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         Cage John:     more books (102)
  1. Difference / Indifference: Musings on Postmodernism, Marcel Duchamp and John Cage (Critical Voices in Art, Theory and Culture) by Moira Roth, Jonathan D Katz, 1998-10-01
  2. MUSICAGE: CAGE MUSES on Words * Art * Music by John Cage, Joan Retallack, 1996-01-15
  3. John Cage Ex(plain)ed by Richard Kostelanetz, 1996-04-01
  4. I-VI: MethodStructureIntentionDisciplineNotationIndeterminacy InterpenetrationImitationDevotionCircumstancesVariableStructure NonunderstandingContingencyInconsistencyPerformance ... (Statistics for Industry and Technology) by John Cage, 1997-10-15
  5. John Cage by John Cage, 1998-05-15
  6. John Cage: Works on paper, 1982-90 by John Cage, 1991
  7. John Cage's Theatre Pieces (Contemporary Music Studies) by William Fetterman, 1996-08-01
  9. John Cage: Writer: Selected Texts by Richard Kostelanetz, 2000-05-25
  10. Concorde in Massachusetts, Discord in the World: The Writings of Henry Thoreau and John Cage (American Culture) by Jannika Bock, 2008-09-24
  11. CageTalk: Dialogues with and about John Cage (Eastman Studies in Music) by Peter Dickinson, 2006-09-01
  12. John Cage (American Composers) by David Nicholls, 2007-11-26

41. John Cage Art Minimal & Conceptual Only
john cage used the IChing in his music, his art and his daily life. Chance played a great part in all of his work. Think of one question write it down -or
I Ching page
for John Cage :)
    J ohn Cage used the I-Ching in his music, his art and his daily life. Chance played a great part in all of his work. T hink of one question write it down -or keep it in your mind and read the abstract answer the I ching will give you at the link below. Never ask the same question twice
I Ching reading here
Main Index

42. John Cage (I)
Self American Masters john cage I Have Nothing to Say and I Am Saying It . Innovative Composer and pianist, educated at Pomona College, he studied.
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John Cage (I)
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Date of Birth: 5 September Los Angeles, California, USA more Date of Death: 12 August , New York, New York, USA (stroke) more Mini Biography: Innovative Composer and pianist, educated at Pomona College, he studied... more Trivia: His most (in)famous composition was 4' 33", consisting of musicans seated... more
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  • John Cage: From Zero End of the Art World Works of Calder Horror Dream ... Dreams That Money Can Buy
  • Actor:
  • C'est la vie, Rose
  • 43. The Mattress Factory Art Museum
    Photos of cage s installation at the Mattress Factory. (In collaboration with The Carnegie Museum of Art.)

    44. John Cage
    So important did cage s work eventually become in music history that even the Encyclopedia Britannica described him as a composer whose work and
    Composer Listing
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    Cage performs at The University of Maryland,
    Balitmore County 1981
    Archived Compositions
    Aria With Consort
    Composed Improvisation
    for solo snare drum
    (see The Noble Snare , Vol. 2)
    Credo in Us for 4 percussion Recording Eight Whiskus for solo violin Recordings Ryoanji for solo flute Recording Sonatas I, V, X, XII and 2nd Interlude for prepared piano Recording Interview Stuart Smith Interview Recording + Video
    b. 1912 -1992
    (Excerpts from Bakers Biographical Dictionary of Musicians) Highly inventive American composer, writer, philosopher and artist of ultramodern tendancies. So important did Cage's work eventually become in music history that even the Encyclopedia Britannica described him as a "composer whose work and revolutionary ideas profoundly influenced mid-20th century music." He studied composition in California with Adolph Weiss and Schoenberg and with Henry Cowell in NY. He developed Cowell's piano technique, making use of tone clusters and playing directly on the strings, and initiated a type of procedure to be called "prepared piano", which consisits of placing on the piano strings a variety of objects, such as screws, coins and rubber bands, which alter the tone color of individual piano keys.

    45. James Pritchett: Writings
    James Pritchett Writings on john cage (and others) This is the text that accompanies the recording john cage Complete Short Works for Prepared Piano
    James Pritchett: Writings on John Cage (and others)
    This site contains a selection of my writings, mostly about the music of composer John Cage, but also about other music, and some original poetry of mine.
    What's new
    • I'm digging into the archives here and adding some older texts that I just never got around to converting to HTML. First up: the notes for Cage's Five
    • I just added the notes I wrote for the new Mode Records release Centre Bridge , electroacoustic works by Frances White . This is the first CD devoted to Frances' works, which are remarkable and unique. Highly recommended! I added a page of information about me , for those who are interested. I also added a page with contact information I just added the notes I wrote for the new Mode Records 2-CD release of Cage's shorter works for prepared piano (Mode 180-181). This recording by Philipp Vandré is an excellent companion to Vandré's earlier release of Cage's Sonatas and interludes (also on Mode). This site is now hosted by Rose White Music , the website for composer Frances White.

    46. Internet Archive: Details: John Cage Interviewed By Jonathan Cott
    A lively 1963 interview of john cage by Jonathan Cott. The discussion covers several aspects of cage’s creative process and aesthetic.
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    John Cage Interviewed by Jonathan Cott (1963)
    This audio is available in streaming format embedding and help A lively 1963 interview of John Cage by Jonathan Cott. The discussion covers several aspects of Cage’s creative process and aesthetic. At every turn Cott antagonizes Cage with challenging questions. In addition, he quotes from numerous sources (including Norman Mailer, Michael Steinberg, Igor Stravinksy and others) criticizing Cage and his music. Includes a performance of Aria with Fontana Mix featuring vocalist Cathy Berberian. This program is notable particularly for the challenging stance of the host—an unusual document that provides many moments of amusement as Cage parries Cott's thrusts with a veritable tai chi practice of music theory. The exchange over the quality of Cage's Concert for Piano and Orchestra vs. Schoenberg's Piano Concerto is one of the funniest exchanges in the history of new music broadcasting. Mr. Cott explains that he was 19 at the time!

    47. WNET: John Cage Interview
    Interview with Composer john cage. Click the yellow arrows above to read other interviews. These excerpts were taken directly from Simon Goodman s
    Interview with Composer John Cage
    Click the yellow arrows above to read other interviews.
    [question] When did you first meet Bucky and what were your first impressions of him?
    It's very curious, but I don't any longer cultivate my memory. And when I'm asked a question like that, I come to a kind of blank wall. I have...I have both the feeling that I never began to know Bucky, but knew him always. Just as now that he's gone I don't have the feeling that he's absent. If I try to get more precise and find out when I...if there was some time when I...I know of course there was a time when I didn't know him, and that it's true that I did know him...that life changed when I knew him...
    [question] In what way did it change?
    Well, through the liveliness and and optimism and generosity of his mind.
    [question] What kind of person was he?
    He was full of a kind of affirmative joy in everything that he did. And if he found that there was something missing, even if it was a bottle of whiskey that someone else wanted, I remember at Black Mountain College, he simply disappeared momentarily, from the group that we were in and drove all the way to Asheville, I think it was...I don't know how many miles, and back, and shortly there was a bottle of whiskey that had been desired by one of the people in the group.
    What was important it seems to me about Black Mountain was the dining hall, because everyone had breakfast, lunch and dinner together. And the classes were less important than the meals. Because people lingered over the meals and it was there that the conversations took place. Every time that it's attempted to make Black Mountain over again, it's not understood that that all the meals should be shared by all of the people. But that I think was the secret of the success of Black Mountain.

    48. WNYC - Celebrating John Cage
    Listen on demand to WNYC s firstever online music festival, celebrating the life and legacy of the patriarch of American contemporary music, john cage.
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    24 Hours and 33 Minutes
    The Playful and Playable Cage: A WNYC Festival
    Listen on demand to WNYC's first-ever online music festival, celebrating the life and legacy of the patriarch of American contemporary music, John Cage. Helga Davis guides us through 24 hours and 33 minutes of exclusive audio from the WNYC archives, as well as Cage tributes, commentary, and performances by some of the most influential musicians of our time. also features Web exclusives , including videos, interviews, a timeline, links to Cage's visual art, and more. This program is supported in part by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, and by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
    August 20, 2007 Join us for 24:33, as WNYC's weekend overnight host Helga Davis guides us through 24 hours and 33 minutes of John Cage's recorded music, plus rare archival audio of interviews and live performances....
    A John Cage Web Reliquary
    August 21, 2007

    49. Pitchfork Feature John Cage S Xbox
    What if john cage had owned an XBox? What if the experimental composers of the past, who slaved over the earliest electric noisemakers, had a game console s
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    50. John Cage - AOL Music
    john cage official AOL Music site for john cage music videos, john cage songs, john cage photos, john cage live performances and more information on john
    AOL Music Music Web SEARCH Sign In / Register

    51. ...4'33" John Cage
    4 33 by john cage A pianist comes on stage Sits at a piano, plays nothing (for 4 33 ) then leaves. ``If something is boring after two minutes,
    4'33" by Jogn Cage, in which a pianist comes out on stage, opens the piano, plays nothing for 4 minutes and 33 seconds, closes the piano, then leaves.
    ``If something is boring after two minutes, try it for four. If still boring, then eight. Then sixteen. Then thirty-two... Eventually one discovers that it is not boring at all."
    A) My grandmother was sometimes very deaf and at other times, particularly when someone was talking about her, not deaf at all.
    B) One Sunday she was sitting in the living room directly in front of the radio. She had a sermon turned on so loud that it could be heard for blocks around. And yet she was sound asleep and snoring.
    C) I tiptoed into the living room, hoping to get a manuscript that was on the piano and get out again without waking her up. I almost did it.
    D) But just as I got to the door, the radio went off and Grandmother spoke sharply: ``John, are you ready for the second coming of the Lord?''
    ``I have nothing to say / and I am saying it /
    and that is poetry / as I needed it."

    52. Joyce - Music: John Cage
    Bronze by Gold is a site devoted to exploring musical works based on James Joyce. This section features john cage.
    John Cage The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs
    Marcel Duchamp, James Joyce, Erik Satie: An Alphabet.
    Nowth Upon Nacht

    John Cage (1912-1992)
    John Cage was an American composer who forever changed the face of modern music. A musical revolutionary, Cage believed, among other things, that chance played just as an important role in our life as design, and that music was to be found everywhere it was all in the ear of the beholder. His music was iconoclastic, often difficult, always surprising, and probed the limits of human imagination and preconceptions.
    "The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs"
    (1942) A song adapted from the "Isobel" passage from Finnegans Wake. Roaratorio (1979) This large and chaotic work incorporates phrases from Finnegans Wake into a tapestry of noise, voice, song, and Irish traditional music. Writing for the Second Time Through Finnegans Wake (1979) The "libretto" of the above work, Roaratorio . Spoken by John Cage. Marcel Duchamp, James Joyce, Eric Satie: An Alphabet

    53. BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Radio 3 Plays 'silent Symphony'
    BBC Radio 3 has broadcast late composer john cage s seminal work 4 33 which is an entirely silent piece.
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      Africa Americas Asia-Pacific ... Special Reports RELATED BBC SITES Last Updated: Monday, 19 January, 2004, 14:29 GMT E-mail this to a friend Printable version Radio 3 plays 'silent symphony'
      John Cage died in 1992 BBC Radio 3 has aired more than four minutes of complete silence... by design. The BBC Symphony Orchestra gave a performance of composer John Cage's seminal piece 4'33", which does not contain a single note. Radio 3 broadcast the entire composition live, even having to switch off its emergency system that cuts in when there is apparent silence. The performance took place on Friday night at London's Barbican Centre.

    54. - Poetry, Poems, Bios & More - John Cage: The Roaring Silence
    Tudor was performing a piece titled, simply, 4 33 , by john cage. The music, cage explained, was whatever sounds the audience heard in the background.
    Home View Cart Log In More Info FURTHER READING Aaron Copland: Capturing the Language of Emily Dickinson Benjamin Britten: Poetry, Politics, and Sound J. D. McClatchy: In the Service of Music Ned Rorem: The Contentious Union of Music and Literature ... The Rake's Progress: Stravinsky, Auden, and a Tale of Debauchery Related Prose Jackson Mac Low: The Music of Chance Adopt a Poet Add to Notebook E-mail to Friend ... Print John Cage: The Roaring Silence
    In 1952, pianist David Tudor entered a performance hall in Woodstock, NY, lifted the piano lid and sat down for four minutes and thirty-three seconds without playing a single note, as an understandably confused audience watched. Tudor was performing a piece titled, simply, 4'33" , by John Cage. The music, Cage explained, was whatever sounds the audience heard in the background. Silence, he said, does not exist, when one listens carefully. A "polyartist," Cage created influential and groundbreaking work in many fields, as a composer, writer, and visual artist. While 4'33"

    55. A John Cage Filmography
    Rahsaan Roland Kirk and john cage 1969 Aspects of a New Consciousness, Dialogue III 1968 Poemfield No. 7 (Computer Art Series No.
    mainpage cinema literature thailand ... contact me a John Cage filmography
    John Cage
    born 5 September 1912, Los Angeles, CA
    died 12 August 1992, New York, NY (stroke)
    the films The Balloon James Joyce, Marcel Duchamp, Erik Satie: An Alphabet Caged Bird Merce Cunningham: A Lifetime of Dance ... An Optical Poem filmography
    • The Balloon
    Sonatas and Interludes
    • James Joyce, Marcel Duchamp, Erik Satie: An Alphabet
    Caged Bird and
    Merce Cunningham: A Lifetime of Dance

    • Modulations
    • Sonic Acts: From Stockhausen to Squarepusher • Nopera • From Zero
    Fourteen by the Ives Ensemble • HPSCHD HPSCHD • Die Rache der Toten Indianer Henning Lohner Rutger Hauer Electronic Arts Intermix The Revenge of the Dead Indians • The Misfits: 30 Years of Fluxus Electronic Arts Intermix • Opus 20 Modern Masterworks: John Cage Concerto for Prepared Piano and Chamber Orchestra and Concerto for Piano and Orchestra • John Cage: 22708 Types: Die Utopie im Niemandsland Five and John Cage performing The Utopia in No-Man's-Land • One 11 and 103 [note: there supposedly exists a documentary by Henning Lohner about the making of this film; might it be "Die Utopie im Niemandsland"?]

    56. Classical Music Navigator: Composers
    cage, john (191292) American; mainly California New York-based Style/Period American Avant-garde Genre Profile 012-2001-2222-212-10-02x

    B C D ... T U V W X Y Z
    Middle Spanish Renaissance
    Best Known For:
    solo organ
    Musical Influences:
    Early Italian Baroque
    Best Known For:
    songs madrigals ...
    Notable Work:
    Amarilli Mia Bella [song] (p1602)
    Cage, John (1912-92) American
    American Avant-garde Genre Profile: Quantity of Work Produced: considerable Best Known For: aleatory music -works accenting use of time, space and silence- solo piano , espec. prepared piano chamber music magnetic tape-based pcs percussion (chamber combs.)- solo voice Notable Works: Third Construction [perc quartet] (1941) Atlas Eclipticalis [any combination of up to 86 instrs.] (1961-2) Musical Influences: Boulez Cowell Feldman ... Webern ; MUSIC OF INDIA; chance events; silence Has Influenced: Boulez ; [E Brown]; Crumb FELDMAN Glass Harrison ... Takemitsu ; [C Wolff]; [La Young] Campion, Thomas (1567-1620) British Style/Period: Late English Renaissance Best Known For: lute songs ayres masques Musical Influences: ... Canteloube de Malaret, (Marie-)Joseph (1879-1957)

    57. Melbourne International Arts Festival - 2007 Program - Production Details
    john cage’s Musicircus is a largescale simultaneous performance event The very first Musicircus in Melbourne is based on a john cage event first

    58. BBC - Music Profiles - John Cage
    Discographies on BBC Music are supplied by MusicBrainz. If you spot any errors or omissions on this list you can edit john cage at MusicBrainz.
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    John Cage
    In addition to his composing, Cage was also a philosopher, writer, artist, printmaker and an avid amateur mycologist and mushroom collector. Read more at Wikipedia... You can edit this biography at Wikipedia. Let us know if you find the biography content defamatory or highly offensive. This entry is from Wikipedia , the user-contributed encyclopedia. It may not have been reviewed by professional editors and is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License . Any changes made to the Wikipedia article will not be immediately reflected here.
    • The Number Pieces I In a Landscape Prelude for Meditation Locations Two4 Two6 Five2 Five5 Seven Seven2 The Seasons Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano Freeman Etudes, Books One and Two The Works for Violin 3 Steffen Schleiermacher: The Complete Piano Music, Volume 6

    59. Entertainment - TakinG A ChanCe ON JoHn CAge -
    Sacramento Bee takinG A chanCe oN john cage UCD s Empyrean Ensemble presents a concert of the iconoclastic composer s work From cave man to Schumann,
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    takinG A chanCe oN joHn cAge
    UCD's Empyrean Ensemble presents a concert of the iconoclastic composer's work
    By Edward Ortiz -
    Story appeared in TICKET section, Page unknown26 Print E-Mail Digg it Kate Kunz F rom cave man to Schumann, the organizing principle of music has been to make musical order out of sonic chaos. And then came composer John Cage. In one fell swoop, Cage's appearance on the music scene changed how the world looked at music. No longer would human decision-making be the sole definer of how music was organized and composed. Cage infused music-making with the serendipity and liberty of chance. And, for many musicians, things haven't been the same since 1934, when Cage's first works for "prepared" piano debuted. In the prepared piano, pieces of metal and other objects are placed on the strings to alter its tone. Then he went one step further with compositions like his controversial "4'33"," which consists of four minutes and 33 seconds of musicians sitting in silence.

    60. Cage, John (1912 - 1992), Komponist (Composer)
    Translate this page john cage (Komponist) - Lebensdaten - Informationen - Werke - lieferbare CD-Aufnahmen Bücher - Noten - Biografien - weiterführende Links - Verzeichnis ausgewählter Komponisten A B C D ... Suchen
    Suche nach: Startseite Cage, John
    John Cage
    wurde am 15. September 1912 in Los Angeles geboren und starb am 12. August 1992 in New York. Cage studierte Klavier in Detroit, Los Angeles und Paris und Komposition bei Arnold Schönberg und H. Cowell. Er betrachtete Kompositionen als "work in progress", deren Ergebnis durch die Einbeziehung des Zufalls nicht vorhergesehen werden kann. Seine aleatorischen und surrealistischen Experimente haben aber nicht überall Zustimmung gefunden. 1938 erfand er das "prepared piano", dessen Saiten mit Holz, Metall oder Gummiteilen abgedämpft werden. Cage gilt in seinen Kompositionen als Hauptvertreter der experimentellen Musik.

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