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         Boulogne Joseph:     more books (18)
  1. Before There Was Mozart: The Story of Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier de Saint-George by Lesa Cline-Ransome, 2011-01-11
  2. Joseph Boulogne called Chevalier de Saint-Georges by Emil F Smidak, 1996-01-01
  3. Guadeloupe: Konferenz Von Guadeloupe, Hurrikan Lenny, Joseph Boulogne, Maryse Condé, Flagge Guadeloupes, Kassav', Flughafen Pointe-À-Pitre (German Edition)
  4. Symphonie concertante en sol ... a by Joseph Boulogne, 1962
  5. Sonate iii. [For two violins. Score.] (Les Maîtres classiques du violon) by Joseph Boulogne, 1868
  6. Concerto a by Joseph Boulogne, 1775
  7. L'autre jour a by Joseph Boulogne, 1785
  8. Le Livre Du Très Chevalereux Comte D'artois Et De Sa Femme: Fille Au Comte De Boulogne (French Edition) by Joseph Barrois, 2010-01-12
  9. Projet d'un chemin de fer de Boulogne à Amiens (French Edition) by Joseph. Gibbs, 1835-01-01
  10. Les Patineurs du Bois de Boulogne, polka-mazurka pour le Piano by Joseph Batta, 1862
  11. Monsieur de Saint-George: Virtuoso, Swordsman, Revolutionary: A Legendary Life Rediscovered by Alain Guédé, 2003-12-01
  12. Le chevalier de Saint-Georges: Comedie melee de chant en trois actes (Collection Autrement memes) (French Edition) by Melesville, 2001
  13. THE BLACK MOZART: Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges by Walter Smith, 2004-08-11
  14. Monsieur de Saint-George: Le negre des Lumieres : biographie (French Edition) by Alain Guede, 1999

1. Joseph Boulogne - Wikipedia
Translate this page Musikalisch ist Joseph Boulogne Chevalier de Saint-George in die Frühklassik einzuordnen. Barocke Formen lässt er weitgehend hinter sich.
Joseph Boulogne
aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklop¤die
Wechseln zu: Navigation Suche Le Chevalier de Saint-George Joseph Boulogne (auch Bologne 25. Dezember in Baillif bei Basse-Terre (Stadt) auf Guadeloupe 10. Juni in Paris ), genannt Chevalier de Saint-George , war ein franz¶sischer Geigenvirtuose, Komponist und Dirigent dunkler Hautfarbe, der als Fechter ebenso ber¼hmt war wie als Reiter in der Garde K¶nig Ludwigs XVI. und als Frauenheld.
Bearbeiten Leben
Geboren in der Karibik Frankreich: 1748/49 kam Joseph mit seiner Familie nach Frankreich, zun¤chst nach Bordeaux, dann nach Paris. Der offensichtlich namengebende Onkel George wurde sp¤ter wegen eines t¶dlich endenden Streits auf Guadeloupe verurteilt und tauchte kurzzeitig in Paris unter, bevor er auf Pardon des K¶nigs wieder auf die Karibikinsel zur¼ckkehren konnte. Guillaume-Pierre Tavernier de Boullongne machte unterdessen mit Hilfe seines Bruders Philippe-Guillaume Tavernier de Boullongne, der Kontakte zu Madame de Pompadour pflegte, schnell Karriere als Finanzberater des Hofs und galt als „Schatzmeister der Antillen“. Dies bef¶rderte auch die fr¼he Ausbildung des gerade etwa 13-j¤hrigen Joseph zum Geiger, Fechter und Reiter. Seine musikalischen Lehrer wurden der Violinvirtuose Jean-Marie Leclair und der Komponist und Orchesterleiter Fran§ois-Joseph Gossec Denkmal Saint-George in Basse-Terre (Stadt), Guadeloupe

2. Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier De Saint-Georges | Classical Music Composer
About classical music composer Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier de SaintGeorges life, biography, compositions, sheet music, recordings, CDs, books.
Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges
See also: Guadeloupean composers Classical era composers Violinists Born: 25 December , Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe) Died: 10 June , Paris (France) Sheet music Music Biography Shop ... FREE Classical MP3! Download 25 tracks from eMusic — Vast collection — No Restrictions — Own Your Music! Reactions [No reactions yet.] Add your reaction Title: Comments: Note: HTML code will be filtered out. Comments will appear on the website immediately after submission, but will be moderated. Reactions should be between 50 and 2000 characters long. [Phonetic spelling (mp3)] Please copy the above security text: Contributions by: halleyjc tdunoyer wzick
Sheet music
Find scores by Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges at Sheet Music Plus
Saint-George was one of the most talented composers of African descent in the history of classical music, along with England’s Samuel Coleridge (1875–1912) and America’s William Grant Still In 1774, Saint-George’s father died, leaving him without an annuity. In order to support himself, he began publishing a great deal of music, much of which featured the violin. Among these works were two sets of string quartets (a genre rarely practiced in France at that early date), a dozen violin concertos, and at least ten symphonies concertantes. Historians believe that scores of Saint-George’s music were destroyed during the re-institution of slavery in France early in the 19th century.


4. Le Chevalier De Saint-George, Afro-French Composer, Violinist & Conductor
This essay relies mainly on four biographies (1) joseph boulogne called Chevalier de SaintGeorges (1996) by Emil F. Smidak in English and French;





Saint-Georges Sub-pages:
Gian Faldoni

Violin Concertos


String Quartets
... Harpsichord Sonatas Composers: Adams, H. Leslie Akpabot, Samuel Ekpe Alberga, Eleanor Bonds, Margaret Allison ... Roldan, Amadeo Saint-Georges, Le Chevalier de Sancho, Ignatius Smith, Hale Sowande, Fela Still, William Grant ... Guest Book William J. Zick, Webmaster William J. Zick Some Sites Selling Saint-Georges CDs: Arkiv Music CBC Cedille Crotchet You Tube Video - Le Mozart Noir, Part I Reenactment of the fencing bout which took place at Carlton House, London, on April 9, 1787 between La Chevalière d’Eon (Brigitte TILLIER) on the left and Saint-Georges (Joseph BLANC) on the right. This a scene f rom a successful theatrical performance presented on May 10 and 11, 2007. It was staged by the Collège Victor Hugo, a junior high school in Saint-Yorre, France, near Vichy. (Photo courtesy of Catherine PIZON

5. Joseph Boulogne Chevalier De Saint-Georges Biography. Download Classical Music B
joseph boulogne Chevalier de SaintGeorges (1739 - 1799) Classical music and classical hit collection. Compilations of joseph boulogne Chevalier de
The World's Leading Classical Music Label
Naxos Worldwide Sites: Choose Country Global Site Australia Canada China Denmark Finland France Germany Hong Kong Japan Korea New Zealand Norway Sweden UK USA E-mail Password New Releases Artists Composers Labels ... S
In an age of remarkable individuals Joseph Boulogne, le Chevalier de Saint-Georges occupies a unique position as an athlete, violin virtuoso and composer. He is the archetypal romantic hero; spectacularly gifted and destined always to be the outsider, his life the stuff of legend. , and resumed work with the Loge Olympique. Allan Badley
SAINT-GEORGES: Violin Concertos No. 1, Op. 3 and Nos. 2 and 10
Concertos SAINT-GEORGES: Violin Concertos Op. 5, Nos. 1-2 and Op. 8 Concertos NAXOS 15TH ANNIVERSARY CD Concertos
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6. Classically Black: Joseph Boulogne
Classically Black joseph boulogne, Chevalier des Saint Georges.
WILL-FM’s Roger Cooper Profiles Larger-than-Life Composer Who Fought in French Revolution
Listen to this program Classically Black: Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges WILL-FM host Roger Cooper’s newest Classically Black program looks at the life and music of 18th-century composer Joseph Boulogne, a gifted violinist who was music director for French Queen Marie Antoinette, fought in the French Revolution, and gained international stature for his swordsmanship. Classically Black: Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges examines the composer’s colorful life. The son of a black slave and her white plantation owner on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, he was allowed to take his father’s name and became known from a young age as Chevalier, or knight, of Saint-Georges. One writer said that if the flamboyant Boulogne had not actually existed, he would have been created by Alexandre Dumas, author of

7. Artaria Editions, Composer - Full Biography
joseph boulogne, Chevalier de SaintGeorges, was widely regarded as the most accomplished man of his age. Not only was he among the most important musicians
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8. Reviews - Joseph Boulogne - Classical Music Recordings - CD, DVD, SACD Review Digest for Works by joseph boulogne joseph boulogne, Symphony Concertante in C major Op. 9 No. 1; Violin Concerto in C major

9. Free Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier De Saint-Georges Music Online, Music Downloads,
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    Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges
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    Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges

10. Chevalier De Saint-Georges - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Pierre Bardin, joseph de Saint George, le chevalier noir, Guénégaud, Emil F. Smidak, joseph boulogne, nommé Chevalier de SaintGeorges, Lucerne,
Chevalier de Saint-Georges
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Portrait of the Chevalier de Saint-Georges Joseph Bo(u)logne , the Chevalier de Saint-Georges (sometimes spelled Saint-George) ( December 25 June 10 ) was one of the most important figures in the Paris musical scene in the second half of the 18th century , he was also famous as a swordsman and equestrian . Known as the Black Mozart or the Voltaire of music" he was one of the earliest musicians of the European classical type known to have African ancestry.
edit Youth
Joseph Bologne was a mulatto born out-of-wedlock in Guadeloupe to Nanon, a former black Wolof slave, and a white French plantation owner of noble birth, Georges Bologne de Saint-Georges. The child was named Joseph. At the age of ten he accompanied his father to France and was enrolled in a private academy . Schooled in both the fine and martial arts, he soon distinguished himself by his extraordinary skill on horseback, in sports, fencing, and music.
edit Career
While still a young man, he acquired multiple reputations; as the best swordsman in France, as a violin

11. Le Fameux Chevalier
Translate this page De son vrai nom joseph boulogne, ce Guadeloupéen mulâtre devint directeur de la musique à la cour de France, mais aussi l un des meilleurs escrimeurs du
Le Fameux Chevalier
Bienvenue sur ce site consacré au Chevalier de Saint-Georges.
L'année 2004 est celle de l'effort de publication d'un ouvrage destiné aux enfants. Ce récit très simple et néanmoins historiquement véridique bénéficie du double parrainage de l'UNESCO et du ROTARY INTERNATIONAL et sera co-édité avec le CRDP de la Guadeloupe.
Cette publication s'accompagne d'une opération humanitaire au profit de la première République Noire (Haïti).
Pour chaque ouvrage vendu 1 Euro sera reversé à un fond d'aide pour Haïti.
En attendant cette publication et pour mieux connaître le petit monde de Saint-Georges, vous pouvez découvrir rejoindre le Groupe du fameux Chevalier lire quelques éléments d'information sur la fiche descriptive , et souscrire par le Bulletin de souscription ci-joint
For our Englishspeaking friends you can read the « Book Description » and use the « Book Order Form
Jean-Claude HALLEY
Ci-après quelques mini sites à visiter :
Le Fameux chevalier

Le chevalier raconté aux enfants
Gaston Bourgeois parle du Chevalier Roger de Beauvoir déjà en 1840 ... Le procès du Père du Chevalier Mais Saint-Georges s'invite aussi au Jeux Olympiques d'Athènes. Lire ici l'information sur le SG31 Buste du Chevalier par Roger AREKIAN pour la Ville de Basse-Terre.

12. Mississippi Public Broadcasting
boulogne, joseph (c 1740 1799) joseph boulogne Chevalier de Saint-Georges le Chevalier de Saint-Georges joseph boulogne. Bourgeois, Derek (1941 - )
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13. YouTube - Joseph Boulogne, Le Mozart Noir (Part 1)
joseph boulogne,Le Chevalier de Saint GeorgesTelevision Documentary.

14. Classical Net - Composer Data - Anniversaries Composers
1739 6/10/1799 ) boulogne, joseph ( 11/02/1739 - 10/24/1799 ) DITTERSDORF, . joseph Franz Karl ( 1/29/1801 - 2/14/1857 ) BREE, Johannes Bernardus van
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15. JSTOR The Present State And Future Needs Of Research In Black
One can easily envision the need for thematic catalogs of the music of joseph boulogne, Samuel ColeridgeTaylor, William Grant Still, and Julia Perry.<80:TPSAFN>2.0.CO;2-Y

16. BBC - Radio 3 Euroclassic Notturno
boulogne , josephChevalier de Saint-Georges (c.1748-1799) Symphony in G major (Op.11, No.1) (1779) (Allegro; Andante; Allegro assai)
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Euroclassic Notturno Breakfast 30 January 2006 Playlist
00:06 AM Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791)
9 Variations in C major on Dezède's arietta 'Lison dormait' for piano (K.264) Bart van Oort (fortepiano) [Recorded in the Kulturhuset, Ytterjarna January 17 2001] 00:18 AM Paderewski, Ignacy Jan (1860-1941) arranged for orchestra by Maksymiuk, Jerzy Nocturne (Op.16 No.4) Polish Radio Orchestra, Jerzy Maksimiuk (conductor) [recorded at the Witold Lutoslawski Polish Radio Concert Studio, Warsaw on 14 December 2001] 00:23 AM Stainov, Petko (1896-1977) A bright sun has risen Petko Stainov Mixed Choir Kazanlak, Petya Pavlovich (conductor) 00:28 AM Koutev, Philip (1903-1982) [traditional folk lyrics] Dragana and the Nightingale Sofia Chamber Choir, Vassil Arnaudov (conductor) [Recorded in 1977] 00:31 AM Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750) Concerto for oboe d'amore and string orchestra No.4 (BWV.1055) in A major [reconstructed] [Allegro; Larghetto; Allegro ma non tanto] Douglas Boyd (oboe d'amore), Risør Festival Strings, Knut Johannessen (conductor) [recorded at the Risør Festival 2001 on 29 June 2001]

17. Saint-Georges, Joseph Boulogne Chevalier De - MP3 Music Downloads At EMusic
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18. Le Mozart Noir - Joseph Boulogne Chevalier De
Recently Viewed Items. Recently Visited Categories. Recent Searches. Le Mozart Noir joseph boulogne Chevalier de Saint-Georges

19. Le Mozart Noir - Joseph Boulogne Chevalier De Saint-Georges Classical
Le Mozart Noir joseph boulogne Chevalier de Saint-Georges Gossec Leclair We are proud to offer more items like Le Mozart Noir - joseph boulogne Mozart Noir - Joseph
var pagestyle='classical';var secureProtocol=''; Search -CLASSICAL- Composer Title Conductor Performer Orchestra Work Catalog Poster -POP MUSIC- Artist Title Song Soundtrack Label Advanced Search Large Front Le Mozart Noir - Joseph Boulogne Chevalier De Saint-Georges CD
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List Price (You save $2.93) Category Classical Enhanced CD Orchestral/Symphonic Classical Period ... Contradance Label CBC Records All Time Sales Rank CD Universe Part# Catalog# Discs Street Date Mar 18, 2003 Mono/Stereo Stereo Recording Time Spar DDD
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Detailed Work Information
Symphonies (2), Op. 11: no 2 in D major "L'amant anonyme Overture"
Composer Joseph B. Saint-Georges (circa 1739 - 1799) Conductor Jeanne Lamon Genre Classical Period Overture Symphony Date Written by 1779 Ensemble Tafelmusik Period Classical Country Paris, France Recording Studio L'amant anonyme: Contredanse Composer Joseph B. Saint-Georges (circa 1739 - 1799) Conductor Jeanne Lamon Genre Ballet Classical Period Contradance Date Written 18th Century Ensemble Tafelmusik Period Classical Country France Recording Studio Concertos (2) for Violin, Op. 3: no 1 in D major

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Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges with celebration. created by TravisTeel (January 29, 2007 at 01:04PM)
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