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         Cavalli Pier Francesco:     more detail
  1. Descrizione della presa d'Argo e de gli amori di Linceo con Hipermestra: festa teatrale rappresentata dal signor principe cardinal Gio. Carlo di Toscana ... Roma, per celebrare il na (Italian Edition) by Orazio Ricasoli Rucellai, Pier Francesco Cavalli, 2010-06-14
  2. Rosinda: An opera by Pier Francesco Cavalli, 1973
  3. L'Ormindo;: Opera in two acts (Faber music) by Pier Francesco Cavalli, 1969
  4. Cavalli by Jane Glover, 1978-03
  5. Vespers at St. Mark's: Music of Alessandro Grandi, Giovanni Rovetta, and Francesco Cavalli (Studies in musicology) by James Harold Moore, 1981
  6. The autograph manuscripts of Francesco Cavalli by Peter Jeffery, 1980
  7. Aspects of the aria in the early operas of Francesco Cavalli by Bjørn Hjelmborg, 1962

1. Pier Francesco Cavalli
Pier Francesco Cavalli. Born 1602. Died 1676. Nationality Italian. Era Baroque. Main genre. Main works. Brief biography
Virginia Tech Multimedia Music Dictionary Composer Biographies
Pier Francesco Cavalli
Born: Died: Nationality: Italian Era: Baroque Main genre: Main works: Brief biography: Music Dictionary Home Composer Alphabetical Listing Composer Chronological Listing Composer Nationality Listing ... Appendix Index

2. Cavalli Pier Francesco - Search Results - Ninemsn Encarta
Cavalli, Pier Francesco (16021676), the leading Italian opera composer of the generation after Monteverdi. Born in Crema, he was a choirboy at .
var s_account="msnportalencartaau"; ninemsn Home Hotmail My ninemsn Sign in ... More Additional Reference Thesaurus Bilingual Dictionaries Sidebar Primary Resources Homework Resources Foreign Language Help Times Archive Literature Guides ... Project Starters Support Encarta Products Encarta Answers Encarta Worldwide Help ... Join Now Searched for ' Cavalli Pier Francesco' Encarta Articles Cavalli, Pier Francesco Cavalli, Pier Francesco (1602-1676), the leading Italian opera composer of the generation after Monteverdi. Born in Crema, he was a choirboy at ... ... The Sienese branch of the family continued to play a part in Church affairs, with three of them being made cardinals: Pier Maria (1600-1642),... See all search results in Encarta Articles (104) Encarta Multimedia Pier Francesco Cavalli: Calisto Francesco Sforza ... Eastbourne Pier See all search results in Encarta Multimedia (10) Windows Live® Search Results Britannica online encyclopedia article on Francesco Cavalli: the most important Italian composer of opera in the mid-17th century. PIER FRANCESCO CAVALLI, Biography, Discography See all search results in Windows Live® Search Results Advertisement
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4. Silver Platters
cavalli pier francesco. Products Found 39 Cavalli Vespero delle cinque Laudate, etc / Gini, et al. Dynamic (not USA) Import Country (not USA)[sn=34/

5. Requiem : Pier Francesco Cavalli
Pier Francesco Cavalli. Links . Requiem (). Text. Notes.
Pier Francesco Cavalli
Text Notes

6. CSU - Dominguez Hills Library
cavalli pier francesco 1602 1676 Calisto. Selections, 1996, 1. Cavalli Pier Franscesco 1602 1676 See Cavalli, Pier Francesco, 16021676 Molinelli, Pietro Achille, b. 1

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Pier Francesco Cavalli
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8. GayStation-Suche - Suchergebnisse "cavalli"
Translate this page GayMusic - cavalli pier francesco Arien und Duette aus 5 Opern naxos (18 Sep GayMusic - cavalli pier francesco Amori d Apollo e di Dafne Naxos 2006 (27

9. Pier Franceso Cavalli
He was taken to Venezia by a wealthy patron when he was only 14 pier francesco was an outstanding singer - and took on the patron s name, cavalli,
When he was born 1602 in Crema, his name was Pier Francesco Caletti. He was taken to Venezia by a wealthy patron when he was only 14 - Pier Francesco was an outstanding singer - and took on the patron's name, Cavalli, as a sign of gratitude. He started as organist at San Zipolo, then was contracted as a singer and later on as an organist at San Marco. Finally he became maestro di cappella and thus Monteverdi's successor. He died in Venezia in 1676 as a wealthy man. Cavalli has, of course, met Monteverdi. After all, Monteverdi was his boss at San Marco, and they worked together on a few other occasions, too. It is obvious that Cavalli was influenced by Him who was already seen as the greatest composer of the time. After Monteverdi's death, Cavalli succeeded him on that throne. He was even invited to Paris to write a festive opera for the wedding of Louis XIV, Ercole Amante - a rare honour indeed, but for some obscure reason, he was almost completely forgotten until not so long ago. Cavalli's operas carry on the master's style although his later works reflect a general development towards what would become the typical style of baroque opera, i.e. a regular succession of recitativo - aria - rectitativo - aria etc. At least he didn't give in to the new fashion of da capo arias, i.e. arias divided into three parts where the third part was only a more elaborate version of the first, allowing the singer to show off their

10. Francesco Cavalli --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Britannica online encyclopedia article on francesco cavalli the most important original name pier francesco CalettiBruni the most important Italian
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Francesco Cavalli
Page 1 of 1 born Feb. 14, 1602, Crema, Republic of Venice [Italy]
died Jan. 14, 1676, Venice original name Pier Francesco Caletti-Bruni the most important Italian composer of opera in the mid-17th century. The son of Gian Battista Caletti-Bruni, he assumed the name of his Venetian patron Federico Cavalli. In December 1616 he became a singer in the choir of St. Mark's, Venice, under Claudio Monteverdi , whose opera Orfeo Cavalli, Francesco... (75 of 273 words) To read the full article, activate your FREE Trial

11. Baroque Composers
cavalli, pier francesco. (16021676) Wikipedia francesco cavalli HOASM francesco cavalli Caletti pier francesco cavalli
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12. Pietro Francesco Cavalli: Biography And Much More From
pier francesco cavalli. (born Feb. 14, 1602, Crema, Republic of Venice — died Jan. 14, 1676, Venice) Italian opera composer. In his teens he was a singer
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Pietro Francesco Cavalli
  • Born February 14, 1602 in Cremona, Italy Died January 14, 1676 in Venice, Italy Period: Baroque (1600-1749) Country: Italy Genres: Opera
After Monteverdi 's death, Pietro Cavalli became the leading opera composer in Venice. Tremendously popular during his lifetime, he was soon forgotten after his death, and his operas vanished from the stage until their resurrection toward the end of the twentieth century. Cavalli's father, G.B. Caletti, was probably his first music teacher. Federico Cavalli, the Venetian governor of Crema whose name Cavalli eventually adopted, was taken with young Francesco's voice and brought him back to Venice with him at the end of his term. Cavalli entered the cappella of St. Mark's in Venice as a boy soprano in 1616. After his voice changed, he remained in the cappella as a tenor.

13. Francesco Cavalli - Wikipédia
Translate this page francesco cavalli, de son vrai nom pier francesco Caletti-Bruni (né le 14 février 1602 à Crema, dans la province de Crémone, en Lombardie - mort le 14
Francesco Cavalli
Un article de Wikip©dia, l'encyclop©die libre.
Aller   : Navigation Rechercher Francesco Cavalli Francesco Cavalli , de son vrai nom Pier Francesco Caletti-Bruni (n© le 14 f©vrier Crema , dans la province de Cr©mone , en Lombardie - mort le 14 janvier Venise ) fut un compositeur et organiste italien. Il avait pris pour pseudonyme le nom d'un noble v©nitien qui ©tait son m©c¨ne.
  • Biographie Œuvre et influence Liste des compositions
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    Il devint chanteur   la basilique Saint-Marc de Venise en 1616, puis second organiste en 1639, premier organiste en 1665 et enfin ma®tre de chapelle en 1668. Malgr© cette longue carri¨re de musicien d'©glise, il est surtout connu pour ses op©ras. Il commen§a   ©crire pour la sc¨ne lyrique en 1639 ( Le Nozze di Teti e di Peleo ), et acquit tr¨s vite une renomm©e telle qu'il fut invit©   Paris en 1660 pour y produire l'op©ra Serse . Il revint d'ailleurs   Paris en 1662, montant la repr©sentation de son Ercole amante au Louvre, cette œuvre ayant ©t© ©crite   l'occasion du mariage de Louis XIV. Il mourut   Venise.

14. GOLDBERG Cavalli, Pier Francesco La Gran Empresa De La ópera En
pier francesco cavalli started his collaboration with the S Cassiano barely two years after the birth of public opera, and for the next thirty years was the
In 1637 one saw in the “Gran Teatro del Mondo” a new form of performance, one never conceived previously: for the first time in Venice the doors were opened to an audience paying to attend a completely sung theatrical spectacle.
It was the birth of public opera, also to be called “mercenary”, so as to distinguish it from the court opera organized by rich princes and patrons purely to self-praise and exalt their own power and wealth, at their own expense and for a few invited VIPs.
What took place that year at the Teatro S Cassiano, at the initiative of two actor-musicians, Francesco Mannelli and Benedetto Ferrari (known as“dalla Tiorba”), was in reality the end-point of a long process of transformation, converging with the earlier experiences of the actor-singer companies of the commedia dell’arte, who had for some time already opened up in Venice and other cities their own audience-paying theatres called stanze. By Dinko Fabris. Translated by Patrick Reynolds Pier Francesco Cavalli started his collaboration with the S Cassiano barely two years after the birth of public opera, and for the next thirty years was the undisputed master of this type of performance.
All the Venetian operas were adapted to the Neapolitan taste, by musicians native to Naples who were in the service of the Armonici, and were staged in a sumptuous manner under the direction of the most important choreographer of the time, the Venetian, Balbi.

15. MusicMoz - Composition: Composers: C: Cavalli, Pier Francesco
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16. Xerse. Pier Francesco Cavalli
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17. (Pier) Francesco Cavalli - Britannica Concise Encyclopedia - HighBeam Research
Britannica Concise Encyclopedia (pier) francesco cavalli - From the HighBeam Research Archive.
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(Pier) Francesco Cavalli
Britannica Concise Encyclopedia
[orig. Pietro Francesco Caletti-Bruni maestro di cappella there in 1668. He wrote ... Read all of this article with a FREE trial OAS_AD( 'Right' ); 3,000 publications at your fingertips:

18. Cavalli, Pier Francesco (Harper's Magazine)
THINGS CONNECTED TO “cavalli, pier francesco”. HUMAN BEINGS. Bork, Hanneke van. Davia, Federico. Didier, Laura. Freni, Mirella. Garcisanz, Isabel
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Cavalli, Pier Francesco
SUBJECT OF 1 Review from 1969
HUMAN BEINGS Bork, Hanneke van Davia, Federico Didier, Laura Freni, Mirella ... Wakefield, John SOUND RECORDINGS Cavalli: L'Ormindo (Sound recording) Mascagni: L'amico Fritz (Sound recording) ... Singing beautifully by Discus
Music in the round/Review, August 1969 , 2 pp. Harper's Magazine is an American journal of literature, politics, culture, and the arts published from 1850. Subscriptions start at $16.97 a year.
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19. Pier Francesco Cavalli | Rough Guides Music | Find Articles At
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Pier Francesco Cavalli
Rough Guides Music November, 2001 Content provided
in partnership with By the middle of the seventeenth century the Venetian mania for opera was at its height, with sixteen opera houses in operation to satisfy public demand. Cavalli, a pupil of Monteverdi (from whom he learned a lyrical tenderness which he was to maintain throughout his career) was one of the first to exploit the situation: in 1639 he signed a contract with the Teatro San Cassiano which involved him in running the company as well as composing for it, a position that made him acutely sensitive to the needs of his audience. Cavalli was the first composer to set out to produce an accessible, repeatable operatic formula, and though he's not of the same stature as Monteverdi, his best works have a vitality and a dramatic atmosphere that makes them immediately engaging.

20. Catnip Through Cavalli, (Pier) Francesco - A-Z Browse - Britannica Concise
Alphabetic Browse. catnip through cavalli, (pier) francesco. Britannica Concise cavalli, (pier) francesco. Italian opera composer.
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catnip through Cavalli, (Pier) Francesco
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