLD RECORDS NEW-80357-2-CD ($13.00 CD) Zeitgeist MODE RECORDS KO-MOD19-CD ($19.00 CD) Tan, Margaret Leng Sonic Encounters MODE RECORDS KO-MOD15-CD ($19.00 CD) Guitar Concertante: Crumb/Ruders/Lennon BRIDGE RECORDS BG-BCD9071-CD ($14.00 CD) Crumb, George Quest: The Complete Works, Volume 2 BRIDGE RECORDS BG-BCD9069-CD ($14.00 CD) Crumb, George Complete Crumb Edition, Vol. 4 BRIDGE RECORDS BG-BCD9105-CD ($14.00 CD) Orkis, Lambert Works for Piano: Crumb/Wernick BRIDGE RECORDS BG-BCD9003-CD ($14.00 CD) Crumb, George BRIDGE RECORDS BG-BCD9028-CD ($14.00 CD) Ives: Songs/ Crumb: Apparation BRIDGE RECORDS BG-BCD9006-CD ($14.00 CD) Crumb, George 70th Birthday Album: The Complete Works, Vol. 3 BRIDGE RECORDS BG-BCD9095-CD ($14.00 CD) Crumb, George Complete Crumb Volume 5 BRIDGE RECORDS BG-BCD9113-CD ($14.00 CD)

22. Composer : George Crumb At CD Universe
george crumb CD music album and songs at CD Universe, with reviews, track list, top rated service, album cover art, sound samples, and more., George/a/George Crumb.
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Our Price: You Save: More Bargains Composer : George Crumb Click on price to add to cart Crumb / Ensemble New Art / Kent American Classics - Crumb: Songs, Drones, Refrains Of Death Erickson, Clipper American Eclectic- An American Journey Vol 2 / Erickson American String Quartets 1950-1970 American String Quartets 1950-1970 / Concord Quartet Eighth Blackbird Beginnings - Crumb, Kellogg / Eighth Blackbird, Chanticleer Kronos Quartet Black Angels / Kronos Quartet Crumb / Dangerfield / Gompper / Zahler Butterfly Dance - Music By Americans - Crumb, Et Al Yang, Wen-Sinn Cello XX / Wen-Sinn Yang Century 20: Music Of Today - Musical Creation 1945 Century Vol 20 - Music Of Today Crumb / Grace / Rybak Complete Crumb Edition Vol 4 / Quattro Mani, Et Al Conlin, Thomas Complete Crumb Edition Vol 5 / Conlin, Cook, Shannon, Et Al

23. Aworks :: "new" American Classical Music: Crumb, George
First, from a series of broadcasts of Santa Fe Chamber Music festivals, george crumb s Madrigals, Book IV, while unattractive, at least provides some
aworks :: "new" american classical music
why listening to this music is interesting, important, and maybe even fun. /robert gable/
/commerical interruptions/
/aworks stats/
8 posts categorized "crumb, george"
Black Angels (Images I). George Crumb /newness/
From We Are All Mozart
  • This is not a fetish for newness, in particular fashion or faddishness, but merely the sense that a fresh viewpoint illuminates the recollection of the past without the need to revisit it, particularly if that recollection is vivid and almost tangible. The Philips vinyl of George Crumb's Black Angels was ugly and the recording harsh. Rock bands and jazz musicians all practice (no matter how dissonant or confrontational) over and over again, and take risks. Familiarity beats newness in the comfort people seek in their daily lives, and repetition affords the ability to hear through and perform through to a new level each time. It's no wonder that musicians have claimed that today Mozart would be writing like Radiohead rather than Liebermann.

24. George Crumb Edition Vol 9 / Arnold, Arciuli ArkivMusic
george crumb Edition Vol 9 / Arnold, Arciuli, available at ArkivMusic.

25. George Crumb - The Score - Music - American Composers - New York Times Blog
Tag george crumb. March 13, 2007, 857 pm george crumb for March 2007. george crumb for March 2007. S, M, T, W, T, F, S george crumb for March 2007
document.write(day + " " + month + " " + myweekday + ", " + year);
Tag: George Crumb March 13, 2007, 8:57 pm
What If I Like Your Politics but Don’t Like Your Art?
By Michael Gordon Over the years I thought a lot about going out with my tape recorder and interviewing Larry. Homelessness is a very overlooked issue here, and this man was not only homeless in America but homeless on my block. I could make a piece of music with Larry in it, and that would bring about an awareness of the problem. I struggled over this, but I never did go out and record a conversation with Larry. One question I’ve asked in recent years is, If I don’t like your politics can I still like your art? Or put a simpler way, would you want a fantastic painting hanging on your wall that was made by a Nazi? It may sound like a bizarre question, but anyone with Carl Orff, Richard Strauss or Herbert von Karajan CDs in their collection should give it some thought. The throngs lined up around the block to see Karajan conduct the Berlin Philharmonic, as many New Yorkers did on repeated occasions, should have asked themselves this. And if we care about this question, do we need to examine the politics of other composers, like Wagner, whose views we know, along with perhaps Beethoven and Bach, whose views we know less about?
George Crumb for March 2007 George Crumb for March 2007 S M T W T F S
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26. Crumb, George - MP3 Music Downloads At EMusic
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Various Artists - Naxos
Classical Vocal Naxos Michael Sheppard Plays... Added: Tue Nov 20 00:00:00 EST 2007
Michael Sheppard
harmonia mundi / IODA George Crumb: Music fo...

27. Crumb, George Henry - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About Crumb, George Henry
Hutchinson encyclopedia article about crumb, george Henry. crumb, george Henry. Information about crumb, george Henry in the Hutchinson encyclopedia., George Henry
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Crumb, George Henry
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US composer of imagist works. His music employs unusual graphics and imaginative sonorities, such as the musical saw in Ancient Voices of Children He studied in Berlin, Germany, with Boris Blacher and at the University of Michigan, USA, with Ross Lee Finney. His early work was influenced by Arnold Schoenberg, and he has also used aleatory techniques.
Variazoni Echoes of Time and the River
11 Echoes of Autumn for violin, flute, clarinet, piano (1965), Black Angels for amplified string quartet, 13 Images from the Dark Land Voice of the Whale , with electronics (1972), four books of Makrokosmos Processional for piano (1983)

28. CD Baby: ANDREW RUSSO: George Crumb/Voice Of The Whale
george crumb s music is an ambient, mystical blend of drones, gongs and nature sounds. These pieces are like soundtracks to movies that only exist in your
Andrew Russo
George Crumb/Voice of the Whale
© 2002 Sanctuary Classics (639679710769)
CD price: $14.99
CD IN STOCK. ORDER NOW. Will ship immediately. SPECIAL: 10% discount if you buy more than one copy of it today!
George Crumb's music is an ambient, mystical blend of drones, gongs and nature sounds. These pieces are like soundtracks to movies that only exist in your own imagination.
Makrokosmos I: Cancer Makrokosmos I: Pisces 3 Makrokosmos I: Taurus 4 Makrokosmos I: Capricorn 5 Makrokosmos I: Scorpio 6 Makrokosmos I: Sagittarius Makrokosmos I: Libra Makrokosmos I: Leo Makrokosmos I: Virgo 10 Makrokosmos I: Aries Makrokosmos I: Gemini 12 Makrokosmos I: Aquarius 13 Xmas Suite: The Visitation Xmas Suite: Berceuse for Infant Jesus 15 Xmas Suite: Shepherd's Noel Xmas Suite: Adoration of the Magi 17 Xmas Suite: Nativity Dance Xmas Suite: Canticle of the Holy Night 19 Xmas Suite: Carol of the Bells Vox Balaenae: Vocalise 21 Vox Balaenae: Sea Theme Vox Balaenae: Archeozoic Vox Balaenae: Proterozoic Vox Balaenae: Paleozoic 25 Vox Balaenae: Mesozoic 26 Vox Balaenae: Cenozoic Vox Balaenae: For the End of Time
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29. George Crumb And Black Angels
It was into this lurid zeitgeist that george crumb s amplified string quartet Black Angels was premiered. The music crystallized the composer s uncanny
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The New Music Champion Award, 4
(March 4 to May 27, 2003)
Clothed in a Redemptive Tale (Paulk on Heggie),
When Everyone Benefits (BLC on the Cassatt, Larsen), 10
Nightstallions? (Kroll on Rorem, et al)

More Thoughts on War and Peace (BLC on Hoover, et al),

Fresh to the Ear (BLC),

Separating Wheat from Chaff (Kra on), 13
Tribute to a Polymath (Pehrson on Kupferman), 14 Serious Fund at Carnegie Hall (Kroll), 15 Quite a Concert in Store for Us (Pehrson on Carter) A New Kind of Recital (O'Neal), An Eclectic Retrospective (Snellgrove), Kroll, Pehrson, BLC, 17 LEGATO NOTES: More on Board, 19 NMYE at the Ripe Age of 30 (BLC), 19 George Crumb and Black Angels (Burwasser), On the History of Composers Concordance (Pehrson), 21 THE SCOREBOARD: Occidental Accidentals (Drogin), 22

30. George Crumb - Makrokosmos Books 1 And 2
For less than the retail price of this george crumb DVD, you can actually buy a DVD player. Need proof? Just look here. Tangent Can you believe the editor
alphabetical catalog to order/numeric catalog DVDs new ... email
(b. 1929)
mode 142
Makrokosmos, Book 1
Makrokosmos, Book 2

Margaret Leng Tan, piano
Volume I
Part One:
1. Primeval Sounds (Genesis I) Cancer

G.R. Darkly mysterious
2. Proteus Pisces W.R.C. Very fast; whimsical, volatile 3. Pastorale (from the Kingdom of Atlantis, ca. 10,000 B.C.) Taurus J.B. Moderately, with incisive rhythm 4. Crucifixus [Symbol] Capricorn R.L.F. Darkly mysterious Part Two: 5. The Phantom Gondolier Scorpio G.H.C. Eerily, with a sense of malignant evil 6. Night-Spell I Sagittarius A.W. Poised, expectantly 7. Music of Shadows (for Aeolian Harp) Libra P.Z. Gracefully, with elastic rhythm 8. The Magic Circle of Infinity (Moto perpetuo) [Symbol] Leo C.D. Joyously, like a cosmic clock-work; with mechanically precise rhythm Part Three: 9. The Abyss of Time Virgo A.S. Dark, with sense of profound mystery 10. Spring-Fire Aires D.R.B. Prestissimo; breathlessly, with élan 11. Dream Images (Love-Death Music) Gemini F.G.L. Musingly, like the gentle caress of a faintly remembered music 12. Spiral Galaxy [Symbol] Aquarius B.W.

31. The Pulitzer Foundation For The Arts | Events & Programs | Concerts | Portrait C
george crumb s Black Angels is the only string quartet to have been inspired by the Vietnam War. The title refers to the struggle between God and the Devil,
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Portrait Concert Series With members of the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra Steve Reich Different Trains George Crumb Black Angels Different Trains Black Angels is the only string quartet to have been inspired by the Vietnam War. The title refers to the struggle between God and the Devil, and the work is intended as a parable for the troubled time in which it was written. It draws from an arsenal of sounds including shouting, chanting, whistling, whispering, gongs, maracas and crystal glasses. The quartet is amplified in order to generate many of these sounds as well as to create a surreal, if not psychedelic, sound meant to throw the listener off-center.
  • Concerts
    • Programming is currently being finalized. Please check back soon.

ROCHESTER, NY The Pulitzer Prize-winning American composer george crumb, known for his powerful and evocative use of imagery and the development of

33. George Henry Crumb —
See D. Gillespie, ed., george crumb Profile of a Composer (1986); D. Cohen, george crumb Related content from HighBeam Research on george Henry crumb
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    Crumb, George Henry
    Crumb, George Henry, Echoes of Time and the River (1967) and is particularly noted for his settings of the poems of Federico , e.g., Ancient Voices of Children (1970). Among his other compositions are a series of Madrigals Black Angels (1970) for electric string quartet; the monumental

34. Crumb, George - Dissertations And Theses Bass, Richard. Pitch
The Extension of Piano Technique in Compositions by george crumb for Solo Piano. DMA Dissertation, The University of Wisconsin Madison, 1982.
4/93Crumb, George - dissertations and theses Bass, Richard. "Pitch Structure in George Crumb's Makrocosmos Volumes I and II." Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Texas at Austin, 1987. Chun, Young. "The Extension of Piano Technique in Compositions by George Crumb for Solo Piano." DMA Dissertation, The University of Wisconsin- Madison, 1982. DeBaise, Joseph. "George Crumb's Music for a Summer Evening, a Comprehensive Analysis." Ph.D. Dissertation, The University of Rochester, The Eastman School of Music, 1982. Dobay, Thomas. "Small-Scale Structural Principles in the Chamber Music of George Crumb." Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Southern California, 1979. . "Harmonis Matter and Usages of the Lorca Cycle by George Crumb." Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Southern California, 1982. Faulkner, Susan. "An Analysis of George Crumb's Makrocosmos II and its Relationship to Makrokosmos I and III." DMA Dissertation, University of Cincinnati, 1980. Fry, Johnathan. "New Musical Notation: a Bibliography." Ph.D. Thesis, The University of Rochester, Eastman School of Music, 1977. From the author's summary: "This bibliography deals with the writings on new symbols as they are used by composers today and the allied subjects of interpretation, inadequacies in traditional notation, reform and new systems." This paper does not include ethnomusicological, computer, or analytical notations." Houston, Robert. "Contemporary Analysis of Selected keybaord Compositions of Chopin, Brahms, and Franck as Translated by Clair Omar Musser, Earl Hatch, and Frank MacCallum together with Three Recital Works by Bartok, Crumb, Myoshi, Kraft, and Others." DMA Dissertation, North Texas State University, 1980. Matthews, Neil. "George Crumb's Makrocosmos Volumes I and II; Considerations for Performance, Including Observations by David Burge, Robert Miller, and Lambert Orkis." DMA Dissertation, University of Oklahoma, 1981. McGee, William. "Textural and Timbre as Formal Determinants in Selected Music of George Crumb." Master's Thesis, University of Arizona, 1979. . "An Expanded Concept of Timbre and its Structural Significance with a timbral Analysis of George Crumb's Night of Four Moons." Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Arizona, 1982. Ott, David. "The Role of Texture and Timbre in the Music of George Crumb." Doctoral Dissertation, University of Kentucky, 1983. Reuter, Rocky. "Part I: Evocation as a Compositional Device, Part II: Concerto for Chamber Orchestra (Original Composition)." DMA Composition, Ohio State University, 1986. Rouse, Christopher. "The Music of George Crumb: Stulistic Metamorphosis as Reflected in the Lorca Cycle." DMA Composition, Cornell University, 1977. Sams, Carol Lee. "Solo writing in Selected Works of Berio, Crumb and Rochberg." DMA Dissertation, University of Washington, 1975. Schultz, Donna. "Set Theory and its Application to Compositions by Five 20th Century Composers." Ph.D. Dissertation, Michigan State University, 1979. Shuffett, Robert. "The Music, 1971-75, of George Crumb: A Stylistic Analysis." DMA Dissertation, Peabody Conservatory, 1979. Simoni, Mary. "Computer Analysis of Atonal Music: An Application Program Using Set Theory." Ph.D. Dissertation, Michigan State University, 1983. Synnestvedt, Peter. "A Study of Three Contemporary American Works for Orchestra (Bassett, Crumb, and Schuller)." DMA Dissertation, University of Cincinnati, 1987. Takenouchi, Aleksei. "Numbers and Proportions in George Crumb's Solo Piano Compositions." DMA Dissertation, Northwestern University, 1987.

35. Crumb, George (Harper's Magazine)
THINGS CONNECTED TO “crumb, george”. HUMAN BEINGS crumb. Makrokosmos, vol. 2. Twelve fantasypieces after the zodiac for amplified piano (Sound
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Crumb, George
SUBJECT OF 2 Reviews from 1977
HUMAN BEINGS Bach, Johann Sebastian Beethoven, Ludwig van Berglund, Paavo Kleiber, Carlos ... Shostakovich, Dmitri¦i Dmitrievich MUSIC Star-child (Music) SOUND RECORDINGS Bach: Organ works, vols. 1 and 2 (Sound recording) Beethoven: Symphony no. 7 (Sound recording) ... Lost souls by F. Joseph Spieler
Music/Review, September 1977 , 3 pp. Harper's Magazine is an American journal of literature, politics, culture, and the arts published from 1850. Subscriptions start at $16.97 a year.
About Harper's
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36. Crumb, George: Vox Balaenae: Squidco
Squidco sells avantgarde unusual, experimental, improvisational music CDs, magazines and books. Free shipping for all US orders.

37. George Crumb - Makrokosmos
george crumb wrote Makrokosmos in 1972 and 1973. These pieces constitute a massive and detailed exploration of the sounding possibilities of the piano.
George Crumb; Makrokosmos
George Crumb
24 fantasy pieces after the Zodiac for amplified piano
Margaret Leng Tan Alex Nowitz
Mode Records mode 142 [also available on DVD]
Duration: 63:06
part one
Primeval Sounds (Genesis I)
Pastorale (from the Kingdom of Atlantis, ca. 10,000 B.C.) Cricifixus [Symbol] part two The Phantom Gondolier Night-Spell I Music of Shadows (for Aeolian Harp) The Magic Circle of Infinity (Moto perpetuo) [Symbol] part three The Abyss of Time Spring-Fire Dream Images (Love-Death Music) Spiral Galaxy [Symbol] VOLUME 2 part one Morning Music (Genesis II) The Mystic Chord Rain-death Variations part two Ghost-Nocturne: for the Druids of Stonehenge (Night-Spell II) Gargoyles Tora! Tora! Tora! (Cadenza Apocalittica) A Prophecy of Nostradamus [Symbol] part three Cosmic Wind Voices from "Corona Borealis" Litany of the Galactic Bells Agnus Dei [Symbol] George Crumb
wrote Makrokosmos in 1972 and 1973. These pieces constitute a massive and detailed exploration of the sounding possibilities of the piano. In one of his jotted-down notes Crumb Johan Sebastian Bach Das Wohltemperierte Klavier s Franz Liszt Trancendental Etudes Dmitry Shostakovich etcetera. Naturally

38. George Crumb Sheet Music - Sheet Music Plus
Browse 49 items by george crumb at Sheet Music Plus, the world s largest retailer of sheet music, songbooks, songs, tabs, piano vocal chords, music scores, Crumb.html
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george crumb MP3 Downloads offers legal george crumb music downloads as well as all of your favorite george crumb music videos.
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George Crumb
George Crumb
Expand [+] dojo.byId('bio2').innerHTML = 'American modern composer George Crumb is known for his innovative means of composition, including his use of numerology and new playing techniques to generate keyboard and orchestral pieces like...'; Genre: Classical
Formed: October 24, 1929
Makrokosmos, Vol. 1-2
released: on
recent albums date score reviews Makrokosmos, Vol. 3: Music for a Summer Evening n/a Ancient Voices of Children n/a n/a mboxCreate('mp3-summaryleft'); mboxCreate('mp3-summaryleft');

40. Reviews - George Crumb - Classical Music Recordings - CD, DVD, SACD Review Digest for Works by george crumb george crumb 70th Birthday Album StarChild; Mundus Canis (A Dog s World); Three Early Songs

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