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1. Axel Borup-Jorgensen Biography. Download Classical Music By Axel Borup-Jorgensen
Axel BorupJorgensen (b 1924 ) Classical music and classical hit collection. Compilations of Axel Borup-Jorgensen classics and listen to its finest
The World's Leading Classical Music Label
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(b 1924 )
Axel Borup-Jrgensen was born in Hjrring. Denmark, in 1924, but the family emigrated to Sweden in 1927. After taking his university entrance exam in Linkping and doing his national service, he returned to Denmark where, from 1946 on, he trained as a piano teacher at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. He also attended courses in instrumentation with Poul Schierbeck and Jrgen Jersild. Apart from this he is a self-taught composer. The Swedish cultural milieu, which was open earlier than the Danish to atonal Central European Modernism, was a decisive factor in the development of Borup-Jrgensen's lyrical-expressionist style. In 1959 and again in 1962, he was one of the first Danes to visit the holiday courses in Darmstadt, where the postwar avant-garde exchanged views and experiences. No less important, though, was his interest in modern poetry in Swedish. Personally, he thinks he has learnt more about the new understanding of form by reading poetry than by studying modem music. Finally, the experience of nature in Sweden, with which he has maintained close contacts, has been a major source of inspiration that has left its unmistakable mark on his idea of sound.

2. BORUP-JOSGENSEN Sommasvit / Nordisk Sommerpastorale Classical
Composer(s), borupjorgensen, axel. Artist(s). Show list. Segerstam, Leif, Conductor • Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra • Kengen, Knud-Erik,

3. A. ボロプ=ヨアンセン (1924-, Axel
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CD 17,000枚、250,000曲の音楽が再生できる
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Balsamino, Simone

 S. バルサミーノ Bari, Marco di
 M.d. バリ Barnes, Howard
 H. バーンズ Baroni-Cavalcabo, Julia
 J. バローニ=カヴァルカーボ Barrington, Levy
 L. バリントン Bauer, Robert
 R. バウアー Beckschafer, Max
 M. ベックシャファー Bell, Larry
 L. ベル Bellquist, Daniel Benson, Brendan
 B. ベンソン Besozzi, Alessandro  A. ベゾッツィ Bew, Andy  A. ブー Bird, Marshall  M. バード Birming, Robert  R. バーミング Bixler-Zavala, Cedric  C. ビクスラー=ザヴァラ Boyd, Anne  A. ボイド Brett, James  J. ブレット Brion, Ron  R. ブライオン Brodsgaard, Anders Brody, Bruce Brown, Chris Cree  C.C. ブラウン Brown, Samantha  S. ブラウン Brun, Ane  A. ブルン Bruni, Antonio Bartolomeo  A.B. ブルーニ Bryan, Paul Buchanan, Dorothy  D. ブキャナン Burnett, Fiona  F. バーネット Bygden, Lars Baadsvik, Oystein Babadjanian, Arno Harutyuni  A.H. ババジャニャン Babai, Bela

4. Classical Guitar Composers List - By Nationality
Berg, Gunnar (19091989 Denmark) bio; borup-jorgensen, axel (b.1924- Denmark) Vagn (1909-1996 Denmark) bio; Jorgensen, axel Borup (b.1924- Denmark)
Classical Guitar Composers List - By Nationality
The CGCL is a list of composers who have composed at least one published original score for, or being transcribed for, solo classical guitar. The chronological CGCL is organized by nationality. The list can be downloaded for your private use or for non-commercial use with proper reference to this homepage. Any other use must be explicitly authorized.
Argentina Australia Austria ...
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  • Kaufhaus, Johann A (b.1903- Algeria)
  • Carmona, Carlos Alfredo (b.1960- Argentina page
  • Aguirre, Julian (1868-1924 Argentina) page
  • Alais, Juan (1844-1914 Argentina) page
  • Alemann, Eduardo A (1922-2005 Argentina) page
  • Anido, Maria Luisa (1907-1996 Argentina) photo
  • Arolas, Eduardo (1892-1924 Argentina) info
  • Ayala, Hector (1914-1989 Argentina) music
  • Boero, Felipe (1884-1958 Argentina)
  • Campana, Jose Luis (b.1949- Argentina)
  • Camps, Pompeyo (1924-1947 Argentina)
  • Chazarreta, Andres (1876-1960 Argentina)
  • Cherubito, Miguel A (b.1941- Argentina)
  • 5. The Works Of The Composer
    borupjorgensen, axel (1924-) Boughton, Rutland (1/23/1878 - 1/24/1960) Boulanger, Juliette Marie Olga Lili (8/21/1893 - 3/15/1918) Boulanger, Nadia

    6. Egta\kompland
    borupjorgensen, axel 1924 Buck, Ole 1943 Buxtehude, Dietrich 1637-1707 Hojsgaard, Erik 1954 Holmboe, Vagn 1909-1996 Jorgensen, axel Borup 1924
    Komponistenverzeichnis nach Herkunftsland
    Algerien 1
    Argentinien 41

    Australien 9

    Belgien 21
    Island 3

    Israel 3
    Italien 166

    Japan 22

    Java/USA 1
    Jugoslawien 3

    Korea 2
    Kroatien 3 Litauen 2 ... Eine kleine Statistik Algerien Kaufhaus, Johann A. 1903 Argentinien Aguirre, Julian 1868-1924 Alais, Juan 1844-1914 Alemann, Eduardo A 1922 Anido, Maria Luisa 1907 Arolas, Eduardo 1892-1924 Ayala, Hector 1911 Boero, Felipe 1884-1958 Campana, Jose Luis 1949 Camps, Pompeyo 1924-1947 Cardoso, Jorge 1949 Chazarreta, Andres 1876-1960 Cherubito, Miguel A 1941 Enriquez, Claudio 'Pino' 1961 Falu, Eduardo 1923 Falu, Jun 1948 Ferrer, Edgar R 1964 Fleury, Abel 1903-1958 Gascon, Leon Vicente 1896 Gilardi, Gilardo 1889-1963 Ginastera, Alberto 1916-1983 Gomez, Crespo Jorge 1900-1971 Guastavino, Carlos 1914 Gutierrez, Arnol del Giorgio 1892-? Heinze, Walter 1943 Kagel, Mauricio 1931 Kaplan, Jose Alberto 1935 Lasala, Angel 1914 Maldonado, Raul 1937 Martinez, Zarate Jorge 1923-1993

    7. Buy Music On CD Or DVD By Composer Axel Borup-Jorgensen - Crotchet Web Store For
    COMPOSER axel borupjorgensen TRACKS Sommasvit for String Orchestra. Nordisk. Sommerpastorale. Musica Autumnalis. Marin. ORCHESTRA Danish National RSO Borup-Jorgensen
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    TRACKS: Sommasvit for String Orchestra. Nordisk. Sommerpastorale. Musica Autumnalis. Marin.
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    8. Master List Of Classical Guitar Composers
    Gunnar (19091989 Denmark); borup-jorgensen, axel (b.1924- Denmark) .. Rovenstrunck, Bernhard (b.1920- Germany); Ruoff, axel D (b.1957- Germany)
    Master List of Classical Guitar Composers
    Nationality CGCL . This list is also avalailable in alphabetical order in chronological order. The list can be downloaded for your private use or for non-commercial use with proper reference to the CGCL. Any other use must be explicitly authorized.
    Argentina Australia Austria ... Yogoslavia
  • Kaufhaus, Johann A (b.1903- Algeria)
  • Aguirre, Julian (1868-1924 Argentina)
  • Alais, Juan (1844-1914 Argentina)
  • Alemann, Eduardo A (b.1922- Argentina)
  • Anido, Maria Luisa (b.1907- Argentina)
  • Arolas, Eduardo (1892-1924 Argentina)
  • Ayala, Hector (b.1911- Argentina)
  • Boero, Felipe (1884-1958 Argentina)
  • Campana, Jose Luis (b.1949- Argentina)
  • Camps, Pompeyo (1924-1947 Argentina)
  • Chazarreta, Andres (1876-1960 Argentina)
  • Cherubito, Miguel A (b.1941- Argentina)
  • Enriquez, Claudio 'Pino' (b.1961- Argentina)
  • Falla, Manuel de (1876-1946 Spain-Argentina)
  • Falu, Eduardo (b.1923- Argentina)
  • Falu, Jun (b.1948- Argentina)
  • Ferrer, Edgar R (b.1964- Argentina)
  • Fleury, Abel (1903-1958 Argentina)
  • Gascon, Leon Vicente (b.1896- Argentina)
  • 9. Axel Borup-Jorgensen - MP3 Music Downloads At EMusic
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    10. University At Buffalo Libraries - Music -
    Composer borupjorgensen, axel Title Aria per alto e strumenti (1967) Performer(s) Merete Bekkelund, mezzo-soprano; Jan Williams, percussion;
    Evenings for New Music: A Catalogue, 1964-1977 Indexes of composers, performers and titles available in the print version: Evenings for New Music: A Catalogue, 1964-1977 Related Documents Evenings for New Music: folders in the Archive of the Center of the Creative and Performing Arts Evenings for New Music: Concert Dates and Venues, 1964-1980 Evenings for New Music: Programs, 1964-1980 Evenings for New Music: A Catalogue, 1977-1980 Concert 1 (ENM001)
    NOVEMBER 29, 1964
    Performed in the Albright-Knox Art Gallery
    Composer: Cowell, Henry
    Title: Twenty-six simultaneous mosaics for five players (1963)
    Performer(s): Sherman Friedland, clarinet; Jan Williams, percussion; Fredric Myrow, piano; Charles Joseph, violin; Jay Humeston, violoncello
    Also performed:
    December 1, 1964, Carnegie Recital Hall, NYC
    Composer: Xenakis, Yannis
    Title: Morisma-Amorisma (1959)
    Performer(s): Paul Zukofsky, violin; Jay Humeston, violoncello; Buell Neidlinger, bass; George Crumb, piano Duration: Also performed: December 1, 1964, Carnegie Recital Hall, NYC Composer: Mayuzumi, Toshiro

    11. Dolmetsch Online - Composers Biography Bm - Bo
    8 Aug. 1943 Osby, Hässleholm, Swedish composer. borupjorgensen, axel more Borzio (or Bortio, possibly Borri), Carlo, fl. 1676, Italian composer born in
    composers biography : Bm - Bo If any detail is incorrect or incomplete please advise us, using our dictionary amendment form Name Born Died Information Bobic, Davor

    Varazdin, Croatia studied composition, orchestration and the accordion at the Ukraine State "Tchaikovsky" Conservatory in Kiev. He has written for a wide range of musical forms from piano miniatures to massive symphonic works as well as musical pieces for the theatre. A recent work, Vukovar Requiem , was performed by 270 musicians at the Zagreb Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall and broadcast live on the national TV. He is currently assistant professor at the Osijek Musical Academy and a director of Varazdin Concert Management Bobowsky, Wojciech (see Ufki, Ali) Bobri, Vladimir
    13 May 1898 a painter, composer and guitar historian who helped found the Society of the Classic Guitar in 1936. In 1948 became editor of Guitar Review Bobrowicz, Jan Nepomucen
    guitarist and composer Bocanegra, Juan Perez
    Bocca, Bruno
    Boccadoro, Carlo

    12. JSTOR Electronic Bowed String Works Some Observations On Trends
    Harrison Medusa for mixed ensemble and tape Score Universal Editions, N.Y. Q borupjorgensen, axel Torso, Op. 54 Conformations for string quartet and<540:EBSWSO>2.0.C

    13. List Of Composers For The Classical Guitar (chronological) - Wikipedia, The Free
    Ballif, Claude (born 1924) (France); Becker, Gunther (born 1924) (Germany); Beraldo, Primo (born 1924) (Italy); borupjorgensen, axel (born 1924) (Denmark)
    List of composers for the classical guitar (chronological)
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    This is a list of composers for the classical guitar in chronological order . For a list in alphabetical order see List of composers for the classical guitar and For a list by nationality see List of composers for the classical guitar (nationality)

    14. Axel
    1924 axel borupjorgensen, composer 1913 axel Stordahl, Staten Island, New York, orch leader, Frank Sinatra Show 1912 axel Springer, German newspaper

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    15. Composer Names Starting With 'B'
    Borroff, Edith (1925); Bortkiewicz, Sergei Eduardovich (1877–1952); Bortniansky, Dmitri Stepanovich (1752–1825); borupjorgensen, axel (1924); Borza,
    Composer names starting with 'B'
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    Leon Kirchner
    : Premiere of Belshazar, in Munich, Germany.

    16. Internationaler Wettbewerb "Franz Schubert Und Die Musik Der Moderne"
    Translate this page Borup-Jörgensen, axel, Lieder, op. 44, Edition Borup-Jörgensen1. Lieder, op. .. Borup-Jörgensen, axel Editino A. Borup-Jörgensen,
    Bewerb 2009 Vorwort des Rektors



    "Internationaler Wettbewerb Franz Schubert und die Musik der Moderne"
    A-8010 Graz, Es wird die Gesamtinterpretation in der musikalischen Partnerschaft bewertet. Gruppe A: Gruppe B: Gruppe C:
    * Verlagsangaben am Ende Emphasis is put on the artistic composition and arrangement of the program not only as a whole but also in the individual rounds. It is the spirit of this competition to present a wide range of contemporary musical ideas and trends. Therefore, the participating duos are encouraged to include in their repertoire recent contemporary works at least for one round. Group A: Group B: Group C: * publishers information last side
    Groupe A: Groupe B:
    Groupe C: * publishers information last side 1. Durchgang / 1st Round / 1er Tour Sopran / Soprano / Soprano Carissima amica oder / or / ou edition gravis Scelsi, Giacinto Perdus Salabert Mezzosopran/Alt / Mezzo-soprano/(Contr)alto / Mezzo-soprano/(Contr)alto Harbison, John

    17. ArkivMusic | Composers
    Borstlap, John (1). Bortkiewicz, Sergei (7). Bortniansky, Dimitri (33). Bortolazzi, Bartolomeo (1). Börtz, Daniel (9). borupjorgensen, axel (1)

    18. Vinyl Records Performers By Genre - Classical
    borupjorgensen, axel 265. Boskovsky 266. Boulez 267. Boulez / Messiaen / Koechlin 268. Boulez, Pierre 269. Bowen, York 270. Bowers-Broadbent, Christopher
    Vinyl Records Performers by Genre - Classical Music
    A New Ground
    Abelard, Peter

    Accardo, Salvatore / Paganini

    Acoustic Research
    55431 Items in DB



    19. MDT - Please Enable Your Cookies
    borupjorgensen, axel Bose, Hans Jurgen von Bosmans, Henriette Bosse, Denis Bossi, Marco Enrico Bossinensis, Franciscus Bottegari, Cosimo

    20. Edition Borup-Jørgensen
    mail fax +45 4498 4490 tlf + 45 4498 6610 efterårssæsonen holdes en forelæsningsrække omkring axel Borup-Jørgensens musik.
    v/ Elisabet Selin
    Kaj Munks Vej 13
    fax: +45 4498 4490
    tlf: + 45 4498 6610 Foredrag Under overskriften Hold nr. 1098. Koncerter on 3/11, kl 19.30 Carl Nielsen Museet,Claus Bergsgade 9, Odense C (i samarbejde med FUT) to 18/11, kl 20.00 Nordiske Musikdage (Radiohusets koncertsal og i DR P 2) on 19/1, kl 20.00 Sct. Matthæus Kirke, Kbh V fr. 21/1, kl 20.00 Hørsholm Kirke Radio udsendelser on 18/11, kl 22.10 Radioudsendelse DR P2 to 25/11, kl 22.10 Radioudsendelse DR P2

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