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         Bulow Hans Guido Von:     more detail
  1. Briefwechsel zwischen Franz Liszt und Hans von Bülow (German Edition) by Franz Liszt;Hans Guido von Bülow, 2002-06-03
  2. Letters of Hans Von Bulow to Richard Wagner and Others by Hans Guido Von Bulow, 1979-06
  3. The Early Correspondence of Hans Von Bulow by Hans Guido Von Bulow, 2001-01
  4. Briefwechsel zwischen Franz Liszt und Hans von Bülow by Hans Guido von Bülow Franz Liszt, 1898-01-01
  5. Richard Wagner. Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg. Paraphrase des Quintetts aus dem dritten Akte für Pianoforte ... von Hans von Bülow by Hans Guido von Buelow, 1869
  6. Drei Schottische Volkslieder, für eine Singstimme mit Klavierbegleitung bearbeitet von H. von Bülow. Mit deutschem und englischem Text. 1. An Mary, ... Jacobiter-Lied. The Snowwhite Rose, etc by Hans Guido von Buelow, 1880
  7. Quadrille - " Humorous. " H. von Bülow. (On motives from Berlioz's opera " Benvenuto Cellini " .) - Polka-mazurka. " Melanie " . Kühner. [Military band parts.] (C. Boosé's supplemental military Journal) by Hans Guido von Buelow, 1880
  8. Au sortir du bal, valse-impromptu (Keepsake. Keepsake Musical, serieii, Collection de morceaux ... par Mr. Mr. Bergson, H. G. de Bülow, etc. [1857.]) by Hans Guido von Buelow,

1. Hans Guido Von Bulow - LoveToKnow 1911
HANS GUIDO VON BULOW (18301894), German pianist and conductor, was born at Dresden, on the 8th of January 1830. At the age of nine he began to study music
Hans Guido Von Bulow
From LoveToKnow 1911
HANS GUIDO VON BULOW (1830-1894), German pianist and conductor, was born at Dresden , on the 8th of January 1830. At the age of nine he began to study music under Friedrich Wieck as part of a genteel education. It was only after an illness while studying law at Leipzig University in 1848 that he determined upon music as a career. At this time he was a pupil of Moritz Hauptmann . In 1849 revolutionary politics took possession of him. In the Berlin Abendpost, a democratic journal, the young aristocrat poured forth his opinions, which were strongly coloured by Wagner's Art and Revolution. Wagner's influence was musical no less than political, for a performance of Lohengrin under Liszt at Weimar in 1850 completed von Billow's determination to abandon a legal career. From Weimar he went to Zurich , where the exile Wagner instructed him in the elements of conducting. But he soon returned to Weimar and Liszt; and in 1853 he made his first concert tour, which extended from Vienna to Berlin. Next he became principal professor of the piano at the Stern Academy, and married in his twenty-eight year Liszt's daughter Cosima. For the following nine years von Billow laboured incessantly in Berlin as pianist, conductor and writer of musical and political articles. Thence he removed to

2. Hans Guido Von Bulow
Hans Guido von Bulow, 1880 Three angels as musicians, one, a cellist, seated in centre, and standing on either side are those playing the triangle and the



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3. The Piano Master Classes Of Hans Von Bulow: Two Participants' Accounts - Richard
ISBN 0253368693. Signed by Author. Hard Cover. Fine/Fine. MUSIC MASTER BIOGRAPHY bulow hans guido von 1830 SIGNED COLLECTIBLE COLLECTABLE. Catalogs Music.

4. Bulow, Hans Guido Von. The American Heritage® Dictionary Of The English Languag
bulow, hans guido von. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language Fourth Edition. 2000.
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5. Hans Von Bulow --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
in full hans guido, Freiherr (baron) von Bülow German pianist and conductor whose accurate, sensitive, and profoundly musical interpretations, especially of
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Page 1 of 1 born Jan. 8, 1830, Dresden, Saxony, Ger.
died Feb. 12, 1894, Cairo, Egypt in full German pianist and conductor whose accurate, sensitive, and profoundly musical interpretations, especially of Richard Wagner , established him as the prototype of the virtuoso conductors who flourished at a later date. He was also an astute and witty musical journalist. (75 of 310 words) To read the full article, activate your FREE Trial Commonly Asked Questions About Hans von Bulow Close Enable free complete viewings of Britannica premium articles when linked from your website or blog-post.

6. HANS GUIDO VON BULOW (... - Online Information Article About HANS GUIDO VON BULO
hans guido von bulow ( Online Information article about hans guido von bulow (
Online Encyclopedia
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Spread the word: it! HANS GUIDO VON See also: BULOW See also: German pianist and conductor, was See also: born at See also: Dresden , on the 8th of See also: January 1830.795 At the See also: age of nine he began to study See also: music under See also: Friedrich Wieck as See also: part of a genteel See also: education . It was only after an illness while studying

7. BUlow Hans Guido Freiherr Von: Free Encyclopedia Articles At Online
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8. Bulow - Definitions From
Bülow, hans guido von 18301894. German pianist and conductor considered to be the first modern virtuoso conductor. He was instrumental in popularizing the
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3 results for: bulow Unabridged (v 1.1) ... Share This B¼Â·low ˈb¼ loʊ Pronunciation Key Show Spelled Pronunciation b y -loh Pronunciation Key Show IPA Pronunciation –noun Prince Bern·hard von ˈbɛrn hɑrt fən Pronunciation Key Show Spelled Pronunciation be r n -hah r t f uh n Pronunciation Key Show IPA Pronunciation chancellor of Germany 1900–09. Hans (Gu·i·do, Frei·herr) von hɑns guˈi doʊ, ˈfraɪˌhɛr fən Pronunciation Key Show Spelled Pronunciation hahns goo- ee -doh, f r ahy -he r f uh n Pronunciation Key Show IPA Pronunciation German pianist and conductor. Unabridged (v 1.1)
American Heritage Dictionary
Cite This Source Share This B¼Â·low (byōō'lō) Pronunciation Key
German politician and diplomat who was chancellor from 1900 to 1909. As ambassador to Rome (1914) he tried unsuccessfully to keep Italy out of World War I.
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American Heritage Dictionary
Cite This Source Share This B¼low, Hans Guido von 1830-1894.

9. Hans Von Bulow --  Britannica Student Encyclopaedia
He was also an astute and witty musical journalist. hans guido von Bülow was born on Jan. 8, 1830, in Dresden, Saxony (now in Germany). As… Bülow, hans von.
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10. Bülow, Hans (Guido) Von: Baker's Student Encyclopedia Of Music
Bülow, hans (guido) von Baker s Student Encyclopedia of Music.
B¼low, Hans (Guido) von: Baker's Student Encyclopedia of Music
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B¼low, Hans (Guido) von
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  • celebrated German pianist and conductor; b. Dresden, Jan. 8, 1830; d. Cairo, Feb. 12, 1894. At the age of nine, B¼low began to study piano and theory. He then went to Leipzig, where he studied law at the university, although he continued his music studies on the side. From 1846 to 1848 B¼low lived in Stuttgart, where he made his debut as a pianist. In 1849 he attended the University of Berlin, where he joined radical social groups. Shortly afterward, he went to Zurich and met RICHARD WAGNER, who was living there in exile. After a year in Switzerland, where he conducted theater music, B¼low proceeded to Weimar, where he studied with FRANZ LISZT. In 1853 he made a tour through Germany and Austria as a pianist. In 1855 he was appointed head of the piano department at the Stern Conservatory in Berlin, retaining this post until 1864. He married Liszt's daughter, Cosima, in 1857. In 1864 he was called by Ludwig II to Munich as court pianist and conductor. The king, who was a great admirer of Wagner, also summoned Wagner to Munich, and B¼low himself became Wagner's ardent champion. On June 10, 1865, he conducted at the Court Opera in Munich the first performance of

    11. JSTOR Hans Von Bulow In His Letters
    Briefe von hans von bulow herausgegeben von Marie von bulow. hans guido von Bilow, a worthy scion of a noble family, and the wonderful son of a<155:HVBIHL>2.0.CO;2-Z

    12. Bulow, Hans Guido Von | Grande Musica
    bulow, hans guido von. 18301894. Musician of rare skill and intellectuality, chief pianist of the advanced school of piano playing, a renowned teacher,
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    Similar entries
    Bulow, Hans Guido von
    Musician of rare skill and intellectuality, chief pianist of the advanced school of piano playing, a renowned teacher, and a conductor of world-wide reputation. He was born at Dresden in 1830, and died at Cairo, in 1894. His activities at this time were varied; he still contributed to the papers, writing on political and musical subjects, and he made a tour through Germany, Holland and Russia, adding to his fame as player and conductor. In 1864, King Ludwig II., of Bavaria appointed him conductor of the Royal Opera and director of the Conservatory at Munich, and he remained in this city till 1869. Then followed a series of concerts in Germany, Italy, Russia, Poland, England and America. Buffen in his "Musical Celebrities" speaks thus of Hans von Billow's work as a pianist: "With the exception of the famous Moldavian, Anton Rubinstein, Hans von B¼low may be regarded as the first of pianoplayers, and in the interpretation of the severely classical masters, such as Bach and Beethoven, he is acknowledged by musicians to be unapproachable by any living artist. With him everything is emphatically learned and profound. His piano playing exhibits great subtlety and power of analysis, and his intellectual grasp is so great that it has been more than once observed of him that he thinks music, but does not feel it."

    13. Hans Guido Von Bulow, German Conductor February 12 In History
    hans guido von bulow, German conductor, Related Topics bulow conductor German guido hans von Related Year 1894 Related Birthdays February 12

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    Web February 12, 1894 in History
    Hans Guido von Bulow, German conductor
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    hans von bulow, the distinguished pianist, died here yesterday. hans guido von bulow was born In Dresden on Jan. 8, 1830. In his early boyhood he showed no

    15. Picture History : Hans Guido Von Bulow
    hans guido von bulow (18301894) hans guido von bulow was a German pianist and conductor. He studied law and joined radical social groups in Berlin,
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    16. BULOW, Hans Guido Von, Autographs, Letters, Documents, Manuscripts
    bulow, hans guido von ALS in German to Mary Carmichael, 1873.
    BULOW, Hans Guido von (1830-1894). German pianist, conductor and composer.
    Autograph Letter Signed in German to [Mary Carmichael], 2 pages 8vo (slight splitting in the folds professionally repaired), London, 11 November 1873. Praising the two piano pieces she has sent him and suggesting that her obvious talent does not need flattery, so he will proceed to make some suggestions, which he illustrates in 5 bars of music.
    '... If these observations, which while not galant are nevertheless not unflattering in that I have made the exception of taking the material you sent me seriously, should have the misfortune to displease you, then I ask you most humbly to consider them unmade ... .' Hans von Bülow was a pupil of Liszt, who's daughter Cosima became his wife. After their divorce Cosima was to marry Richard Wagner.
    Mary Carmichael was a prolific composer of art songs as well as an accompanist.
    With a full transcription and translation.
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    17. Hans Guido Bülow, Freiherr Von - The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition - Hig
    The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition hans guido Bülow, Freiherr von - From the HighBeam Research Archive.
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    18. BULOW, HANS GUIDO VON (1830-1894) - Encyclopedia Britannica - BULOW, HANS GUIDO
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    19. Bulow - Definition Of Bulow By The Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus And Encyclo
    Bülow, Bernhard Heinrich Martin Karl, Prince von Bülow Bülow, hans guido Freiherr von Bülow, hans guido, Freiherr von Bülow, Karl Wilhelm Paul von
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    Also found in: Wikipedia 0.01 sec. write_ads(AdsNum, 0) Bü·low (by l , Prince Bernhard Heinrich Martin Karl von German politician and diplomat who was chancellor from 1900 to 1909. As ambassador to Rome (1914) he tried unsuccessfully to keep Italy out of World War I.
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    Email Feedback Add definition Charity('US') Mentioned in References in periodicals archive No references found Bounded by the Intracoastal Waterway to the east and Bulow Creek to the west, and protected by a lush natural preserve, The Gardens at Hammock Beach will be a private community that will celebrate the outdoor lifestyle afforded by its Floridian climate. Communities to watch by BOAT/U.S. Magazine

    20. NAME Von Bulow, Baron Hans Guido ACHIEVEMENT(S) Major German
    NAME von bulow, Baron hans guido ACHIEVEMENT(S) Major German orchestral conductor NICKNAME/ALIAS None DATE/PLACE OF BIRTH January 8, 1830, Dresden,
    NAME: von Bulow, Baron Hans Guido ACHIEVEMENT(S): Major German orchestral conductor NICKNAME/ALIAS: None DATE/PLACE OF BIRTH: January 8, 1830, Dresden, Germany DATE AND PLACE OF DEATH/AGE AT DEATH: February 12, 1894, Cairo, Egypt. Aged 64 DISCIPLINE; Pianist and conductor FIELD: Music LANGUAGE: German PARENTS: (father) ? von Bulow; (mother) Franziska SIBLINGS: ? SPOUSE: Cosima Liszt CHILDREN: Two daughters: Daniela and Blandine EDUCATION: Studied piano under Friedrich Wieck, then law at the University of Leipzig; then piano under Franz Liszt. MAJOR WORKS: His piano works are technically demanding, and reflect the manner of Liszt in their bravura and some of the thematic handling. He also composed music for Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" op. 10, a Ballad for orchestra " Des Sangers Fluch" op. 16, the symphonic poem " Nirwana" op. 20 and "Vier Charakterstucke" for orchestra op. 23, and made editions of keyboard works by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Cramer, Domenico Scarlatti, Weber, and others. LIFE AND TIMES: In 1839 von Bulow began studying with Friedrich Wieck, father of Clara Schumann*, in Leipzig. He met Liszt* at Weimar in 1849. The same year, von Bulow joined Berlin University, where, writing in a democratic political journal, "Die Abendpost", he became a champion of the new German national musical movement. After the premiere of "Lohengrin", conducted by Liszt at Weimar in 1850, von Bulow decided he much preferred a career in music to a career in law. Von Bulow left went to Zurich to seek out Wagner* for guidance. Impressed by his talents, Wagner became von Bulow's first musical sponsor. He encouraged him to defy his parents and abandon his legal studies to become a musician. He helped him further by arranging for some conducting experience in Zurich, then an engagement as conductor in St. Gall in 1850-51. In 1851, von Bulow went to study piano with Liszt in Weimar, and made his first concert tour in 1853 ,at age 23, visiting Vienna, Pest, Dresden, Karlsruhe, Bremen, Hamburg and Berlin. In 1855, he accepted the post of principal piano teacher at the Stern and Marx Conservatories in Berlin, where he stayed in for nine years. His own repertoire as a pianist included every major work of his day. He also wrote political and musical articles, and resumed touring both as a pianist and conductor, winning praise throughout Germany and Russia. Von Bulow married Liszt's daughter (Cosima von Bulow*) in 1857. They had met in 1855, when he was 25 and she was 17. She had been sent by Liszt to live with von Bulow's mother, Franziska, in Berlin. Ironically, right after the wedding, Hans took his 19-year-old bride to visit Richard Wagner in Zurich. Twelve years later, Cosima would leave von Bulow for Wagner. During his tenure at Stern Conservatory, von Bulow still went on concert tours, championing Wagner's music and that of the new German school. He became famous and much sought-after, both as pianist and conductor. Dannreuther called his playing "passionate intellectuality". But others, including Clara Schumann (whose playing he despised), found him too "calculated." As a conductor, von Bulow was sharp-tongued and dictatorial, carrying to the rostrum the irascibility that marked his private life. He insisted the orchestra played standing up. But the brilliance and clarity of his mind commanded loyalty and respect. He caused astonishment by directing Brahms's "First Piano Concerto" from the keyboard. He also introduced five-string basses, the Ritter alto viola, and pedal timpani into the orchestra. In 1864, von Bulow went to Munich as conductor of the Court Opera, and became director of the Munich Conservatory in 1867. At the Court Opera, he conducted the brilliant premieres of "Tristan und Isolde" (1865) and " Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg" (1868). Cosima left him for Wagner in 1869. Soon after the divorce, von Bulow left Munich and lived for some years in Florence. But though he was shocked at his wife and Wagner's betrayal, he continued to promote Wagner's music. Von Bulow toured again from 1872, making his first English appearance on in 1873. He visited the USA in 1875-76 and during this tour, comprising 139 concerts, he gave the premiere of Tchaikovsky's* "First Piano Concerto" in Boston in October, 1875. He was one of the first western European musicians to recognize Tchaikovsky's talent, and wrote to encourage him (the Concerto was dedicated to von Bulow). In 1878 von Bulow was appointed as conductor at the Hoftheater at Hannover, but left in 1880 over a quarrel with the leading tenor. As music director to the Duke of Meiningen (1880-85), he transformed the orchestra into one of the most famous in Germany, persuading them to play from memory and championing Brahms in his programmes. On leaving Meiningen in 1885, he conducted concerts in Berlin, St Petersburg and elsewhere, also teaching at the Raff Conservatory in Frankfurt am Main and at Klindworth's Conservatory in Berlin. He appeared in Glasgow in 1878, and again in London in 1888, by which time he had settled in Hamburg. In 1893, he went to Cairo in search of a cure for his failing health, but died there on February 12,1894. ASSESSMENT: Bulow's interpretations were noted for their integrity and emotional power. He was one of the first conductors to conduct from memory. EXTRA CONNECTIONS: Was a lifelong friend of composer Brahms*. Composer Mahler* knew his work. Commissioned work from composer Richard Strauss* Dvorak*? BIBLIOGRAPHY: EB Warrack, John, "Bulow, Hans" in The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, ed. Stanley Sadie, London: Macmillan, 1960

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