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         Zhang Ziyi:     more books (21)
  1. Zhang Ziyi
  2. Chinese Actors: Jet Li, Zhang Ziyi, Chow Yun-Fat, Michelle Yeoh, Sammo Hung, Maggie Cheung, Gong Li, Faye Wong, Zhao Wei, Joan Chen
  3. Actrice Chinoise: Michelle Yeoh, Coco Lee, Zhao Wei, Helena Law, Bai Ling, Zhang Ziyi, Faye Wong, Maggie Cheung, Gong Li, Yu Nan, Chen Xiaoxu (French Edition)
  4. Naissance à Pékin: Jet Li, Hu Jia, Shan Sa, Zao Wou-Ki, Li Shuang, Zhang Ziyi, Faye Wong, Wei Jingsheng, Chen Kaige, Zhang Lin, Ning Ying (French Edition)
  5. Best Actress Hkfa: Zhang Ziyi, Maggie Cheung, Gong Li, Anita Mui, Kara Hui, Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress, Zhou Xun, Cecilia Cheung
  6. Tang Dynasty Jiedushi of Hezhong Circuit: Li Sheng, Hun Zhen, Guo Ziyi, Zhang Hongjing, Linghu Tao, Wang Zhixing, Shi Xiong, Han Hong
  7. Hong Kong Film Award de La Meilleure Actrice: Helena Law, Anita Mui, Zhang Ziyi, Maggie Cheung, Cecilia Yip, Cecilia Cheung, Zhou Xun, Anita Yuen (French Edition)
  8. People From Beijing: Jet Li, Zhang Ziyi, Lao She, Li Jiawei, Faye Wong, Kangxi Emperor, Zhao Hongbo, Shen Xue, Leon Lai, Anna Chennault
  9. Chinese Dancers: Zhang Ziyi, Han Geng, Sun Rui, Anson Hu, Chungliang Al Huang, Li Cunxin, Victoria Song, Zi Lan Liao, Yang Liping, Chen Ailian
  10. Newsweek, May 9, 2005 issue-China's Century. Special Report. Chinese Actress Ziyi Zhang. by May 9, 2005 issue-China's Century. Special Report. Chinese Actress Ziyi Zhang. Newsweek, 2005
  11. Memoirs of a Geisha (Film): Film adaptation, Memoirs of a Geisha, Steven Spielberg, Amblin Entertainment, Spyglass Entertainment, Douglas Wick, Rob Marshall, Columbia Pictures, DreamWorks, Zhang Ziyi
  12. Interview Magazine - October 2005 - Kanye West, Anne Hataway, Jon Bon Jovi, Ziyi Zhang, and Lou Pucci Cover
  13. Modern Jeweler Cover Ziyi Zhang The White Issue July 2007 (Single Issue)
  14. Hujin: Dangdai Ziyi Zhenpinji - The Contemporary Art of Hujin and Its Masters by Boduan Zhang, 1992-01-01

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102. Zhang Ziyi Photos, Pics, Bio, Posters
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103. Purple Butterfly - Zhang Ziyi At
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Purple Butterfly 2003 (Zi Hudie)
The tragedy of war takes many shapes, and few movies have ever looked at it as Purple Butterfly does. In 1930s Shanghai, a vulnerable young woman joins the resistance and is tasked with seducing her former Japanese lover, who now works for Japanese intelligence. This slow, dark, intense film was rejected by some critics because of its visual style and its dense, subtle plotting, which when understood creates a disturbingly compelling historical atmosphere. Zhang Ziyi's most underappreciated movie, and one of her greatest dramatic performances to date. Purple Butterfly is now available on DVD and can be purchased from Amazon
Resources DVD Review - A discussion of the film and a look at the new DVD from Palm Pictures Purple Butterfly Viewing Guide - A detailed look at some of the more confusing plot points, for people who have watched the film already. Historical Background - Necessary reading if you are unfamiliar with the history of 1930s China. Written by MonkeyPeaches and mostly spoiler free, despite his warning.
Zhang Ziyi Talks About Purple Butterfly
- "The film is talking about a kind of strength. Director Lou Ye didn't give us too much direction and our performances felt very improvisational. The actors were following their feelings, no rehearsal, no telling you to lay down, you just lay down. No telling you to jump up, you just jump up. So it's a big challenge, not only for actors, but also for the cinematographer, Wang Yu."

104. Jasmine Women - Zhang Ziyi At
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Jasmine Women (Mo Li Hua Kai) - 2004
A story of love and loss in three generations of a single family in Shanghai. Jasmine Women tells of the family's struggle to overcome its tragic history, as each daughter repeats the mistakes of her mother. Zhang Ziyi plays mother, daughter, and granddaughter as the film moves from the 1930's to the 1950's to the 1970's. First shown at the Shanghai Film Fesival in 2004 where it won the Jury Prix Prize, it's wide release in China has been repeatedly delayed, but should be forthcoming in winter 2005.
Plot Summary
Mo's Story (1930's)
Li's Story (1950's)
Against her mother's wishes, Li (Zhang Ziyi) marries working class Zou Jie (Lu Yi). But, unable to get along with Zou Jie's family, Li feels wronged, and decides to return home to live with her mother. Zou Jie, deeply in love with Li, moves in with them as well. But soon her mother's attentions to the gentlemanly Zou Jie inspire Li's jealousy. Feeling unsafe, Zou Jie believes that a child is the only way to ensure his family's stability. Zou Jie therefore adopts an orphan child for the infertile Li, a young girl name Hua. But as Hua grows up, her mother begins to experience hallucinations, and suspects that her husband is having an affair with their adopted daughter. In order to prove his innocence, Zou Jie commits suicide. Because of this, Li goes insane and runs away from home.
Li disappeared when Hua (Zhang Ziyi) was still very young and she grown up with her grandmother Mo (Joan Chen). Mo treated her own daughter very badly but found comfort on taking care of her granddaughter. Mo encourages Hua to get married to her boyfriend Xiao Du (Liu Ye), but Hua insists on waiting until he graduates from university. Unfortunately, by the time Xiao Du graduates, he has fallen in love with another women. He marries Hua but carries on an affair with someone else. On her deathbed, Mo tells Hua the unforgettable story of her past. Like her mother, Hua gives birth to a baby girl to raise by herself. Unexpectedly, Xiao Du returns from Japan, and he and Hua and their baby daughter are finally able to become a family.

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106. Zhang Ziyi Fan Page
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107. Zhang Ziyi - House Of Flying Daggers
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House of Flying Daggers 2004 (Shi Mian Mai Fu)
This is Zhang Ziyi's biggest action role since Crouching Tiger . She rejoins great director Zhang Yimou of Hero and The Road Home to take the next step in wuxia martial arts films. A much more emotional story than Hero, culminating in a spectacular if melodramatic ending. The action sequences easily surpass those in Hero, and the cinematography is almost as beautiful. Set in Tang Dynasty China, an outlaw gang known as the Flying Daggers has just lost its leader. The Emperor assigns a police chief, Capt. Leo (Andy Lau), to infiltrate and destroy the group. He tracks down the daughter of the group's dead leader, a beautiful but blind dancer named Xiao Mei (Zhang Ziyi.) With the help of his lieutenant Jin (Takeshi Kaneshiro), Capt. Leo uses Xiao Mei to find the hideout of the Flying Daggers.
House of Flying Daggers was named Best Foreign Film by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. It has also received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Foreign Language Film, and an impressive nine BAFTA nominations, including a Best Actress nomination for Zhang Ziyi.
Articles FilmThreat Review - As for the cast, "House of Flying Daggers" should confirm that Zhang Ziyi is currently the world's greatest actress. That's hardly overkill in the praise department. Her beauty is without peer and the visceral nature of her physical performance here can take the air out of anyone's lungs.

108. Ziyi Zhang Picture Galleries
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    Ziyi Zhang
    Birth Name(s) : Ziyi Zhang Date of Birth : February 9, 1979 Sex/Type Female Status: N/A Profession : Actor Partner: N/A Official Site
    Go to the Ziyi Zhang Official Homepage
    Ying xiong (2002) .... Moon
    Ultimate Fights from the Movies (2002) (V) (archive footage) .... Jen Yu (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)
    Musa (2001) .... Princess Bu-yong
    Shu shan zheng zhuan (2001) .... Joy
    Rush Hour 2 (2001) .... Hu Li
    2001 IFP/West Independent Spirit Awards, The (2001) (TV)
    Wo hu cang long (2000) .... Jen Yu (Mandarin version)/Xiou Long (English dubbed version)
    Wo de fu qin mu qin (1999) .... Zhao Di, Young
    Ziyi Zhang (mainland Chinese actress) grew up in a working class family in Beijing. She passed the entrance examination of the secondary school affiliated with Beijing Dancing College at the age of eleven. She is a third-year student of the Performing Art at China Central Drama College. She also won an award in the National Young Dancer competition. Her first film was 1999's "The Road Home,"directed by the renowned director Zhang Yi-mou. The film, which will be released by Sony Picture Classics in 2001, went on the garner the Jury Grand Prix Silver Bear at the 2000 edition of the Berlin Film Festival.

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