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         Young Neil:     more books (101)
  1. Ghosts on the Road: Neil Young in Concert by Pete Long, 1996-04-15
  2. Neil Young. by Neil Young, 1998-03-31
  3. Dictionary of National Biography: Second Supplement. Volume 3. Neil - Young by Andrei Volgin, 2001-06-13
  4. Lexikon Der Singer & Songwriter: Vom Protestsong Zum Neo-Folk-Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Tim Buckley, Neil Young, Tom Waits, Shawn Colvin, Phil Ochs, S by Christian Graf, 2001-01
  5. Neil Young by Carole Dufrechou, 1978
  6. Dreamer of Pictures Neil Young the Man by David Downing, 1995-01-19
  7. Das Buch der von Neil Young Getöteten by Navid Kermani, 2004-10-31
  8. Compositeur Canadien: Ryan Gosling, Guillaume Couture, Neil Young, Gene Lockhart, Yann Perreau, Jay Brazeau, Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté (French Edition)
  9. Neil Young, the Rolling Stone Files: The Ultimate Compendium of Interviews, Articles, Facts, and Opinions from the Files of Rolling Stone by Rolling Stone Magazine, 1996-02-09
  10. Chanteur Canadien: Michael Bublé, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Justin Bieber, Devin Townsend, Corneille, Bryan Adams, Paul Anka (French Edition)
  11. Neil Young: Stories Behind the Songs 1966-1992 by Nigel Williamson, 2010-11-02
  12. Neil Young: Dont Be Denied : "the Canadian Years" by John Einarson, 1993-08
  13. Greendale by Neil Young, James Mazzeo, 2004-12-30
  14. Neil Young -- Complete Music, Vol 3: 1974-1979 (Piano/Vocal/Chords) (Neil Young Complete, 1974-1979) by Neil Young, 1984-06-01

61. Neil  Duffield - Homepage
Professional playwright. Theatre scripts. Christmas shows. Children's and young people's theatre. Community plays.
Professional Freelance Playwright

Family audiences

Children's Theatre

Christmas shows

Theatre in Education
Large Cast Productions

Curriculum Vitae
Press reviews 2 Gorses Mount, Darcy Lever, Bolton, BL2 1PQ, England Telephone: +44 (0)1204 409729 Email:
Scripts for: Professional Theatre Companies Youth Theatre Large Cast Community Plays

62. The Temple Of TABs :: Search
A major collection with especially large Beatles, Metallica, neil young and Smashing Pumpkins sections.
The Temple of TABs Search Page
Band: or Song:
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63. : Neil Young Bass Tabs
neil young bass tabs by album. Buy now! young, neil World tour 2001 Only $9.89 Buy this TOURBOOK. RAMONES Set of 8 Badges Only $6.59
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tablatures music fans links Neil Young @ TabRobot Neil Young links at Celebrity Link ...Submit a link... Neil Young bass tabs guitar tabs sorted by Album sort by Songs Year Album title / Song title songs tabbed Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere 3 of 7 Cinnamon Girl Down By The River Cowgirl In The Sand Harvest 3 of 10 Harvest Heart Of Gold Old Man Rust Never Sleeps 2 of 9 Powderfinger Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) Freedom 1 of 11 Rockin' in the Free World Harvest Moon 1 of 10 War of Man Mirror Ball 3 of 11 I'm the Ocean Downtown Peace and Love featured sheet music title Black Magic Woman and Other Songs Recorded by Santana (for XG-compatible modules). Performed by Santana. Arranged by Joel Plimmer. Pianosoft (Yamaha software for the Disklavier pianos - this is NOT sheet music). Floppy disk. Size 5x5.5 inches. Published by Yamaha. Your Price $34.95 Buy now! online store Sheet Music Plus Foo Fighters - One by One Your Price $24.95

64. Neil Young's Film Lounge - Salo
young calls the film a horrifying comedy , and gives it 7 out of 10.
SALO – OR, THE 9/10 DAYS OF SODOM Salo, o le Centoventi Giornati di Sodoma
Italy 1975
Pier Paolo Pasolini
Pasolini was killed shortly after the release of Salo - though not, it must be pointed out, by a hostile critic or other angry viewer of his massively controversial movie, but by what the reference books call a “teenage hustler.”  The lad’s opinion of Salo , if he had one, isn’t recorded. Twenty-five years later, the film was finally approved for public showing in the UK and, if nothing else, it retains its ability to shock and repel even the most dedicated follower of extreme arthouse cinema - few features can be so certain to guarantee walkouts, as this reviewer can testify from very recent personal experience. Salo is, to say the least, tough going. Set during the final days of Italy’s Fascist rule, and apparently adapted from a Marquis de Sade text, it chronicles the debaucheries of four ‘Masters’ – known as The Duke, The Bishop, The Magistrate and The President – in a mansion near the scenic lakeside town that gives the movie it’s title (which sounds like it should be the Italian for ‘dirty,’ but isn’t.) The film opens on a deceptively subdued note, with the Masters selecting around 20 young men and women – in their late-teens, at the oldest – from nearby towns. They then proceed to rape, torture and degrade them in the most horrifying of ways, aided by their gun-toting ‘Militia’. The ‘Victims’ are forced to feast on, and wallow in, their own shit, and the film culminates in a tableau straight from Brueghel, encompassing genital torture, scalping, the gouging of an eye and the tearing-out of a tongue. Potential viewers are warned that the visual effects during this sequence are horribly convincing – as the saying goes, you’ve got to keep reminding yourself

65. Jigsaw Lounge
Home of neil young's film reviews, surreal short stories and poetry, and the perennial Professor Black's Kung Fu Lounge.
Film reviews, features, interviews and more
Funny pictures, bizarre articles, lunacy, madness
Short Stories, Flash Fiction and Retro Remakes...
Who will be the next pope?
If you would like to contact Jigsaw Lounge please email us

66. Lyrics For Sale
Find lyrics to go with your music. The style of the following in mind, neil young, Jackson Browne, Paul Weller.

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Lyrics Click for music Terms and conditions. Read some Lyrics New stuff added 27/10/03. 1/3/04. More Lyrics. Further Lyrics. Latest Lyrics. Contact me. Title index. Return to your song? The Morning of my life. Dreamin' Breaking free/dropping out. Claim back your life. ... Lets dance. Links to similar sites
Searchmusicnetwork lyricsjunkie The Creator.

67. Young, Neil
young, neil. Canadian rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He lived in the USA from 1966. His high, plaintive voice and loud, abrasive guitar make his
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Or search the encyclopaedia: Young, Neil Canadian rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He lived in the USA from 1966. His high, plaintive voice and loud, abrasive guitar make his work instantly recognizable, despite abrupt changes of style throughout his career. After the Gold Rush On the Beach (1974), and Rust Never Sleeps
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Clapton, Eric

Dylan, Bob

West, American
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68. Neil Young Ohio Lyric Analysis
neil young's song Ohio lyric analysis of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and young song Ohio . Includes lyrics, song facts, photos and mp3 version of song inspired by Kent State tragedy of 1970.
Neil Young Lyrics Analysis
"It's still hard to believe I had to write this song. It's ironic that I capitalized on the death of these American students. Probably the most important lesson ever learned at an American place of learning. David Crosby cried after this take."
from liner notes of the Decade album photo by John Filo Neil Young News "Ohio" lyrics by Neil Young
Analysis of the lyrics of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young song "Ohio"
[Note: This is one of a series of articles which provide an explanation of the meaning of Neil Young's song "Ohio". While the interpretation of lyrics presented here is composed of several viewpoints, there is little consensus on the exact meaning of Neil's songs. The themes and symbolism of Young's songwriting provide a rich tapestry on which to project various meanings and analysis. ]
    Immediately after the Kent State shooting (sometimes referred to as the "Kent State Massacre" ) on May 4, 1970, Neil Young composed the song "Ohio" after looking at photos appearing in Life magazine and then taking a walk in the woods. Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young went to the studio and recorded the song which was released to radio stations shortly after the killings. Soon, the lyrics "Four dead in Ohio" became an anthem to a generation. In some parts of the country, the song was banned from playlists because of it's "anti-war" and "anti-Nixon" sentiments.
    The Four Dead in Ohio
    Allison Krause William Schroeder Jeffrey Miller Sandra Scheuer
    Age: 19 Age: 19 Age: 20

69. Astrid Young - Official Site - Music
neil young's half sister. The site covers her career including music, film, wine, and writing.

70. Neil Young's Film Lounge - Betty Fisher And Other Stories
Review of the film by neil young.
BETTY FISHER AND OTHER STORIES Betty Fisher et Autres Histoires : France 2001 : Claude Miller : 102 mins ONE-LINE REVIEW: Half psychological drama, half melodramatic thriller, this quirkily jagged but well-acted Gallic jeu d’esprit is never less than intriguing. Betty Fisher is a startling oddball mixture of dark drama and semi-comic melodrama that will strike many viewers as somehow ‘typically French.’ This may seem strange, considering it’s based on a novel (‘Tree of Hands’) by the English writer Ruth Rendell. Then again, while British screen-adaptations of Rendell’s books have been relatively unadventurous TV mini-series, it can’t be a coincidence that at least three prominent continental directors have recently turned her works into well-received features - Miller now joining Claude Chabrol ( La Ceremonie, based on ‘A Judgement In Stone’) and Pedro Almodovar ( Live Flesh There’s a clear parallel Patricia Highsmith, the US-born writer to whom Rendell is most often compared, both of them responsible for crafting narratives of moral and psychological intricacy which have struck a particular chord with European readers and film-makers. For much of its running-time, Betty Fisher is a typical example of the Rendall/Highsmith mode: an engrossingly complex, confident and sober exploration of serious themes: grief, guilt, maternity, relationships and conscience. The sinister tone is set in a striking prologue set on a train (and making imaginative use of digital-video) in which a sleeping mother is woken by her young daughter, whom she suddenly attacks with a pair of scissors.

71. Jigsaw Lounge - Chico
Review by neil young, focusing on the central character in the film.
CHICO Hungary (/ Germany / Croatia / Chile) 2001
director/script : Ibolya Fekete
cinematography : Nyika Jancso, Matyas Erdelyi, Antonio Farias
editing : Anna Kornis        
lead actors : Eduardo Rozsa Flores, Sergio Hernandez, Richie Varga, Gyula Bodrogi
108 minutes
A Hungarian-German-Croatian-Chilean production about a Hungaro-Hispanic Jewish-Catholic Bolivian..? Meet Ricardo Floras Kertesz (Flores), a globetrotting freedom fighter who takes the idea of ‘looking for trouble’ to absurd new lengths. Escaping Pinochet’s Chile, he hops between Albania, Israel, Cuba and Croatia, bumping into Carlos the Jackal along the way. In short, an ideal date movie - if you’re dating Kate Adie or Christiane Amanpour. Like its hero, the film is a hybrid, cobbling together newsreel footage, documentary interviews and staged dramatic episodes – this psychological ‘encapsulation’ of Ricardo’s state of mind means it doesn’t matter that much of it doesn’t ‘work’ or cohere. As with Ricardo, the point is the joins , not the actual quality of the fabric: this is a film that’s been edited rather than directed. And the early mixed-media sections, paralleling Ricardo’s development with that of his socio-political environment, are a surprisingly effective echo of what Tarkovsky tried with

72. MusicMoz - Bands And Artists: Y: Young, Neil
The Bridge A Tribute To neil young, 1989. Borrowed Tunes - A Tribute to neil young, 1994. This Note s For You Too - A Tribute To neil young, 1999,_Neil/
Neil Young
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73. The Buffalo Springfield @
Biography of the band; picture gallery with animation; review of neil young and Crazy Horse.
(Background photo by RA "Neil's Old Tour Bus"- taken in NYC) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame "Program Book" 1997 Buffalo Springfield Bio. by Michael Hill Lots of bands got their start on the Sunset Strip, but none quite so literally as Buffalo Springfield. The band was thrown together on the Los Angeles boulevard in early 1966, when Stephen Stills and Richie Furay, two folk refugees from New York City, were stuck in traffic and spotted a hearse with Canadian plates that obviously wasn't headed to a funeral . As Neil Young recalled to Cameron Crowe in Rolling Stone: "Stephen Stills had met me before and remembered I had a hearse. As soon as he saw the Ontario plates, he knew it was me. So they stopped us. I was happy to see fucking anybody I knew! And it seemed very logical to us that we form a band. We picked up Dewey Martin for the drums, which was my idea, four or five days later." With Young was fellow Canadian folkie Bruce Palmer, who would become the band's bassist; like Stills and Furay, the two of them were just "tooling around... taking in California. The promised land." Stills dominated the album with seven out of twelve songs; in the liner notes he is referred as to as "the leader, but we all are" an unconscious hint perhaps at the uneasy alliance these strong willed talents had forged. Young composed the other five, although he left most of the lead vocal chores to Furay. Young's "Do I Have Come Right Out and Say It," featured a plaintive Furay vocal, is beautiful simple pop songwriting of a kind Young wasn't known for in those days. As the owner of a hearse, he generally displayed the sort of prenatural melancholy that marked another album's songs, "Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing."

74. MusicMoz - Bands And Artists: Y: Young, Neil: Discography: Neil Young
Top » Bands and Artists » Y » young, neil » Discography » neil young neil young. Cover Art. Length 3532 minutes neil young on guitar and vocals,_Neil/Discography/Neil_Young/
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Neil Young
Length: 35:32 minutes
Neil Young on guitar and vocals Released: January 0st, 1969 Formats: CD, LP, Cassette Genre: Folk Studio/Live?: Studio Label: Wea/Warner Bros. Guest Musicians: Jim Messina (bass), George Grantham (drums)
Secondary Musicians: Vocal Background on "The Old Laughing Lady" and "I've Loved Her So Long" : Patrice Holloway, Brenda Holloway, Merry Clayton, Sherlie Matthews, Gloria Richetta Jones, Gracia Nitzsche Catalogue Number: ASIN: B000002KOG The Emperor of Wyoming [2:14] The Loner [3:55] If I Could Have Her Tonight [2:15] I've Been Waiting for You [2:30] The Old Laughing Lady [5:53] String Quartet from Whiskey Boot Hill (Jack Nitzsche) [1:04] Here We Are in the Years [3:14] What Did You Do to My Life? [2:22] I've Loved Her So Long [2:40] The Last Trip to Tulsa [9:25] This category needs an editor validate xml edit

75. V.H.I.N.
Rock/bluesband fr¥n Lule¥ som spelar musik av bl.a. neil young, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones och Bob Dylan.

76. Neil Young - Neil Young In Berlin [DVD] - At Rhino
neil young In Berlin DVD. $19.99 DVD. Rhinophonic. A musthave concert for neil young fans, this video features rare live footage of the rock legend

77. Jigsaw Lounge - David Morrissey Interview
Interview with neil young.
David Morrissey interview David Morrissey sips Guinness in the back-room of a comfortably shabby north-London boozer. He’s 37, he’s from Liverpool, and, according to Variety magazine, he’s a “superb” actor, comparable with Jimmy Stewart at his best… But for too many he’s “David who?” Track down Holding On , BBC2’s 1997 miniseries where he plays a tax inspector whose life spirals out of control - it’s one of the decade’s great performances, right up there with the best celluloid can offer. But, to paraphrase another David, he’s an actor, not a movie-star. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin , in which he plays the Nazi, Gunther Weber, might just change all that, For now, though he’s content to pass anonymously in his local. Fame isn’t the spur: “I like to act, because I can forget about everything else. I did a play last year, a couple of movies, some telly, some radio. I don’t differentiate – for me, the script is everything.” Right now he’s directing Paul McGann in Sweet Revenge , a BBC thriller, while planning a movie of The Wild based on a novel by his long-time partner, Esther Freud.

78. Neil Young - Neil Young - Greatest Hits (2 LPs + 7 Bonus) - 200
neil young neil young - Greatest Hits (2 LPs + 7 bonus) - 200 Gram Vinyl.

79. Gruv Unit's Homepage
Grand Rapids, MI based jam band committed to playing music in the tradition of The Grateful Dead. Primarily known for covering The Dead, they also play neil young, The Band, Talking Heads, Van Morrison, The Doors, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, and CSNY.

80. Young, Neil Previous Question List
young, neil previous question list. Topic young, neil. Subject, Date, Expert. Needle and The Damage Done, 7/22/2002, Bill Treadway, Jr.
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