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         Clarke Jeremiah:     more books (106)
  1. Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem: Vocal Score (Church Music Society Publications)
  2. Thematic Catalog of the Works of Jeremiah Clarke by Thomas F. Taylor, 1977-01
  3. Jeremiah Dummer: Colonial Craftsman and Merchant, 1645-1718 (Da Capo Press Series in Architecture and Decorative Art, V.) by Herman F. Clarke, 1970-06
  4. Trumpet Voluntary (Alfred Masterwork Edition)
  5. Miscellaneous Keyboard Pieces by Jeremiah Clarke, 2003
  6. The Island Princess: British Library Add. MS 15318, a Semi-Opera (Music for London Entertainment 1660-1800) (v. 2) by Jeremiah Clarke, 1985-01
  7. Parochial music corrected. Containing remarks on the performance of psalmody in country churches, To which are added, a scarce and valuable collection ... Blow, Dr Croft, and Mr Jeremiah Clarke; ... by William Riley, 2010-06-16
  9. Two Trumpet Voluntaries [Z. S124, Z. S125]. < Henry Purcell [or rather, Jeremiah Clarke]. > Arranged for two pianos, eight hands by Virginia Speiden Carper by Henry Purcell, 1968
  10. Jeremiah Clarke: Trumpet Voluntary For Brass Octet (Just Brass No.3) (Music Sales America) by Jeremiah Clarke, 1992-02-01
  11. Jeremiah Clarke: Trumpet Voluntary (Ratcliffe) (Music Sales America) by Jeremiah Clarke, 2006-07-01
  12. Suite de Clarke. Arranged for trumpet and piano by Nigel Davison. [Score and part.] by Jeremiah Clarke, 1974
  13. Trumpet Voluntary Organ and Trumpet
  14. The Prince of Denmark's March by Jeremiah Clarke, 1966

1. Jeremiah Clarke - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Thought to have been born in London in 1674, Clarke was a pupil of John Blow at St Paul s Cathedral. He later became organist at the Chapel Royal.
Jeremiah Clarke
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Jeremiah Clarke (c. December 1 ) was an English baroque composer Thought to have been born in London in , Clarke was a pupil of John Blow at St Paul's Cathedral . He later became organist at the Chapel Royal . "A violent and hopeless passion for a very beautiful lady of a rank superior to his own" caused him to commit suicide by shooting himself. Before shooting himself, he also considered hanging himself and drowning himself. He was succeeded in his post by William Croft Clarke is now best remembered for the popular keyboard piece attributed to him, the Prince of Denmark's March , commonly called the Trumpet Voluntary and attributed for a long time to Henry Purcell . The piece is actually taken from the semi-opera The Island Princess , a joint musical production of Clarke and Daniel Purcell (Henry Purcell's younger brother), which is probably the reason for the confusion.
edit Works
  • Harpsichord and Organ Music Masses and other religious music (including 20 anthems and several odes) Prize Piece: Prince of Denmark's March from The Island Princess , popularly known as "Trumpet Voluntary", circa 1699
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2. Jeremiah Clarke --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Britannica online encyclopedia article on Jeremiah Clarke English organist and composer, mainly of religious music. His Trumpet Voluntary was once
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Jeremiah Clarke
Page 1 of 1 born c. 1674, London, Eng.
died Dec. 1, 1707, London English organist and composer, mainly of religious music. His Trumpet Voluntary was once attributed to Henry Purcell. Clarke, Jeremiah... (75 of 97 words) To read the full article, activate your FREE Trial Commonly Asked Questions About Jeremiah Clarke Close Enable free complete viewings of Britannica premium articles when linked from your website or blog-post. Now readers of your website, blog-post, or any other web content can enjoy full access to this article on Jeremiah Clarke , or any Britannica premium article for free, even those readers without a premium membership. Just copy the HTML code fragment provided below to create the link and then paste it within your web content. For more details about this feature, visit our Webmaster and Blogger Tools page Copy and paste this code into your page var dc_UnitID = 14; var dc_PublisherID = 15588; var dc_AdLinkColor = '009900'; var dc_adprod='ADL'; var dc_open_new_win = 'yes'; var dc_isBoldActive= 'no';

3. Jeremiah Clarke - Wikipedia
Translate this page Clarke war 1695 Organist und Chormeister an der von Christopher Wren neu erbauten Saint Paul s Cathedral in London. 1703 wurde er dort Knabenchormeister.
Jeremiah Clarke
aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklop¤die
Wechseln zu: Navigation Suche Jeremiah Clarke (* um 1. Dezember in London ) war ein englischer Komponist
Bearbeiten Biographie
Clarke war 1695 Organist und Chormeister an der von Christopher Wren neu erbauten Saint Paul's Cathedral in London . 1703 wurde er dort Knabenchormeister. Er komponierte zwar haupts¤chlich Kirchenmusik, schrieb aber auch viele Lieder f¼r die B¼hne sowie Triumphmusik zur Feier der Siege des Duke of Marlborough im Spanischen Erbfolgekrieg Er ist der wahre Komponist des Prince of Denmark March , jenes beliebten Musikst¼ckes, das lange Zeit unter der Bezeichnung Trumpet Voluntary f¤lschlicherweise Henry Purcell zugeschrieben wurde. Tats¤chlich stammt dieser Marsch wohl aus der Semi-Oper The Island Princess , einer musikalischen Gemeinschaftsarbeit von Clarke und Daniel Purcell , Henry Purcells j¼ngerem Bruder. Clarke beging 1707 in London Selbstmord.
Bearbeiten Werke
  • Trumpet Voluntary (urspr¼nglicher Titel: The Prince of Denmark's March
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Personendaten NAME Clarke, Jeremiah

4. Jeremiah Clarke Sheet Music And Guitar Tab Downloads & Songbooks At Musicnotes.c
Trumpet Voluntary. Jeremiah Clarke, Walter H Barnes. String Ensemble, $4.95 Composer By Jeremiah Clarke / arr. James D. Ployhar Clarke

5. Jeremiah Clarke | Classical Music Composer
About classical music composer Jeremiah Clarke life, biography, compositions, sheet music, recordings, CDs, books.
Jeremiah Clarke
See also: English composers Baroque composers Born: ca. (England) Died: 1 December (England) Sheet music Music Biography Shop ... FREE Classical MP3! Download 25 tracks from eMusic — Vast collection — No Restrictions — Own Your Music! Reactions [No reactions yet.] Add your reaction Title: Comments: Note: HTML code will be filtered out. Comments will appear on the website immediately after submission, but will be moderated. Reactions should be between 50 and 2000 characters long. [Phonetic spelling (mp3)] Please copy the above security text: Contributions by: mugillan
Sheet music
Below is a selection of scores available at Find more scores by Jeremiah Clarke → select instrument ← Show all Piano Organ Harpsichord Guitar Violin Viola Cello Double bass Gamba Recorder Piccolo Flute Oboe English horn Saxophone Clarinet Bassoon Trumpet French horn Trombone Tuba Percussion Voice Vocal Choir Band Orchestra Show results (max.) [details ←] Trumpet Voluntary Piano, Trumpet, [details ←] Trumpet Voluntary Piano, Trumpet, Organ

6. Sheet Music Plus - Clarke Jeremiah Search Results
Trumpet Voluntary By Jeremiah Clarke (c. 16741707), arranged by C. Kingsbury. Set of performance parts (includes separate pull-out brass parts) for Bb bass Jeremiah

7. London And Middlesex Quarterly Meeting Marriages Transcribed By
Ingram Susannah 1712 Clarke Benjamin Ingram Susanna 3d 1m 1712 Clarke Edward 25d 4m 1700 clarke jeremiah Peabody Sarah 2d June 1681 clarke jeremiah
London and Middlesex Quarterly Meeting Marriages Transcribed by Arthur Hopkins 27-Oct-02 Groom Surname Groom Name Bride Surname Bride Name Wedding Date Allcock William Burtonwood Hannah 19d 6m 1701 Anderson Thomas Lawrence Ann 26d 6m 1668 Applebie William Hunt Mary 29d 10m 1674 Arpwood Thomas Cross Christian 13d 11m 1703 Barclay David Taylor Ann 12d 4m 1707 Barclay Robert Brain Elizabeth 6d 6m 1696 Barnard James Marryot Anna 23d 7m 1697 Basham Benjamin Giles Constance 26d 9m 1719 Bealing Benjamin Dowdry Cordelia 13d 12m 1706 Bealing Benjamin Latherup Elizabeth 30/31d 6m 1693 Brain James Clark Mary 20d 5m 1685 Braine James Clark Mary 20d 5m 1686 Brinton William Robins Rebekah 20d 11m 1666 Brown John Clark Mary 13d 6m 1685 Brown John Clark Mary 13d 6m 1685 Burgis John Clarke Isabella 17d 11m 1710 Burgis John Clarke Isabella 1710 Butcher Edward Hopkins Mary 22d 3m 1729 Butcher Thomas Robins Rebecca 5d 12m 1707 Catchpool Zachariah Clark Mary 1725 Chandler William Clerke Hannah 20d 6m 1678 Chandler William Clarke Hannah 20d 6m 1678 Chaplin Daniel Warner Sarah 18d 12m 1690 Clark Jeremiah Jones Christian 10d 9m 1662 Clark Joseph Horrensma Elizabeth 7d 10m 1682 Clark Richard Neighen Mary 11or17d 11m 1705 Clark William Wheeler Mabell 5d 11m 1665 Clarke Abraham Schtchford Susanna or Mary 27d 6m 1691 Clarke Abraham Scotchford Susannah 27d 6m 1691 Clarke Benj. Ingram Susannah 1712 Clarke Benjamin Ingram Susanna 3d 1m 1712 Clarke Edward Raynor Judith 10d 10m 1685 Clarke George Dolight Elizabeth 30d 11m 1700/1 Clarke George Delight Elizabeth 30d 11m 1700 Clarke James Woodcock Hannah 25d 4m 1700 Clarke James Woodcock Hannah 25d 4m 1700 Clarke James Woodcock Hannah 25d 4m 1700 Clarke Jeremiah Peabody Sarah 2d June 1681 Clarke Jeremiah Peabody Sarah 2d 4m 1681 Clarke Jeremiah Watson Mary 13d 4m 1767 Clarke Jeremiah Jones Christian 10d 9m 1662 Clarke Jeremiah Watson Mary 13d 4m 1676 Clarke John Mathews Mary 1d 4m 1669 Clarke John Hallifax Frances 30d 4m 1691 Clarke John Keale Sarah 10d 11m 1665 Clarke John Keate Sarah 4d 11m 1665 Clarke John Mathews Mary 1d 4m 1669 Clarke Jona. Kettle Mary 1721 Clarke Jonathan Bray Susannah 19d 9m 1691 Clarke Joseph Horrensina Elizabeth 7d 10m 1682 Clarke Joseph Harding Elizabeth 23d 9m 1708 Clarke Michael Anns Mary 18d 2m 1700 Clarke Michael Anns Mary 18d 2m 1700 Clarke Richard Taylor Sarah 13d 4m 1678 Clarke Robert Soar Sarah 20d 6m 1696 Clarke Robert Soar Sarah 20d Aug 1696 Clarke Saml. Langford Anne 2d Jul 1706 Clarke Samuel Langford Anne 2d 5m 1706 Clarke Thomas Clifton Elizabeth 19d 1m 1695/6 Clarke Thomas Salmon Elinor 11d 3m 1699 Clarke Thomas Salmon Elenor 11d 3m 1699 Clarke Thomas Cliffton Elizabeth 19d 1m 1695/6 Clarke William Wicks Mary 17d 8m 1710 Clarke William Wheeler Mabell 5d 11m 1665 Clarke William Beech Ssanna 27d 6m 1668 Clarke Wm. Wheeler Mabell 5d 11m 1665 Clarke Wm. Booth Susanna 20d 6m 1668 Coker Nicholas Robins Alice 16d 10m 1681 Cole Abel Clarke Mary 30d 7m 1697 Cole Abel Clarke Mary 30d Sep 1697 Coleman William Robins Mary 21d 11m 1719 Colley William Ward Elizabeth 4d 8m 1674 Cooley Henry Marryott Rebecca 2d 8m 1707 Crawley Benjamin Robins Sarah 28d 10m 1693 Cross Edward Edge Frances 26d 6m 1707 Cross John Bayley Mary 19d 7m 1678 Cross Paul Thompson Mary 21d 4m 1677 Cross Robert Serrel Sarah 6d 6m 1685 Danks Thomas Grice Elizabeth 7d 8m 1701 Denton John Wright Mary 3d 2m 1679 Draper Nathaniel Robins Ann 2d 11m 1695 Edge John Clarke Frances 22d 5m 1697 Elkington Thomas Gill Sarah 17d 5m 1711 Ellis Robert Clarke Sarah 11d 9m 1718 Ellis Robert Clarke Sarah 1718 Fellowes Thomas Hopkins Sarah 31d 5m 1701 Gerrard Roger Hunt Sarah 5d 11m 1681 Giles William Cox Constance 9d 12m 1685/6 Gill Philip Santon Sarah 15d 6m 1695 Gyll Thomas Tyers Hannah 29d 11m 1679 Haddon John Clarke Elizabeth 3d 6m 1676 Haddon John Clarke Elizabeth 3d 6m 1676 Hadwen John Southgate Sarah 2d 7m 1712 Hadwen John Rain Joanna 11d 2m 1711 Haines John Emmerson Mary 9d 1m 1707/8 Harding Walter Cross Sarah 12d 2m 1705 Hayman Thomas Stuchbury Sarah 10d 12m 1701 Healey James Cross Mary 27d 9m 1701 Herbert Samuel Gill Elizabeth 17d 2m 1688 Heywood John Warne Elizabeth 28d 6m 1679 Hipkis John Turner Mary 28d 4m 1687 Hodgkins John Wage Roberta 15d 4m 1671 Hopkins Anthony Lund Mary 6d 1m 1710/11 Hopkins Benedict Pratt Mary 22d 10m 1674 Hopkins Benjamin Haddon Sarah 29d 6m 1706 Hopkins John Turner Mary 28d 4m 1687 Hopkins Mathew Lively Anne 1d 9m 1705 Hopkins William Warner Ann 11d 1m 1696/7 Hore Edward Hadwen Sarah 30d 5m 1702 Horn Henry Giles Chason 10d 9m 1687 Hoskings James Banfield Martha 6d 1m 1683/4 Hutchens John Clark Susanna 1717 Hutchins John Clark Susan 13d 12m 1717 Jefferson Henry Smith Joane 6d 11m 1668 Lane Josiah Warner Margaret 15d 7m 1698 Lawrance James Partridge Sarah 4d 11m 1709 Lawrance James Rash Ann 6d 3m 1696 Lawrance William Hopkins Mary 24d Dec 1695 Lawrence Thomas Annis Mary 10or20d 10m 1677 Lawrence Thomas Raper Mary 12d 4m 1667 Lloyd Samuel Haddon Mary 25d 5m 1710 Lurting Thomas Pettrem Elinor 3d 6m 1699 Marriott Jacob Meade Elizabeth 26d 6m 1684 Marriott Joshua Goodlack Mary 9d 12m 1681 Marryott Isaac Marsh Jane 9d 4m 1709 Marryott Jacob Goodman Elinor 1d 2m 1708 Martin Ffrancis Clark Sarah 23d 4m 1687 Martin Francis Clark Sarah 23d 4m 1687 Martin Henry Hunt Mary 13d 7m 1687 Meade William Lawrence Mary 27d 3m 1675 Messer Joseph Hopkins Elizabeth 14d 6m (Aug) 1746 Miller John Stoakes Elizabeth 2d 9m 1693 Milman Judah Robins Ann 4d 8m 1683 Milner Richard Lawrance Susanna 27d 7m 1677 Molton George Wright Grace 15d 1m 1680 Moore Richard Warner Sarah 10d 12m 1680 Newberry Richd. Ward Frances 24d 1m 1697/8 Padley John Lambe Sarah 3d 4m 1697 Reeve Peter Wright Susanah 6d 12m 1700 Roake John Warner Rebecca 12d 5m 1715 Robins James Barret Mary 28d 8or9m 1690 Robins Jasper Travers Sarah 9d 1m 1675 Robins John Constantine Hellen 6d 1m 1693/4 Robins John Cross Jane 16d 10m 1702 Robins Richard Snow Elizabeth 7d 7m 1703 Roper John Clarke Anne 27d 10m 1667 Roper John Clarke Anne 20d 10m 1667 Saerch John Hunt Mary 25d 12m 1705 Salmon Thomas Lurting Elliner 30d 3m 1689 Sandford Henry Warner Elizabeth 28d 9m 1678 Snooke Henry Field Rebekah 26d 7m 1669 Speakman Randal Ward Anne 8d 1m 1669 Stanley William Simons Mary 11d 2m 1689 Sterry Thomas Ellis Mary 3d 2m 1694 Sterry Thomas Wasey Elizabeth 8d 8m 1696 Stuchberry John Collins Mary 25d 5m 1669 Stuchbury Giles Tayler Sarah 21d 10m 1677 Swallow Joseph Jefferson Margt. 25d 11m 1693 Tailor John Lawrence Sarah 11d 7m 1672 Thomas Sarah Hunt Mary 10d 10m 1696 Tiddeman Edmund Patterson Mary 30d 7m 1679 Todd Henry Ward Anne 2d 10m 1680 Tomlinson Joseph Foster Martha 2d 7m 1680 Tuchberry Giles Winstanley Elizabeth 15d 1m 1680 Tyler Thomas Warner Mary 25d 7m 1667 Ward Ralph Green Margaret 6d 1m 1678 Ward Richard Ayres Mary 5d 4m 1661 Warner Edmund Middleton Rachel 14d 9m 1671 Warner Edward Hankin Mary 30d 3m 1689 Warner John Parkin Sarah 27d 12m 1715 Warner John Banckes Sarah 4d 12m 1691/2 Wasse James Woodward Mary 22d 9m 1664 Wasse James Venour Mary 14d 3m 1678 Wassey Joseph Ward Elizabeth 22d 4m 1669 West George Hunt Sarah 3d 12m 1712/13 Winter John Crow Elizabeth 18d 6m 1696 Winter William Mason Joanna 7d 11m 1695 Wright Thomas Redding Mary 27d 6m 1677

8. Trumpet March Tab By Clarke Jeremiah @ 911Tabs - Tabs Search Engine
Accurate Trumpet March guitar tab, bass tab, drum tab, piano tab, power tab, guitar pro tab, chords by clarke jeremiah @ 911Tabs.Com tabs search engine.
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Trumpet March tab :
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9. HPL /All Locations
clarke jeremiah 1669 1707. 1, Airs, harpsichord, D major See Prince Eugene s march. 2, Airs, Trumpet, D Major; Arr. 1984. p1984,12/search/a?Clarke, Jeremiah, 16

10. Learning: WQXR
Biography showing his progression as chorister, organist, and composer, confusion of him and Purcell, his suicide, and noted works from the Grove Concise

11. Jeremiah Clarke Biography. Download Classical Music By Jeremiah Clarke
jeremiah clarke (1674 1707) Classical music and classical hit collection. Compilations of jeremiah clarke classics and listen to its finest classical
The World's Leading Classical Music Label
Naxos Worldwide Sites: Choose Country Global Site Australia Canada China Denmark Finland France Germany Hong Kong Japan Korea New Zealand Norway Sweden UK USA E-mail Password New Releases Artists Composers Labels ... C
The English composer Jeremiah Clarke belongs to the generation following that of Henry Purcell. He was a member of the Chapel Royal and later a vicar-choral at St. Paul's Cathedral. In 1704 he became joint organist with Dr. Croft of the Chapel Royal, but went out of his mind and shot himself in 1707. He wrote a quantity of music for the church and songs and incidental music for the theatre, as well as various instrumental pieces. Instrumental Music Jeremiah Clarke's best known composition is his Trumpet Voluntary, once attributed to Purcell. It forms part of a suite for wind instruments with the original title of The Prince of Denmark's March.

Chamber Music BRIDE'S GUIDE TO WEDDING MUSIC (A) Chamber Music ENKELIN AANIN (Angel's Voices) Chamber Music PERFECT AUTUMN WEDDING Instrumental WEDDING MUSIC Chamber Music WEDDING Music till brollop och andrea festiga tillfallen (Music for Weddings and Other Occasions) Instrumental
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12. HOASM: Jeremiah Clarke
clarke published it with the title The Prince of Denmark s March in a collection of harpsichord pieces in 1700; but clarke also included it among some
Jeremiah Clarke [Clark, Clerk]
(ca.1673 - 1707)
English composer. A chorister of the Chapel Royal under John Blow in London by 1685 through 1692?. Held the post of' organist at Winchester College from 1692 until 1695. From 1699 was vicar-choral, then organist, then almoner and Master of the Choristers (succeeding his teacher John Blow in 1704) at St. Paul's Cathedral, London. In addition, from 1700 was a Gentleman Extraordinary of the Chapel Royal and from 1704 until his death (by suicide) organist there (jointly with William Croft ). He composed services and anthems (among the latter are Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem and Bow Down Thine Ear ); psalms and hymns; ceremonial odes ( Come, Come Along for a Dance and a Song, composed in 1695 on Henry Purcell 's death), much music for plays and other stage works ( The World in the Moon, The Island Princess, 1699); and instrumental music (a number of keyboard works in The Harpsichord Master, London, 1702). He is best known for a Trumpet Voluntary arranged for trumpet and organ by Henry Wood and attributed by Wood to Purcell. Clarke published it with the title "The Prince of Denmark's March" in a collection of harpsichord pieces in 1700; but Clarke also included it among some pieces for winds.
A Partial Jeremiah Clarke Discography
VIIA: Henry Purcell and his Contemporaries

13. Baroque Composers
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14. Howstuffworks "Clarke, Jeremiah - Encyclopedia Entry"
Learn about clarke, jeremiah. Read our encyclopedia entry on clarke, jeremiah. RSS Make HowStuffWorks your homepage Get Newsletter Search HowStuffWorks and the web:
Humanities Music Biographies ... British Composers Learn about British Composers and get biographical information on British Composers. Related Categories:
REFERENCE LINKS PRINT EMAIL Clarke, Jeremiah Clarke, Jeremiah (1669?-1707), was a British composer and organist. He is remembered for his "Trumpet Voluntary" (1700), a work for harpsichord once thought to be composed by another British composer, Henry Purcell. The piece was originally called "The Prince of Denmark's March." Clarke also composed church and theater music as well as cantatas, anthems, and odes.
Related Topics: Blow, John (1649?-1708), was an outstanding English composer of church music. He wrote more than 100 anthems and 13 church services. He also... Stanford, Sir Charles Villiers (1852-1924), was a British composer, conductor, and teacher. He is best known for his operas, religious choral... Gibbons, Orlando (1583-1625), was an English composer and musician. He is primarily known for his church music, which consists of anthems, psalms,... Walton, Sir William

15. Clarke, Jeremiah - Naxos Direct
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Clarke, Jeremiah
CLARKE, JEREMIAH (1674 - 1707)
The English composer Jeremiah Clarke belongs to the generation following that of Henry Purcell. He was a member of the Chapel Royal and later a vicar-choral at St. Paul's Cathedral. In 1704 he became joint organist with Dr. Croft of the Chapel Royal, but went out of his mind and shot... (more info) The English composer Jeremiah Clarke belongs to the generation following that of Henry Purcell. He was a member of the Chapel Royal and later a vicar-choral at St. Paul's Cathedral. In 1704 he became joint organist with Dr. Croft of the Chapel Royal, but went out of his mind and shot himself in 1707. He wrote a quantity of music for the church and songs and incidental music for the theatre, as well as various instrumental pieces.

16. Clarke, Jeremiah - MP3 Music Downloads At EMusic
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17. Jeremiah Clarke
Biography includes cause of death and misattribution of music. Also links to related information and for purchase of music, books, and CDs.
Composers C
Jeremiah Clarke (1674-1707) According to The New Penguin Dictionary of Music , Jeremiah Clarke was an English composer, pupil of Blow; organist, e.g. at St Paul's Cathedral, London. Disappointed in love, he shot himself. Composed church and stage music, choral setting of "Alexander's Feast" (Dryden) etc., and also harpsichord pieces amongst which occurs "The Prince of Denmark's March" which is widely known as "Trumpet Voluntary", sometimes with a misattribution to Henry Purcell
Sheet Music:
  • Trumpet Voluntary , Descant/Treble/Tenor/Bass
  • 2. More sheet music at
    Midi World Early Music
    midis for A. Cabezon and J. Clarke
    CCD: Clarke, Jeremiah (ca. 1674-1707)
    , biography etc.
    Clarke, Jeremiah (c. 1674 - 1707)
    , biography and works by
    Thematic Catalog of the Works of Jeremiah Clarke by Thomas F. Taylor
    by Jeremiah Clarke Recorder Music CDs: Recorder Memories: Schwanewede Recorder Consort by The Schwanewede Recorder Consort

    18. Jeremiah Clarke Cds And Mp3s. Worldwide Mail Order. 24 Hour Dispatch.
    clarke, jeremiah. CDs by clarke, jeremiah. Trumpet voluntary. £11.95. Royalty free classical music track. Recorded in MP3 at 320kbps (not 192) May be used

    19. MusicMoz - Composition: Composers: C: Clarke, Jeremiah
    jeremiah clarke. Years. 1674 1707 Top » Composition » Composers » C » clarke, jeremiah. Subcategories. Links (4). This category needs an editor,_Jeremiah/
    Jeremiah Clarke
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    20. Shockwave-Sound.Com - Clarke, Jeremiah
    Royalty free background music, buyout music loops. Listen online, purchase on secure server, use as much as you like. Delivered by instant download,
    View Cart License Contact Home ... Ready-made collections Clarke, Jeremiah Jeremiah Clarke (1674-1707)
    English composer
    Best known for Trumpet Voluntary (aka Prince of Denmark's March), that for a long time was attributed to Henry Purcell. List all tracks by this composer Search music or sfx:
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